2017 GMC Canyon Gets Denali Trim

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We can't say many people didn't see this coming: GMC recently announced, fresh on the heels of its successful 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax diesel debut, that it will be releasing a trim-topping Denali version for the 2017 GMC Canyon.

Like other Denali models in the GMC lineup, the Canyon Denali will have plenty of high-style details inside and out, like a unique chrome grille; special 20-inch aluminum wheels with accent paint; plenty of chrome details around the mirrors, fog lights and door handles; and a spray-in bedliner. Inside, the Denali models will have heated and cooled seats, a special instrument cluster, unique designs on the navigation screen and info center, and Denali logos on the sill and floormats.

The Denali package will only be offered in four-door crew-cab configurations; buyer choices include 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrains, and the 3.6-liter V-6 gas engine or new 2.8-liter inline four-cylinder turbo-diesel. Both engines will be mated to the six-speed automatic transmission.

The Canyon Denali will not be available until later next year, with exact pricing announced closer to its on-sale date, but you can expect this to be the most expensive midsize pickup available to date, especially when equipped with the Duramax diesel.

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I have driven one of these GM twins just the other day, and I am also contemplating buying one, With that said, and some else here (more than one actually) said something about the interior seeming to be cheep, and I agree, it is cheep for the truck in the above article, but not so much in the line when in the 20-30K range. Please do something about the old Pontiac shifter GM!!! I will probably be buying one, but NOT for over 35K, I would like a V-6 Z-71, with just the right amount of packages for towing, and off road, and that is it! It would be great if GM let us have a manual trans. in the V-6 trucks! like Toyota does, but other than that the 8spd. would be great. As is though, the GM twins are fine trucks, just as long as you do not go too crazy with the options, other wise you end up with an expensive truck and cheep interior!

@johnny doe--Government loans were not just about saving jobs at GM and Chrysler but saving jobs for their suppliers. You have a myopic view of how the auto industry works. Ford actually supported GM and Chrysler getting government loans because GM and Chrysler use many of the same part suppliers that Ford does. You need to get out of your parents basement more often.

HAHA So now you say I said that jeff?

GM and Chrysler also took money from the Government in the form of a bailout and did not pay it all back. The Government loans are more about saving UAW jobs.

Posted by: Jeff S | Nov 17, 2015 6:46:05 PM

Yeah Jeffy you should get out of your grandma basement and grown up. You forgot what you even said LMAO!!!!!!

As I said Ford es un pedazo de mierda de EE.UU. dinero tomador!

@papa jim

The 3.6 fits perfectly fine in the new GM mid-sizers. I drove a Colorado V6 and there's a ton of room under the hood. The Acadia you mention is a transverse mount. The Colorado/Canyon are longitudinal mount. Don't let that domed engine cover make you think it's shoehorned in there. Is it as roomy as an old muscle car's engine bay? Of course not, but it's got more room than most engine bays out there. And what engine bay isn't stuffed these days?

Beautiful, powerful

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