PickupTrucks.com Wishes You a Happy Thanksgiving

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At a time when there is so much news and information about new cars and pickup trucks, we want to take a moment to say thank you to our readers.

We know that without your interest in this site and unfiltered input about the things we cover, we wouldn't be as successful as we've become.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, we give thanks to our new, intermediate and longtime readers; to all the manufacturers for making the trucks we love (and sometimes don't love); to the men and women at the production plants who make our pickups; and all the folks behind the scenes at our parent company, Cars.com, who support the work we do. We have a great deal to be thankful for.

From everyone here, we hope you have a relaxing day, surrounded by the people you love.



Happy thanksgiving everyone! God bless everyone! Remember what this day is truly about!

I hope everyone gets together with their families and enjoy what the Pilgrims started.

Did the Pilgrims drink alcohol? Have a few drinks as well....for the adults.

I can imagine all the turkeys and pies being served on American plates today. Have fun and remain sober.

I don't drink alcohol,was never much into it,but I sure do love thanksgiving.It's my favorite holiday.So here's wishing everybody a great HAPPY THANKSGIVING.For those of you traveling today,watch out for the other guy,and please don't drink and drive.

this holiday greeting is really great.

But why TWO photos of Big Al? Maybe their art director got stumped trying to choose between the photo of a big bunch of fruits & nuts, or just a picture of a turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving johnny blowhard!!!

papajim from BC,
How do you know how I look?

Do you peek into peoples homes at night?


Big Al from Oz - look up metaphor

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