Best Pickup Truck of 2016 Preview: 2016 Nissan Titan XD

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We will hand out our Best Pickup Truck of 2016 Award during's Best of 2016 event Jan. 12 at the Fillmore Detroit. The awards presentation will cap two press days at the North American International Auto Show, which opens to the public Jan. 16 and runs through Jan. 24. There are six contenders for Best Pickup Truck of 2016, and we are providing a preview of each truck before the big reveal.

Our fifth preview focuses on the 2016 Nissan Titan XD.

The all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD isn't just breaking new ground for Nissan, though this is the automaker's first significant attempt to compete in the highly competitive and profitable full-size pickup truck marketplace. The Titan XD is also breaking new ground for the industry, offering a "tweener" model that sits smack in the middle of the well-established 1500/150 and 2500/250 pickup truck segments. Creating a full-size pickup with the foundational support of a heavy-duty truck, but with ride qualities more in line with a typical leaf-sprung half-ton model was innovative enough. Nissan upped the ante with the Titan XD's secret weapon: the smart and torquey Cummins turbo-diesel 5.0-liter V-8 that's rated at 555 pounds-feet of torque.

The Titan XD will only be offered with the Cummins engine and heavy-duty six-speed Aisin transmission, but it will be offered in five distinct trims to better compete with the premium luxury and off-road packages so popular with Ford F-150, Ram 1500 and Chevrolet Silverado 1500 buyers. There's a lot of risk taking with this new pickup, but there's enough meat on its bones as well to make us think this new "hybrid" will find a strong following.

The 2016 Nissan Titan XD is on sale now; click through to see more information on pricing, our First Drive impressions and a video overview of the new truck.

Check back with us on Jan. 12 to see how the Titan XD stacks up and who the big winner is.

Editor's note: This story was updated Jan. 4 to correct public show dates. photos by Aaron Bragman, Mark Williams


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Again, you sir are a liar and have no real appreciation for trucks. Just your little fan boyisms with no education.

We like to think ourselves rich, but in comparison to the few who are we live a day to day existence financially.

Yes, the best advice I can give anyone is to own your home when you retire.

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Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Jan 1, 2016 2:22:30 PM

A good friend of mine has the same philosophy. In fact I will talk to him about finances because he does very well for himself. In fact he built a $300K home (which in our area is an average home) and paid it off in 5 years. Him and his wife made it a goal and lived very simple for those 5 years and they met their goal. Something my wife and I are also trying to do. But we are doing it a little different by building and selling new homes. Plus I make much larger house payments to knock off the principle faster.

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@LMAO--If you liked the Power Wagon then my statement does not apply to you. I am talking about die hard fan boys whether it be Ford, GM, Toyota, Ram. There are some who would find something wrong with that Power Wagon regardless. Maybe I would not pay 100k or more for the Power Wagon but I would like to drive it. Maybe I am not a Raptor fan but I can appreciate those who like them and I would not turn down an opportunity to drive one. I really enjoy Leno's site and like to watch his videos.

I have had Fords, Chryslers, and GMs and have liked most of them but I am not a fanatic about any brand. All are made by imperfect entities and by humans who are not perfect. You can have a great, average, or poor product on any given day depending on the quality of the parts or the condition of the workers assembling it. I have had a couple of really good Ford products and one that I would have loved to see in a demolition derby (same with GMs).

Jeff S, I may have over reacted but in my mind you can be a fan boy of a specific brand and I do prefer Ford myself but I have been looking at a GM product for my next vehicle. But I guess I cannot fathom a person being a "car guy" and being a brand specific fan boy not appreciating some seriously cool cars and trucks. I have always enjoyed drag racing since I was 17 and even did SCCA racing years ago. You are talking 2 different worlds but to me it is all cool. Went to NOPI a number of years ago. Talk about a great few days with all kinds of awesome vehicle from small imports to mega sized trucks believe it or not. But I guess there are some people like GMSRGREAT, Hemi V8 and Johnny Welfare Doe that unless it comes from their favorite company it is all junk.

FYI I have seen some of Jay Lenos videos. That guy is the ultimate car guy. I would love to tour his garage some day.

@LMAO--I would love to tour Leno's garage and even better would be to talk to Leno. I miss Leno on TV but I can still see him on his website. He is the ultimate car guy.

Just start every day looking for positive. There is always something good out there, just have to find it. For me, it makes life much better.

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I couldn't agree with you more. However, just as Big Al has commented , if you want change , sometimes you have to work hard, plan, analyze and make wise choices. Every morning when I step outside and see that new Silverado in my driveway, I stop, smile and the realize, it was all worth it.


I couldn't agree with you more. However, just as Big Al has commented , if you want change , sometimes you have to work hard, plan, analyze and make wise choices. Every morning when I step outside and see that new Silverado in my driveway, I stop, smile and the realize, it was all worth it.


Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Jan 1, 2016 5:23:48 PM

To expand on this more sometimes life does not treat you well. You may try and make the best decision but sometimes it was wrong or maybe it just didn't work out. But, you have to try and spin a positive and recover from that problem and learn on that mistake. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. It is how we turn them around is what makes us great.

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@LMAO--Agree, most of us take for granted how much we have and how fortunate we are. Happy New Year to everyone!

@LMAO--Agree, most of us take for granted how much we have and how fortunate we are. Happy New Year to everyone!

Posted by: Jeff S | Jan 1, 2016 6:40:48 PM

Agreed. I try to stay optimistic about the future we have here but I do question what is going to happen when the Millennials are even older. My generation is mostly a hard working generation like the generations prior but it seems to me that my generation is raising their kids to be big babies. They don't have to work for anything. They want everything and seem to get it. They don't have to deal with disappoints because it is not politically correct. These stories of parents not being able to cheer for their kids during sporting events because there are kids out there that may not be getting as many cheers as other kids are driving me nuts. These over protective tactics are going to create a generation that has no idea how to live in the real world. I hope I am wrong in the worst way but what I see makes me very nervous. For society to work we need people of all occupations. we need inventors, managers, engineers, laborers, etc. The problem is, is no one seems to want to work hard anymore.

That's how I done it and I now own several homes. I used to be a carpenter until I was 29 and joined the military. Had my own business.

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@BAFO,No matter what you have to respect a man that takes his life in his own hands and takes control. It sure does take a lot of work but you don't get anywhere unless you work hard at it.

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Scott, Alex, beebe, Well said and Happy New Years.

@LMAO--I am concerned as well about Generation Y "Millennials". There are some exceptions such as my wife's nephew who works as a service adviser at a BMW dealership in suburban San Francisco. My wife's nephew is a very hard worker and very good with people. He even restores BMWs on the side to make extra money and knows more than the average person about automobiles. My former lawn boy just graduated from college and he is another exception--polite and a hard worker. There are the extreme Ys such as the Afluenza kid. A little time in a Mexican prison would be a good cure for what ails him but it appears that he still is going to not pay for his actions.

Many businesses and the Government are so anxious to get rid of the aging Baby Boomers who for the most part are hard and dedicated workers. Our culture does not value older workers who for the most part are less distracted and more focused.

I do try to remain optimistic about the future and hope there are enough of the Y generation that have a work ethic. Happy New Year!

Jeff S,
I do believe that many of the younger people have not been exposed to the same working environment we have.

We come from a different era. There was more control and constraints placed on us when we were younger.

This is where I think the younger generation will struggle. Many tend to go from job to job, searching for the ultimate career.

But, as I found out, most any job/career is mainly hard work, it doesn't matter if you are a gardner or a engineer. If you don't work hard at your job others will not give you an opportunity to expand.

This is the main cause of concern for me with the younger guys at work. They want to choose what they want to do. This just isn't possible. There will always be drudgery or parts of any job/career that is less than glamourous.

The younger ones today tend to far overvalue there position in the big picture. When they realise they are not what they thought many move on.

Even though I have not driven one, from what I have read so far, I will not even consider one of these 1/2 HD Diesels from Nissan. Point being, if I wanted a diesel for over 50K, that were to get this mileage, and be rated to haul this kind of weight, and weigh this much also, I would just as well buy a Ram 2500 Cummins, if I wanted a Cummins that bad, or for a diesel, a GM 2500 Duramax, or even a new Ford SD 250 Diesel. That way I would be getting the same mpg, be able to haul more weigh, tow much more, and drive a truck every day that weighs about the same! So tell me why would anyone want this truck? Maybe the reg duty Nissan Truck, with a gas engine and a lower price point might make more sense, but for what is already out there, from GM, Ram and even Ford, I think I can find what I need to get any job done! Over that past few months, we have been told about a truck, that was going to have more capabilities than the reg 1/2 ton trucks out there, and with a diesel engine, that we all thought was going to do a much better job with mileage, not some over weight 1/2 with marginally better capabilities. But with that said, I will go out to find one, and take for a ride, and if need be se if I could hook my trailer up to it just to fine out how it will do with that, before I write if off.

@Sandman 4x4 I definitely would not write off the XD until you try it. My opinion is that Nissan found a sweet spot in the truck world that fills the space left when the Big 3 dropped their large-displacement gas engine options on half ton and 3/4 ton trucks.

As far as price goes, try to keep in mind that what you pay for a vehicle is the difference between the original sale price and what you end up selling it for when you get into something new later on.

Unless something goes really wrong, I predict that these trucks will hold their value well, and will offer their owners a lot of real utility.

We sure have a lot of internet pickup trucks phd's in here.

We sure have a lot of internet pickup trucks phd's in here.

The ram not having this 5.0 diesel has nothing to do with it not having the mpg everyone spews about. The truth is, Ram and Nissan both was going to get this engine. The next generation titan was also to be a re-badged ram. The economy fallout of 2008 forces ram to go bankrupt. That ended the deal between ram and cummins. Fiat then acquired ram and decided to keep it all fiat by using their own... the eco diesel. Nissan was left without a truck, hence the current titan running for over a decade while scrambling to build the next generation titan. This gave Nissan time to rethink what they should do. They decide to stick with the original plan and that was remain with cummins. Here we are today.

@Uh huh

I subscribe to your version of history except for one part--GM and Chrysler were running on empty BEFORE 2008. It has become a very convenient excuse for any company that deserved to fail for them to suggest that an economic downturn caused their troubles.

GM made a deal with the UAW back in the 1980s that was guaranteed to bust the company eventually.

Chrysler and their partners at Mitsubishi were building the cars (except RAM and Jeep) that nobody wanted for decades, and they damn near killed their dealers and other affiliates in the process.

Were it not for Jeep and RAM, Chrysler would have died sooner. I don't remember if Freightliner helped or hurt.

They got damn near 40 billion dollars from Daimler (Mercedes) back in the 1990s and despite their stockholders and partners having all that dough, they still could not get out of their own way, especially in regard to product development. There is a really short list of products they were selling 10 years ago that set the world on fire.

Mostly they had crappy little outdated sedans and CUVs nobody could give away. Ditto Mitsubishi.

uh huh,
Your comment paints an accurate account.

I do find some of the comments, ie, sandman4x4 quite entertaining and uneducated, ie, simplistic.

Why would a person after a huge SUV (XD Titan) want a Ram. The added capacity only makes the pickup like a dump truck. Also the vehicle is more Spartan in it's offerings.

This XD, like 75% of all pickups is just a daily driver come SUV/Car.

It seems the likes of sandman4x4 is only selling "Best in Class". If he buys because of bigger is better then he isn't buying what is required.

I've witnessed people like sandman4x4 at the hardware. They buy the biggest cheapest electric drill because it has more power. When they get home and try to use the electric they end up snapping many drill bits, etc because the drill is just not what they needed.

This Titan XD will sell well enough, The big three will feel it's effects, especially Ford with the lighter F-250s that are basically a daily driver/SUV, horse float haulers. It will not take many sales to take the shine off of pickup truck numbers.

The timing for the Titan is good, as Frod will introduce the new and exciting alumninium wonder HD soon. Hopefully Nissan will have it's feet on the ground with the Titan.

My view is, does silver cutlery provide a better means to eat your foot, other than costing more to buy? It's the same with aluminium pickups, they didn't offer the FE advantage Ford promised, ie, 15.6mpg from the 2.7 EcoThirst.

It these new Titans are reliable then they will do well. Maybe they will not overtake Ford, GM, or Ram but then stranger things have happened. It might take a few years for Nissan to re-establish themselves as a truck builder in the US but then if the Titan succeeds then Nissan has a chance at becoming a leader in trucks. I said a chance but this is not a guarantee and it might take years of building a competitive product to get there. The next thing Nissan needs to do is re do the Frontier. Nissan has made some great little trucks in the past and has the ability to do it again. Not saying Nissan makes bad trucks but in the 70's and 80's they had a history of tough trucks and a first with the King Cab.

@big AL, I love how you give kudos to people stating dont buy a truck or suv for MPG, and then later on you are talking about MPG in your vehicle and great it is. LOL

Al, has a very small portion of the truck market here in NA. According industry stats the total number of US truck sales year to date (ending november) is over 2.2 million trucks. The titan's share of that is 11,122, or .005% of the market. If they manage to sell 10 times that (they probably don't have production capacity to meet that) they would catch up to the Tundra with .05% of the total truck market. That 2.2 million does include cab/chassis trucks that arent really competitors to "normal" pickups, but even if you call half of the 2.2 million non-competitive vehicles, that only improves their current market share to .01%. GM/Ford/Dodge really have nothing to worry about from the Titan.

Funny how most comparing the 6.2L GM do it with the 1500 which is not easy or cheap to buy, but then want to compare it to the DMax 2500, which Nissan said that the XD was not a 2500. Equally hilarious is those saying Niossan missed the mark, while GM and Ford both make options to make their 1/2 tons haul 3/4 ton loads. The only reason some of you even bring the 2500s into the equation is just because the XD has the Cummins and Ford and GM non 2500s are gassers.

Thanks for your interest in my comments.

If you actually read the comments, you will read then in the context in which my responses are given.

Overall, most who buy a vehicle, buy because they consider they have gotten good value out of their purchase.

As I mentioned earlier people place a different degree on emphasis on what attributes they place a value on.

Most who buy a vehicle don't have a squillion dollars left over. So, yes FE does play a role to a degree, so does comfort, driving dynamics and will the vehicle fulfill their wants.

The pickup (all vehicle manufacturers) play on peoples sense of value by making statement regarding best in class. Just because a number is bigger or bestest or whatever in the end doesn't necessarily mean it of the best value for a person.

FE is important to a degree as is all other aspect of buyng a car/SUV. This is why Ram has improved sales in the recent past. Ram provided a good comfortable alternative that suited most car/SUV buyers. They also pushed the FE for their pickups. The reality is a Pentastar Ram is getting around 17-18mpg.

Ram truck sales have flattened out. From 2012 to 2014 they had year over year gains of just over 20%, but from YTD November 2015 for the same period in 2014 they only show 3.1% gain. I'd say ram sales have stagnated despite huge incentives in the form of large rebates and 0% financing.

@Matt don't blame RAM.

We are enduring a ten year period of lousy economic growth that's killing the domestic auto makers. It is not their fault.

Next will be the Asian makers to suffer.

Titan gvwr is to heavy to be a halfton. It falls into a 3/4 ton category. That is why it's not getting a EPA rating. Mpg's aren't really proving that great for a diesel. Actually really bad for such a small lower powered diesel. They really need a bigger and more powerful diesel. People will buy it for the cummins name and the marketing has worked on some poster so it has prolly worked on some general public.

@Scott, all they have to do is tweak the boost. The XD will be very popular.

My two cents. I'm trying to make up an excuse to get one.

My current pickup is totally capable for the things I need but boy do I want that XD!

"I'm trying to make up an excuse to get one. "

That much is obvious. You are acting like a total fangirl and ignoring all of the facts. Did you work at a Nissan dealership or have stock in the company? It will be popular compared to what? The whole damn truck line sold only 700 last month. smh.


Name-calling, are we? "...acting like a total fangirl and ignoring all of the facts."

Which "facts" do you have Jason? How many hours of seat-time do YOU have in the Nissan XD?

You also ask if I have an inappropriate relationship to Nissan or its dealers.

Really? Who are YOU shilling for?

The XD is a "Tweener" that isn't gonna make a lot of sense to most people. Its for someone with serious towing... but not serious enough to spend 4K more and get REALLY SERIOUS towing and hauling capability... Its for all the folks that have been clamoring for something that doesn't tow like a 3/4, costs almost as much, and cant haul more than most current 1/2s but costs more. Its not gonna give an appreciable mileage advantage of anything if it has an advantage at all in MPG. It will be tough solid durable but that's already out there too.

Its gonna be a small crowd with the money and the niche needs or are just disgruntled or want to be different either way it doesn't mean big sales. I am hoping the regular Titan gets more mainstream in price, features, and performance.

Best in class? What Class is that?

Its in its own class it created and currently is alone in.

I guess its "best in class" for EVERY statistic in the 5/8ths ton full size pickup class....

Truck Trend just did a comparison test. The Titan XD was included along with the 6.2 Denali.

Which truck won?

@LouBC please share a link

Nissan has posted a record in sales of light trucks ,575,797
with December seeing a major rise in truck sales.
the Titan has not even arrived yet only the XD model.
NV200 setting major sales record for Nissan
looks like another very good year for Nissan.

Over what geographic area are you quoting nissan's sales? Worldwide? Their north American sales are less than a tenth of that figure, and their year over year truck sales in North America declined in 2015.

The NV 200 has made gains over last year, they are second in the small "city" van segment. To put that in perspective, adding up the sales pro master city, express city (rebadged nv200), and nv200 still don't match the Tranit Connect for sales. On other words Ford owns more than half the market in city vans, which is also the case for full size vans.

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