Ford Super Duty Line Worker Faces Theft Charges

Ford F-650 3 II

According to a Cleveland television station, police in Avon Lake, Ohio, apprehended a Cleveland-area autoworker who allegedly stole thousands of tire sensors from Ford's Avon Lake production plant. That's where Ford makes Super Duty F-650 and F-750 medium-duty chassis cabs and E-Series strip chassis trucks.

According to Automotive News, the suspect was arrested for having stolen property in his possession. Police investigators purchased some of the sensors and traced them back to the Ford employee. The parts are reported to be worth about $100 to dealers but were being sold internationally for $10 to $20 on eBay.

As many as 8,000 sensors are missing from the Ford plant and could have been the cause of a temporary shutdown of the production line. Since the arrest, production has resumed.

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That is ridiculous that some high paid UAW worker has to do something like this. Rather pathetic. Way to screw up your life. I have found out that some of the semi transport drivers for new cars and trucks steal the Nav cards for GPS units and sell them online also.

what is a 'nav card'?

This isn't a "One Piece At A Time" situation lol

@ clint, lol so true. It was one piece lots of times kind of situation

Toxic, it is the navigation card needed for maps. They sell online for a few hundred bucks.

Can't really blame this guy, isn't that Ford's philosophy to rip people off.

@gmsgreat, this is coming from a GM fan whos company ripped off millions of taxpayers , and caused deaths?

8,000 sensors wouldn't be a simple "put one in a pocket" theft. How did the guy manage to walk away with that many? Ford must of suspected the guy since police bought a few and traced them back to him.

"High Paid" does not stop a person from criminal activity.


He ripped the company Ford, you friggin idiot.

johnny aka governtmotorsgreat,

The same thing happend to Govn't Motors in 2011 at the Lordstown assembly plant. The employee, his wife, and a security guard were prosecuted and lost their jobs.

Meanwhile at the FCA plant the workers just go get drunk and stoned on their lunch breaks.

I gotta feeling no plant/company is immune to bad behavior... the question is if its tolerated or systemic.

GovMotorsRGREAT, put your helmet back on and keep licking the window. Adults are talking.

I did not know that about the FCA workers, however, that does explains some issues.

It seems Ford has the same problems as FCA.

What is the most probable use of the money this guy attained from the sale of the sensors?


The Ford plant workers are on drugs more than the FCA workers.

Look at the paper trail.

Drug addicts sell on eBay.

They might have been getting loaded but hey, they weren't stealing. Glad they caught him though. I hate thieves

Chrysler employees stealing parts, including engines, transmissions and a computer.

are on drugs more than the FCA workers.
Look at the paper trail.
Drug addicts sell on eBay.
Posted by: Big Al from Oz supporter


November 17, 2014 at 5:22 PM, updated November 17,

An employee at a Slate Belt auto dealership is accused of stealing $7,134 in cash and parts, court records say.

Eric W. Parton Jr., 32, of the 400 block of Sixth Street in Wind Gap, was arraigned Monday on charges stemming from the alleged thefts reported in October.

Parton started working July 21 as the parts manager at Reagle Dodge, 1223 Blue Valley Drive in Plainfield Township, records say.

Bruce Ott, president of the dealership, on Oct. 2 discovered $6,120 missing from his safe, to which Parton had access to deposit cash from the parts department, Plainfield Township police allege.

Then in response to an inquiry about a bug-shield missing from inventory, Parton said he had sold it on eBay, records say. A search of the dealership's account on the auction website found no sales for bug shields, but an account under the name "eric5382" showed numerous items for sale that had been photographed on the dealership's parts counter, police said.

VIA: Reagle Dodge employee theft nets $7,134 in cash and auto parts, police say

Really doesn't matter who he worked for, a thief is a thief no matter what. Just a low down person.

I was wondering?
Since that new 2.7 V6 Eco-Boost engine is so wonderful and soooo powerful do they use it in the F-650, F-750 ?
In the old days Ford used the 300 straight 6 in the Louisville Trucks.

"What is the most probable use of the money this guy attained from the sale of the sensors?'

Had to get money to repair his FCA vehicle and pay for therapy for an Australian relative.

Probably just a good kid who got involved with a girl that was high maintenance

"Australian judge presiding over Volkswagen lawsuit needs to have things explained to him"

Sounds a lot like Big Al.................


How did a Ford theft article turn into a ram bashing contest. You guys that insecure about your product that you have to bash others. What a joke.

There is a terrible heroin problem in Ohio and over the country. It could very well be the theft was to pay for a drug habit. People do some stupid things. To jeopardize a good paying job.

Just to clarify:
I'm not condoning the behavior or the thief in the article, however, you can't help but think this whole thing was cultivated by Ford karma.

GMSRGREAT - coming from fan of Government Motors you seem to have forgotten about that whole ignition switch issue and bailout. How about Corvettes that can't keep engines together and why is the Colorado diesel release being delayed?

Yup - karma is a bitch.

@johnny gmsgreat??? Did you think all that up all by yourself??? Figures.

Columbia Man Pleads Guilty to Theft from General Motors Spring Hill Facility

the FBI, and the IRS-Criminal Investigation, which revealed that in 2011 and 2012, Praino stole nearly a million dollars' worth of equipment from the General Motors (GM) Spring Hill, Tennessee plant. Plaino then failed to disclose to the IRS the $145,000 profit he received from the sale of the stolen equipment.

"Praino stole from his employer and cheated on his taxes in a manner that will always be addressed by the United States Attorney’s Office and its local, state, and federal law enforcement partners," said U.S. Attorney Rivera. "What was accomplished in this case illustrates the commitment of local and federal law enforcement agencies, working together to bring to justice those placed in a position of trust who choose to commit fraud at a significant cost to their employers and to the public."

Testimony presented at the guilty plea hearing before District Judge Todd Campbell established that in 2011, GM investigators discovered that a significant amount of expensive equipment was missing from their Spring Hill plant, where Praino was employed as a fork lift operator.

Guard at GM Plant Accused of Theft

A private security guard at a GM assembly plant in Shreveport, La. is accused of stealing 11,000 pounds of copper, a bit at a time, over 16 months, starting in 2008, said an AP report.

@GM Fork Lift Operator & Security Guard,

Can't really blame you. Isn't that GM aka Government Motors's philosophy to rip people off?

Because little girls like ecoboost v8 and gm security guard (same douche btw) can't stand to see any negative ford articles even if ford is not the subject. Betcha (s)he's an obama supporter. Shows all the signs

Any kind of Ford articles are great. What people will not stand for are comments from you and johnny doe saying it is someone's philosophy to steal. Typical rino member of the establishment you are. Shows all the signs.

Scott, you are the ford worshiper. Like I inferred, ford had nothing to do with this and I never stated they ripped off their customers. You just outed yourself as the three offending posters. Stupid

Take your time with your retort sonny. I know you're busting a few brain cells trying to think of something. I'll be back later to laugh at you again

Roadram to be fair it was the GM jerk that started this down hill. You should know buy now nothing stays on track here and why this site is a joke.

To kinda get back on topic I have been seeing quite a few of these trucks getting delivered or on the road now. I was unsure if I would like the looks but it is much better in person. For a medium duty truck they look really nice.

Roadram, to be fair the GM juurk started this topic in the wrong direction. You have been here long enough to know it does not take long for thing to go sideways quick and why this site is a joke. Like the articles but hate most of the useless posters here. My theory here is why bother.

Hmmm, I guess the first finally posted. Oops.

They might have been getting loaded but hey, they weren't stealing. I hate thieves
Posted by: roadram | Dec 17, 2015 2:12:16 PM

If you are smoking and drinking on the job, high and intoxicated, you are stealing from your employer. Think these guys are going to build cars right while they're drunk? Please don't be so naive thinking this is not stealing.

Problem Solvers busting Chrysler workers smoking weed AGAIN

These guys are not stealing? They are stealing from the manufactuer and are in no shape to work! No wonder Chrysler cars have been crap. smh.

Lmao you are correct. Never thought getting loaded on the job as stealing but you are right. Stealing time from their employer and doing a lousy job

Get rid of the UAS and these problems go away. These guys know they can get away with this stuff at work because they are protected. Need to go back to you work hard you have a job. You are a screw up your in the welfare line with Johnny dumb dumb


Lmao you are correct. Never thought getting loaded on the job as stealing but you are right. Stealing time from their employer and doing a lousy job

Posted by: roadram | Dec 17, 2015 5:48:17 PM

That was not me but someone else. This name hopping thing people do is rediculous. Everything else was mine.


You have a reading disability.

Try to be original will ya, or are you like Ford, always copying what GM does.

Ok there GMjerk, what are some thing Ford copied from GM trucks. They are very different. Oh, and don't forget the GM and Ford merger for front drive 6sp transmissions and the 9 and 10 speed rear drive.

HAHA what a bunch of retards! I'm not GMsrgreat, stupid Ford kids I swear.

I agree with him though. Ford rips thousands of dumb dumbs off ever day with their junk. Funny to see a dumb dumb rip them off.

Really frankie? I never realized that. Thanks for the enlightenment. You are wise beyond your 15 years. Phantom posters are aggravating.

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