2017 GMC Canyon Denali Video

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Taking a page out of the Ford playbook, a manufacturer teases a vehicle long before it goes on sale — we're thinking about the 2017 Ford Raptor and Super Duty. Along those lines, GMC debuted the 2017 Canyon Denali model at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show. We had a chance to do a quick video walk-around of the truck. Pricing will not be announced until closer to when it goes on sale in the fall of 2016.

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Taking a page out of the Ford playbook.....what they should have made the first sentence say is, once again years behind Ford, and trying to copy them.....

In all seriousness, I do like that red truck, minus the square wheel wells.

Taking a page out of the Ford playbook.....what they should have made the first sentence say is, once again years behind Ford, and trying to copy them.....

In all seriousness, I do like that red truck, minus the square wheel wells.

Posted by: Nitro | Nov 20, 2015 10:08:07 AM.

Right, because Ford is the only manufacturer that announces vehicles early. How long have we known about the Nissan Titan XD? And GM doesn't need to copy Ford...

Ray RAy, you are too easy....

AGAIN with the stupid wheel well comments. It's a design characteristic. I can think of a ton of bad design ideas on the Ford F series and the Rams. Get over it or get a job as a GM design engineer.

Titan,Not really its just my opinion, thats all

Everyone gripes about the "square" wheel wells but GM has had them since '73. Its a design thing for sure...some like it, some don't. I personally don't mind them but that's just me. Matches the rest of the truck IMO.

I don't really mind if GMC has taken a page out of Ford's playbook.

Hopefully GM doesn't overly spin the Canyon like Ford has over spun the aluminium F-150.

The little Denali will not sell in huge numbers, so I'd expect this to be more of an awareness campaign, not a Ford'esque style piece of overblown propaganda.

Just under 50K for a midsize truck? A lot of money for a midsize.

Looks like no moonroof option.
Something that one might expect in a truck version of the Cadillac Cimarron.

There is a lot of midsize truck as well.

You guys will start to move away from using size to determine pricing as pickups become more and more a mainstream vehicle and daily hack.

Do you go to a Fogo De Chao and complain about pricing using McDonalds as a basis for you comparison?

So, a BMW 3 Series is priced incorrectly Erik, against a Camry?

Tire is flat, it needs a spare.

"Years behind Ford?" Really? Where is Fords midsize pickup for the USA? Answer- No Where to be found!!!! Lmao

Toyota Tacoma will crush this POS in luxury and performance!

"Years behind Ford" More like years behind GM 4 or 5 years behind GM, if Furd even makes a small truck.

Big Al from Oz - poor metaphor.
"Do you go to a Fogo De Chao and complain about pricing using McDonalds as a basis for you comparison?

The luxury and trim levels of small trucks have definitely moved "up town". Leather or any level of luxury was unavailable in small trucks. Now leather is common.

Small truck trim levels and even cargo capacity are definitely comparable to 1/2 ton trucks. If there is overlap then comparisons in price and capability are going to be made.

Your comment has merit if one compares a base model truck to a full bling truck but not small truck to 1/2 ton.

The only real determinant that exists now is one's preference in physical dimensions.

We don't see a huge price difference and we don't see a huge difference in capability. MPG isn't much different. The Colorado diesel for example isn't much better than the Ram Ecodiesel.

The Denali Canyon with diesel will be pushing 60k in Canada.

Happening worldwide. Next step will be a Chauffeur provided.
I am now curious what the Mercedes version of the Navara, with a Mercedes Diesel coming in 2018. Ultra soft leather in the "stripper" model?

A denali and no sunroof for 50 grand don't get why these trucks aren't available with a optional sunroof. Can someone tell me

You are basing you figures on magazine data again. In the real world the VM 3l will suck a lot more fuel than the 2.8 VM diesel.

You know everyone is out to scalp VW, but yet what is the real pollution levels of the 2.7 EcoSuck due to the difference in it's real world performance?

As for capability I have always stated that a midsize with comparable attrributes as a full size will always compete, hence the chicken tax is still in place. If there was a huge difference between a midsize and a full size there would be no chicken tax.

The same goes for no Ranger yet by Ford, as Ford realised to maximise it's aluminium truck numbers you can't have a Ranger.

Also my alludes to the fact than not everyone wants a full size. As pickups become more of a car, then you will see new comers want and willing to pay for a smaller pickup and also pay big prices if it meets the levels of refinement they want,ie, BMW vs Camry.

The full size fraternity use many reasons for attempting to degrade a midsize. But as the Colorado/Canyon has shown a midsize can and does offer the refinement and capability that a most full size pickups offer.

I do see an expansion in the US midsize market. It's just a pity you guys in the US and Canada can't get your hands on the pickups we have. It's also a pity the US doesn't manufacture RH drive full size pickups.

The market needs to open up, more so in NA than elsewhere.

Ford will bring the Ranger back. Then the real competition will start. Ford knows how to build trucks.

You'd think after all these years that gm would leave those square wheel wells alone and try something new. That may put them back on the map with a new truck and really seeing what they can do. Until then, FORD will rule.

@Truck Crazy, Most of the time I make an attempt to remain objective when I post on here (doesn't always work). I was skeptical when GM brought back the C&C twins because the previous generation was certainly lacking in a lot of respects. I do think this has been a much more serious effort, and yearly sales in excess of 100k with no incentives seems to indicate GM has found an under served market (Tacoma not withstanding). I do believe that Ford is being forced to bring the Ranger back- and we as consumers will all be better served by the competition. The fact of the matter right now though is that GM has a very profitable midsize platform and Ford has nothing (in the U.S., Big Al).

The Colorado does not sell as well as the the Ranger, in Australia, in fact it lags a bit. The " Star" is the new Hilux, with it's SUV Fortuner sibling. Quite amazing demand.
"Toyota's HiLux was the top-selling vehicle in Australia during October, narrowly outselling its small-car stablemate, the Corolla. The HiLux is riding a particularly strong wave of popularity at the moment, having been launched just last month. Both Toyotas sold over 3000 units for the month, and the Corolla was fully 600 units ahead of the third-placed Hyundai i30. Ford's Ranger, selling nearly 2600 vehicles during October, was just ahead of the Mazda3. Ranger is officially Ford's most popular model in Australia, and the only model to break into five figures for the year to date. Sales of the 4x4 variants alone have outstripped combined sales of the locally-manufactured Territory and Falcon – including the Falcon Ute."

Truck Dumb Dumb you are stuck with the beer can f150, with the v6 that sucks more gas then any v8 LMAO! Furd is just a rip off!

Bad design ideas on the Dodge?

@Big Al - where are you going to get unbiased real world mpg numbers from?

We have CAFE numbers ,magazine tests, MPG sites and personal anecdotal numbers.

On this site many of the bloggers are untrustworthy. You actually expect realistic mpg numbers out of Zvierhomosense or HemiV6?????????

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