2017 GMC Canyon Gets Denali Trim

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We can't say many people didn't see this coming: GMC recently announced, fresh on the heels of its successful 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax diesel debut, that it will be releasing a trim-topping Denali version for the 2017 GMC Canyon.

Like other Denali models in the GMC lineup, the Canyon Denali will have plenty of high-style details inside and out, like a unique chrome grille; special 20-inch aluminum wheels with accent paint; plenty of chrome details around the mirrors, fog lights and door handles; and a spray-in bedliner. Inside, the Denali models will have heated and cooled seats, a special instrument cluster, unique designs on the navigation screen and info center, and Denali logos on the sill and floormats.

The Denali package will only be offered in four-door crew-cab configurations; buyer choices include 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains, and the 3.6-liter V-6 gas engine or new 2.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbo-diesel. Both engines will be mated to the six-speed automatic transmission.

The Canyon Denali will not be available until later next year, with exact pricing announced closer to its on-sale date, but you can expect this to be the most expensive midsize pickup available to date, especially when equipped with the Duramax diesel.

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So predictable. 2018 will bring the 8 speed auto.

Pretty sharp! No V8?...

I wonder if it will cost more than $50k USD? I don't think we have pickups that sell for that kind of money here in Australia. $75k AUD for a mid size ute.

The closest we have is the 6.2 supercharged 180mph Commodore ute at around $80k or so AUD.

At the end of the day they are still a pickup. But it might entice some of those people after a prestigious SUV or even tempt a person to down size from a fully blinged full size 1/2 ton into an economical diesel pickup.

I like everything but that transmission shifter. It looks like it came out of an old Pontiac Grand Am. Seriously GM, you could do better.

gm sure likes those Remington razor front grilles

Looks good on the outside, but that interior looks bland. Im sure that thing will cost upwards of 45k too. It better come with real wood, upgraded sound systems, heated and cooled leather, more sound insulation, maybe even shorter gears (3.55s instead of the 3.42s) just to distance it with the rest of its line up.

The powertrains on upscale models like the Denali need to offer their owners a distinct option not available to others.

I'd suggest a twin turbo 2.5 GM from the Cadillac/Buick lineup with the GM 8 speed. For those suggesting a V8, consider that the turbo 4 and 8 speed would create very punchy package without the bulk of the V8.

I'm a guy who loves cubic inches, but the GM 3.6 V6 is too wide under the hood especially with the addition of turbo plumbing, and the V8 weighs too much.

The 2.5 GM turbo 4 has developed into a pretty neat little motor and the 8 speed and some slick programming for the tranny would make for a very cool system. Throw in an electronic start/stop for the tech crowd.

The 3.6 fits quite well under the hood.

I don't know where you get your info from.

I wonder how they fit V6's into those little cars???


very boring inside

Just like GM to milk the consumers for a couple years, then offer the Denali. Next up the Chevy High Country...

@papa jim, I think you won't see the 2.5 in the Colorado for the same reason that you don't see the 6.2 in the 2500HD trucks. It's not designed for the continuous duty cycle times of the 6.0 iron block. I think they have some room to work with in the 2.8 diesel. The 3.6 I am no fan of. I think a forced induction version of the new 4.3 would be a more compact, more powerful option to the 3.6.

@ papa jim. The GM 2.5 is naturally aspirated. The GM 2.0 is turbo charged. And the 3.6TT weighs a lot more than the V8. Check your facts. Makes you look dumb.

Still wondering why GM did not put the best V6 they make in this truck...4.3 with over 305 lb ft. of torque would have been PERFECT! J.

One of the big selling points for me on the Denali trim in the past was the more powerful engine. In the case of the midsize Envoy, it meant a V8 instead of the same 6cyl. I wish they would have done that here. Offer either the 5.3L V8 or even the 4.3L V6.

I actually have a 2016 Canyon diesel All-Terrain on order and there is nothing I see in the Denali trim that entices me to wait for the Denali.....and this is coming from a guy who currently owns a Denali.

This is a good idea! Nice job GMC!!! These will sell very well.



The interior is very narrow on the trucks, if the made the body as wide as the fenders that stick way out you would get a lot more room and not make the truck any wider.

Mean while Ford retards cry, the Ranger is coming in 2019 LMFAO! Another kick to the balls for Furd! HAHAHAHAHA!

Okay, that means a diesel Denali Canyon 4x4 will cost around 55,000 in Canada. That puts it squarely in Duramax HD and full bling full size 1/2 ton price range.

I guess it is called disposable income for a reason.

Wow,GM is on a roll in design.MotorTrend last night at there awards banquet show announced the Chevy Colorado as best pickup on the year with a wopping observed 31 mpg.And they follow it up with best car of the year with the new 2016 Chevrolet Camero.

The whole point of the midsize GMs was FE so no gas guzzler option.

Most of the Canyons that I have seen are fully loaded 4x4 crew cabs. It makes sense that they would come out with the Denali trim on the Canyon.

Jeff S - agreed. The whole cheapskate theory of small truck buyers is off base when one looks at what Toyota and GM sells. I've only seen 2 "fleet spec" Colorado's at my local dealership and they are a hard sell. The turnover on mid to high spec ones is amazing.
Small truck buyers want the same level of luxury large truck buyers want.

The Denali trim used to be special until it became a broad throughout the other models. It loses it's prestigious when it becomes too often used.

uh huh - there is some validity to that statement if one chooses to look at it that way.
In some respects this could be GM's way of offering a product line without actually having to create a new division. Bankruptcy forced them to kill off divisions/name plates. They may be reluctant to create a "Denali" division no different than Chevrolet or Cadillac.

@johnny blowhard, man you are so ignorant. Now I can see clearly why you come from the Planet STUPIDER!!

The front and back end look near identical to the full size Denali. I agree the interior doesn't seem to have changed much but I'd have to see it in person. A more powerful engine option is always nice but a Duramax Denali will be a quick sale this coming year. By 2018 they'll stuff a twin turbo into the package.

i test drove a new colorodo on saturday, the truck drives really nice and has a good feel to it, i was impressed with the truck, the only things i had to complain about was the price, the truck i would want to buy was 45k (canadian) where as i could get a much more capable truck for the same or a little more with a fullsize (i do have my sights on a midsize regardless, just a hard pill to swallow), one other issue i had was the cheapness of the interior, especially the joystick buttons on the steering wheel and the interior light switch on the ceiling. i drove the V6 model 4x4 and wasnt overly impressed with the power, it was adequate but nothing to write home about.
I sat in a canyon too which was nicer but i could not buy the GMC version because it has the same dents over the wheel wells as the fullsize which i find very ugly, the colorodo doesnt have this and was alot more appealing to me.
From there i went to the toyota dealer and tried out an SR5 4x4, fit and finish was better, the truck visually was as nice as the colorodo except i do not like the cheesy grille, that and the headlights kinda ruin the looks for me. The interior looked dated but functional.
So I am kinda stumped right now on what to get...

oh and you cant get a manual on the V6 colorodo, looks like only the work truck version for the 4 cylinder, the salesman said you could get a 6 speed manual on the V6 work truck version but could not find it when he did a build truck, so guessing its not available....the toyota only came with a 5 spd manual and again nothing on the V6 trucks unless you went with the TRD

Dean - if one isn't hung up about truck class then that opens up the field to 1/2 ton pickups.
The diesel full bling Colorado/Canyon is around 50k (Canadian). My local dealer was advertising up to 14 k off on outgoing 2015's. A 2015 LTZ 6.2 tow packaged Chevy was on sale for 52K and a mid trim Duramax 3500 crew was also 52k.

I wouldn't buy the HD over the Colorado but I sure as hell would buy the LTZ 6.2 over the Colorado.

I haven't driven any of the new small trucks but I have had multiple opportunities to sit in them and play around with the seat settings. There just isn't enough back seat leg room for what I want.

Truck dumb dumb Yup as I said Furd retards LIKE cry till 2019 if lucky HAHAHA!!!!

Yep johnny blowhard, your definitely from the PLANET STUPIDER no doubt about it as you continuously show your stupidity and make your home planet proud. You should win a stupid award.

The GM 2.5 is naturally aspirated. The GM 2.0 is turbo charged. And the 3.6TT weighs a lot more than the V8. Check your facts. Makes you look dumb.
@ Big Al
@ Jeff

Mark, the 2.5 is already available in the mid size Chevy/GMC--duh!

Jeff the 2.5 is the same basic engine as the 2.0 with a longer stroke. Either engine can take the extra load of a mild turbo upgrade.

Big Al, the 3.6 is a broad beast of a motor. There was an Acadia in my driveway for several years and there was ZERO room under the hood to perform service.

Fat 4 valve cylinder heads is why. The 3.6 is also fairly heavy compared to the 2.5 All good reasons to consider my point of view, but you can't admit ANYONE on this site having a valid or different viewpoint. It is a key reason why you are the most disrespected commenter on this site, bar none.

the key to my point is the 8 speed GM auto trans. It would transform these trucks!

Truck dumb dumb where is your 2016 Furd Ranger? LMFAO! Go cry to momma you might get it in 2019 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truck dumb dumb where is your 2016 Furd Ranger? LMFAO! Go cry to momma you might get it in 2019 LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Truck dumb dumb go buy you a cheap POS crap Mexico made car from Furd! LMAO!!!!!!!!

"General Motors will be the only one of the Detroit 3 making compact or midsize cars in the U.S. by 2019, according to the companies' new UAW agreements. Ford Motor Co. and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are essentially giving up on trying to build mass-market cars profitably in this country, instead shifting most production of those nameplates to Mexico"

HAHA Mexico Ford junk!


"GM said that the "vast majority" of its small cars sold in the U.S. are "produced domestically." Ford said it is "committed to continuing to improve competitiveness and to invest where it makes the best sense for our business."

HAHA! GM USA Built cars, Ford will be all cheap Mexico built junk!


@johnny doe--I don't think it is fair to single out Ford for made in Mexico cars. GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda are doing the same and GM is even going to import a new crossover from China that is between an Encore and an Enclave. Ford, GM, and Chrysler will be using their US plants with UAW workers more for the trucks, suvs, and crossovers which are more profitable than cars especially after the new UAW contracts which raise the cost of labor in the US factories. All the manufacturers are keeping a close eye on the costs of manufacturing and are always looking for less expensive places to manufacturer. The auto industry is no different than other manufacturing industries in looking for lower cost places to manufacturer.

"GM said that the "vast majority" of its small cars sold in the U.S. are "produced domestically."

Ford? oh yeah going to El Junko!


Why single out Ford? Cause they own the US taxes payers the most money from unpaid back loans and taxes since 2005!, and now moving all their cars, I repeat MOVING ALL THEIR CARS TO MEXICO!!!!! They took US money for GREEN CARS and now saying f u US workers and tax payers!

Y like gm but the Denali is nothing special only the big price for nothing ,,if they want put a name in a front of the truck put a package different represent the price ,,,specially the interior,,

Ford es un pedazo de mierda de EE.UU. dinero tomador!

GM and Chrysler also took money from the Government in the form of a bailout and did not pay it all back. The Government loans are more about saving UAW jobs.

"The Government loans are more about saving UAW jobs."

Well it didn't save jobs here UAW jobs or any US jobs because it all going to MEXICO! Thanks Ford not! Dodge got sold by the US government and the US sold GM stock for a lost, not GM or Dodge fault, but at least GM is keep most of the work in the USA for the USA market!



@papa jim, I should have been more clear and specifically said a Turbo charged 2.5.

@Mark 49 Ok, so would you agree that a 2.5 twin turbo and an 8 spd would really bring the GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado to life?

My better half drives a new BMW X5. Six cylinder twin turbo 8 spd. It weighs about the same as the Colorado/Canyon crew cab and really moves under full throttle. Only has a 3 litre engine, but feels like a V8. Much lighter, and very quick. Putting a heavy engine in the GM twins would ruin the front/rear weight ratio, so the turbo 4 would really hit the sweet spot, in my opinion.

The 4.3 GM six would have been a great choice for these trucks but I don't think that they could be built quick enough to meet the demands of both the current generation half ton and the mid size twins.

I sure wish GM would design a better looking air dam on the bottom of the front end. The current one looks like a sixth grader designed it. Why can't they give it one like they have on the Sierra which looks so much better.

@ Lou
yeah the leg room in the back is very tight, my kids are grown up now so no worry there for me anymore.
i already have a 2008 F350 diesel, but it way more truck than i need, i had a ranger in 2004 and absolutely loved it, but they dont make em anymore so looking at whats on the market and not impressed so far, so its either wait for the new ranger (and if i even like it), cave in and buy a colorodo or buy a F150, or just keep my truck which has been flawless and I like it, its just a waste on me as i dont tow anymore.

@ johnny
why do you insist on acting like a 2 year old? you like GM and hate Ford, i get it, but have an intelligent conversation or say nothing at all, its very simple

also if the union people would stop being so demanding and greedy, the big 3 could probably afford to build everything in the US, they are forced to go elsewhere so they can stay competitive

@papa jim, I don't disagree that a turbo 4 could be a legitimate top option for the C&C twins- as long as the long block can hold up under the stress. You may be right about production limitations keeping the 4.3 out of these trucks, but I still feel it would have been a better choice than the 3.6. I am in the market for two trucks right now. My dd s10 is just worn out, and I recently destroyed my 3/4 ton diesel in an argument with a large tree. I have been shopping the Colorados locally, but they won't build one the way I would want one (CC, 4x4, 6spd manual, 2.5, stripped down). My brother has been a GM tech for 25 years, that's why I don't want the 3.6. Regardless of not building what I want, there are no rebates on the C&C twins, and right now I could get a 4.3 Silverado for less.

@Dean--Maybe johnny doe is an immature teenager. I own 2 GM made trucks but I like to have a discussion about all trucks. There are good and bad things about each brand. I have owned Ford products in the past and have not had any major issues with them. I presently have a 99 S-10 that I have had since new and plan on keeping it a few more years. At the time I bought the S-10 I was going to buy a Ranger but I was offered an unbelievable deal on the S-10 and I have been very satisfied with it.

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