2016 Nissan Titan XD Goes on Sale Wednesday


By Brian Wong

Nissan has announced that the all-new 2016 Titan XD pickup truck will go on sale Wednesday nationwide, and it has provided pricing details as well.

At launch the Titan XD will be offered only as a crew cab in five trim levels: S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve. Customers can choose between 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains; each model is equipped with a Cummins 5.0-liter V-8 turbo-diesel and a six-speed automatic transmission. The PRO-4X trim is only offered with four-wheel drive, but each of the others can be had with either drivetrain.

Here's how the crew-cab pricing breaks down by trim level (all prices include a destination fee of $1,195):

  • TITAN XD S 4x2: $41,485
  • TITAN XD SV 4x2: $45,255
  • TITAN XD SL 4x2: $53,225
  • TITAN XD Platinum Reserve 4x2: $58,665
  • TITAN XD S 4x4: $44,485
  • TITAN XD SV 4x4: $48,205
  • TITAN XD PRO-4X 4x4: $52,165
  • TITAN XD SL 4x4: $56,225
  • TITAN XD Platinum Reserve 4x4: $61,715

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Boy does this make me want one! Ever since I first heard about Nissan and the 5.0 Cummins it has been giving me the itch. Well done, Nissan. Hope it is a success.

I still cannot believe that Fiat/Chrysler execs let this happen. RAM had Nissan all ready to merge their light duty half ton truck lineup back in 2009 or so and when the reorg happened that whole discussion went by the boards. Too bad.

Now the RAM diesel is some kind of 3.0 litre macaroni motor that probably can't get out of its own way, compared to this Cummins V8 and to think that RAM and Cummins were almost synonymous in the world of pickups!

Somebody should have been fired for this. Ooops, I forgot. They were.

Let’s compare with “middle of the road” 3/4 ton diesel trucks, crew cab 4x4 in cloth trim with decent equipment, not base model.

Nissan crew 4x4 SV is $48,205, Chevy Crew 4x4 LT is 51,665, Ford F250 Crew 4x4 XLT is 50,455. The Ford is only 2,250 more, or about 5% more. Comparing capability, the SV crew 4x4 tow is 11,888 and payload is 1,838 VS the F250 of 16,100 tow and 2,820 payload.

For saving 5% on price you lose about 30% of the capability. From initial reports the fuel economy of the 5.0 Cummings in the XD is nothing to get excited about, probably a wash against the 3/4 ton diesels.

I don’t see the value proposition.

The Dodge people already explained why they didn't use it. Poor fuel economy and poor capability. At least with the EcoDud you get decent economy. Educate yourself.

I don't see the point. Why not buy a 3/4 ton that is more capable and the same size for not much more money? Doubt the fuel economy will be much better

Let's say for arguments sake, you don't really require that extra capability? What do you do? Spend the extra for something that isn't warranted?

I do believe Nissan's pricing is quite strategic. Nissan has many more bean counters and number crunchers than we do at home.

Also, remember just because a number is bigger doesn't always translate into better.

Or bestest.

I agree with you and hope the Titan does do well.

The more I see this vehicle the more inclined I will test drive one when I'm over in the States.

I would like to know how hard it would be to convert a LH drive into a RH drive.

Is the cabin similar to a Nissan Patrol, can a LH drive Patrol dash be fitted here in Australia. How much of the front end is interchangeable with a Patrol.

Roberto you are spot on. That's why FCA turned down this engine that Cummins built. It's like Nissan gets the girl that the quarterback dumped, and brags how good she is.

One thing we aren't talking about in our comparisons of this truck vs. the F250/2500 GM products is reliability. Is Nissan going to go for a reliability play? We forget about reliability a lot when we talk trucks, and let's face it, american cars and trucks aren't as reliable as Japanese vehicles.

I like this truck, but for the life of me I don't understand (i) why the fuel tank is so small for a towing machine and (ii) why it is only 5% less than a comparably equipped 250/2500, which is not a big margin and would cause me to consider just going to the 3/4 ton.

Cant wait to drive it and see what I think of it.

I still cannot wait to see some actual reports on this. So far it seems more doom and gloom with FE and function but I still like the looks of the truck inside and out. Makes me wonder how the market will take it. Huge investment for Nissan for sure.

Has anyone found what the B life of this 5.0L is? I have been having a hard time finding this info.

Matt what are you talking about the domestics are 5% more in price and 30% better in capability. Where can you find me a 2500 gmc LT with duramax for 48k?? The duramax is 10k option. Where can you send me to get a domestic 4 door 2500 with diesel in a mid trim like LT or XLT for 48k. Only with discounts you get that price.

Remember for 41k the Nissan is four doors and diesel and decently equiped.

@Al. Bean counters at manufacturers don't buy trucks. These are the same people that gave the go ahead on the convertible murano (crosscabriolet).

The consumer will decide whether or not a heavy diesel truck that weighs as much as a 3/4 ton, gets similar mileage as a 3/4 ton, costs the same as a 3/4 ton, but only has the capability of a half ton is worth it. In my experience, people buying trucks for recreational hauling are always thinking about their next boat/camper trailer that they might upgrade to down the road. Most will opt to buy more capability than they currently need unless the price increase is prohibitive.

These will sell for the same reason the 40,000 dollar colorado's sell.

When are we going to see specifications and pricing for the gas versions of the Xd? I'm hoping payload is in the mid 2000 lb-ish range for the gas engine.

Does the Titan Xd have a full floating rear axle? What would it take to bump the payload up at least as few hundred pounds to make it more competitive?

Looks a little better in this pic. Still something about that front fender/hood combo and the way the grille is shaped . i guess its not all about looks, this 5.0 cummins should be a nice addition to the pickup field line up for buyer options.

After intial demand is filled will Nissan have the liberty to discount them to sell well. I don't see Nissan moving on the price of these like gm/ford/ram do on there 3/4 tons. At the same time you go drop coin on the Nissan xd you could have bought a comparable equipped big 3 with 10k off. Will be interesting after this Nissan has been on sale for a year.

Does the Titan Xd have a full floating rear axle? What would it take to bump the payload up at least as few hundred pounds to make it more competitive?

Posted by: Scott K | Dec 22, 2015 6:35:40 PM

no its not a full floater... So it would need a beefed up suspension and axles or the whole truck go on a diet to get the payload. She is maxed out. That is one reason why I think they opted for a small diesel tank cause a large one would take away some capacity.

I see several comments about the "5%" price difference. This is based on msrp, we all know the big 3 discount dramatically off of this price, the imports don't seem to get caught up in this. When all is said and done ill bet the 3/4 tons are cheaper model to model.

Sorry didn't read Scott's post til after i chimed in.

I agree with Big Bob from the U.S.

Good luck. Thats all I can offer. $55k+ your in a dangerous pool. Your swiming with the Ram 2500HD SLT and the F250. Both have much larger engines, more options. With the speculation of a F150 diesel! Theres trouble brewing on the horizon for Nissan.

Nissan has there dimensions out finally. It's wider and taller then a f250. This thing is huge. its going to be to big for the people looking for a tweener truck in the halfton size.

If you scroll to the last page it says it only comes in a 67" bed length. Not sure I would want to pull a goose neck trailer with a 5.5 foot bed. Longer bed equals more weight which equals less capacity. Are these thing even j2807 certified????

I see these permutations on the "XD" theme:

TITAN XD S 4x2: $41,485
TITAN XD SV 4x2: $45,255
TITAN XD SL 4x2: $53,225
TITAN XD Platinum Reserve 4x2: $58,665
TITAN XD S 4x4: $44,485
TITAN XD SV 4x4: $48,205
TITAN XD PRO-4X 4x4: $52,165
TITAN XD SL 4x4: $56,225
TITAN XD Platinum Reserve 4x4: $61,715

Which ones offer an optional 6-speed Manual Transmission?

What? You mean there are NINE (9) choices, and not one has an MT available? For shame, Nissan, and I'm even a truck customer of yours.

So, I too will have to agree with Roberto above: it's going to be a Ram 2500 Big Horn Diesel for me: at least they still have an MT! And its price comes out about the same as the Titan XD SL above, but with a LOT more capability.


If a vehicle weighs a certain amount the the length of the bed doesn't alter this?

So, why can't you tow a fifth wheel with this new Titan? Really, Nissan are even going to fit the hitch for you!

Hmmmm........................WTF, Scottie??

If you have ever towed a gooseneck then you would know a 5'5" bed doesn't work. Also the dash being an interchange with a Nissan Patrol, really?? RH Drive will require a full conversion and RH dash replicated, as well as air con etc etc.

This will be pretty successful for awhile, problem is awhile isn't enough. Nissan just doesn't have the deep pockets to fix the things that are holding this truck back. Weight being the main thing.

Cause a crew cab 6.5 bed and 8 foot bed ad length which takes metal. Weight is measured in pounds. Metal is weighed in pounds. You add metal you add pounds reducing gvwr.

5.5 beds are horrible for goose necks. Have you ever pulled goose necks or fifth wheels. 8 ft is the best. 6.5's are okay.

Al I will give you a hint it's a turning and backing thing.

Actually the longer the bed the less weight there is over the rear axle! Hmmmm ............... boy!

As for the goose necks, read up on what is available for fifth wheels. You are into pickup trucks?

Something tells me some of the xD critics are not considering the trade-offs. Moving from a half-ton to a 3/4 ton or 1 ton pickup adds a real dimension of useful payload capacity, but not every truck buyer needs it.

For someone who wants the efficiency of diesel with the sweeter ride and handling qualities of a half ton, Nissan has it. For years I worked on crews and the other guys would all leap for the half ton trucks each day (so long as the job did not require a lot of grunt). A HD beats you up compared to the half ton.

Their design and marketing personnel gave this a lot of consideration and we aren't gonna know if they were right for a year at least.

As for the Cummins 5.0 it sounds like the perfect marriage for any half ton truck that gets used for towing more than 2 tons. Hopefully Nissan has put the running gear through enough testing to assure sensible braking distances, etc.

It's not bad to center the 5th wheel hitch directly over the rear axle (up to a couple inches forward), you just can't put it behind it. Longer beds give you a longer wheelbase, which offer increased towing stability. It will also keep the 5th wheel trailer bulkhead further from the cab. The Titan shouldn't be pulling a big gooseneck. As I keep saying, you have to allow up to 25% of your trailer weight as part of your payload. If you are thinking of pulling one of those 10,000+ lb 5th wheels, you really should be pulling it with a 3500. Too many people get this wrong and overload their trucks.

BAFO. Longer beds also way more. More bed, more frame. More Exhaust, more drive shaft. Easily a couple hundred pounds is added. So if you don't beef up your gawr adding a couple hundred pounds reduces your payload and tow capacity. Cause gvwr is just the addition of front and rear axle weight ratings. Why do you think from the big 3 there heaviest tow and payload ratings come on base standard cabs.... Cause they weigh less giving them more capacity.

You go get a fully loaded platinum xd it will have less capacity then most higher end half tons cause that xd sits on semi floating 6 lug 1/2 ton axles that are only rated to carry so much

Actually the longer the bed the less weight there is over the rear axle! Hmmmm ............... boy!

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Dec 22, 2015 11:03:50 PM

I just reread this and laughed out loud... You can't be serious. Lmao. Lol.

I just don't know if I would want to own one. It could have problems we don't know about yet.
If I had a Nissan Dealer I could trust that had capable service techs that could fix it then I wouldn't have any problems owning one.
It's safe owning a Ram knowing the warranty is honored and are easy to repair where even the dumbest service tech can fix it.
I just wish Ram could have built one instead of Nissan

Question; does any of you know if Nissan is going to continue selling the regular Titan or is it just being replaced by the XD? Also, what does the XD stand for? Extreme Duty?

They are going to also sell the non XD Titan, which will look similar, but without the heavier running gear. I believe release is in the Spring.

I cant believe over 60K for the top end, for that price you can buy a lariat 350 diesel/3500LT instead!

The Nissan guys will buy this truck and some who were thinking Toyota, but the value play with the XD is not there. You have to overcome the loyalty of the domestic buyers with a truck that provides no compelling reason to leave a domestic. For not much more coin, you get greater capability in at of the B3 3/4 (insert your fav brand). The diesel F150 will further deter Ford loyalist from this truck. I'm sure Ford will publish payload ratings in excess or equal to the XD when the F150 diesel arrives.

$41k+ starting?!?!

Good luck.

Nitro, you can actually get into a 3500 Laramie 6.7 Cummins for $52k-$55k. Well under the sticker price.

I just built one and check out the specs sheet. It is still only one cab and one bed size. Where's the jackwagon that said it would be sold with a long bed? No 8' bed and not even a 6.5' bed.

The jackwagons at Car & Driver that everyone was quoting said it would have 3 cab and bed sizes and debut with a 151" WB 6.5' bed? It's 151" WB alright but that's only a 5.5' short bed.

And they don't want to list the payloads on the specs sheet. Truck goes on sale Wednesday. Are they trying to hide something?

It's great that it is finally going on sale, but I am not impressed with these unrealistic cab and bed sizes.

Looks like Denver Mike was right. Only short beds. smdh.

@Alex, that is crazy, so to point BIg AL's deal with why buy something you'll never need, why would those people buy a titan for 60, when you can buy a ram for 52k?

Speaking of Big al, someone needs to explain to him the 8' bed weighs more, he just doesnt seem to understand that things weigh more, and you subtract that from the GVW rating, true you have more Axle weight, but if you are still over the GVW it dont matter just because its an 8' bed

The new Titan bed is also up to an inch shorter between the wheel wells than the new F150s, almost an 1.5" shorter in height. This is supposed to be HD, not looking good to me. It's not even a F150 fighter.

So I lose cargo capacity, I lose payload, I lose on features, and I lose on price. Sounds like a real winner to me.

The Titan isn't supposed to go head to head with 3/4 ton trucks. It's meant to be a HD 1/2 ton. Although it falls short on payload it's still stouter than most 1/2 tons. Also from reports I've read the ride is very smooth and the overall composure of the truck is probably what will help it sell.
With diesel prices expected to stay low for years to come it could be a smart buy for those that want a Cummins.
It won't be long before Ford jumps on the diesel band wagon, especially since the 2.7 EB has turned out to be a disaster.
Looks to me like pricing is exactly in line with GM and Ford 1/2 tons. I can also see the Titan over taking Tundra sales. With the new Titan being more refined and getting better mpg as well as having as good or better payload ratings.

I love how people say this isn't supposed to compete with a HD truck when it doesn't even compete with a LD truck.


No you got it all wrong!!!!! Al says long beds when compared to short beds in the same cab configuration weigh less.... There is less weight on the rear axle. Lol!!!!

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