Best-Selling Pickup Trucks: November 2015

2015 PUTC sales photo

As predicted, November sales stayed strong for automakers that make pickup trucks with many of the major players — like Ford and GM — benefiting from strong incentives and low fuel prices nationwide. Ford's momentum continues now that its pipeline is full of F-150s and its two newly refurbished manufacturing plants are producing near maximum strength, delivering many different trim levels and configurations to dealerships.

We're just starting to see year-over-year comparison numbers for the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon; they went on sale last year around this time. Their numbers look pretty good and GM is likely to close out the year with more than 125,000 Colorados and Canyons sold by Dec. 31.

GMC took one of the biggest hits of the month, dropping year-over-year sales numbers more than 25 percent mainly due to the strong incentive spending the Sierras experienced for November 2014, one of their strongest sales months on record. Tundra sales numbers also slipped, as the full-size Toyota fell below last year's total for the first time this year.

The bright spot for Toyota is that for every Tundra not being built on the San Antonio production line, a new Tacoma is taking its place. Tacoma production is up more than 15 percent for the year based on the strength of the 2016 Tacoma improvements. Toyota could see close to 300,000 units from the San Antonio plant by year's end.

And for those keeping score, Ford will likely sell close to 750,000 F-Series trucks by the end of the year, while GM — which includes the Silverado, Sierra, Colorado and Canyon — will likely be closer to 900,000 units.

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Nov sales chart


Poor al. F series dominated sales in November on less incentives. Gmc down huge!!! Twin midsize only sold around 8400 combined even though they make 10k a month.

BAFO has been wrong about everything!!!!

And how many Sierras and Silverado's will GM sell by year end? Leave it to PUTC to end on a Ford comment that makes ford look better.

Ford is still the number 2 pickup manufacturer behind GM's lineup.

I wonder what impacted GMC Sierras? That's a big hit.

Ford has improved it's position, but they have been offering good incentives to move the pieces of aluminium. Ford need to sell at a competitive price and not make a loss.

I wonder how much of the increase at Ford is HDs or pieces of aluminium? This is what is quite unsatisfactory about pickup numbers. Can PUTC break the segment down into vehicle models? Imagine if all car companies grouped together medium and large car models.

Ford's improvement is could be blip, similar to GMC's decline.

The Colorado/Canyon share the line with the vans at the Wentzville plant. There is talk of contracting out van construction so GM can concentrate of the midsizers.

Ram is still quite flat in numbers. Ram really needs a good refresh to keep on top of things. Also remember FCA is pretty well running the plants to capacity.

Nissan have been building up a large inventory of XD Titans. So it will be interesting to watch their improvement.

Titan can only go one way and that is up. Unlike Ford who were at the top could only go down.

Wow, just imagine what Ford sales would have been with some really good year end rebates.

GMC sales are the big mystery here.

The funny thing about BAFO is that he keeps digging himself into a bigger hole because he is not man enough to admit when he is wrong.

Gmc decline is similar to fords increase. Gmc is a high end brand much like ford. Fords transaction price was up $3800 in November over last year. Ford had decreased incentives in November as well. It's a pretty safe assumption that Ford F-150 is stealing sales from gmc. Hence gmc down in numbers the same as ford was up.

You do have to give credit to Fat Girl From Oz, she keeps pushing through with the same tone, it is an anomaly month after month.

There is no mystery to the GMC sales.

If you read the article the author already mentioned that in Nov. 2014, Sierra had a record month in November due to incentives they were running at the time.

If you look back to October, Sierra sold almost 20,000 more trucks this month so it's not like people just magically stopped buying them.

Learning how to read the charts would help I guess...


I mistyped.

GMC sierra sold 20,000 more trucks up til November which is still ahead of the last year. 1500 trucks different from last month to this doesn't seem like a huge number to me.

Sales always goes by brand. But if you like to combine the Silverado and Sierra brands, look at monthly sales. F-Series is back to beating Silverado and Sierra COMBINED.

Dave Z,
GM is outselling Ford combined, sorry.

Don't forget the Colorado and Canyon.

The share holders don't care about Chev and GMC as the shares are all the same.

Sort of like stating Coke is out selling Fanta. At the end of the day both are owned by Coke.

Big Al if I recall correctly Ford said the switch to aluminum was around $300 some of dollars per truck in additional cost. This is on a vehicle where they have raised transaction prices and have an insanely high profit margin. Ford is trying to maximize profit margins ( keeping the sale per unit high) while offering enough incentives to beat the Silverado and keep the best selling truck for marketing purposes. The fact is we know that GM will sell more trucks than ford but that's over 4 models. Silverado, Sierra, Colorado , and canyon vs just F-serise. I would venture that ford makes more money off of 750k trucks than GM makes off 900k trucks. Ford only has the F150 and superduty lines where as GM has midsize, 1500 and HD lines with deviations for the two brands so they have to spend or in the design and manufacturing process and marketing.


You are smarter than that!

The costs that Ford threw around was over $700. That's is only material costs, not manufacturing, design, development/research, re-tooling. Or the additional thousands of workers.

These cost are much larger than the price difference in steel and aluminium.

The easiest way to look at the number Ford gave is to say the price difference between a 1/2" sheet of ply to a piece of laminate ply.

$700 is almost meaningless.

Ford also has 3 models currently selling, that is if you stop with your subtle troulling in making not quite sincere comments.

Clever aren't we?

Ford has the steel half ton, the pieces of aluminium and the SuperDutys.

The number of models is of little significance anyway. At the end of the day it's the total number sold that counts. If it didn't why even give these figures?

"And for those keeping score, Ford will likely sell close to 750,000 F-Series trucks by the end of the year, while GM — which includes the Silverado, Sierra, Colorado and Canyon — will likely be closer to 900,000 units."

Well duh, what would the GM trvlls have to cry about.

Yes, Ford is WAY MORE Profitable then GOOFY General Motors with 4 truck brands, wait, aint it five with the Avalanche in there as well.

P.S. You know there is something wrong with your company when you sell more trucks but are less profitable.

GM is wack.


Furd who? oh that 750,000 BAHAHA!

Ford will be laughing all the way to the bank, while Goofy General Motors will try to create another pick-up truck line. lol

Gm actually has more truck lines by al's reasoning. Gm has 14's. They are also selling there redesigned 2016. So with gm's full size they have 1500's, and hd's... Across 2 model lines each. With selling there old 14's the updated 15's and the redesigned 16's on the lot for each gmc and Chevy they have 12 truck lines to fords 3 that al claims they have and those 12 lines from gm couldnt outsell best fords 3 in November.

Great point Scott!

Then if that is a problem Frod should release another "brand" of truck.

Let's see what brands does Ford have????

Just because a restaurant has more styles of food doesn't make it unfair to the guy who has a hot dog stand and only sells dogs.

It seems to be a Ford problem.

I can't go to and build and price a gmc.... Much like I can't build a Nissan on even though they are both from Japan.

Why is Ford listed in the number one category for truck sales? Fords F series number also includes Super duty as well? If you take GM's Silverado and Sierra numbers and add together then its obvious that GM is selling more trucks than Ford. So they're in first place? Am I missing something here?


In addition, I can't go the Chevy Dealer and Buy a GMC Sierra.

So yea, Ford is in a big lead at #1.

I want to see 1/2 ton vs 1/2 ton numbers. I'd bet the Chevy 1500 is leading the F-150. I think the surge in Ford sales is coming from the SD. I swear I'm seeing 3 or 4 new SD for every new F-150 in central Texas.

Also, According to the GM website 'GMC sets average transaction price record'.

Dan, GMs numbers include all of their trucks. Light to 3500s

Stop fooling yourself into thinking Ford is a high end brand. However, that is a funny statement. LOL


Sheesh, the guy is on dope. Must be that dil doe guy.

If you include Truck Van sales Ford will hit over 1.7million in sales blowing the doors off GM 900,000 units.

Most of you guys are idiots..

Mine sells better,no mine does..combine this that..Dont combine this that !!

Most people are idiots in life,thus more idiots buy said vehicle as the other idiot..

You people bicker like a bunch of 4 year olds...

Well then let's include the 150k worth of full size SUV's that general motors sold this year.

Ford has a whopping 30k so far.

We can keep going on that all day.

Maybe if Sergio gets his hostile take over of gm like he wants in the future we can add ram sales to chevy's numbers as well.

Even with the 150K GM SUV it's still short of 1.7 million Ford trucks.

From Mike Levine. Best November in the HISTORY of F-150s...

November 2015 was Ford's best November ever for F-150 sales. #Bam.

Funny to see the whole "combined sales are greater" argument get trotted out. That used to be the mantra of GM f^nboyz. BiGal has officially picked up that flag and is running with it.




Ford chose not to build the "global" Ranger in the USA
Ford chose not to offer a small diesel in the F150.


"The lover of life's not a sinner
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Gm midsize twins only sold around 8400-8500 even though they are capable of making 10k a month. Looks like the pipeline and demand for them has peaked as the few people that want them have completed there transaction. We wil see there numbers decrease as the demand decreases. They will be styling down to the 5-6k a month market that it is.

Chucky That don't pan out. They only Van you could count is the E Series as its body on frame like the trucks.

With a year to date total of 100k it appears the Colorado/Canyon will not likely scale down. I guess if you are a fan boy any brand other than your own is not going to do as well. How much is Ford paying you Scott to be a fan boy? How much is GM paying johnny doe to be a fan boy? Only someone without a life would waste their time and intelligence being a fan boy. Just be glad that the auto industry is doing so well. I am a fan of the workers who make these trucks and still have their jobs and not the brand.

@Lou_BC--Does it really matter which manufacturer makes a certain type of truck. Just choose what meets your needs and what you like best and be done with it.


What these sale are by truck series of models which the Silverado 1500/2500/3500 are a different truck than the GMC Sierra 1500/2500/3500 series of models. GM is NOT a truck, it is parent company of two truck makes(Chevrolet and GMC) who have build a model series of trucks (Silverado and Sierra). The Silverado and Sierra both have different options that you can get in one and not the other which makes them seperate. This is why GM even reports their sales as being different and not lumped in the same line. That would be like Honda counting the Civic and Accord sales as the same when they are two different vehicle models.

So you can say GM brands are selling more trucks than Ford just like one can also say that Ford is selling more F-series trucks than Chevrolet Silverado series or that Ford is selling more F-series trucks than GMC Sierra series. All three statements are true depending on how you want to look at things or if you even give a rats @$$.

@ Chuck

That was only Through September. That number of full size SUV's could grow to close to 250k.

I wouldn't include any unibody vehicles in these numbers (just the E-series) but apparently your telling me that Ford sells more vans than pickup trucks?

Kudos to Lou for the dio reference. Love that album. You boys sound like 5 year olds saying oh yeah well my dad can beat up your dad.

Big al you can back track and fumble words all you want, the fact is Ford is continuing to roll, and continuing to increase its sales with the new F-150 and why they are the Nov winner, this will continue

Metal RULES!!!

Actually, aluminum does. Lol

I would never drive one of these beer cans with a Ford Tuarus eco burst motors


Please post a link to F-150 vs Silverado 1500 sales numbers. If you can't then you have no Idea how the new F-150 is doing vs the competition.

Read the post from ford in this link..... And also comprehend what it's says.

We need numbers or is just BS.

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