Ford Super Duty Powers Custom Rhino GX

Rhino_GX_AS_SP_01[3] II

One of the most interesting vehicles we saw in the aftermarket basement, called Kentia Hall, at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show was in the U.S. Specialty Vehicle booth. This boutique custom truck company makes military-style SUVs that look and play like rugged survivalist rigs, but they sport just about every luxury detail available.

USSV had this Rhino GX on display, and all we can say is we want one. This truck uses a standard 4x4 F-450 Super Duty chassis cab with modified heavy-duty 10-lug live axles, and a custom front- and rear-link/hydraulic suspension. The Rhino GX uses a factory Ford 6.8-liter 30-valve V-10 gas engine (rated at 362 horsepower and 457 pounds-feet of torque) and can be configured as a Sport model (with smaller tires and two rows of seats) or in its standard GX configuration (with 38-inch tires and seating for as many as seven with a third row).

All Rhino GX luxury SUVs use the Ford V-10, have a 40-gallon fuel tank, a 140.8-inch wheelbase and have a starting price just under $200,000. To find out more about the Rhino GX or the smaller Rhino XT (based off the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited), click here. photos by Steven Pham


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The perfect gift for the wannabe Rambo in your life, or for yourself. Luxury military hahahahaha

Good mall security vehicle. Those guys love to pretend.

Look at them square wheel wells yuck, oh and that super low air dam!

Are there only fords at the LA show?

Whats with the rusty parts on the rear axle? I thought this is a brand new truck.

Look at them square wheel wells yuck,
Posted by: johnny doe | Nov 29, 2015 10:26:40 AM

You're learning. Good boy.


Not very good.

Read more about HEMI V8's NEW truck here:

The basic AEV Prospector comes with the 3-inch suspension lift in front, 2.5 inches in the rear; includes a unique front bumper and badging; and offers 37-inch tires, which are about 4 inches taller than the biggest tire available from the factory. AEV also offers a slightly more complicated front-end lift if you want to run 40-inch tires. That includes wider fender flares and more accommodating outer bumper caps that give the front end better approach angles and moves the front live axle forward about 1 inch, all to better expose and fit the bigger front tires to any rock obstacles on the trail.

As you might expect, the AEV Prospector Ram is not inexpensive. First you select the new 4x4 Ram you want based on how stripped or loaded you want the interior in either 2500 or 3500 single-rear-wheel-drive configuration. Then start checking the AEV boxes that you want: wheel and tire size, bumper setup, winch or no winch, bed configuration, snorkel, etc. The well-equipped base-level package starts at just less than $14,000 on top of the price of a new Ram. That means you can be looking at anywhere from $60,000 to $80,000.

^^^^^^^^^ HAHA, I just seen one of those Fiat accessory packages in a JC Whitney catalog.............

Aside from the headlights, I kind of like it.

Mr Knowitall
German version of their PR use, same as here

@HemroidV8. Did you get that Power Wagon and Hellcat you were telling me about? Thinks that's been about a year ago now. What are you going to do with all these make believe toys???

@HemroidV8. Did you get that Power Wagon and Hellcat you were telling me about? Thinks that's been about a year ago now. What are you going to do with all these make believe toys???

Posted by: Truck Crazy | Nov 29, 2015 5:06:56 PM

That's easy, invite Ken and Barbee over for some tea.

@CRAZY TRUCK - The salesman at Glendale DODGE says that AEV POWER WAGON was just sold so HEMI V8 likely did buy it.

@HEMI V8 - CONGRATULATIONS on the new truck MY FRIEND! You are moving up in this world!

Well that's easy to find out. They posted the VIN 3C6TR5EJ8FG672689 Model Code: DJ7X91
Stock #: 57118
easy to find out the new owner....

@Hemi man, Thank you. I love it. It's a beast. Hellcats are 105,000 before taxes etc. Won't be getting one :-( Going to invest some of that money for interest. Wife choose an Audi Q5 over an SRT Jeep. Thought about picking up a scat pak 392 Challenger. Waiting till I'm back to work :-) Day two 2500 AEV ownership. Still can't believe she's mine bought and paid for.

And the Koolaid camp thinks my AEV is ugly. Wonder how they like the looks of this beauty. lol

One day to go for the Monthly pickup sales numbers!

Hmmmm..............I wonder if there are any surprises?

I guess when you have no friends you talk to yourself. Hemroidv8 is doing it again. Get your Ken and Barbie dolls out and talk to them.

@BIG AL, the big surprise will be Ford!

Real trucks have like 8 inch spring stacks.

One day to go for the Monthly pickup sales numbers!

Hmmmm..............I wonder if there are any surprises?

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 30, 2015 1:53:30 AM

After talking to the dealer I work with, F150 sales will likely be down. The "fire sale" you ignorantly keep saying the sale was, was not even close to that. Very little off MSRP with no rebates hindered sales in our region. Expect huge rebates for December to make up for the marketing screwup for November.

LAMO, aka DenverMike,
Why have a recommended price, if it is not used? Not my problem.

Here's a link. Near where my family lives I can get over $7 000 of a aluminium F-150.

There are most likely bigger deals out there.

Oh well, when the XD Titan comes out you'll see a drop in SuperDutys as bad.

I do agree Ford will be the surprise. Many had expected the aluminium F-150 to be a larger success than what's turned out.

We'll number two is better than number 3.

News flash Fat Albert, no body cares what you can get an F150 for where you live. If that was the case you stick to forums in your country and not mine. Face it, you are 100%wrong on calling the friends and family sale a fire sale. It was not at all. It was a few grand off with no incentives. Ford tried it and it didn't work. It is what it is. Just like you do not have any friends. That is what it is. At least Ford still has permanent residency in your head. On this blog and others all you seem to talk about is ford. Very pathetic.

LAMO, aka DenverMike,
WFT is wrong with you???

New Jersey?????

Did you know New Jersey is a state of the USA and not Australia?


Hmmmmmmm Fat Albert, looks like that dealer is offering something g Ford is not. Ford only list one F150 package right now with incentives. F150 XLT. Don't see anything else for retail offers. Then you have some different finance offers. Pick and choose. $100.00 says your pupils look like blue ovals. You just can stop yourself from thinking about ford. So what did your family could not stand you so much they actually left to live in a different country?

LMAO - IIRC Australia was once a British Penal colony. All of the flotsam a jetsam of the UK was sent there. Does that happen in the modern world ;)

Unfortunately our friend Bigal gets mixed up with penal and penile since he does prefer to behave like the latter.

^^^^^^now that there is funny..

Huhhuhhuh penal

Is this thing actually armored or just styled to look like it is?

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A gasoline engine, with gasoline fuel lines, and a gas tank filled with gasoline in a vehicle designed to be shot at... The Army learned that lesson in 1942... Ever heard of a diesel?

Great vehicle you

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