Jeep Red Rock Responder Pickup Video

Jeep Red Rock Responder rear II

Built off the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, the Jeep Red Rock Responder Concept is a transformed rock-crawler that has a peculiar type of pickup bed that we don't expect to see in a production Jeep pickup, whenever that might be. However, there are some interesting and cool features that deserve consideration. We love all the extra storage the rear of the truck has to offer, but don't see the bed height or bedsides as usable for any practical-minded pickup buyer.

In this video we take an up-close (and underneath) look at this concept Jeep pickup, which debuted at the 2015 Specialty Market Equipment Association Show in Las Vegas, and show you what it's made of. image by Mark Williams

Video produced by Matt Avery






Much better than any other concept.

I like the idea of a Wrangler pickup, especially if it was fitted with a VM 28 diesel.

The bed on this concept Jeep could be replaced with a trayback or flatbed.

If Jeep does make this with the diesel it would be the most capable 4x4 pickup in the US, even better than a Raptor or PowerWagon.

Another advantage is the live axles front and rear. This will make it easier to modify with the many after market accessories available.

This would sell in Australia. But it would have to be cheap, at or around the price of the Chinese pickups as the Wrangler is as rough as guts in it's build quality and on road manners.

I even think it would have to be a lot cheaper than existing midsizers in the US market for the same reasons.

You have no idea how wrong you are and how good Jeep sells in US and all around the world.


It's the best brand from FCA portfolio. They can build this truck and slap on it same price like fully loaded F 150 and people will buy this stripped Jeep over F 150 anytime. Chinese doesn't have a chance. Jeep just opened factory in China for China people. Not other way around.

What a joke. Huge boxes that block your view in traffic, keep you from reaching stuff in the bed unless you climb in from the back, they barely store anything besides a couple items, and you can't even take them off. Ask any contractor or tradesman why tall side-mounted tool boxes aren't popular, its because you can't see past them and you cant reach over them. The low but deep cabinets on service beds are designed that way for a reason.

This concept is not deigned for purpose you describing, but to get places, no any other truck will get.

Fiat Engineer,
I stated nothing regarding the sales of Jeep around the world.

I did mention if the Wrangler is made into a pickup it will face steep competition as most, 75% are in fact daily drivers.

The Jeep will not do well for a family guy who wants to have comfort and driving pleasure on the hard top.

As for Jeep around the world?

Jeeps (all Jeeps) do well, but it isn't in the same league as most other midsize SUVs in numbers.

This would sell in Australia. But it would have to be cheap, at or around the price of the Chinese pickups as the Wrangler is as rough as guts in it's build quality and on road manners.

I even think it would have to be a lot cheaper than existing midsizers in the US market for the same reasons.
Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 5, 2015 12:28:07 AM

Yeah. Even Bentley would sell very well in Australia, when cheaper than Chinese pickup.
I disagree with your statement.
This truck would sell very well in Australia even when much more expensive than any Chinese pickup.

Fiat Engineer,
Who said cheaper than Chinese? I would expect the Wrangler pickup to be priced between AUD $30k to $35k for it to have any chance. Chinese pickups (dual cabs) ie, Tunland sell between AUD $28k to $33k.

Jeep and FCA doesn't have a good reputation in Australia. All FCA products are "bargain" priced to be competitive.

Jeep is in the same league as any FCA product. The Wrangler, which is what this is based on isn't the same as other "Jeeps". Even the Grand Cherokee is viewed as a cheaper alternative to a Japanese/Euro SUV/CUV.

The Wrangler is agricultural. It would probably take sales from other Wranglers, moreso than other midsize pickups.

I disagree with you Bafo . This truck would sell better than any other brand and for more money, because there is nothing to compete with this. Name one direct competition please.

Jeep Engineer, reread what I wrote. I said nothing about its offroad capability. My criticism is of the storage boxes and their major design flaws.

The other comments here are making me shake my head in confusion.

"The Wrangler is agricultural".....? What planet are you living on?

"This truck would sell better than any other brand and for more money, because there is nothing to compete with this. Name one direct competition please.".... Pretty much any midsize and some fullsize 4x4 trucks with a 3" lift and a good set of tires would be a competitor, not to mention most of them will be enormously cheaper. Would everyone pay tens of thousands more? Many people can't afford to!

"The Wrangler, which is what this is based on isn't the same as other "Jeeps"....... News flash, the Wrangler IS the Jeep, everything else is filler.

The boxes are for the show ,but when you look at them closely ,you will notice ,that driver can see over them . Canopy full of garbage is more obstructive than this, but they are very popular in contractors community . Please name one competitor specifically ,so I can have a good laugh before night.

Do you work in construction and know that as a fact? Because I do and nobody has them for the very reasons I listed.

You want a direct competitor? Go buy a Tacoma TRD Pro and give it the same lift (if it doesn't have already) and tires as this Wrangler. Same size engine, similar dimensions, seating, truck bed, and both mildly capable offroad for anything most standard buyers will use it for. The only real difference is the front axle, probably the price, and of course those absurd boxes.


This is what is needed by Jeep, an agricultural trayback ute that means business.

There will be a niche market, but they will sell and go most places a PowerWagon or Raptor could only dream of.

As you can see agricultural is the best word to describe a Jeep ute.

A Taco lifted compared to a Wrangler lifted is a no show by Toyota.

The Taco's IFS is the weak link as is it's wheel base.

That's why the Raptor and PowerWagon are not the best way to make a 4x4 that means business.

The Raptor and PowerWagon look cute and pretty but their full potential is handicapped by the above and their rather poor FE. But they will not compete against a Wrangler.

The Wrangler is the better all round 4x4, especially the 2.8 VM diesel powered Wranglers we have.

A real engineer who didn't agree with me would actually explain how I'm wrong.

A real engineer;)

Here is what Jeep will be up against. As I mentioned Jeep will need to be as cheap as chips to sell.

Toyota Landcruiser; More reliable and capable than a Wrangler.

Landrover ute, a tiny bit more reliabe and much more capable;

Nissan Patrol ute, more capable and far more reliable;

A Patrol used by Western Australia's Forestry;

G Wagen ute; More expensive, but more capable;

Tacoma doesn't have 4 " factory lift , solid front axle, 37" mud terain tires , dana60 heavy duty diferentials....
Please, send some factory showroom pictures with pricing , not aftermarket modifications without any price list to support your claims. You didn't post even one Chinese with price , but some bold claims without any real support, like:
"a tiny bit more reliabe and much more capable;
More expensive, but more capable;
more capable and far more reliable."
Could you support all these claims with some real data please, when nobody tested this Jeep yet ?
BTW: Power Wagon has Solid front axle, if you don't know that.
I expext no straight answer from you at all, as usually, just dragging discussion towards answers I didn't place question for, so let me have my last laugh.
Have a good day everyone. I will.

I like the idea of a modern Scrambler. The farm I worked on as a kid had one. It was neat and fun and the bed was just enough. The new one should be the same, not a quad cab Ram box complicated mess.

Why argue over a jeep pickup concept? Jeep rolled out a 2.8L diesel pickup concept back in 05.The demand from us was immense,including petitions ,to no avail.Jeep would walk out the concept every couple of years to tease with,nothing more.When I see it for sale on a dealers lot,then I'll believe it.My last wrangler I bought new,back in 08.Road manners aren't bad at all,and that was with the 2 door,which is very short coupled.I believe very little what Jeep says,until I see it,like I said.

Fiat Engineer,
You obviously are connected to the internet. So, how hard is it?

Am I your lacky?

Fiat Engineer,
Also, pricing is of little significance as you guys in the US don't get these.

So, a comparison is not good.

Remember when you look up the pricing, look at the pricing of a long wheel base Wrangler in Australia as well. Not US pricing as a comparison.

Fiat Engineer,
Another one to add to the list of very capable off roaders.

Here's a vehicle that can outclass a Wrangler off road, even a SWB Wrangler and they cost $20 000AUD ($14 000USD) in Australia, with 4 hi and lo, A/C, power windows.......and that's about it.

@BigAl - do you realize that the whole point of "fiat engineer's" posts is to get you or someone else all riled up........ sort of like your usual fare ;)

a trull gets owned by a trull


I'm not fired up.

@Al Oz from Big - you replied multiple times

Actually Lou, it was for the benefit of others as well.

Not just Fiat Engineer, whatever that's supposed to be.

There are no benefits for anybody in here to say, that this Jeep needs to compete with cheap Chinese and didn't post even one example.
There are no benefits to post a false information, that Power Wagon has IFS like Tacoma, just confusions.
There are not benefits to compare Suzuki Jimmy with this Jeep for NA or any market.
I am still waiting for that cheap Chinese ,this Jeep needs to compete with by your bold statement. Because you would love to buy this Jeep cheap, doesn't mean Jeep needs to sell it to you cheaper than Chinese.

"Actually Lou, it was for the benefit of others as well."

That must explain most of your posts..................... maybe just maybe there might be one or two people that agree with you somewhere in North America.

Lou_BC - My 'mom' is the reason my life is a living hell. She told me some time ago that I shouldn't have been born. My birth was an accident. She said the only reason why she didn't get an abortion was because my grandmother told her that it was terribly unhealthy for a woman to have an abortion on the first pregnancy. Now and then she makes jokes on how she found me in a dumpster or how a rock dropped to the Earth and I was inside it (she's crazy like that). I was unwanted from the beginning. With the life I'm having right now driving a F150, I wish she did have an abortion or gave me up for adoption.

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