Nissan Titan XD Truckumentary: Climbing and Towing

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The ninth chapter in a series of special video reports from Nissan that document the testing of the all-new 2016 Titan XD has just arrived. This episode looks at how Nissan engineers validated the PRO-4X four-wheel-drive trim level as well as the standard towing package. The XD is set to go on sale at the end of December.

Check out "Making the Grade" below to learn about just two of the assets this new type of pickup has to offer.

Here's how Nissan introduced the video on its website:

"Nissan's Arizona Test Center engineering and R&D lab in Stanfield, Arizona, has played a crucial role in the development of the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD. A great off-road location, Montana Mountain, is located about two hours away from ATC in the Tonto National Forest.

"The ninth 'Titan Truckumentary' episode chronicles a day in the life of Nissan's Durability team as it runs the Titan XD PRO-4X on the grades of Montana Mountain.

"Another legendary Arizona driving scene featured in this episode is the grade at Davis Dam, which allows engineers to gauge the ability of their trucks to tow heavy loads under high heat at a serious incline. These sorts of tests are crucial in validating the vehicle's ability to meet new industry towing standards such as the Society of Automotive Engineers' J2807."

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Boo. Thanks anyway.

A bit of spin with little substance in the article.

So, how does it go off road. The image shows a pickup traversing a improved dirt road that even a Kia Rio can climb.

The time must be getting close for the release of the Titan judging how the "teaser" was made. Remember it's all spin.

One thing I have noticed is the choice of colours are staggering a lot of deep hues in purples, blue, reds, yellow. They really stand out.

Boo. Thanks anyway. by jack. And what do u drive jack

This should take a bite out of Ram's 2015-2016 sales.

Nissan's (...garish looks and) excellent design & manufacturing skills will give Ram customers a highly reliable and attractive alternative to the Ram 1500 and 2500. Time will tell.

Timing is a factor--the economy in Canada was strong until last year and the high numbers of unemployed here in the US and north of the border could put a chill on an otherwise hot truck.

Either way I expect Ram sales to suffer in 2016 unless they institute fire-sale pricing, which could cause me to become a Ram owner/leaser.

I agree the Cummins Titan will take some sales away from Ram. But I believe the numbers will come from the lighter end of Ram's 2500 pickups.

The biggest loser will be Frod and the lighter SuperDutys. Ford is quite reliant on these for profits as many are sold to people who want to tow more so than the car/SUV alternative buyers looking at 1/2 ton full size and midsize pickups.

I do believe the Titan will surprise some with the number moved. Ford will have the biggest shock.

What would you want? An old truck in a F-250 or a new and current Titan?

It's not a hard one to work out.

Big AL from Oz

Ram Eco- Diesel will take the biggest hit. That's what papajim is referring to. Plus, the Ram 2500 diesel will take a bigger hit than the F-250 because of sticking with the Cummins. Seems like common sense to me.

The gasoline versions looks different in the front! and the frame is different also. and don't ram have a new 1500 coming for 2017?

Jim??????????? yeah.
If you are pupajam and what you are stating is what you believe, then I do think you are incorrect.

Remember, just because you see a white pickup doesn't translate into all pickup are white.

What is the distinct difference between a VM power Ram 1500 and a Titan??? They are priced in two different brackets.

Not only that the Titan is targeting the light HD pickups more than a 1/2 ton.

I'm talking about the regular Titan that's due out in the next couple of months...not the XD. The v6 and v8 Titans looks different in the front compared to the XD. It also has a different Chassis and Frame components. In reality The gasoline v6-v8s are a lot more handsome then the XD. The Titan might take some sales from the big three but I really see it hurting the Toyota Tundra sales far more then the rest.

Titan, Schmitan.....that thing will high center on a speed bump.

Towing 12,000 pounds with this Nissan compared to Fords H.D. 1/2 ton and Chevy's H.D 1/2 ton will be like night and day. Especially compared to the Eco burst. It will cost you more most. Likely. Styling is not my taste. Ram trucks look the best inside & out.

@BigAl, What does Ford have to do with this article?? Isn't it about a Nissan? Why do you have to constantly bring Ford into your comments?? You either hate Ford or you are just plain jealous of Ford. You must really like Ford.

My 2016 Titan sales prediction: A significant boost in sales over the previous generation, but still behind all the other full size trucks. They might even ride that "fastest growing" wave for a while, when they double their small numbers.

Love that truck!

I think Nissan hit a "sweet spot" in the marketplace.
Would put my $60K check in their little hands right now,....but.................. (and you knew there was a "but" coming)...............they are not offering a Manual transmission as an option!!!!!

No Manual; no Gettual (sorry, couldn't resist....)

Of well, guess I'll just have to wander over to the Ram dealer and get a new Ram 2500 Cummins Diesel with Manual Transmission to replace my old 1996 Ram 1500... (sigh).


Towing 12,000 pounds with this Nissan compared to the Ram HD will be like night and day. Especially compared to the Power Wagon. It will cost you more most. Likely. Styling is not my taste. Ford trucks look the best inside & out.

Truck Crazy,
I was responding to pupajums comments on what area of the market will suffer the most from the XD Titan.

I believe the lighter F-250 SuperDutys will take the biggest hit from the XD Titan. The reason is the light F-250s are big sellers and will proportionally take the biggest blow.

Ford will really start losing out with the SuperDutys when they turn to aluminium. I'd be the Ford HDs will suffer at least a 10% to 15% downturn. This will leave Ford management wondering where they went wrong.


"Ford drops 'Friends & Neighbors' sale early, opts for traditional year-end discounts

Ford Motor Co. is dropping its “Friends & Neighbors” promotion five weeks earlier than planned, after the offers failed to resonate with consumers as much as more traditional year-end discounts offered by competitors.

Ford hoped the promotion would help generate strong sales to close out 2015, a year in which its market share has been flat. Forecasts from TrueCar and show Ford’s share in November flat with a year ago and down from October -- an indication that the promotion had not panned out as much as executives had expected."

The consumers have spoken! No one wants a ugly, cheaply built, beer can, AL gas hog v6 truck. That is unless you give it to them for free, and even that's not working for them HAHAHA!

At $40k-60k, it's about the price of a real Cummins 2500. You might be able to justify it to yourself when you buy it; but tell me you won't regret it when you get spanked by 6.7 diesels and the 450hp 3.5 EcoBoost, knowing that's what you could have bought. At this point, there doesn't seem to be a substantial fuel economy boost over a 6.7 either, with TFL's preliminary test at 17mpg average. Ride quality? I don't know, the 2500 with the coil springs rides pretty smooth for me.

Everybody seems to want to love this new Titan, which is good, but it will be interesting to see where people put their hard-earned money. That's what matters.

Ford sucks.

There is a significant difference percentage wise in comparing the XD Titan to the other HDs.

Also, getting "spanked" is what I would expect from a child, not a person who claims to be some form of psychologist. What a spanker you are. Mature dialogue???? Were is it??

Apparently Nissan's homework and research has shown the XD Titan will see quite well, I'm not talking Big 3 numbers either.

But remember for every 5 XD Titans sold Ford will lose 2 light SuperDutys. This is good, as I like competition. But competition really shows which manufacturer is best able to transform their business.

Ford has illustrated that it has the worse plan in place in transitioning it place in the US pickup market.

First, the dropping of Ranger with no competitive replacement.

Second, the premature introduction of the aluminium F-150, with those EcoSucking fuel consuming engines.

Third, rather than making a steel SuperDuty and introducing the global Ranger, Ford has decided to make an aluminium SuperDuty for the more conservative segment??

WTF Ford??????

Total idiocy.

Cummins drives the sales of RAM

Give another cummins option it takes away from the other cummins optioned trucks. Has nothing to do with a f250. which is popular because registration is cheaper. It doesn't get OBD2 emissions at inspection and is a better plow truck for a cheaper price than any of the others to run and maintain. Most f250's sold are regular cab gas, or crew diesel. Both are popular fleet options for railroad conversion, public works departments, small businesses that do landscape and snow plow. GM and RAM options aren't in the same league for larger small businesses. its just the ability to outfit the trucks to how you like easier and keep things cheap. You wouldn't understand this unless you ran a business that actually uses these vehicles for work. Im sure ill hear about how a Toyota hilux can out work a SD. That's just what a 3rd grader with Toyota boner would say though.

@Truck Crazy - BAFO doesn't need anyone or any article to mention "Ford". BAFO has a hardon for the F-150 mostly, but also the Super Duty and Ford in general. And don't think this is the only site BAFO disrupts. On TTAC he tag teams his sh!t nonsence with Robert Ryan.

Enough of the truckumentaries.......get the truck in dealerships!! And, finally reveal the 1/2 ton!

I like it. If I wanted a new truck this would be my second choice

I've said this before....

If the Chinese reverse engineered an F-150, this is what it'd look like. For a vehicle that has been ignored for so long, you'd think this would be a game changer in the segment. What a disappointment.

Total idiocy.

Cummins drives the sales of RAM

Give another cummins option it takes away from the other cummins optioned trucks

Posted by: big dummy from hell | Nov 28, 2015 6:53:20 PM

Based on many comments on other forums from Ram owners, I would have to agree. It seems that everyone is proud to name their truck a\in post a Superduty or GM HD while the Fiat owners always refer to their truck as "their 20xx CTD" AKA Cummins Turbo Diesel. It is very rare for these guys to call their truck a Ram. The vast majority refers to their truck by engine only.

It's not a bad truck. I think it will gain some sales for them, but that's not the big news out of this. If sales go up as they should in the diesel version it will bring other manufactures to see that a smaller V8 diesel is what people would like in a half-ton just like GM had ready for release years ago and never released. I even went to classes for that engine... It was complete and power numbers were roughly identical to what this Nissan is coming out with. Ram gets credit for the idea of a diesel half ton, but with a too small 3.0L I see it as a swing and a miss. This Nissan will take a swing at Ram 2500's where the Cummins only puts out 350hp and 660tq. Frankly numbers that would have been great 10 years ago, but not now. Most Ram buyers that buy a Cummins truck only buy it for the Cummins. This gives someone a second option who wants a Cummins with much, much newer technology and the ability to do 90% of personal (non-commercial) towing.

@Big Al, I find it absolutely hilarious that you would lecture anybody on here about maturity. I'm sorry if you expect everybody on here to be sitting there like Sigmund Freud, staring at you through the too of a pair of bifocals, all serious like (you must watch too many movies by the way). But I stand by my prediction, and yes, Titan owners will be getting spanked big time! :). Is a smiley face too 'childish' for you too? LOL

Michael, the nice thing about about the EcoDiesel is it gets mid to high 20s mpg unloaded, and does as good, if not better job at towing than a Ram 1500 with a 5.7 Hemi V8. We pulled a 7,000lb 28' travel trailer with one, it did a great job. It drops a little speed going up hills, but not too bad. We tested 14-16mpg while pulling around the back roads with stopping and starting. It's also about $10k less expensive than one of the big diesels. But the Titan tries to be all things to all people. It's price is much closer to the big diesels, fuel consumption is also right there, but capability is at the half-ton levels.

Also, the Ram 2500 and 3500 with 68RFE 6 speed auto and 6.7 Cummins have 370/800. Only the 6-speed manual has 660. The Ram 2500 6.7 automatic still has more torque per liter than a Titan XD.

I'll never call my truck a ram or a magnum 360. She'll always be a dodge.

Alex, The EcoDiesel got beat handily by the 2.7L EcoBoost in a Motortrend shootout in the towing and hauling testing. The EcoDiesel is tuned and geared for mileage only. It has even been evaluated that the power curves on it are not suited for work.

I like the fact that someone is FINALLY putting some color back on the roads; I'm sick and tired of all these monochromatic vehicles that offer no personality. I even like the looks of this thing; finally doing away with the huge, chromed grill surrounds that scream "Fake Big-Rig!"

But it's still far too large for my taste.

"Alex, The EcoDiesel got beat handily by the 2.7L EcoBoost in a Motortrend shootout in the towing and hauling testing. The EcoDiesel is tuned and geared for mileage only. It has even been evaluated that the power curves on it are not suited for work."

So how many full-sized pickup trucks today do "real work" any more? I'm betting well under 50%. The vast majority are lucky if they carry trash to the landfill or recyclables to the recycling plant once a year and maybe 300# worth of landscaping/home repair materials the rest of the time... if that much.

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