700-Horsepower Shelby F-150 Ready to Rumble at SEMA

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One of the big premieres at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show running Nov. 3-6 in Las Vegas will be from performance vehicle manufacturer Shelby American. The company will reveal its newest creation, the 700-horsepower Shelby F-150.

Fitted with a custom suspension, hood, and wheels and tires, the Ford Shelby half-ton comes complete with signature racing stripes and a powerful under-hood supercharger stacked on top of a modified Ford 5.0-liter V-8. We'll have more on this new aftermarket star after we get a chance to get behind the wheel. Pricing for the new model will be announced at the show but don't expect this to be inexpensive.

Here's a photo gallery of what the new truck looks like inside, outside and under the hood; action shots will come later when it's put through its paces in the Nevada desert.

Look for our coverage of the 2015 SEMA Show this week.

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phew, thats nice!

Sorry, but the Raptor looks better, will outperform it, and will be 1/2 the price. Shelby (the company) needs to reconsider their niche. All their offerings have been far more expensive yet significantly underperformed against Ford Racing (SVT, RS) products

That front end looks better than anything Ford has put out.

Just what the world was waiting for- a grossly overpowered,
light in the rear Mustangesque pickup !!! Add to that Fords $45,000.00 F150 aluminum beer can and you have co-winners of this years 2015 " Most Useless vehicle" Award....
But the damn thing sure is nice looking.

It reminds me of Dodge putting a Viper engine in a 2 wheel
drive 1500 pickup. State Troopers love 'em. Theses theme
vehicles are nice, expensive and of little practical use.

I can't wait for the XD to come out..what the heck is taking
Nissan so long?

700 hp on a lifted truck with at tires,, first rain storm and it will be totaled rolled over in a ditch.

This is very ugly , useless truck , with very bad fitting aftermarket components (hood air scoop screen).
Front screen is not made for this truck, but cut from straight drilled piece. Civic fan garage job.

At least it has a real motor not a pos eco-boost but still looks useless

i think its awesome, obviously these trucks are not practical, they are for people with too much money, still sexy as hell and would love one in my driveway, but doubtful that will ever happen !

Those upper vents don't even match the cutout in the hood. WTF?

Sounds like a bunch of people here are a bit jealous that their favorite truck isn't the one doing this. Basically what I hear is I like it and would want something like this , but since I can't afford it and it is not my favorite brand then I am going to trash it. It is called "sour grapes" syndrome.

You have a very strange taste, if this is sexi for you.
@Cummins aka Ole 1
Yes, it looks like sour grapes tastes.

If you look at the last pic, ignoring the off-road tires, it looks like a sporty street truck (like lightning, srt-10, Silverado SS).

Looks like a Ram

@uncommon sense

Aww, are you mad because this isn't a Ram. Poor baby!

Bottom line it's an all aluminum Shelby just like the original AC cobra. LOL

@Cummins aka Ole1
If something looks ugly and unfinished, with cheap manufacturing approach, it doesn't mean I am mad it's not a RAM. I am happy RAM doesn't looks like this. It would be embarrassing and RAM wouldn't allow to take pictures of anything like this.
Raptor looks 100 times better, but it's still just cheap leafed Raptor.
Is this answer good enough for you , or you want to keep going on and on and on as in the old days.

NIce looking truck, also to point out, nice to see Ford continue to test the waters with new things, unlike the others who only come up with ideas after Ford already has it on the market

@uncommon sense

You still mad bro? Don't worry, life will go on bu-t hurt or not. I am game for going on and on. I have no problem being your huckleberry. Remeber, it was you that started this by making a post towards me, but I have no problem finishing it and making this article go 20 pages deep.

Could you be more specific please? I didn't get that.

Like that rock salt used at your local air port? LOL. Yeah, you were going on and on and on, even you know it's bs. You are master at that. We all know that.I am not mad. Why would be I ? No reason , when see ugly ford . It makes me happy. You should be happy too. You drive a RAM , because you ditched your ecoboost. Why don't you use "Ecoboost" as your signature but Cummins? Too embarrassing? Eh?

Lower the truck, do not give a lift kit. Give it a lower stance, with some DR meats in the rear and some weight in the rear bed, and whalaa, give it a shot.

Check this out.....'nuff said.


....and no crew cab. SuperCab please.

@uncommon sense

You keep talking, but all I hear is crying. You need a bottle or something?

I like the 5.0 in it. Very nice. If this is the Shelby F150, I cant wait to see the Shelby Raptor. Shelby really is the coolest name in badassery.

Wow what a ugly pile of crap I mean beer can I mean Shelby Furd.

@Cummins aka Ole 1
Maybe you should stop crying. You wouldn't hear it otherwise. This ford is still ugly and unfinished.

Wow what a ugly pile of crap I mean beer can I mean Shelby Furd.

Posted by: johnny doe | Nov 3, 2015 10:34:00 AM

Hey look at that, Johnny Dumb Dumb just used 95% of vocabulary in just one sentence. What words of wisdom this one has. LMAO



Expect putc to run with this for at least a week

@uncommon sense


Ugly truck, but I love the race stripes and the shade of blue that accompanies it.

Wow, first thought, Ford wants to be a RAM??? Not bad looking.

@Cummins aka Ole1 aka ditched 2 years old Ecoboost
You can attack me anyway you want , all the time I don't like what ford is doing. You are harmless. You know, you're not going to drag me across Canada with your RAM Cummins.
I still don't like cheep screens and very bad finish at the front.
Ford Raptor looks 100 times better.
Note: I will never buy a ford . Any ford. And my kids are prohibited to buy a ford as well. Not even after I am long time gone. I have it in signing.

uncommon sense logic


uncommon sense logic


@Cummins aka Ole1 aka 2 years old ditched Ecoboost.
I don't own that shitty trailer. Mine is all aluminium and I have a different truck with weight distribution bars and sway control friction brake.
It's never been sitting like that even with my Versys 1000 on the bed .
Keep browsing google for more funny pictures. You know that you are harmless without balls.

Uncommon sense logic

Leaf springs


Ford is rumoured to be releasing a twin turbo 5.0 for the Raptor and Shelby GT500 so it isn't much of a stretch to see this engine in a Shelby Raptor. Some rumours are that the twin turbo 5.0 will find its way into other F150's.

@ Toycrusher has made a valid point. Ford's SVT offerings have outperformed Shelby for a fraction of the cost.

Funny to see the expected generally unaware and unsophisticated commentary from the great unwashed rival fanboys.
Actually, using the word rival is a complete waste. That implies that the competition actually has something that can compare to the Raptor.

Cue Auntie Aluminum from Oz

That is one nice pickup!

The biggest let down is that butt fugly grille and front end.

Ford blue with the dual racing strips.

I wonder why Ford itself can't maximise the new aluminium F-150 like Shelby.

Maybe if Ford could build a decent aluminium 4x4, with a 3.2 diesel, RH drive for the export market.

""Cue Auntie Aluminum from Oz"".

You have me worried, I'm waiting for your "other" symbiotic personalities to make comments as well.

................did you post your above comment in the incorrect article??

@Cummins aka Ole1 aka 2 years old ditched Ecoboost

That's really funny and you are right for the first time.


It's not a rumor that Ford is bringing a 5.0L Ecoboost. It was shelved due to the 5.2L Flat Plane. It's back on schedule and should be here by '17.

For those who don't know, a Flat plane crank fires both cylinder banks evenly.

Uncommon sense logic

Multi axle

Uncommon sense logic

Multi-link axle


*messed up on the last one.

I see a lot of Ram in that F150.
Rounded body lines, similar shaped hood, mirrors & bumper cut-outs for exhaust.

At a glance from the side, you can see the Ram influence in the new F150.

once again Auntie Aluminum trots or should I say trvlls out the multi-poster delusions.

I just figured out why you hate the aluminum Ford so much........

You are afraid that you are going to run out of material for your aluminum foil protective headgear.


*messed up on the last one.

Posted by: Cummins | Nov 3, 2015 2:35:48 PM

LOL. You always do . LOL.

Uncommon sense logic


@Cummins aka Ole1 aka 2 years old ditched Ecoboost

Do you really think, you can fabricate false statements about me to become a true?
LOL. You can't harm me with this stuff. I actually enjoy that. Make more. It will keep you busy, so you won't harm innocent people.

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