SEMA 2015: Classic Restoration Pickups Photo Gallery

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By Bruce Smith

Inside and out, sprinkled among wild versions of all makes and models, our eyes spotted a number of classic pickup trucks in various stages of customizing at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas.

While 1940s and '50s pickups have been the most popular at past SEMA shows, this year we saw a growing number of pickup aficionados giving new life to trucks of the '60s and '70s.

Regardless of the year, it appears "patina" paint is a current trend that we think will be in vogue for a long time. Like a fingerprint, keeping the rusty and weathered paint look gives each truck its own unique character that can't be readily duplicated. The interior and drivetrain, well, those are exactly the kinds of products SEMA 2015 is filled with, aisle after aisle after aisle. photos by Bruce Smith and Brian Wong


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49Dodge_Power-Wagon_AS_BW_01 II

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Thrush Rat Rod PU II

50Chevy_COE_Truck_AS_BW_02 II

40Ford_Pickup_AS_BW_03 II

TMI Classic Ford II

LMC Fleetside Chevy PU II

LMC Fleetside Chevy Engine II

Thrush Chevy Classis PU II

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TMI 70s Ford II




This "patina paint" idea may be current trend in dry hot, CA, NV, AZ, and NM, but in salt states (NE and MW), that is a great way to let the rusting-out process continue!

Here, if we want real preservation, we'll have to get rid of rust as completely and thoroughly as possible; and frame-off restorations with sand-blasting, metal replacement, and rust-inhibiting undercoatings are the best way to do that.


Patina is only cool (ish) if it's original. Most of these pics contain manufactured patina, which is kinda lame. IMO, it's just the lazy way of avoiding the work a good paint job entails.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Period correct. In the same way that your "personalized" Harley with loud pipes and chrome looks just like everybody else's...

The Power Wagon has to be the nicest amongst this group of photos.

Haven't some of these photos been posted previously on PUTC?

All old Furds should be sent to the junkyard off to china. Only trucks worth saving are dodge and chevys.

Where I live rust is the enemy. Yes, manufactured rust is lame. The power wagon and a few of the gm's are pretty cool and I like that late 60's ford body style but I hate lowered trucks.

Lots of nice trucks, but the 'Rat Rod' thing is over.

Power Wagon the original 4x4 truck.

Nice trucks!! I would take any of them.

Most restored trucks are regular cabs. Real trucks only


Fools pay for a clapped out clunker,slap a engine in it and have a junker body.. Good way for people to make money without doing anything..its..its..patina,a barn find lol...

And to paint it like it has patina,you are a fool !

Restored trucks....................


Restored means restored to original.

@Lou_BC--Agree, but today's definition means as long as it is running it is restored. Leno on his website has a 48 Buick Roadmaster convertible that someone found in a barn and put a patina finish on it, dropped in a high powered Corvette engine, put air conditioning in it, put disc brakes, put in power windows, and lowered the suspension. Interesting video but I would not call that restored.

agree restored has to be original

Where is the best antique truck show to visit in the Southeastern states?

Can you please tell me your wheel and tire size I've been struggling with this for months for the Sam truck and yours is perfect.

Thank you so much
Ken Brabant

The beauty about "patina" real or faux is maintenance. . In all the flaws in the paint one added by accident does not diminish the quality or effect of the vehicles looks nor value really . More time wear is no problem

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