Kia Showcases Photographers' Dream Vehicle at L.A. Auto Show

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Based on the eight-passenger Kia Sedona minivan, the Photo Safari Sedona on display at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show is designed to be the ultimate adventure vehicle, ready to support every need of a professional photographer or videographer.

To accommodate the bigger wheels and tires, the chassis was modified to include a four-corner adjustable airbag suspension to fit the 265/65R17 Nitto Dura Grappler Highway Terrain tires. To support the high-tech monitors and exterior spotlights, the vehicle uses a military-grade bank of auxiliary batteries under the floor.

This expedition vehicle has a custom-built roof rack designed to carry camera mounts, booms and extension rigs; however, the most interesting aspect of this rig is in the back. There's a huge cutout at the back end, creating something of a pickup bed with multiple lockable storage bins and several power outlets. Sprayed with a bedliner, the micro-bed is more vertical than horizontal, which makes it somewhat impractical.

Naturally, Kia is not saying whether this could become a production vehicle, but we like the creativity here. Here's an up-close gallery for your enjoyment. photos by Steven Pham


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I can see this now, This will go over big with the photographers in Chicago with the protesters or in Ferguson Missouri last year.

The humiliation of having to drive that. Some people have no dignity.

RoadWhale/Vulpine and maybe 1,000 other people might buy this................. used...................low mileage............ in about 10 years ;)

Some "expedition vehicle" this is, with highway tires and air bags on a angel. Im sure this will go far and last a long time not! LOL! At least they tried.

Very fugly and interesting.

I've never seem a vehicle like this before. I would expect it would be cheaper to buy a large Transit with a 4x4 conversion to do the same task.

The difference would be the size.

The exterior d├ęcor is quite original.

This will be my next truck.

It's going to be pretty hard to film anything when your gear goes flying out of that bed with no tailgate to stop it. Seriously, a regular Sedona would be more useful.

I've been a professional photographer for 30 years and would not be caught dead in that ugly thing.

Save your money and buy an old Astro van with the 3 way back doors and then you can shoot out the back with just the top door open. Note this method does require two people.

Personally I have always carried my gear in full size pickups with toppers or hard tonneau covers and bed rugs.

@Lou_DC: "RoadWhale/Vulpine and maybe 1,000 other people might buy this................. used...................low mileage............ in about 10 years ;)"

Hmmm... I see Denver Mike is playing games again.

No, in this case I would NOT buy it. I certainly see its advantages for the purpose described; as a camera platform/expedition vehicle it looks like it would work very well. As a pickup truck in ANY other role it's practically useless. I may be an amateur photographer, but I could do a lot better than this in a Jeep Renegade with the removable roof panels.

I love, love, love this conversion of the Sedona Van.
I have a 2015 Kia Sedona L Van and would love to convert it into something like this. I'd want a tail gate on it as would be a truck and would have it as a 5 passenger seat truck. If you know of anyone that would like to use my Van as a"Ginny pig" and convert it to this, I would love to hear from you and would be more than happy to have this done to my Van. I would not have a problem at all driving this as an everyday driver.

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