Spied: 2016 Honda Ridgeline

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Our stealthy photographers have caught the most revealing spy shots to date of the all-new Honda Ridgeline that show the cleanest design details so far. Looking much like a creative extended-cab pickup truck, the Ridgeline will likely be based off a modified version of the all-new Honda Pilot, sharing many of the latter's powertrain and safety features. Here's what our photogs had to say.

"The next-gen Honda Ridgeline has dropped its heavy camouflage and has hit the road in nothing more than a body-hugging graphic wrap, giving us our most-revealing look by far at the revamped midsize pickup.

"The less-camouflaged prototypes caught testing close-up on public roads reveal numerous new design details that have been applied to the second-generation Ridgeline pickup. While the Ridgeline adopts a much more conventional pickup profile, these new prototypes reveal what appears to be at least a nod to the first generation's unique C-pillar design. While the new production-spec prototypes don't have anything close to the 'flying buttress' treatment found on the original Ridgeline, the second-gen models are seen to have a unique 'hooded' treatment to the C-pillar and backlight, something not found on any U.S. market truck design today.

"Additionally, we managed to get an elevated look at the Ridgeline prototype, revealing elements of its bed design, which can be seen to include lighting set within the bedliner.

"Honda's Baja concept shown at the recent 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show was inspired by elements of the Ridgeline; unfortunately, it told us very little regarding the upcoming production model beyond solid hints at the headlight and grille treatment. Clearly, these production-spec prototypes now running on public roads are much more informative.

"The reimagined Ridgeline caught here represents Honda's second attempt at the U.S. truck market, and it's now clearly aimed more at the mainstream than Honda's original effort. The midsize truck market is in the midst of being reinvigorated with an influx of new and updated offerings from many nameplates. The Ridgeline looks to be aimed squarely at GM's Colorado/Canyon twins and the Toyota Tacoma, aiming at the lighter-duty end of that spectrum."

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This truck is a crap since it doesn't come with a diesel option. It also needs to have no more than 900 lbs of payload and everything needs to be made out of steel.
No puzzy aluminum or composites.

An SUV with a sun deck is all that the public needs.

AllAmerikan - - -

26-foot Columbia.



Since this pickup shares tons of parts with Pilot, and the fact that some insiders have stated that the front clip is where the models will differ, I would suspect we're just seeing a Pilot front clip under that camouflage. And I agree, that clip looks weak.

I bought a 2006 Ridgeline, and I liked almost everything about it. I had a problem with the high tailgate which obstructed the rear visibility. After driving for seven years, I traded it for a 2013 model. This came with many of the features I was looking for in'06, that were dealer installed options, like the back-up camera. I love my truck. I'm retired, and I don't haul or tow a lot of heavy loads, but the bed is still big enough to haul a major appliance, or some furniture. The 203 has all of lights, bells, and whistles I wanted, satellite radio, navigation system, Bluetooth, and a great onboard trip computer and information system. It's a very comfortable vehicle for long trips, which I regularly drive between Wisconsin, and Florida. Now if they can just tweek the mileage, it would be perfect for me.

What truly killed the earlier Ridgeline were the egregious price, poor fuel economy, and the small bed. If Honda fixes those things, they will sell a good number of them.


I don't see Nissan doing a clean sheet Frontier. They really dont' care about pickups, in case you haven't noticed. I took them a zillion years to make a half ton for the US market and then they ran that to death for ten years before a new one came out. Not happening.

The Frontier did not sell well enough to convince Nissans stockholders to take a leadership role in that market, at least not in North America.

They will either close the Mississippi plant or build a new one in Latin America, but I just don't expect anything exciting beyond their new Titan. Their SUVs are boring and their interest in the American market has really sagged since 2009.

Most people who do not own Ridgelines haven't taken the time to investigate what they can and cannot do:

The first generation Ridgeline could tow 5000 lbs.
The first generation Ridgeline payload was 1,500 lbs. (1,100 in bed).
The first generation RL was indeed unibody, but look underneath and you'll see a ladder frame. It had the stiffest body measurements, and does not exhibit the creeks, squeals, and groans that 10 year-old "real truck" lovers experience.
The dual-function tailgate of the first generation was the strongest tailgate of any pickup, mid-size or larger.

The first generation's performance in snow and ice is stellar.

Yes, the 2nd generation appears rather soft, and it is sharing more parts with the Pilot. But its performance numbers are supposed to better or match Gen 1.

Owners know we will never get respect from the full-size crowd, and are ok with that. But to say it is a derivative of a minivan, that it doesn't have a frame underneath the body, that it can't pull a 5,000 lb load is not truthful. Get your facts straight before you run your mouth.

You really come out with some quite naive comments, ie"

" They really dont' care about pickups, in case you haven't noticed."

1. Why have Nissan NA employed the services of Diaz?

2. Explain this link, this pickup is more advanced than any midsize pickup on the US market.


It has been touted the US will receive a revamped version of the narrow body Navara as it's next Frontier. I would love to see the Cummins 2.8 ISF fitted to the US Navara/Frontier.

It seems Nissan is hitting the "inbetween" market for pickups. The new XD displays Nissans commitment toward the US pickup market.

Here's a cut and paste showing that the Navara is coming in two different widths and the link.

"Nissan says the new Navara was designed with two markets in mind: there will be a "narrow body" for developing countries and a "wide body" for mainstream markets such as Australia."


I agree that Ridgeline was much more popular then is given
credit. When Honda announced there would not be a 2015 Ridgeline, it made potential buyers very hesitant, with wondering if they would ever build another Ridgeline. I did
buy a 2014 and glad of it. I think its time for Honda to quit
doing the hide and seek thing and get the 2016 or 2017 Ridgeline onto the dealer lots.

So is there going to be a regular cab?

There will be potential buyers for this truck no doubt, I just hope that Honda has more beefier Suspension and Powertrain packages that could give it the truck-like feel one would expect later down the road, they have enough Minivan and Crossovers to the extent that a Pick Up from this Automaker should have it's own skeletal frame to built off of. At the end, I'll remain positive and see how well they do with consumers based Horsepower, Payload and Towing capabilities.

It does look much better the current Ridgeline.

From the looks and hints of this, I like the older design much better, and would be more willing to buy a 2011-2014 Ridgeline over what this appears to be.

It's hilarious to see the macho-boys get all bent out of shape by a "feminine front end" and similar features. Let this vehicle prove itself on its merits. I'd be happy as a clam to see fewer suburban round-boys driving giant rigs every day that they never use, just so they can look tough. Maybe their wives can talk some sense into them. And Honda makes some great vehicles that last down the years with only routine service.

The irony is that I had until recently planned on a smaller truck. Now I need to transport about 5K worth of tractor 60 miles on an occasional basis between two farms. So my '03 Chevy full-size, which only gets driven every 10 days or so, will stay in service. As needed, I may replace it with a dump truck and tow with that, plus buy a small pickup for those runs to the co-op or landfill.

As for the commute? Until I retire, I use a car. A car. Not a truck. Trucks are for work.

Where's the twin exhaust ?

I bought my 2012 Ridgeline Sport brand new. I have liked the vehicles since they debuted in 2005. Trucks to me are kind of like shoes... You wear/ drive the ones that meet your needs. My Ridgeline Sport not only looks Fantastic in Crystal Black Pearl with black honeycomb grille and painted black/silver wheels; it has exceeded my needs of hauling Furniture, Mulch, mowers, dirtbikes and mountain bikes, kayaks, construction materials etc... It meets MY needs. If you buy a vehicle that is FUNCTIONAL for your own lifestyle, there is no need to judge or compare. I am waiting patiently for the gen 2 Ridgeline but if the early spy photos are accurate I don't think I'll be too impressed. And I definitely won't "trade up." But time will tell.

I own a 2009 Ridgeline now and love it.
The tailgate and the trunk were the two main
Selling points. The Tacoma seems flimsy and
Cheap in comparison. If the new Ridgeline looks
like the pictures and has the Honda Sensing...I will
be first in line to buy it. I can't wait.

One word. Y.u.c.k......
Guess I'll be stuck with the OLD RIDGELINE.

Apolanco - Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare.


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