2016 Hurst Heritage GSS 1500 Takes Ram 'Back to the Future'

Hurst Front 1 II

By Richard Truesdell

It's been nearly 50 years since the legendary Grand Spaulding Dodge set up shop at the intersection of Grand and Spaulding in Chicago in 1963. For the next 15 years it was the epicenter of the Mopar performance universe, operating under the guiding light of Norm Kraus, aka "Mr. Norm," who knew if fast was good, faster was better.

Mr. Norm pioneered the concept of dealer-installed performance parts and was dedicated to giving customers the opportunity to customize their new Dodge automobiles before driving them off the lot.

At the same time in Warminster, Pa., George Hurst was developing a line of premier high-performance shifters while establishing close working relationships with Detroit automakers. Hurst shifters would soon find themselves as factory-installed options in several performance-oriented cars, including the landmark Pontiac Grand Prix GTO.

Not surprisingly, Mr. Norm and Hurst eventually crossed paths in a big way. In an attempt to better compete with the powerful Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Camaros of the late 1960s, Mr. Norm pushed Dodge to offer a 383-cubic-inch-displacement version of the Dart in the form of the Plymouth Barracuda Formula S. A production run of 500 units followed.

While a 383 Dart was good, Mr. Norm knew that a 440 Dart would be better. And after Chrysler told him that the 440 engine wouldn't fit, Mr. Norm quickly built a prototype that proved Chrysler wrong. The next 50 cars were serialized with an M in the vehicle identification number and became known as the M-Code Darts. The first vehicle collaboration between Mr. Norm and Hurst was the 1968 Dodge Dart M-Code. All were built by Hurst-Campbell exclusively for Mr. Norm, who quickly sold all of them.

Well, the M-Code Dart has been reincarnated by Mr. Norm, and this time pickup truck enthusiasts can get a taste of the action. Introduced at the 2015 Specialty Equipment Market Association Show in Las Vegas, the limited-production Hurst Heritage GSS Ram 1500 and Hurst Heritage GSS Challenger can be had by go-fast fans.

Hurst Decals II

The Hurst Heritage edition starts with a 2016 Ram 1500 in any trim level in regular or crew cab with two- or four-wheel drive. The model pictured is a regular-cab, two-wheel-drive Express. It's equipped with the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 and matched to an eight-speed automatic transmission. It will be offered only in white.

Each Hurst Heritage GSS Ram gets upgraded in three areas: exterior, chassis and the interior. The exterior features Hurst custom-painted stripes and the Ram R/T-style hood anchored with custom pins and lanyards. The rest of the exterior upgrades include Bushwacker fender flares, Mr. Norm's aero roof spoiler and a special fuel door applique. Around back you'll find a 1960s-style "Hurst Equipped" badge and a Hurst logo license plate. Out back is a BedRug upholstered bedliner beneath the SnugTop SnugLid SL tonneau cover.

All Hurst Heritage GSS Ram chassis are equipped with standard 20-inch Stunner wheels with 22-inch PVD chrome wheels and Nitto 420S 305/45R22 performance tires as options. The truck's stance is enhanced by Ground Force lowering springs shock absorbers. Sister company Flowmaster supplies the cat-back dual-exhaust system with 5-inch exhaust tips peeking out from the back bumper. Under-the-hood modifications are limited to a K&N intake system, and the engine cover is painted Hurst gold to match the stripes.

Inside, black-and-white Katzkin custom leather upholstery with Hurst embroidered logos and carbon wings create a modern retro feel. Before the new trim is installed, each front seat is treated to Katzkin Degreez heating and cooling elements. Other upgrades include plush carpet mats, a serial number plaque, a unique shift knob and stainless-steel pedal pads.

The Hurst Heritage GSS is offered as a package, but it can be built to order depending on customers' needs and desires. The standard Hurst Heritage GSS Package starts at $15,995 over the price of the regular-cab Ram Tradesman/Express. Since not every owner will want the cooled and heated seats, the tonneau cover or the bedliner, these are available as options. The interior upgrades shown on the pictured truck are all included in the base package price; crew-cab versions will cost slightly more given the upgraded Katzkin rear-seat trim to match the front buckets. A complete list of the standard Hurst Heritage GSS Package can be found by clicking here.

This new sport truck follows in the footsteps of legendary Hurst performance cars and is now available from select Ram dealers nationwide. For more information on the Hurst Heritage GSS Ram 1500, call Mr. Norm's at 813-789-6179 or visit www.mrnorms.com.

Cars.com photos by Richard Truesdell


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This will be my next truck.

I just threw up in my mouth...

The strip down the grill is too narrow but otherwise is a sharp looking truck.
Too bad they didn't go with a HellCat engine.

Wow, horrid, couldn't they add the Rebel grille so I can finally throw up.

It looks nice, I even like the white.

But the baby sh!t mustard colour just doesn't look right.

What a disgrace to hurst cars of the past. For 15k upgrade the lest they could do is put a blower on it.

So they took a stock 5.7L Ram with an automatic transmission, added some vinyl, interior doodads and other bolt ons and it is considered special? LOL At least put the 6.4L in it.

I like the wheels.

Sweet looking truck!

@hemroidhurst or whoever you claim to be this time, grow up and stop dreaming. You'll never get any of these trucks or cars so don't waste your time dreaming. Nice truck though.

I wonder why they didn't go with black? Maybe black was just for the Hurst Mustangs?

What a joke. Ment to honor the cool cars of the past and it has a fancy dial for a shifter? Lmao! What an embarrassment for Hurst!

Lou_BC: I have to tell you this, and that is they never made Hurst Mustangs, white or black. The black Mustang you are talking about was a Shelby Mustang painted black for the Hertz rental company to rent them out to folks. Back in the day. I know someone who has one, very rare.

Yeah - even my old stock & faithful 2004 Lightning looks sharper & also blow it away on the track or in the streets..heh heh

Am I missing something, shouldn't a "Hurst Special" have a Hurst shifter???

Why not put "Goodyear" on a truck with BFGoodrich tires?

May as well put a Blue Oval on a Chevy...

@Sandman4x4 - right you are. My bad. I got Hurst and Hertz mixed up.

On other pickup news, Nissan is releasing a new 5.6 litre engine for the Titan and Titan XD.

"Nissan announced Tuesday that its new Titan and Titan XD pickups will be powered by an all-new 5.6-liter V-8 that makes 390 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. The new V-8 replaces the aging mill that produced 317 hp and 385 pound-feet of torque.

According to Nissan, the new V-8 — dubbed Endurance — will be built at the automaker’s Decherd, Tennessee powertrain assembly that produces all powertrains for vehicles assembled in the U.S.

(Apparently, Nissan’s announcement broke the automaker’s press site. The site went down shortly after the announcement.)

Although the new 5.6-liter V-8 shares a similar displacement to the engine that it replaces in the Titan, there are key differences, according to the automaker. The new V-8 will use direct injection, unlike the last generation, and it will feature a higher compression ratio (11.2:1 vs. 9.8:1). Variable Valve Event & Lift, similar to the outgoing engine, will continue in the new V-8.

The new engine shares many similarities with the Infiniti QX80’s 5.6-liter V-8, which is built in Yokohama, Japan. Both engines are mated to 7-speed automatics with adaptive shift and downshift rev matching. The QX80’s engine is slightly more potent; it produces 400 hp and 413 pound-feet of torque.

(The 5-liter Cummins diesel engine found in the Titan XD uses a six-speed auto, interestingly.)

A Nissan spokesman didn’t immediately comment on the differences between the two engines.

It’s unclear if the new Endurance V-8 will replace the Yokohoma, Japan-built 5.6-liter V-8 in the Infiniti QX80, which is assembled in Canton, Mississippi. According to the Decherd powertrain plant’s website, it produces all powertrains for U.S.-built Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, including the Nissan Leaf."

PUTC is supposed to be a truck site. TTAC beat them to it.

See 2 of the Ford kids showed up. They must be jealous there is no Hurst Heritage GSS Ford. Truck looks nice other then the rims.

Yeah - even my old stock & faithful 2004 Lightning looks sharper & also blow it away on the track or in the streets..heh heh

Posted by: Lionel | Dec 15, 2015 4:11:18 PM

I had a 2003 sonic blue up till a few years ago. Even with less HP but more torque with a 4 speed Trans and 3:73 gear it puts a huge smack down on the more HP 8 speed Trans with 3:92 5.7 Fiat trucks. Didn't take more than $500.00 to get a lightning in high 12s.

Although the new 5.6-liter V-8 shares a similar displacement to the engine that it replaces in the Titan, there are key differences, according to the automaker. The new V-8 will use direct injection, unlike the last generation, and it will feature a higher compression ratio (11.2:1 vs. 9.8:1). Variable Valve Event & Lift, similar to the outgoing engine, will continue in the new V-8.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Dec 15, 2015 4:36:53 PM

WOW that some high compression. I bet it will have a nice torque curve.

You have to love those JC Whitney caliper covers. For 15K you would think it would get you a good set of calipers to fit the rim area.

My first car was a 69 Dart GTS, 383, 4spd. I think I paid $400 dollars for it. It was a rust bucket but she moved pretty good. Had a lot of fun in that car.

Yeap we showed up there johnny blowhard. I even said it was a nice looking truck. It does need a Hurst shifter though because I don't remember Hurst making rotary dials. Whats the latest with chebby?? Anything new there??

Ram should sell hundreds of these I bet.

Yeap we showed up there johnny blowhard. I even said it was a nice looking truck. It does need a Hurst shifter though because I don't remember Hurst making rotary dials. Whats the latest with chebby?? Anything new there??

Posted by: Truck Crazy | Dec 15, 2015 5:16:07 PM

Yes there is, chubby is coming out with a all yellow Siverado. This is nothing g new for Fiat though. They always come out with some appearance package for big money. Anyone remember the slow as balls SST or the all yellow one. Thinking it was the road runner???

I do have to admit the seats do look like. They did a great job on design for the seats.

Not bad. Those rims and stripes would look better in a different color imo. Not a basic black or red , but not the gold lookimg color either. I really like the seats though.

Those white seats would not work for Johnnie Dose or BARFo. They'd show up skid marks too easily. Gotta be potty trained 1st.

It defiantly would not work for Fat Girl From Oz because it is not a small truck with a small diesel.

If this was simply a new package that didn't try to blatantly milk the past, I wouldn't really care.

But this is an absolute joke and rip-off--maybe Chevy should take a RC pickup, slather it in $15K of gaudy useless crap and call it a "Yenko" edition.

Save your money and build your own street truck better for much less. I lowerer my 99 5.3L Silverado with a 2-4 drop from DJM, Baer aluma sport brakes, hellwig front and rear sway bars, 20" wheels and tires(have to run 20" to fit brakes), gibson super truck ss exhaust, trick flow electric cut out, gibson ss headers, K&N intake, BBK 80mm throttle body, MSD coil packs, 10mm wires, autometer guages, rear roll pan, line-x sprayed in bed liner(gray to match interior), stereo system, window tint, mesh grill, smoked head and tail lights, removed body molding, and more. Truck runs High 14's in1/4 mile ( with 15 year old hypertech tune) but can handle and brake like a dream. Dyno tune and cam coming soon. All for way less than $16 grand. Brakes cost $3 grand but everything else was not much $. But to each his own I guess.

^^^^^throw a twin turbo setup on that 5.3. Don't need a lot of boost to see some nice HP increase.

Nice to see a performance truck especially one without 4 doors. Nice truck. I remember Hurst shifters when I was growing up. GTOs and 442s. Many hot cars that were fitted with Hurst shifters.

That color scheme only works on a real Hurst Olds !!!

LMAO - nice & yeah, hope Ford has not given up on a 4th gen version; 3rd gen Lightning's were solid & appearance/body sculpture still turn heads today (mine is shiny black!). It can still outrun most cars & trucks today including this wanna-be appearance package....

^^^ I really like the 04 body style concept alot. I can't remember if they used the 3v 5.4 or a 4V in the concept. It would be nice now, light weight aluminum body, potent powertrains with a 6 or more speed Trans would be killer. Most stuff does not excite me anymore out there. When mustang went independent in the rear I started liking it even more. I really like the GT350. Now if they go AWD it would be an animal for track use. Maybe the market is coming around now where SVT will starting producing again. I still have the SVT history book that Ford sent me buying the Lightning brand new. It is the only one I have seen to date and have no intensions selling it.

I think Mr Norm would be appalled at the weak performance upgrades on this. I live in chicago area and heard people talk about MR Norms cars, my dad and his buddies included. The article even stated he thought bigger was better so why not the 6.4 or hellcat motor. Weak

1978 lil red express. More than just paint, wheels, and interior enhancements

Roadram, just looked up the little red truck. 14.70s for a truck built in the 70s is pretty good. Probably surprised just about any stock car on the road.

In 1978 it was the fastest production vehicle made in this country. The corvette gave it a run. This new truck is merely a poser, unworthy of both hurst and Mr norm. Pathetic

LMAO, like the way you think but 1200hp bit much for me. Be fine with 350-400 rwhp.

LMAO - I believe Ford gave up on high powered street trucks with the curent F150 platforms getting bigger each gen - you can only cheat the natural laws of physics so far / probably why SVT took it Raptor/off-road direction instead.

However, I can foresee an Lightning version based on the current global Ranger platform which surprizingly are about the same size as my Lightning (which just goes to show how much these full size trucks have grown). Although my Ranger has 3.2 turbo oil burner - it's still quicker than any Asian mid-sizer here & handles corners amazingly well. I know Holden in OZ land came up with a super street truck version a few years ago but was too expensive. We need RAM to come out with a Hellcat version to get the war kicked off again.

Frank - Tremor was not a real effort - it was more of a test how the V6 Ecoboost will handle the lightest F150 platform at the time + SVT were not involved...

The biggest joke of all is that despite this being a Hurst edition you have to turn that stupid little dial to shift gears. A total slap in the face to the muscle car era.

Someone, Mr Norm I'm looking at you, needs to put a hellcat motor and the manual transmission in the 1500. Then norm and hurst can put their names on it. The factory seems reluctant to have a hellcat truck, opting instead to sell a hellcat jeep

Richard, the GTO was an option on the Le Mans, not the Grand Prix.

I do believe the Temor was more of an appearance package than a real performance vehicle.

The Tremor is speed limited to 98mph! What a joke for a performance vehicle. Even my BT50 does 114mph.

We have a supercharged Commodore ute in Australia with around 530hp of the showroom floor. It come with a supercharged 6.2. I"ve read it is good for 180mph. they are speed limited to 250kph.

WOW. Hurst really WHORED themselves out for this one. Putting their heritage into a truck with an automatic? Times must be tough for them. So much for what made them great. I guess they gotta get with the times though as the manual is history as Americans (as a whole) get fatter, dumber, and lazier. So now its a fancy knob as opposed to the ergronomic solid cold metal handle of power and control with short throws that melded the driver with the car and into the performance and driving experience and showed which driver and not just which machine was better.

Its less stupid than the "Rumble Bee" or the Daytona package Chrysler/Dodge/Mercedes/Cerebus/Ram/Fiat whoever/whatever they are at that moment offered in the past. Its more original than a Chevy package since its not black and includes more than wheels and stickers.

Shame on Hurst (no hurst heritage in this truck). Good luck Fiat.

My '84 Hurst Olds at least has a Hurst shifter in it!

No Hurst shifter? Dual gate or manual? Maybe they could had a Hurst gear selection dial to make it legit...haha

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