Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: October 2015

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The winning streak for pickup trucks continues, as October proved to be one of the strongest months of the year with overall auto sales gains about 10 percent higher than they were last year at this time.

Both Ford and Chevrolet are having steady, strong success in both their light-duty and heavy-duty lineups. Ford is showing steady growth and likely will make a year-end push with with some targeted incentives and regional discounts. Both Chevy and GMC are offering great deals on outgoing 2015 half-ton models to make room for the updated and restyled 2016 trucks. As you might expect, average transaction prices across the pickup truck segment are rising. The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are enjoying strong sales as are other higher-priced half-ton and heavy-duty premium trim packages.

Standout sellers for October include Chevrolet and Ram; the Toyota Tacoma had a strong month as well and the Tundra held steady. Both Nissan and Honda have to look to the future as their new products won’t be available for several months. The Nissan Titan XD should start trickling onto lots by the end of the year, and we don’t expect the new Honda Ridgeline to make its debut until early next year; however, we will see a modified 2016 Ridgeline at the Specialty Equipment Market Association Show that is all prepped to run this year’s Baja 1000 race.

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PUTC October 2015 sales chart


GM is killin it!

Silverado is on a tear.

Interesting that GMC was steady with 2014 vs Chevy's 10% improvement. GM full size twins still maintain a healthy lead over Ford in both the month and year. Mid size twins still selling at capacity. GM is certainly the winner so far this year along with the Tacoma.

It is apparent why Ford announce the huge incentives for the rest of the year, they are just not keeping up with GM as far as taking advantage of the hot market.

GM was off to a slow start when they first released their GMT k2XX platform and have really pickup up steam.

I wonder when Auntie Aluminum from Oz will pipe in with more unsubstantiated comments about Ford being saved by increased sales of steel pickups?

The Rambots have grown quiet since sales have flattened. It was inevitable. FCA is near their production limits with what is now the oldest design on the market (with the exception of the "all new" Tundra;)

Tacoma twice as much as the twins. Frontier twice as much as the Canyon with 1/7th the dealer network and ten years old platform. F-Series again eeks out a positive only because of the super duty. Overall though they are good numbers for all

I agree, Ram has almost flat-lined due to production issues. Good thing is they are selling almost everything they are putting out, which makes them very efficient. Only problem with that is they sell their trucks with huge discounts, which doesn't help FCA's profit margin. I imagine in the next couple years when Ram introduces their newest truck, discounts will shrink and profits will go up. Look at what Ford did. No discounts hardly, and their sales suffered. Now they are offering historic discounts and they are beginning to sell again. Americans/Canadians figured it a good truck (GM/Ford/Ram) that offers good discounts and everyone wins.

Ford F-Series : 629.951
Chev Silverado: 492,551
GMC Sierra : 180,174

and the winner (again) for 2015 is Ford F-Series.

@Chuck Taylor,

People here are dyslexic, Ford is hammering it.

FORD is #1!!

I don't see how a 1.5% increase ytd is good with the wonder can truck and massive rebates on the outgoing SD...

Next 2 months will be a great time to buy a truck regardless of your choice. There will be incentive bloodshed in order to grab market share. Seems to me that Ford is in great position to expand now that the 6.5 bed crew cabs are hitting the lots. Toyota seems content selling the Tundra at current levels so they won't join the fray. Car and driver did a 1800 mile comparo of the Colorado and Tacoma...the Colorado won easily, I was surprised at the results.

@Montands - agreed. People have grown accustomed to deep discounts from the factory.
- People forget that GM increased the price of the GMT K2XX trucks when they first were released and sales were sluggish. They rapidly returned to discounts.
- Ford did the same with the new F150. No discounts with good profit margins but sluggish sales. Ford has said that they plan on a discount blitz to regain market share.

Lower volume trucks tend to sell without discounts. We have seen that with the GM C/C twins, Tundra and Tacoma.

I really admire those who speak of GM's slow start when the last platform was released.

The way I see it is if GM had a slow start, then the new F-150 is a non starter. The people who speak like this are full of beans.

It has only been a month since Ford reduced the incentives on the aluminium F-150 and it appears the consumer really doesn't give a rat's arse, they are looking for value in a vehicle and aluminium doesn't really give them that.

GM moved over 79 000 pickups in October to Ford's 65 000 that's over 20% more.

It seems Ford is still very reliant on the "old fashion" SuperDutys for it's profits.

Maybe Ford needs a fire sale .............. but GM will not rest on it's laurels if this occurs.

The Taco has done quite well.

I've read Nissan is building a massive inventory of the new Titan. I wonder why?

Well, Ford took the gamble and I don't see the gamble paying off as Ford would of hoped. Maybe the aluminium SuperDutys will provide Ford that needed boost...........................not.

Ram has had a respectable improvement, sort of Ford like.

Instead of the usual GM vs Ford comparison of 1/2 ton pickups you read a lot about, maybe the comparisons should become more Ram vs Ford. I'd like to know how many aluminium F-150s sell a month compared to the Ram 1500? It would be a closer than the aluminium F-150 vs Chev/Sierra.

I wonder if my "soothsaying" has been accurate.

Chuck Taylor

Can you not add numbers or what?

Ford F-Series : 629.951
Chev Silverado: 492,551
GMC Sierra : 180,174

and the winner (again) for 2015 is Ford F-Series.


Do you really think if Ford could sell more trucks than GM by releasing a second line they wouldn't?

Fact of the matter is General Motors sells more trucks and they don't even have a 4500 or 5500 to add to the numbers!

I don't think ford is going to be able to catch gm even with the new friends and family discounts, they need to make up 42k in two months and still lost more ground this month.

If the new aluminium F-150 was as good as how some describe heavy discounting is required, the vehicle would sell itself.

Your comment supports my view the new aluminium F-150 isn't viewed as a real trend setter by the average pickup Joe and Jane.

They just want a pickup to go to Lowes, pickup the kids from soccer and maybe.....................a couple time a year tow a small utility trailer or boat.

Do you think these people consider load and tow as their primary objective in purchasing a pickup? Some do but they are such a small proportion of the average pickup Joe and Jane.

It seems the only ones interested in load and tow are those who have nothing else to brag about regarding the new aluminium F-150.

I wonder if Ford can use FE as it's biggest selling point, but the FE improvement wasn't large, it was rather lame considering the amount of spin from Frod initially regarding FE.

@Chuck Taylor, @Frank- I think it's time people like you realize that GM doesn't care that Chevy by itself won't (can't) outsell Ford. They certainly do care that their dealers (GMC & Chevy) are cashing more checks than Ford is.

Ford lost it. GM is growing, RAM is running at max. They need to build a new factory. Titan is going to take some Ford customers as well.
RAM took Cummins aka Ole 1 aka 2 ears old ditched Ecoboost already.

Big AL, again, you say GM as in one company right? But they have 2 brands of trucks needed to take on Ford. Ford is still the clear winner here

Surprising Ram is doing so well, and to note, all this looks really good, my biggest fear though is, what happens to companies like GM who bet on the truck sales to carry them through, when gas prices skyrocket again?

GM Full size twins-672,725
Ford F-Series-629,951

GM has sold 42,774 more full size trucks than ford. I don't understand why the ford zealots still claim that Ford is #1. The full size twins are built on the SAME ASSEMBLY LINES. That alone should allow you ford fanatics to understand why they should be combined in a comparison such as this. Any denying that is just bias and zealotry mixed with a little bit of feigned ignorance. I say only a little bit of feigned ignorance because no person can REALLY be that stupid.

Its a shame to see all those Tacoma sheep considering the Colorado and Canyon are the better trucks right now. Oh well, all GM can do is keep the Colorado/Canyon fresh and hope the Toyota sheep wake up.

oh btw

GM truck sales: 70,618

Ford truck sales: 65,500

looks like GM wins to me (again)

Looking forward into the future Ford will quite likely outsell GM in 2017 with the upgraded SD and the changes to the Raptor/F150. GM of course won't take all this standing still though I wouldn't expect any serious changes till 2018 with the recent freshening of the 2016. They already have the 8 speed in the pipeline so I'm not sure how much effort will be placed in getting the 10 speed into anything other that the high trim level trucks.

common sense,
A great one sentence roundup of my sentiment regarding the US pickup market trends.

Why else does Ford need a fire sale? Nissan is building lots of XD Titans and Nissan hasn't even started on the gasoline Titans, which Nissan expects will be the biggest seller in the Titan range.

Nissan will go from targeting just 35% of the US pickup consumer to 85% of the pickup consumer. This means Nissan is looking to make large strides in it's position. Nissan will put out a challenge.

The biggest loser will be Ford's light F-250 SuperDutys, since they are the most popular.

The people who think Nissan will take a larger chunk of Ram's HDs are talking through their arse. They seem to be the Frod supporters.

It appears the average pickup consumer don't care what their pickup is made from, so long as it represents value. Sort of like drinking beer. Most who drink beer don't care if the beer comes from a glass bottle, tap, or aluminium can. So long as the beer is good and represents value.

How the beer comes is of little importance, it only important to those wanna be's.

Its a shame to see all those Tacoma sheep considering the Colorado and Canyon are the better trucks right now. Oh well, all GM can do is keep the Colorado/Canyon fresh and hope the Toyota sheep wake up.

Posted by: jake | Nov 3, 2015 1:09:46 PM

They can't really wake up too much because GM selling the mid size twins as fast as they can build them. I would imagine that they could sell every one even at Tacoma numbers if they could increase production.


What you are not understanding is that GM can never claim King of truck sales.

Would you like to know why?


Get it, probably not.

You can only buy gm stock not chevy, gmc ect... same engs, trans, rear end , t/c...same truck different skin. the ford guys are just jealous gm has a better strategy that ford. profits all go to the same place.

You can only buy gm stock not chevy, gmc ect... same engs, trans, rear end , t/c...same truck different skin. the ford guys are just jealous gm has a better strategy that ford. profits all go to the same place.

@Ray Ray,

See my post, get it, probably not.

How astute. Is it two brands??

If that is your view how can you talk of "F Series" as one when the differences between an aluminium F-150 and a SuperDuty is much larger than the difference between a Silverado and a Sierra? seems to me one company with a more diverse product lineup.

So, does GM share pricing come from the Silverado or the Sierra??

You comment is a lame justification for the lackluster aluminium F-150's Ramlike performance.

GM in total do sell more truck, obviously....but yet Ford is profiting more than GM. LMFAO!!

Ford's problem this month is a lack of seat frames........just ask the Frod spin machine.

@Ray Ray,

See my post, get it, probably not.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 3, 2015 1:15:48 PM

Do I "Get It"? Yes, I understand what you are trying to say. However, my understanding your point doesn't make you right. Branding is marketing. If GM wanted to claim most sales, they could. They would just have to come out with a commercial that says "GM trucks are the best selling trucks" etc. However, GM doesn't want to do that because the brand marketing model works, (they are selling more trucks than anyone). Nothing is stopping GM from coming out with those claims other than their own internal marketing groups.


up until this year ford sold more than GM combined, so not sure whats up with the comments, but congrats to GM on the sales, they are booming. I do agree with Lou though the GM twins were sluggish when they first came out and now are selling like hotcakes, the fords will do the same but i predict not as slow as the GM twins did when brand new, ford is still by brand is a good chunk ahead for sure. Ram is still strong as always.
all 3 selling well is good for the economy, hopefully they will all continue to do well

Ford F-Series : 629.951
Chev Silverado: 492,551
GMC Sierra : 180,174

and the winner (again) for 2015 is Ford F-Series.

i see big all took his moron pills again today, give it a rest and go back to the commenter you used to be, you used to be intelligent with your observations.

I laugh when people say GM needs to sell 2 different trucks to outsell ford. Do you people remember that Ford tried to sell 2 pickups and failed? Remember the Lincoln Blackwood and the Lincoln Mark LT? Both flops. If ford could do it the would but they can't. So sit down and shut the hell up.

Ford lost 90,000 trucks due to production change over. Put those sales on earlier in the year you would have different sales total. Every manufacture will sell ever truck they make if they make them.

Gmc has a huge total to hit next month to keep its increase, Chevy has a number they will easily attain as does ford. December will be a crazy month as there were huge sales.... You will see large incentives on all trucks if the manufactures hope to hit there 2014 sales numbers.

Also on the comment of ram 1/2 ton sales vs ford 1/2 ton sales is a really uneducated. Ram sells around 4K ecodiesels a month which ram says makes up 20% of there 1500 manufactured. Using some simple math ram sells around 20,000 halfton sales by using the available info and statements from ram. Ford easily sells 60-70% of there sales total being f150's. One could confidently say f150 outsells Chevy 1/2 ton. One could also say that Chevy and gmc 1/2 tons combine easily outsell ford 1/2 ton. Ford has a lot room move on there 1/2 tons on price as there transaction price is still way ahead of the competition transaction price.

Another "F-ing" good month at #1 !!


@ Ray Ray,

Ok, GM sells more Trucks but is less Profitable than FORD.

That speaks highly of the product.

@BIG AL, what lackluster performance do you speak of? You just dont seem to get it. first when Ford was actually in the red, you cried about aluminum, then it was not the aluminum, but the way ford went about it, then it went back to aluminum, now its somehow seat frames, none of what you say makes any sense, I'll leave it at that. All in all, all the big 3(or the big 4 in Big al terms) seem to be doing well for now, until the truck market goes boom when gas goes up.

Nitro: Dude--he's just a hater. Ignore him, he can't be helped...

@ Ray Ray,

Ok, GM sells more Trucks but is less Profitable than FORD.

That speaks highly of the product.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 3, 2015 2:20:19 PM

Ok Frank. I will concede that point (although I haven't seen the transaction prices of GM vs. Ford). I will just take your word for it. I am not sure how this is equated to product quality, specifically when comparing full size trucks sold. It could very easily speak more to the fact that Ford fleeces it's customer base more than GM? Why would anyone want to own a vehicle from a company that puts so much emphasis on it's high transaction price in a market where there are equal if not better quality products from competitors being sold for less?

@Ray Ray ,

It's the extra features and packages that people select that drives up the price on Ford Truck. They like a feature, they will pay for it.

@Ray Ray,

One can easily buy a bare bones truck or $20k. Its the features people want. I don't see any special features on GM trucks that will drive up the price. High Country, please....thats like Fords XLT model.

You can get almost any Chevy Silverado or Ram for $10,000 under sticker at any decent sized dealer. You can get the F-150 for about $6,000-$8,000 under sticker at large volume dealers while average dealers are selling them for about $4,000-$4,500 under sticker. Ford dealers were selling the 2014's for $10k-$12k under sticker last September and October. To say the new F-150 is a flop is just silly. It is selling more than the truck it replaced, at a bigger profit for Ford and it's dealer network. Ford is making so much money that they are gonna offer basically "x" plan pricing which will give every dealer the ability to sell the new truck for $10,000 under msrp on par with what the competitors have been doing for the rest of the year. Don't forget that Chevy was advertising $8,000 off new the then new 2014's in March, just a few months after it's release.

You guys all act like you work for GM, Ford or Chrysler the way you come on here and spin everything for "your" brand....geez

@Ray Ray,

One can easily buy a bare bones truck or $20k. Its the features people want. I don't see any special features on GM trucks that will drive up the price. High Country, please....thats like Fords XLT model.

Posted by: Frank | Nov 3, 2015 3:05:54 PM

I thought we were having an actually positive interaction here, with a little give and take but then you come out and said the high country is equal to an XLT? C'mon Man!

Auntie Aluminum from Oz is a soothsayer.

Thanks for stating that your comments are soothsaying since you haven't actually been able to post any proof of your assertions.

To add... I was in the market in September when I bought a 2015 Crew Cab LT Silverado. Cloth interior, bench seat, but otherwise well equipped with the LT convenience package and sport package (20" wheels and Bose speakers). I also drove a Ram Big Horn and a Ford XLT as they are all very similar in OTD pricing according to quotes that I got. The Ram was nice, the Ford was decent, (except the afterthought of a bench seat solution). I ended up buying the Chevy because it was smoother, more comfortable and I liked it more. I am not a ford hater at all. The upper echelon of the F150 may have a few more bells and whistles than the Denali or High Country but in the middle market LT, XLT, Big Horn (Volume trucks) Chevy wins hands down.

If ford is making so much money why is gm stock worth twice as much as ford... 35.87 vs 14.81 a share there is alot more to a company that quarterly profits Gm has been investing a ton into plants, development, ect.

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