We Drive the Lead Vehicle for 'Halo 5'

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In Southern California, where residents are jaded by frequent sightings of unique and ridiculously expensive sports cars, it's difficult to turn heads when driving something unusual and purpose-built. Unless you're driving one of these — a new Ford F-150 decked out as a United Nations Space Command recon vehicle for the newest version of the multibillion dollar "Halo" game series, first shown at the E3 show (Electronics Entertainment Expo) earlier this year.

This 2015 Ford F-150 Sandcat special forces support vehicle is equipped with all the recovery gear and extra fuel you might need when going after the bad guys in "Halo 5: Guardians" (most of whom are stamped right on the side of the truck). The truck is well-modified with an upgraded heavy-duty suspension to accommodate the extra weight (this version weighed in at 6,740 pounds) and to deal with high-speed rugged terrain no matter what the planet's surface.

Even with the extra weight, the stock 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine and newly flashed six-speed transmission was a blast to run on Sunset Boulevard, weaving our way in and out of gawking traffic from Hollywood into Beverly Hills. Everywhere we went, we got the thumbs-up and military-style yells for the Master Chief. A programmer who worked on an earlier version of "Halo" even put a note put on our windshield during a stop.

The pickup has super-aggressive, single-purpose 33-inch Nitto Mud Grabber Extreme Terrain tires (they are loud), Fox Racing dual-reservoir shocks, custom skidplating and winch bumpers, and a bulletproof Currie 9-inch rear axle. Inside, the interior is olive drab with special wrap material on the dash and console, while the seats are covered in durable cloth. Of course, the rear seats are equipped with the latest Xbox gaming system and a surround-sound speaker setup.

Look for this special custom machine to show up at auto shows and gaming expos around the country.

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Everybody tries, but the aftermarket just can't top the Raptor...

is that for sale to the public??

@Toycrusher... Raptor? You mean the one that breaks in half if you launch it without reinforcing the frame? That Raptor?

This truck is based on an upgrade kit manufactured by Addictive Desert Designs that is made to take punishment including a heavy duty full-floating rear axle.


Personally, I would rather buy an F150 with the cab/bed/engine combination I want and then upgrade it with the ADD kit rather than be forced to accept the cab/bed/engine combination Ford offers in the Raptor.

I would much rather have the 5.0 Coyote engine than the twin-turbo V6.

I would take the Colorado ZR2

Ugly junk!

This will be my next truck.

This will be my next truck.

now thats nice!

No spare? 1970's style radio antenna?

I should amend my first post....
The Raptors don't break their frame, but can bend the frame due to a design 'weakness' in EXTREME situations.

Probably 85% of Raptor owners (or more) will never encounter a situation to bend the frame. SDHQ sells a reinforcement kit that bolts into the frame to help prevent the bending.

With that said...
The Raptor is MUCH better than probably 70% of the aftermarket junk that is sold to people to lift their trucks, but if you want to spend the time/money you can build a truck that is stronger and more capable.... The key is spending the time/money, which some people don't want to do, hence the factory built Raptor.

Personally, I would love to buy a 2015/6 F150 4x4 with standard cab, short bed, and V8 engine AND then buy this kit from ADD to modify it. Sure I would void the warranty, but that would be a sweet truck. And while I'm dropping the $$$, get a supercharger for the V8 and have the transmission built up to withstand the extra hp/torque.

About time they had a article on here about a real truck and not all the other kiddy trucks that's been on here for days now. Can't beat the F150 in any configuration.

I'm always amazed that people never let facts interfere with their opinions.

The infamous incident where a bunch of Raptor's bent their frames occurred when a group of Raptor's struck a square edged raised ridge at high speeds. Every truck that bent a frame was running "softer" rate Deaver springs and "tuners" that removed the speed limiter.

What does that mean?
Softer springs allow more rapid wheel travel but with stock shock bodies that translated to extra work that they have not been tuned to work with.
That would overheat the shocks and reduce their damping.
Removal of speed limiter and modified engine characteristics - again, the shocks weren't tuned for running about governed speeds coupled with non-stock engine characteristics would also contribute to overheating.

All of those trucks that bent frames was due to severely bottoming out the suspension.

Interestingly enough there were STOCK Raptors on that same run that hit the same obstacle and DID NOT bend their frames.

Lou hit the nail on the head. The Raptor is designed for higher speed off road fun but not taking jumps large enough to grossly bottom out. I'm more shocked that the axles didn't break also. If you want to clear some serious air buy bigfoot.

Also 1 thing Lou on your post... It was a bunch. It was just a couple raptors. Like 3 or 4 that bent frames and were as you stated modified trucks. If you google bent frame raptor you come up with the same 3-4 raptors with pics. That's it. The same 3 or 4 trucks is all you will find.

Soweeeet !!!!!

I think the front bar and wanna be sports bar are to light in construction and appearance and take from the tough look of the Raptor.

As for the bent Raptor frames. Only a few were damaged, but it still highlights the fact that Raptors are no the best high speed off roaders.

The have a low payload.

The basic construction of the Raptor would make an ideal expeditionary 4x4 if Ford can give some load and a diesel for endurance.

The Raptor is essentially a rich mans "quad". If you want to have a more versatile 4x4 buy a Renegade. They are far cheaper to buy and operate.

The Renegade still has some of that "wow" factor when driving through shopping malls.

The Raptor is essentially a rich mans "quad". If you want to have a more versatile 4x4 buy a Renegade. They are far cheaper to buy and operate.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Nov 18, 2015 1:16:39 PM

I agree with Big Al. Don't buy a Raptor. Buy a Renagayd.


Big Al from Oz - in your infinite unfathomable expert opinion who makes the best STOCK "high speed off roader" that is street legal?

Big Al from Oz - in your infinite unfathomable expert opinion who makes the best STOCK "high speed off roader" that is street legal?

Posted by: Lou_BC | Nov 18, 2015 2:05:53 PM


Big Al from Oz - in your infinite unfathomable expert opinion who makes the best STOCK "high speed off roader" that is street legal?

Posted by: Lou_BC | Nov 18, 2015 2:05:53 PM


What are your to do with that thing. The 2 girls, have a really good idea on that. The baby ute, maybe a few gallons of milk......

Fat Albert is right, it is a renaGAYed.

While it's certainly possible to build bigger badder trucks than a stock Raptor, the one thing that can't be duplicated is the programming in the Raptor. It gives it the ability to do many things well. As was seen in the Ram Runner comparison, it's not the best in every situation but it does do virtually everything well.

These raptors make for great high speed off roaders.

Afterall, they completed the infamous DAKKAR rally and the BAJA 1000 almost completely stock Raptors.

The same can't be said for the midsize global trucks that do not even have one stoc part or the BT-50 that cannot even go off road with loads with having a catastrophic failure.

"After the last catastrophic failure on my BT-50, I have come to the conclusion that the vehicle is not suitable for consistently carrying loads on rough roads or travelling to remote locations. The loads carried on the BT50 have been below the GVM, yet the failures have still occurred."


"The utes are the worst (Hilux,Triton,Navara,Ranger-bt50)with their flimsy 2 mm thick rear chassis.How they have a three tonne towing cap. is beyond me.Had a ford ranger just the other day cracked near threw at the bump stops."


"Hi has anyone had there rear springs replaced under warranty on a BT 50. Not 3 years old and less than 35,000 Klm's. With only 240 kilos on tow ball, only I.4 on rear axe have only 30 ml travel between bump stop and chassis, when unhook van and empty the back, springs still bent the wrong way."

"I had an OME suspension upgrade on my BT50 cab/ chas when after only 1,500klm I noticed rear sagging (on the car). Did it at my own expense as I was not prepared for a protracted argument with Mazda and realised it was needed for my use with towing and safety. "


And to think, Big Al and Robert talk to highly of these little trucks and how they have more payload.

Popular Mechanics has he Rengade at the top. Hmm..... the Raptor is around 8th.

Interesting compilation. A TRD FourRunner/Surf thing is rated better than a Raptor!


Hmmmm........Toyota's FJ40 is in this article regarded as the best ever all round 4x4........WTF Lou????


It seems our friend at Jalopnik didn't even rate the Raptor in their top 10!!!!! Lou.


Overall from my quick research it appear the Japanese, lead by Toyota appear to be blitzing the 4x4 market with the "best" off road vehicles.

The Europeans are coming in a distant second.

So, yeah those who buy a Raptor are maybe pi$$ing their money away when a Rengade or Landcruiser is the better choice.

You Ford boi's are such fun to debate with.

Toycrusher is right. Raptor is the apex.

Why wouldn't they at least start with a Raptor? Its not like money is an issue with marketing Halo.

At least its a bit more than stickers, tires, shocks and wheels. But honestly its just some SEMAish mostly show and a little go fluff.

Wow, you Australians will believe any journalists opinion without any form of real testing. No wonder you guys are stuck with those small trucks that break with only 1,500klm on them.

Show me one of those trucks they mention finish the DAKAR rally and the BAJA 1000 in almost completely stock form........ go ahead I can wait...... Oh that's right they haven't. Hmm, if they were better off roaders then one would think they would be able to run such prestigious off road events without much modification and beat the Raptor. And you still think they are better?

Oh wait, that's right, you guys believe what is best just because some journalist, who probably has never even driven these trucks and is just regurgitating something that someone else has said, says so. Wow, you guys are more gullible than I thought.

You gullible Australian dills can't even debate because your argument is baseless and is only backed up by some journalists opinion without verification or testing by said journalist. In a way, I feel no pity for you guys because you bring upon yourselves.

Why do companies in au import US vehicles and convert them to RH drive, at substantial cost? I see no US company importing global vehicles and converting them.

"Why wouldn't they at least start with a Raptor? Its not like money is an issue with marketing Halo."

They probably would have but the Raptors are not out. Raptor will be available Fall 2016. Wait for next year's SEMA.

BARFo - to quote you EXACTLY "only a few were damaged, but it still highlights the fact that Raptors are no the best high speed off roaders."

HIGH SPEED off-roader - please note HIGH SPEED

You said Raptor wasn't the best high speed off-roader.

IF that is the case who makes the best one????????

Next LAME BARFo comment:

"The have a low payload."

Unless it is a diesel Ram 1500 or diesel lard azz Titan XD payload doesn't matter according to you.


Which is it?

Oh, I forgot, you have a giant hardon for Ford. (Actually that is just a metaphor, I'm sure your girlfriend's/boyfriend's say, " hey Big Al, that looks like a peniz but only smaller.)

Your probably right Lou

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