Mopar Gives the Ram Rebel Some 'X-tra' Style

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Some might argue the Ram 1500 Rebel is already a well-dressed pickup looking for and capable of high-adventure, but Mopar, the performance parts division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, wants to help the all-terrain player reach new heights, both on the mountain trail and when cruising the boulevard.

The Ram Rebel X, on display at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Show in Las Vegas, offers larger extended wheel flares to accommodate bigger wheels and tires, a helpful side step and a distinctive center racing stripe. Additionally, the interior is accented with current and new Mopar parts such as the Rebel X logo embroidered into the Katzin leather seats, a set of all-weather slush mats, accented stitching on the doors and center console, and a chrome pedal kit.

The Rebel X is designed to highlight just a few of the many ways to personalize a Ram Rebel, giving it a special look and feel — from the Satin Black-painted Ram badge on front grille to the special beadlock wheels. The Rebel X also has a Mopar cold-air intake, exhaust tips and a tri-fold soft tonneau cover. photos by Brian Wong


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Aside from the grille, I think this Moparized truck looks great. The AWD Challenger concept is also quite a looker.


Never been much of a Chrysler fan but props for the functional hood scoops. Not a fan of the wheels or grill but over all not bad. Keep in this direction Chrysler!

Finally! They decided to modify those hoods for cold air intake. It is way overdue. Good looking truck. That grille is growing on me. I did see a new Laramie Limited grille in person last week. Have to say it looks really nice in person. For some reason seeing pictures online are not the same.

Cept for the grille this truck is pretty sweet. Get rid of the air suspension in favor of a real off-road setup then you've got something.

The grill doesn't look as bad in person. Same can be said for the new Ram Limited. In photo's that snout looks more horrific than this one. The flares and stripe make the truck look better.

@Bob, Losers?
How is that manufacture any different than the rest?
All have recalls.
All have a service department.
Most share the same vendors.
I would like to see a rock solid mfg from the 30's & 40"s that was able to go to 300k without regular maint.

People like you are just an Idiot when you make a statement like that.

Now it will look good sitting in the repair shop...

Im a Dodge Guy until the end. But them Headlights are Trash. They needed to get to get reed of them this year. But noooo. They look like they were purchased at Wal-Mart.

I love the idea of cold air intake.
But does anyone know how they keep water out of the intake during a heavy rain?
Is it vaporized by the movement of air and sucked in? Is it drained away some how.
How do they keep the air cleaner dry?

@ Bob

Please describe to me in detail how owning a Ram makes me a loser?
I think the real losers are the spouses and family members that lost loved ones to GM and their ignition switch recalls. On top of that, GM has been held accountable for the deaths other than giving these spouses some money. The real story is how GM is very quickly and very quietly letting this one go.
I mean absolutely 100% no disrespect to anyone that lost someone in the GM ignition recalls. 124 deaths, 275 injuries.

Looks decent but RAM (and pretty much all Chrysler products) have gotten so gimmicky lately with so many BS features to go wrong they aren’t durable or reliable. The last truck on earth I would buy would be a RAM with the electric rotary dial shifted 8 Speed trans. The trans is good, it’s the electronics to shift the selector shaft that is sketchy at best. They are already having reliability issues with the rotary dials in the cars and RAM 1500’s. There was nothing wrong with transmissions shifted via cable mechanically connected from the shifter to the trans selector shaft!

Bigassgas8.1L - FCA unfortunately does not have the capital to invest in developing new products. That is why Marchionne wants to merge with someone so they can share development costs. Unfortunately I believe that this last bailout of Chrysler has just delayed the inevitable. (unless someone with deep pockets merges).

I do like the interior.

The only problem is I do like to have the shifter sort of over the gearbox. I would also like to see a manual version.

The colour is great and in this instance the rim colour and style actually suit the vehicle.

It's a pity the front end looks as it does, but all full size pickups have butt fugly front ends. Having these fugly front ends on full size pickups must be a cost cutting exercise. Why else would you design them like they are?

You must be a senile old fart, bob, if you remember new trucks from the 30's and 40's. Go on and enjoy your walk in tub after you sign up for a reverse mortgage. Loser

Fyi bigass, everybody has bs electronic doodads nowadays. Lane departure, active cruise, park assist, cameras all over, auto wipers, ad nauseam.

I didn't mention anything regarding "electronic do dads".

I stated the shifter should be positioned over the gearbox.

I should also mention I would like to see a tweaked VM diesel version as well.

The diesel engine goes hand in hand with a turbo and off road. The ultimate combination currently..........with a manual 6spd.

I wish PU's reporting on SEMA was more real world usable things/equipment instead of over the top horsepower lift or just appearance do dads. I would like to see innovations in exiting or new accessories. Especially ones for those of us who have gone through puberty, or don't belong to the fast/loud crowd. Not that stuff isn't fun or shouldnt bet at SEMA but I would like to see less adolescent badass art and more "this how all of these are gonna be in a few years".

I do think you will find many of the "wanna be" off road type pickup drivers are after appearance.

There are only two US pickups that I will give any credence to for off roading. They are the Raptor and Power Wagon.

All the other do have varying degrees of off roading enhancements. But, as we know even most of the Raptor dudes are after appearance.

Like I've stated all along, if you want to off road, then purchase a vehicle and modify it yourself.

Here in Australia companies have tried to have factory off road packages. But they all failed, even TRD, as they were really a lot of money with no gain vs costs charged.

Most who buy a 4x4 never off road. I do find this off road argument similar to the dumb "load and tow" debates that infest this site by the Ford boi's, as load and tow is a given with any pickup.

If you want to look cute at Lowes, then buy on of those "appearance" packages.

@ Big Al

"It's a pity the front end looks as it does, but all full size pickups have but ugly front ends. Having these ugly front ends on full size pickups must be a cost cutting exercise. Why else would you design them like they are?"

Funny, because I think the same about the global midsize pick ups. I also find it funny that a person who drives a BT-50 is calling other trucks ugly. The BT-50 by far has the most ugl-est front end ever. Scouring through the Australian and New Zealand car review sites and forums tells me I am not alone in that mindset either.

Although I do know that your comment is just another one of your usual jabs at US full size pick ups that pretend to hate because you can't have one.


The guy is oblivious, didn't you know he drives the best truck down undahhhh!!! He's like johnny dope.....but with glasses.

Sema is just a show meant for the unwashed peasants to salivate over. It features add ons so that we can spend thousands to have a truck like those on display. Give me an old truck with a 3 on the tree and I'm happy.

BARFo - load and tow is more important than off-road ability. The problem as I have repeatedly stated that you and the Rambo's miss is the fact that it is very easy to exceed the limits of a crewcab pickup.

It is extremely ironic that you were on-board with that concept a few years back when the debate between smaller trucks and full sized raged on.

Standard spec crewcab 1/2 ton 4x4 trucks are much like SUV's, they can carry a load or carry passengers but not both at the same time. a 1,000lb to 1,300 lb payload isn't much when a family of 4 with assorted flotsam weighs in around 700-800 lbs.

That is where the focus on max capacity comes in. If you really want a 1/2 ton crew 4x4 to do both i.e. carry passengers and a load then you need to go to a higher spec 1/2 ton. It is NOT fambvy'ism" when the only 2 crew 1/2 tons that can do both are from GM and Ford.

Same can be said for trailer ratings. A max trailer rating and a semblance of cargo or passenger capacity can ONLY be had with a max cargo and tow packaged Ford or GM 1/2 ton.

Again - it isn't fanbvy'ism" to point out that fact.

You jumped on the FCA bandwagon because you are a diesel Euro-slvt.
At least the initial reports put the Cummins Titan on par cargo and tow rating wise with Chevy. We won't see cargo ratings as high as Ford since the Titan is too heavy to go higher on GVW and not cross over into class 2B territory i.e. classification as a 3/4 ton truck.

Again - it isn't fanbvy'ism" to point out that fact.

Pull your head out of your marsupial pouch and smell the roses.

You guys crack me up with the back and forth banter. To each his own.

I like this Rebel X. Thought it was a little strange to not see the tread marks on the front seats. I'm considering a new Truck next summer, but unsure what I'll get. I do like the extras the Rebel X has.

I agree with Big Al from Oz, in that the Raptor and Powerwagon are the only purpose-built off road vehicles in the bunch. That said, I've seen a Tacoma TRD-Pro go into some amazing places when driven correctly.

I myself don't really care about the off-road prowess of any of these trucks. I own an 87 Ford Bronco with the 300-6 4-spd, custom bumpers front and rear, 10K winch, rear-locker, front-posi, 4.11 gears and 33" tires. It's a blast to drive off-road, but it kinda sucks on the highway/street (no cruise control or A/C).

Hence, my need for a new pick up truck.

Just read on, that this Rebel X rides on 35" Toyo tires on beadlocked wheels.

Thanks for your comment, it's appreciated.

The previous article with the lifted Colorado is interesting as well for a guy who wants to do hard off roading and not too extreme.

If you look at the ridiculous FX package by Ford it makes you wonder who are buying these 4x4s. The front end of the FX4 scraps on the ground as was shown here on PUTC.

I would like to see all 4x4 offered with at least a E Locker on the assend and decent rubber. Most use those "car" tyres, even here in Australia. Tyres will make you or break you off road.


If you read all these comments, essentially what would make a great 4x4 is not offered but by only 2, Power Wagon and are correct. However, if you cannot afford the base price of these two, most people use aftermarket setups, susp, tires, exhaust, winch etc. Ram is the closest truck to doing this because they do the least in-house parts when compared to GM and Ford. But every article starts to bash every truck, and I see a lot of Ram haters that call Ram out on using other companies to supply these parts. Wouldn't you agree?

Damn good looking truck! GM and Ram continue to have the best looking trucks for the lowest price. Ford guys have being over paying on ugly and junk trucks since the end of the 1990s.

The irony the irony..................

On one hand we have BARFo saying that most trucks aren't used off-road or carry or tow and are primarily used as SUV's but on the other hand deride "soft-road" off-road packages.

Ummm DUH???????????????????

Those packages aren't hardcore because 99% of 4x4's aren't used in ANY tough situations.

They do the job well for mild mud, mild ruts, sand, moderate snow, trips to the fishing hole and to the trailhead for dirtbikes and other assorted recreational pursuits.

The only decent (close to hardcore) "off-roaders" from the factory are Raptor, Power Wagon, and Jeep Rubicon. The TRD "Pro' gets a runner up award.

What you state is true.

What is causing this lack of offerings in your market limiting you guys to only two capable off road pickups?

It is just consumer demand.

Do you also have a file of my comments to re-post on PUTC?

You seem to be keeping tabs on my daily routine.

Are you a sick man?

BARFo - no need to file your comments as you keep saying the same thing over and over and over again.

Purgatory has come to PUTC.

Try to be consistent for a change.

I'm sure engineering burgers has taught you that skill.

Stop hating.

It is getting too long in the tooth.

You want to debate me, but it has to be only on your terms.

Learn to debate with correct info, then we might be able to have a debate.

Today, only GM and Ford offer a rear locker in their 1/2 ton offerings (I'm not counting the Powerwagon or the Raptor). I am shocked that the Tundra is not offered with a locker (the A-Trac system sucks), based on their history with the Tacoma. I believe the new Titan will have a locker, but not positive.

I do realize however, that most truck buyers today will never really use their trucks off-road. The manufacturers know that too, as Lou_BC stated above.

I would even be willing to bet that many Rubicon owners hardly take their Jeeps off-road. Met a guy last night with a cool '13 Unlimited Rubicon. 35's, aftermarket bumpers, a winch, LED lights, etc. I told him we should go four-wheeling sometime. He said, "oh, I never take it off-road."

Kinda disappointed me...

Look at what you guys have done to F150 sales after it went to aluminum.

Scare tactics (Canadian hospital union tactics) don't work on me.

@Crutch - what I would prefer to see is the kind of locker in the Power Wagon. It is a mechanical limited slip that can be locked out. That would be ideal. I do not like e-lockers because they do not work well with traction/stability control. An engaged locker with active nannies induces rear end chatter and suspension wind up. The engagement and disengagement points are too low to be useful but then again that too could be mitigated by having Raptor like settings i.e engage locker and disengage nannies at any speed and in 4x2 as well.

Look at what you guys have done to F150 sales after it went to aluminum.

Scare tactics (Canadian hospital union tactics) don't work on me.
Posted by: Big Al from Oz supporter | Nov 5, 2015 4:08:11 PM

Checkmate! Lou is a sick man.

@johnny blowhard, you better look out cause Honda is bringing back the Ridgeline and it just may as well wipe its as$ on your little gm trucks too.

This truck not only looks good it has off road function. Lift, 35's with 17 bead locks, front skid protection, fender flares. Hemi Power 3.92 gear.
Rims look awesome.

I agree! Lou you are a sick man! Anyone who is pro Ford is sick! Like I have said before I'd rather cut my own weenie off before I ever own a Ford!

Truck dumb dumb where is the Ford ranger? Oh that's right GM would wipe it's a## all over it. So Ford pu@#y out and ran away scared LMAO!

supercliffy - cut off your own weenie.......... and you say I'm sick!

You guys are' hilarious.

If it had a locker, or if you could get a locker,,, the Rebel would be better than its real competitors FX4 and TRD Pro.
It's all about traction. The boat underpowered TRD Pro even beats the Rebel on flat sand racing.
Stop comparing it to the Raptor. That's the Ram Runners job.

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