2016 Chevrolet Colorado Duramax Diesel Road Test Review

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With the addition of the powerful, efficient, and wonderfully integrated Duramax diesel powertrain, Cars.com reviewer Aaron Bragman says the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado becomes, quite possibly, one of the world's finest pickup trucks. Find out more in his review.

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Toyota Hilux was No 1 in 45 Countries
" its Top 25 countries by clicking on the title *

Today we shine the light on the Toyota Hilux, holding the title for most #1 rankings in the world in 2014 at an estimated 45 countries. Among official data, we have detailed the Top 25 countries where the star pickup truck racked up the highest volume. Note this table only shows official data, some countries may be missing if they haven’t made official data available for the Toyota Hilux. Unsurprisingly, production base Thailand comes in first place despite sales down a harsh 30% to just under 145.000 units. Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Australia, South Africa and Argentina follow. The Hilux is building a lot of its success on enormous popularity in the Middle-Eastern: in addition to Saudi Arabia (68.278 sales), Oman (23.538), the United Arab Emirates (20.098) and Kuwait (11.555) are among its top countries. In Europe, the UK leads the way with 8.318 sales above Russia and France."

Robert Ryan,
The end of last week I dropped a guy off at the Ford dealership to have is guess what repaired?

The gearbag. I wonder why Ford doesn't come up with a fix for the MT82?

I do believe the MT82 is facing similar problems that Toyota had with it's 80 Series Landcruisers.

Ford is using a gearbox that is too weak, from a 5 litre Mustang on a diesel that is eventually screwing the guts out of them.

The V8 isn't putting out the same levels of torque down low. My BT50 will pull up any grade above the speed limit in 6th. I would think a person driving a Mustang would have to drop back to 5th.

Toyota knows how to build a mini truck. My first truck was a 1986 Nissan Hard body with a Z 24 4 cylinder and 5 speed manual. Put Rancho Rs 5,0000's on it with Mikey Thompson Baja belted tires. Took my Honda CR 125 out in the field.

Uncle had a 1983 Toyota with off road tire. Nice body style.

@Big Al

,Except with you it the aluminium F-150 2.7 EcoThirsts! 15.6mpg. Wow. Even an XD Titan is returning better FE and it weighs a few thousand pounds more"

FALSE AGAIN! I already told you this once yet you are still saying it. The Titan XD does not have a fuel rating because the 8,500 lb plus GVWR trucks are not required to have one (yet). Also, I do not kow where you are getting your figures, but average mpg for real owners is higher than that 15.6 mpg you are pulling out of your anus.

Actually we are kind of used to you pulling false data out of thin air to forward your agenda so it is no big surprise by now. And you think of yourself as an intelligent person. lol.....

Cummins, Fat Girl From Oz posted a link awhile back with customer reviews of the 2.7 FE in real world. While the majority of post seen in that link was over 20mpg, there was one that was 15.6. So the Fat Girl has been running away with that figure only. While every test I have seen on the XG was 15mpg with higher priced diesel and DEF. Towing was 9 MPG. Hardly impressive over gas at this point.

Sorry, the XD not XG, autocorrect .

So GM is using FIAT engines now. Strange, I figured GM was a better company then that.

@Big Al

So going by your logic of cherry picking data and using the worst case scenerio as the norm, then the Ecodiesel only gets 19 mpg snice Ward's Auto said......

"The EcoDiesel also is a strong performer when it comes to fuel efficiency, posting between 19 and 23 mpg in our mixed driving"


@HemiV8 - congratulations on your purchase. Must be a relief finally getting your court case settled. Did you get an AEV PowerWagon or a AEV HD modified "like" a PowerWagon? I thought they had both including diesel options?

@BARFoooo - where have I EVER praised the 2.7EB?

Your metaphor of Goldilocks and the Three bears shows once again that you live in a fantasy world.

When I look at trucks for myself I break it down this way:

1. What do I want to use the truck for? That includes packing family, trip length, road type, cargo and towing.
In other words I establish a baseline set of purchase parameters.
2. Make a list of trucks that come as close as possible to #1.
3. Durability/reliability reports
4. Ergonomics and ride on rough roads.
5. Pricing

I tend not to buy first year out the gate stuff due to typical teething problems. They all have them. That would make me squeamish about any of the new trucks - GM 1500, Ford F150, GM C/C twins, Tacoma (Toyota does tend to not get hit by 1st year gremlins as bad as the others), Titan.
Ram 1500 ratings have improved but even if they had the best ratings they don't have capacity ratings that would keep me happy.
The Tundra under that new bodywork is the same old truck and has great durability ratings but doesn't come in a 6.5 box crew. My wife decided she like a Tacoma. if that were to happen now I'd try to find a good deal on a 2015.

When one purchases a vehicle they should try very hard to "get it just right". A 50K investment deserves careful consideration.

FWIW, Edmunds is averaging 17 mpg on their 2.7 Ego Boost truck.
They didn't really think the mileage is all that.

They managed one tank to get 23.1 mpg, @65 mph, with a tail wind (their words) on a long drive in California.

They also towed about 6000 pounds with three Ram 1500 Eco Diesel, and the 2.7 Ford. They averaged 18.4 mpg with the RAM 3.0, and 13.5 with the 2.7. With these great fuel mileage numbers, I have to think they're going at the California towing speed limit of 55?

Even with the higher cost of fuel, the RAM cost for towing per mile came out cheaper than the Ford. 15.6 Ram per mile, and 19.7 for the Ford.

They like various things about each truck, maybe you should just read it.

For the naysayers out there that say the Eco diesel is not fast enough, I would like to see them compare these newer trucks to some of the engines that we had in the late 90s, say for instance the Chevy 350 Vortec, the Dodge 360 Magnum with sequential fuel injection 1997 or so, and he Ford 5.4. Cuz I don't remember everybody and their brother complaining about how slow those trucks were, but it won't surprise me if the Eco diesel ran the same number that they did in the same configurations.

@LOU BC, Thank you. It's an AEV 2015 Prospector Power Wagon 392 Hemi. Black crystal diesel grey AEV leather. Cargo camera, back up camera, Parking assist. 37's BFG Mud Terrain.

This isn't the 90's. The bar has raised since then. I think it is funny that some of these Hemi guys want to defend the fuel economy over power when it comes to the Ecodiesel yet they are the very same ones that will buy a Hemi over the more fuel efficient V6 even thought the V6 will fit their needs. It's funny that they don't practice what they try to preach.

It is very simple, you either want power or fuel economy when it comes to the 2.7L Ecoboost and Ecodiesel. The Ecodiesel will get better fuel economy, but had considerably less power and performance unloaded and loaded. It is the same as choosing the more powerful Hemi over the Pentastar even though you know it will cost you more up front and more in fuel. The idea of paying more for performance is not a new concept. It has been that way for decades.

TRX-4 Tom,
You will not beat a diesel for work.

Unfortunately our Frod friends appear to be mesmerised by the EcoThirst engines and tend to brush over the engines biggest shortcomings. That is their terrible fuel economy.

Even this diesel Colorado has shown that a diesel is far, far better than a gasoline engine for FE and work, whilst maintaining a relatively good level of performance.

Well, Ford need to fix up the EcoThirst FE issues.

@Big Al

The only way for Ford to "fix" what you call "fuel economy issues" is to cut it's performance back which would lower it's loaded and unloaded performance to the Ecodiesel's level. Judging by how many people buy the 2.7L Ecoboost over the Ecodiesel I will say that the people who's opinion actually matters, the buyers, don't align with your opinion that only FE matters. You value your opinion too much, and I am glad that Ford does not listen to people like you because then we would all be driving gutless underpowered diesels like you guys. In the end, your opinion means less than the lint in my pocket.

Robert Ryan - thank you for assisting my point; I never disputed the Hilux's dominating sales in most countries outside of the US (besides being the preferred terrorist/IS truck) - my point is & was;

This does not mean it's the best truck product out there!! My ex-wife has the new Hilux, I've tested it before she bought it (well she liked the looks & must admit it is a sharp looking truck). A buddy has the new Navara that I've tested too, my daughter's boyfriend has the new Mit L200 & tons of friends with other brands featured in this comparison test. We've all got to see, scrutinize each others trucks on weekend outings (usually in the valleys with jungle like off-road). We all came up with our own personal conclusions with each others ride & agreed; the new Hilux was a disappoint/overrated compared to the others that have raised the bar (just like the Taco version in the US).

I beiieve this is the reason why Toy makers will continue to put minimal investment into their trucks while the others are surpassing them; they don't need too as long as their worldwide sales are dominating & suckers out there that continue to buy their products based on old myths & reputation. This is why I applaud Ford - even with their dominating F150 US sales for over 30 yrs - they are not resting & continue too take chances/invest in new ideas where the others won't & we all know - will eventually copy/follow.

@BARF0 - a fellow at TTAC had a Nissan Frontier and he got rid of it and bought a F150 with the 2.7. He said that the same trip done with the Nissan he got 16 mpg (correct me if that number is incorrect) and the same trip in the F150 crew 4x4 netted 26 mpg.

Funny how you play that game, 1st you say MOST pickups DO NOT tow or haul BUT will play the LOADED MPG card when it fits your agenda.

Diesels have a place and I'm all for them but that is based upon cost and desire. I've looked at diesels every time I have looked at full sized trucks and amortization is out at 160,000 - 200,000 km depending on mpg and associated costs.
The F250 I had went 225,000 km over 15 years. A diesel would of been a liability. It used it to take me to work in the winter and haul toys the rest of the year. My current F150 had 96,000 km at 5 years. Again, no justification for a diesel.

I've said this before, I was eager to see the Ram Ecodiesel but the cargo numbers killed it for me. I'd love a high mpg back country truck with decent capacity.
The Titan XD is another disappointment. A big heavy truck with mid pack 1/2 ton capacity.
The Colorado/Canyon is the only diesel that has decent capacity for its size but interior room is an issue for my growing boys. Also there is the fact that I have dogs. I'm not going to put an expensive labrador retriever in the box with -35C weather.

People will buy the Titan XD but not savvy truck buyers. The Ecodiesel Ram is a light duty civilian truck and all that I've seen aren't doing anything heavy duty. I have yet to see a GM C/C twin with a baby Duramax BUT when that comes out that means one will be spending 50-55k (in Canada) for a small truck. Most of the one's I've seen are 45-50k before the 5k diesel option. 55k pushes you into Duramax HD country.

Oh and once again, please point out any comments I have made espousing the mpg virtues of any of the EB Ford engines?

Cummins has a valid point, put a 10k trailer behind ANY gasser engine with similar HP and torque and see what the mpg is?
The EB3.5 V6 is meant to compete against the 5.7 Hemi, the 5.7 IForce, and the 6.2 Ecotec. How does the mpg compare between those engines?

The 2.7 EB fits where in the engine lineup? It overlaps the 5.0 Coyote. So that means it lines up against the 5.0 Coyote, and Chevy 5.3 ecotec. You can't compare it to the Chevy 4.3 or Pentastar normally aspirated engines due to power output.

Diesel comparisons? Not exactly apples to apples but if you want to play that card then one needs to look at maintenance and purchase costs and other factors governing return on investment.

The only ROI advantage to a diesel pickup is in high mileage and high load environments.

BUT since you say most of us do not buy trucks for load and tow your own talking points means there is NO advantage to buying a diesel.

You make it way too easy.

@LouBC -- won't argue with your points except except to add one.

The third key reason for a diesel drivetrain (hd truck) is resale value.

For those who buy trucks for working hard, the diesel will be a deciding factor in a lot of buyer's minds.

As fuel prices continue to decline the cost-benefit advantage keeps shifting toward gasoline over diesel, however.

Bought my first truck in 1996. It was a s10 $6,995 brand new no A/C , radio or rear bumper. Loved that 5 speed 4 banger.

This phone and its auto correct, lol I didn'the say anything about ingrediants, I said people boo-hoo-ing about Ecodiesel mileage.

vs speed

papa jim - correct. resale is better even when one factors in original cost but that also needs to be factored into return on investment.
The company my brother works for sees residual cost on their trucks as zero or even negative since they tend to be badly worn out at the end of their duty cycle. They don't see any advantage to diesel even when gasoline is at 1.48 a litre. Why spend the extra 10k on a truck that will be dead in 3 years? My dad used to see it the same way. He loved his diesel Mack trucks but wouldn't touch a diesel pickup.

There are plenty of logical "business cases" for diesel pickups but most are emotional ones. Since at least 1/2 of truck sales are personal use I'd have to say that the emotional aspect is the dominant purchase metric.

I think you'll find a greater take up of diesel light pickups for commercial applications.

I really don't think the 5 or 600 timber getter in the wilds of BC Canada are representative of the greater commercial sector.

There are far more urban pickups used for commercial applications than redneck chainsaw operators using pickups in the wilds of Canada.

Why is it then the larger vans are selling more and more diesels? These vans are also used in areas where the smaller midsizers would be used by business.

Why would you want a 15.6mpg F-150 for a business when you can go out and buy a 26mpg vehicle that will do the same job?

The midsizer is better suited as well in an urban environment when it comes to parking and access.

Seems to me to be a no brainer in buying a diesel, even with the added cost of the diesel. It doesn't take long to make up that 10mpg cost wise.

"Why would you want a 15.6mpg F-150 for a business when you can go out and buy a 26mpg vehicle that will do the same job?"

There you go again cherry picking info. You are quoting city driving of the 2.7L to highway driving of the Ecodiesel. If you actually think the Ecodiesel is better, then why do you have to cherry pick data to make your favorite look good? You shouldn't have to cherry pick data if it was actually as good as you claim, and the fact that you have to says a lot.

The Isuzu Dmax rebadge is going to sell well for GM

It's interesting how both the EcoDiesel and the 2.8 Duramax are made by VM Motori. I was impressed by the bi-turbo 2.0 diesel found in the VW Amarok but its clear now how they cut some corners to get very high torque and power figures. 180 hp and 370 lb-ft aren't bad specifications, but aren't stellar either. Maybe it was detuned 10% for durability.

Mid-size trucks have became quite big. Something like an extended cab VW Saveiro would make much more sense as a second or third utility car. FCA offers a similar Fiat Strada in some markets but the design became hideous over time.

Toyota and GM are proving there is a market for less the full size pickups. Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover are soon to join the party too, maybe even VW if they survive the diesel-gate fines in reasonable good shape.

It looks nice but I wonder if it can tow 8k? That is what I need to move our small tractors. I'm tired of overly large trucks when a smaller one + trailer can handle my hauling needs.

The Colorado needs a CD Player!!!

Sign this petition to get GM to add a CD Player to the Colorado: https://www.change.org/p/general-motors-petition-gm-for-a-cd-player-in-the-chevrolet-colorado?recruiter=491385622&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink

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