New Colorado Concept Is Ready to Rock

Trail Boss front II

In a blatant attempt to fill a hardcore 4x4 void in the Chevrolet pickup truck lineup, Chevy debuted the crew-cab Colorado Z71 Trail Boss Edition concept truck at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

The first version of the Trail Boss Edition was unveiled at the 2015 Cleveland Auto Show; the second version came equipped more specialized tires and a light bar. This latest version, called a concept at this point because it is not yet available to order, will have a more performance-oriented suspension to make this the most rugged and off-road-capable special-edition Colorado to date: the Z71 Trail Boss 3.0.

This four-door concept is equipped with the gas 3.6-liter V-6 engine, black fender flares, trademark black bow ties, rally stripes, a performance exhaust system, a 2-inch suspension lift and much more.

There was no official statement about whether this package will become available through GM Performance Parts, but we're guessing the development team would not have gone to all this chassis engineering expense if it didn't think Chevy could get few dealers to offer the Z71 Trail Boss 3.0 to their customers. We'll have more once we get a chance to take it for a flog.

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Trail Boss 30 grille II

IMG_3249 II

IMG_3245 II

IMG_3244 II

Trail Boss 30 rear II



I might just but this, due to the fact that I would lift it 2 inches anyway and get new tires and rims then stock.. the kicker is this

"will have a more performance-oriented suspension to make this the most rugged and off-road-capable"

to me performance suspension is not crawling over rocks but going down washboard roads and pastures with a nice smooth ride, not to beat you to death and rattle every thing loose....

Thats actually cool looking

So its gotta lift kit and all the usual off road add ons... stickers, blackout bowtie, wheels tires, even a pair of lights... Is it me or if they black some stuff out on it its the same as every other chevy truck special package they have been doing (ok except for the 2" lift kit). Its safe to say its no Raptor, or Powerwagon, or Rebel, maybe getting into TRD territory? Definitely a step above Pro4X I think. Maybe there is a package from Honda or Subaru that is just stickers, wheels, and tires this is definitely above. And while yes this formula chevy has been been using seems to at least be lucrative (minimal investment for a decent pay off) as stickers wheels tires and blacking stuff out is cheap and easy and make sense on the less off road obsessed/oriented full size crowd. In the pretend truck market its all about looking cool and going off road. I would think a serious package would bring much more appeal to the kind of crowed that considers small trucks.

This truck looks great. If it becomes something we could all get, I wish they would offer the 2.8 Duramax.

All this truck needs is 16 inch steel rim with super swamper tires.

@johnny blow, all this truck needs is crushed!! That's one ugly pile of junk and I mean junk. Wonder it aint just another colored up with spray paint edition. Toyota has its number already.

johnny doe,
I'd say it needs 15" rims and 33" tyres.

The suspension in this is quite similar to what I've done to my BT50.

To the guy who wants to race down dirt roads and washboard roads.

How do you know it doesn't do this well. No one does, until it's test driven. You've made a comment with no support evidence to validate it.

What and how are the shock absorbers valved and tuned. This is what will help it go down dirt roads better.

Maybe you need a small AWD CUV? Some of them do well on dirt roads. You don't need a vehicle like this.

If this truck got a diesel and a rear locker, it could be a sweet vehicle. Not for me though as I need a full-sized truck.

@johnny blow, all this truck needs is crushed!! That's one ugly pile of junk and I mean junk. Wonder it aint just another colored up with spray paint edition. Toyota has its number already.

Posted by: Truck crazy | Nov 3, 2015 10:46:53 AM

I don't know, it appears that even in stock form, Car and Driver states that the new Tacoma is no match for the Colorado. Not sure if you are capable to read and comprehend the link below but take a few days if necessary and let us know what you think. Ask questions if you need to understand any new words, we are here to help.

That's not a concept that is a Colorado with a lift kit , make a real truck concept with a regular cab and nice old school long bed , seven feet would be nice .

Looks like Auntie Aluminum from oz once again contradicts himself.

"The suspension in this is quite similar to what I've done to my BT50.
To the guy who wants to race down dirt roads and washboard road. How do you know it doesn't do this well. No one does, until it's test driven. You've made a comment with no support evidence to validate it. What and how are the shock absorbers valved and tuned. This is what will help it go down dirt roads better."

You attack the Raptor for being too big but in reality a Raptor is vastly superior "To the guy who wants to race down dirt roads and washboard road."

No mention of the Raptor when that is meant to be its strength but whine and snivel about it like a brat who's dropped his icecream obvious limitations of a product show up.

What happened to the ZR2 concept? This is a step in the right direction but I don't like the name and would be embarrassed to drive around with that "roll" bar, even in the south in the 90's. More sticker and shocks packages plus a bunch of goofy junk you would never want, but probably no skid plates, no lockers, no winch, and of course no diesel or manual choice, or anything else relevant to offroading.

@little ray ray, I'm very capable and sure dont need your help, besides my comnent was directed at johnny blowhard and not at you.

Big Al from OZ, I usually make only one comment on a thread, but I have read and re-read my post and do not have a clue of how you are reading my post to get to the conclusion you posted.

I defined what "performance suspension" is to me, NOT that this truck has or does not have it, but what I would like to see it has.....

it's not better down under...

Truck dumb dumb the only thing being crushed is Furd trucks by GM trucks HAHAHA! Yeah the Taco beats it as it as more production capacity then the Colorado plant you dumb @##!
You only been told 50 times now, that the GM midsize truck can only make round 10,000 trucks a month. Go eat another retard sandwich stupid!

Contradict? Hmmm..............

The Raptor is good for what it is, again, Lois you make and overstatement. Why do you use this technique in troulling?

Because you don't have much else to state.

I've never stated the Raptor is a poor off road vehicle, like I've never mentioned the aluminium F-150 is a poor pickup.

It's just you sensitive Ford types who constantly barrage this site with you spin and selling don't like any form of criticism that isn't glowing regarding a Ford product.

Like I stated, their are better and cheaper vehicles to race down a washboard road than this Colorado.

As for the Raptor, it would make the ideal expeditionary 4x4 if it could carry a load and was fuel efficient, not a gas guzzler.

I still read your comment as I answered.

I also never stated it was better Downunder???? WTF???

You'll find most of what is offered for aftermarket 4x4 equipment in the US is offered here. The only difference is the very same companies will offer what we need for our different vehicles.

We do have a much larger 4x4 aftermarket though.

@johnny stupid. Don't miss that little yellow bus this morning or there will be another AS$ beating for you. You are so stupid. Toyota will wipe the floor with your little gm trucks and you know it stupid.

WTH are they doing? GM is ruining this truck. Look at that stupid looking roll bar. Look at the freaking lights on the roll bar, which are lower than the truck's roof! They have them pictured aimed at the sky, and that's the only place they can illuminate due to how low they are mounted. This is a joke and an embarrassment to anyone who really goes off road in a truck. I hate these sticker packages!!

Truck dumb dumb Only a** beating going on is Furd trucks, GM full size trucks are stomping a mud hole is Furds a##! Yeah duh go do some research the Toyota plant has more production capacity then the Colorado plant stupid f***!

The most common people buying GM midsize trucks are F150 and Tacoma owners.

"According to Automotive News, the most popular trade-ins have included the Ford F-150, Toyota Tacoma, and Dodge Dakota."

• The percentage of buyers from other brands -- the conquest rate -- is 56 percent for Canyon and nearly 50 percent for the Colorado, GM says. The Colorado's top conquests are Tacoma and Ford F-150 buyers.

Truck dumb dumb go get your special ED teacher to help you read stupid f***k!

BARFO - you just went on and on and on and on and on about some play off-roading you did lately and you were deriding the Raptor.
It is meant as a more high speed open terrain vehicle. Set up for that kind of driving also tends to make it reasonably good for other kinds of off-roading. That is no different than what we see in the dirt bike world. Motocross bikes are used more as trail and play bikes than for MX racing because the suspension makes them adaptable to many times of riding.

This is part of what you said:

"The suspension in this is quite similar to what I've done to my BT50.

To the guy who wants to race down dirt roads and washboard roads."

That is the kind of stuff the Raptor excels at. It makes perfect sense that a truck as wide as a Duallie 1 ton isn't going to be one's 1st choice for tight trails. Approach and departure angles are good for its designed purpose and all but extreme trails.

You say you are an engineer but are clueless at design parameters and what their end purpose are.

A small truck will require much more work to be stable on washboards and higher speeds than a bigger truck for the simple fact that regardless of how you slice it a wider longer vehicle is more stable. Even the extra weight adds to stability.
The sale factors that make a larger truck better for that kind of driving makes it a negative on tight trails and steep approach and departure angles. Breakover is another issue.

Every tool has a purpose. I don't use a ratchet as a hammer and I'm not ignorant or narrow minded enough to criticize a ratchet for being a poor hammer. You on the other hand do it all of the time.

My vehicle does race down dirt roads, far quicker than a "standard" BT50/Ranger.

My vehicle will also go off road far better than a "standard" BT50/Ranger. It will not make it in extreme situations though where it's performance is borderline.

I will tackle some extreme obstacles, but not all.

I'm look at two changes that will aid me in more extreme situations, but will reduce it's current high speed performance on tracks. That is to buy a spare set of steel wheels fitted with 15x33's.

If you actually had integrity, instead of your form of passive aggressive troulling, you would of made mention that I indeed stated that it is up to how the suspension is tuned as well.

Go back to your marketing job in what ever little dingy apartment you live in.

As for every are a classic example of one.

It also seems the quickest desert racers are based on short and wide wheel bases.

The only reason the Raptor has the off road creed it has is the suspension more so than it's long wheel base.

Like I had shown you earlier (last week?) a Mini won the Dakar this year.

If you were correct you'd see many very long wheel base vehicle winning the desert races. If a class only has pickups, then one would assume a pickup will win.

If you drop and equivalent suspension on the Ranger as the Raptor has, you'd find the Ranger would be a superior off road vehicle.

You mention bikes in an off road situation, do trail, motocross, etc bikes have a long wheelbase.

If your comment was accurate you'd see drag bikes racing off road and motocross.

I wonder why we don't see many long base vehicles racing off road?????

You must be a city boy.

Look at the WRC. These vehicle do race on some quite unprepared dirt tracks. they build long wheelbase rally cars??? I'd bet they build special long wheelbase versions of their cars for rallying;)

Seems you argument is quite uneducated and more based on your bias towards a particular product, ie, Frod.

Barfo - ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Looks like a rock is your preferred tool.

All depends on the bikes.

Dakar bikes have long wheelbases. You won't see MX bikes or tight woods bikes at Dakar.

Please post the specs on that mini.

BTW you forget that there isn't a huge difference in size between a Ranger and an F150. Ford says roughly 10%. I'm talking pickups but generally a longer wider vehicle is more stable. Laws of physics.

You bought a BT50 and is your first truck. You put some mods on it and now think you know more than the rest of the planet.

You've never liked being challenged on ANYTHING.

Poor baybeee.

Napoleon complex much?

Again, no substance in your retort/argument. Just a troulle.

Go back and discuss something you actually have knowledge of.

@johnny blowhard. Yep Toyota will still wipe there butts on your little gm trucks. Always have. Hope you had a good trip to see your special needs teacher on that Little Short Yellow Bus again today. They say your special needs include being Stupid and ignorant all rolled into one. Glad you are on gm's side. Nobody else wants you. And that's good. Ignorant.

@BARFo - um, TTAC had a story on about driver smooth inputs versus aggressive inputs. Look at a video of how hard that rally driver is working to keep a vehicle straight.
TTAC also had a story BY a rally driver on how he set up his vehicle.
Both are poor examples on your part since Rally cars are inherently unstable so as to turn more quickly.

Have you EVER raced anything? ........other than your drooling pie hole?

One more point, or question..

Are rally cars and Dakar 'cars" lower profile or taller like production pick up trucks?

Paging BARFo

paging BARFo......................




Just another ugly attempt to make an old man's truck look hip. It ain't working.

They should make it regular cab, diesel, manual and 4.10. That would be a trailboss.

...w/t trim, 4x4 floor shifter

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