Battle for Fastest-Selling Pickup Heats Up

Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road 05 II

If you're Toyota or GM, there's a lot to love about the midsize pickup truck market right now. Not only did GM take a big risk by creating two all-new midsize trucks in what had been a languishing segment, but now it's come to market with the first small turbo-diesel engine with great towing performance and strong fuel economy numbers. Add to that the huge investment Toyota just made by updating and improving just about every aspect of its segment-dominating midsize player, the Tacoma, and you can see why both companies are happy their investments seem to be paying off in a big way.

The problem is this past month both companies are claiming they have the fastest-selling pickup in the industry.

GM's October 2015 sales report claims the Colorado is the fastest-selling pickup truck in the industry with a 24-days-on-sale rate before it is driven home by a new owner. They've since pulled that back siting a calculation error, which cast a good amount of attention on Toyota because the 2016 Tacoma has an average of 23 days on sale before new-truck customers sign on the dotted line. Of course, it's not unusual for a brand new vehicle to be in demand as dealers frantically order the latest and greatest for their most enthusiastic buyers. 

In the past, has published a list of fastest- and slowest-sellers a few days after the monthly sales reports to give readers an idea of what specific packages are selling better or worse than others.

As you might imagine, the most popular and fastest-selling models usually are the more economical crew-cab midsize and half-ton models, while the slowest sellers often are aging heavy-duty regular- and extended-cab pickups. We've always tried to be as transparent as possible with our lists, which are compiled from data drawn from a cross-section of dealer reports from around the country; traditionally, we've left out smaller-volume "unicorn" packages that could give a unbalanced impression. To make the fastest-selling list, a model must sell a minimum of 100 units in a given month; there is no threshold for the slowest sellers. Doing this type of story typically allows for a larger measure of "interpretive" influence than we normally like to see, and, frankly, we've been questioning its overall value.

We bring all this up because calculating the average days-on-sale for a given model across a lineup is clearly a difficult thing to do (essentially, adding up country-wide dealer sales data), as we’re seeing with Chevy and Toyota battling it out for fastest-selling pickup. It's for this very reason that we've decided not to publish our fastest and slowest sales stories anymore. Of course, that doesn't mean we might not occasionally revisit this topic down the road.

There's no question that the introduction of the Colorado and Canyon, along with the impressive update of the new Tacoma, has stimulated the midsize truck segment. No doubt their success is likely to lure more automakers to get into the game in the future, but we hope neither company (or anyone else for that matter) puts too much stock in the idea someone needs to be the fastest-selling player in the field. And we certainly hope they don't start stretching definitions or manipulating data in order to use the "facts" in a marketing campaign. PUTC's sales charts — based on legally required sales data released by each truckmaker — are published at the beginning of each month to provide the truck-loving universe with information about how well or poorly specific pickups are selling.

With all that said, you can expect GM and Toyota to continue to be happy about their respective midsizer's success; they certainly deserve credit for the fact that the entire segment is providing more and better choices and bringing more attention to the pickup truck category.

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Thank you.

Any chance of getting average transaction price along with the fastest selling list each month?

We need more competition. Toyota, Nissan and GM is boring.

Good job Toyota and GM.

where is the guy that talks about toyotas going to terrorists?
I can't wait for that post, it's like a cuckoo clock only instead of a bird it's a complete moron.

So the Titan xd is over 1/2 ton gvwr in the 2a class and falls in the 2b class of 8501+lbs which is 3/4 ton category. Not sure how well the new Titan will compete with the other 3/4 ton offerings.

"... we've decided not to publish our fastest and slowest sales stories anymore. "

Common sense finally prevails!

"... we've decided not to publish our fastest and slowest sales stories anymore. "

Common sense finally prevails!

"... we've decided not to publish our fastest and slowest sales stories anymore. "

Common sense finally prevails!

That yellow Colorado looks pretty good.

"as we’re seeing with Chevy and Toyota battling it out for fastest-selling pickup. It's for this very reason that we've decided not to publish our fastest and slowest sales stories anymore. Of course, that doesn't mean we might not occasionally revisit this topic down the road."

Yeah you decided to not show it anymore because the beer can Ford was getting it's a$% kicked!

If Ford ever makes it to the fastest selling truck you will see

"Of course, that doesn't mean we might not occasionally revisit this topic down the road."

This has Ford douchebag Mike Levine wrote all over it!

@Johnny Dope Boy.

The 2016 Road & Track Performance Car of the Year.

I wonder what make won? It sure wasn't the Corvette Z06.

I thought the Midsize Pickup market was dying and Diesels would not sell, according to the " experts" on this site.

I do believe the companies that are moving vehicles of the lot the quickest combined with the manufacturing plants running near their peak are the ones making most money per vehicle. The figure indicate Ford isn't one of them.

Ford with it's aluminium F-150 is going to find it will have trucks sitting on the lot for a long time as this is already occurring and has been building up over the past quarter or so.

Ford's up and coming F-150 fire sale might not be the best solution to Ford's F-150 acceptance.

The new diesel Titan will do well. For every Titan sold will be on less light HD sold by one of the Big 3. Ford will again suffer the most since the SuperDuty is the biggest selling HD.

Those who think many will defect from Ram are playing with themselves. Ram products move because of price point.

So, as you can see Ford will need this fire sale.

The Ranger would give Ford another 10-15 thousand pickups a month. But one wants a midsizer as they are a fad.

Ford should become the Ford of old and build vehicles that appeal to the largest segment of consumers. The only reason Ford pickup numbers look good is because of the ever popular steel HD line. This leaves the aluminium F-150 almost in Ram territory.

Arguably of more interest in the Fastest or slowest selling pickup story would have been to quote each category by marque, class and then model. So that way, we could tell which were the fastest and slowest Ford, GM, Ram, etc; 1500, 2500 and 3500; or even I4, V6, V8, 4X2, 4X4 or Diesel !

from what I have seen the best selling Colorado is the 2 wheel dr work truck crew cab.most buyers just want good family truck for under $30,000.00

When did toyota start making a pick up truck?

Here are some links and a short cut and paste. Very interesting, it appears the styling of the first Toyota pickup the G1 is more advanced back in the early 30s than what was produced elsewhere in the world.

It surprised me, it was a good looking pickup that I would love to own.

The cut and paste;
"The Japanese brand began building pickups in 1935 with the 1.5 tone Type G1 "

Pictures of the G1;

Out of interest a 1936 Toyota GA pickup/coupe;

A link, there are quite a few articles on the G1.

So, the smartass comments are great, arent' they?

There's Fat Albert again can't stop talking about the F150 and aluminum. That must be the only thing on his brain. Holy cow man please talk about something else. All you do is type aluminum F150. BTW how is offing a few thousand off MSRP and calling it the friends and family plan a fire sale? Rebates tend to offer much more off the price.

Hey AL. Didn't you say you were staying off this site a few days ago. It was nice while it lasted anyways.

The 2016 Road & Track Performance Car of the Year.

I wonder what make won? It sure wasn't the Corvette Z06.

Posted by: Chuck Taylor | Nov 11, 2015 9:06:17 PM

WTF does this have anything to do with trucks Chuck? The blind Ford love and allegiance is strong with this one.

Ford will bring back the Ranger to the US to end this debate...

Otherwise, I like the Toyota [gasp] over the Genital Motors product.

This is stupid. If you really want to see the fastest selling, divide YTD sales by the days in this year so far. How long a vehicle sits on the lot is absolutely no indication on fastest selling! On October 31,that was the 304th day of 2015. Divide YTD by 304 to see how many trucks a day is sold. I wish we had a breakdown of models (light duty, heavy duty etc) F series is clearly the fastest selling trucks!

Get with the times. Ford Ranger production starts 2018 in Michigan. Possibly on sale for 2019. Of course, Ford doesn't talk about future products and no one has said what size vehicle exactly will the new Ranger end up.

Jim that makes no sense

Killing this was a good idea. It does not really show "fastest" selling. It shows supply versus demand.


It makes absolute perfect sense. You obviously didn't do the math to see how much sense it makes.

GM needs to put new warning stickers on their visor's in all their trucks. It should read "WARNING: This off road Z-71 pick up truck will not clear speed bumps with out rubbing thanks to the front valance that is 3.12" off the road. Proceed with caution" and "WARNING: This off road vehicle not designed for off road use"

I do like that yellow colour. In my town it would mean leaving the doors locked all the time as it looks a lot like our local taxi's ;)

@Robert Ryan--The fan boys and the Ford marketing department has spread the propaganda that the midsize trucks and diesels do not sell. This is similar to the propaganda that was spread 50 years ago that small cars are inferior and do not sell. Toyota, Datsun, and Honda proved Detroit wrong about that theory. You are suppose to believe all the propaganda and buy what ever the marketers tell you to buy.

Robert we are not suppose to think too much about what type of truck we buy, how we vote, what we wear, and what we believe in. We are suppose to listen to the pundits who tell us what to believe and what we should buy.

I have no problem with people having a choice and if they choose to buy a large truck or a Prius, join the Tea Party or Green Peace, eat steak and potatoes or become a vegan, or whatever. My problem is when others force their choice upon others. Maybe the diesel and midsize trucks will never have the volume of larger trucks but if a manufacturer chooses to offer them and enough people buy them then why not.

LAMO, aka DenverMike,
It was a cut and paste you have filed on me, along with all of those other comments you filed on me;)

So, DiM, what is your response the negative impact the aluminium F-150 has had on Ford?

It seems towards the end of each month the Ford marketing spinners put out an article for some reason or another on why the aluminium F-150 is in Ram territory in numbers sold.

Last month it was seat frames. I do recall the chassis shortage of July. That only lasted a few weeks, then all of sudden there are enough chassis.

The chassis factory will have to go down in history as the quickest retool and refit of a manufacturing plant in history.

Now Ford are having a fire sale. I do hope GM and FCA come to the party. Then all can profit from the aluminium F-150 poorer than expected sales performance.

But........................I saw this coming a couple of years ago. I even stated that Ford would create reason for poor performance like we currently witness.

I predict the Titan will bit into a few thousand F-250 per month.

Then the super conservative HD crowd will move more towards Ram and the GM HDs when the aluminium SuperDuty arrives.

Ford needs to do more than a fire sale.

Again Fat Albert I am who I am and not like YOU who has to have a Fat Albert supporter alter personality and be a little baby and write how good you are and what you do for a living. What a pathetic joke that was. You actually remind me of someone I know. He is pretty intelligent but has to tell everyone how smart his his. Just like you. He also has no friends in life because of that. I suspect that is also you.

And to your fire sale post, you do know what time of year this is right. You claim to be a smart gjrl. End of year. When in history has a year end sale not occurred to sell the most vehicles. Just look at last year's stats. Big sales numbers. It's funny I have been playing on this site and what I find funny is your post, Hemi V8 post and Johnny dumb dumb post are a the same for the last year.

Again I thought your alter ego said you were staying away. It was nice while it lasted. To bad I cannot just block your post because they are just full of nonsense. I try to just skip over them.

It is funny though. FORD is living rent free in your head. And that cracks me up.

If it wasn't for the Colorado and Canyon taking sales from the Silerverado Chevy might have the best selling full size truck for the first time in 38 years. The recent growth/resurgence of the pretend truck market is largely due to pent up demand, cheap fuel, and renewed interest. The GM twins failed to make real headway into the Taco's market share and honestly the Frontier didn't have much. So where did the sales come from? Mostly from people who would have bought full size or Frontiers and yes a few Taco defectors. The 30 MPG diesel in its truck lineup will help with CAFE even if it does hurt full size truck sales so in that way it is still very smart as full size trucks are for the most part easy to sell.

Yawn LMAO is sh$t talking again, better go wash your daddy's trucks again! LMFAO

Johnny Dumb dumb. Your history of post continue to prove you have an IQ of a carrier pigeon. No intellectual properties at all. Rather sad but expected I guess. Your mommy told me again last night that she dropped you on your head many times because of her disappointmentioned in her little johnny dumb dumb. I will however continue washing my personal new vehicles and you can drive your old junk. One thing I have noticed here is most people talk all this crap and don't drive anything even related. At least I have experience in ownership and work with most newer trucks including 2015s.

Jeff S - It is obvious now that Ford misread the small truck market. They assumed cheapskate buyers of their outdated old Ranger would step up to a F150 or buy a Fiesta. They should of asked their buyers if they would pull the trigger on a global Ranger. I suspect that the decision was made by cost conscious bean counters with heavy buy-in to "One Ford" global.

It looks like Ford will bring in the Ranger but amortize costs between it and a shared "Wrangler fighter". 2019-2020 is the possible release date.

@Clint - I suspect that you are correct. Initial reports on the C/C twins stated that most buyers were GM vehicle owners. That is now closer to 50/50.

Is fords fire sale really a fire sale? Appears some of us were right you could get better deals last month and fords new sale is just a brilliant marketing scheme.

Now Scott, that cannot be true. The self proclaimed smartest man here and an expert in everything said that the friends and family plan is some huge fire sale and Ford is practically just giving cars and trucks away.

So you write an article on a subject just to say you're not going to write an article about the subject? Slow day news-wise? By the way, I doubt very much that GM or Toyota are vying for a title of "Fastest Selling" as the author contends. Though its an important factor for the manufacturers to consider, I wouldn't say either is squirreled away in a marketing meeting trying to turn "fastest selliing" into a meaningful ad campaign.

@captain crunch-did you not see the video where the Z71 is taken on the same off road course as the Taco Turd and actually did just fine, in fact slightly better handling wise than the Taco? Your perception of the valance being too low on the Colorado for ground clearance is just that, a perception !

LMAO nice mommy joke did your daddy teach you that kid? LMFAO!

@Lou_BC--Ford will amortize the costs of the Ranger and both the Ranger and the Bronco will share a platform and many parts. It would be good to see a new Bronco along the lines of the first Broncos but with an updated power train. The real profit for most of the car manufacturers are in trucks, suvs, and crossovers. More of the automobiles will be made in Mexico and China because the costs are much lower and the profit margins are low on the subcompact, compact, and the midsize autos. Hyundai and Kia still have a price advantage and the quality of both are have improved to the level of Toyota and Honda. The Fusion is a good car but the Accord, Camry, Optima, and Sonata are also very good.

Frod did not just misread the midsize pickup market. It's losing market share all round.

They just placed to much faith on the aluminium F-150. Ford really thought the aluminium wonder truck was the end all, be all, for pickups. This is well documented and it is also proven that Ford has not just misread the midsize segment, but also the half ton and HD segment as it's market share is diminishing.

Remember when Ford dropped the US Ranger? What was Ford's response? The customer will either buy a aluminium F-150, Explore or Focus or whatever.

Ford was wrong. Anyone would of seen this. This subject was covered by the B&B here at PUTC as well.

So, your narrow and simplistic view in relation to Ford are generally overstated, as are most of your comments. Even your trowlling.

Ford has had a rude awakening in that even within the 1/2 ton market not many really give a rats'ars whether a pickup is made of steel or aluminium. Why do you think Ram has had the improvement in numbers over the past several years??? Because of load and tow??

Ram has improved because it is providing a cheaper and comfortable family hack that can tow and carry a load.

The consumer is looking at how much it costs to get into a pickup. Tow and load is not on their minds as most assume any pickup will tow and carry a load.

I do think you should start understanding demographics. The talk you disperse generally is that of an enthusiast, with little objectivity in your arguement.

When the aluminium Ford SuperDutys come out you will see an even larger removal of potential customers.

Nissan with the XD will take some sales away. Not many, but enough to have Ford worry, along with the unnecessary aluminium trucks.

As I've stated in the past Ford would of been better using high tensile steel for the body and gradually introducing aluminium.

You sometimes appear to be very thick and narrow minded or should I state Ford biased..

I have been waiting all year to get my hands on a new Colorado but supply isn't there yet and they are asking for full sticker price.

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