Everything You Need to Know About the 2015 L.A. Auto Show

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The 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is typically considered the start of "auto show season," which takes us to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show, then to Chicago and finally to New York. Although L.A. didn't showcase any big pickup truck reveals, we did hear about several important awards and about a few upcoming new products.

Below we're linking to L.A. Auto Show stories about the cars, SUVs and crossovers set to debut in 2016 from our colleagues at Cars.com, along with links to PickupTrucks.com L.A. stories. Next stop Detroit.

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So we get two takes on the crew cab in the deep south--South Korea that is.

The little four door Kia/Hyundai pickup will be unlikely to appear in auto dealerships but we're seeing plenty of it this week on PUTC.

I remind my friends, that, if Subaru could not make a winner out of this approach why anybody else would want to take a swing.

Where's the story about the crooks at Ford, that once again stole other peoples hard work. I know you cover the story back in 2011, when Ford and Toyota said they would team up to build a hybrid truck. Ford just jumped ship after they got their crooked dirty hands on Toyota's blue prints! I guess that is the only Ford engineers can build any thing good, steal it from better companies and copy it.

" Toyota feels Ford may have taken advantage of the relationship by gaining knowledge of hybrid technologies before severing ties.

“Because we proposed everything,” Saga said. “Well, I don’t know whether they stole, but we proposed all the technologies we had. It even went as far as the drawings.” He also added, “Technologically, we went far, and the engineers of both companies agreed that that technology was good enough to do it. But ultimately, the Ford management made a decision, and it fell apart. I really regret it, and I’m very sorry.”


I have a feeling we won't get any news of this on fordpickuptrucks.com. Mike Levine truck Communications Manager at Ford Motor Company won't let that story be read on here.

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