NHTSA Crash-Test Ratings Unchanged for 2016 Ram 1500

2016 Ram 1 II

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration recently released the crash test results for the 2016 Ram 1500, one of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles' best-selling vehicles (along with the Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee). There were no changes from the ratings for model years 2014 or 2015.

The Ram 1500's overall rating stays at four stars, frontal crash ratings remain at four stars, side impact ratings remain at five stars and the rollover ratings (based on a mathematical calculation that considers size, weight and stance) remain at three stars for the taller four-wheel-drive models and four stars for two-wheel-drive models.

It should be noted that in the half-ton segment the Ram 1500 is the oldest pickup. All of its competitors are all-new models or have significant upgrades for model-year 2016. The Ram 1500 debuted as a new model in 2013. GM's and Ford's competitive pickups (the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and 2015 GMC Sierra 1500 and 2016 F-150) have five-star overall ratings, five stars for the frontal crash and five stars in side-impact crash test.

For some folks, these results confirm that the existing Ram 1500 platform is ready for an update to better compete in the pickup wars. Given the fact the Ram 1500 hasn't seen a significant change for several years, we'd expect to see a new next-gen half-ton before the 2018 model year.

For more information about how your pickup rates in NHTSA's crash testing and to compare different model pickup trucks, go to Safercar.gov.

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2016 Ram 3 II



This is going to out of hand.

And why shouldn't it, Ram should be already there just shows they only care about sales.

It is clear that Fiat is only interested in acquiring certain awards and focusing on that. Vehicle occupant safety is not something you get many awards for. So that is back burner. There can be simple add on fixes to improve safety but again, no award for that. At least they have have the best MPG award.

At least all of the models are equally safe and they don't remove some beams on cheaper ones to save penny like other manufacturer, without letting customers and NHTSA to know.

@ ScottP and Mad Max...

Why would you complain about the current Ram model waiting this long for an update? GM ran their last models from 2007 to 2014. Ram has had this body style since 2009 and they had a pretty significant update in 2013 which they are still seeing the rewards (8 speed, grill shutters, air susp and EcoD). Even Ford made more exterior appearance changes than GM did. If you look historically, most manufacturers do a complete remodel every 7-9 years. On the other hand, if someone dislikes Ram, I would complain about them when they win awards and receive a lot of credit too ;)

As seen with the latest Ford tests, I would rather care more about the iihs crash ratings.

This is a decent rating and could be considered good if Ford and Chevy half tons didn't have 5 star ratings from this organization... Cue the Fiat Fanboys that the test is rigged/bribed...

Thats not good, they need to improve it, and get inline with the military grade 5 stars!

How can the f-150 get an overhaul 5 star crash rating when you have a supercrew that collapses like this. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGAF2Fmfx2A

I meant supercab.

Test is not rigged. Test wasn't done on cheaper models at all, because ford was lying.


I hate to have to bring this up again as it is a different test. But speaking of what was seen or not seen with IIHS, another crash test, they should have tested the 2015 Ram 1500 extended and regular cabs. They never tested the 2015 Rams and will wait for the 2016s that Ram added all of the blockers to. That was shady way for the IIHS to single out one brand out for testing and give Ram and GM a pass until they could get all of their blockers in place. You test one brand, you test them all. So we will see what happens but it won't be apples and oranges as far as the 2015 Fords to the 2016s Ram testing. They never tested the 2015 Rams and GMs that were missing the blockers.

At least the truth about this is out there. Now if only ford fans can accept it.


Skip to 1:52 time mark to see the difference between SuperCab and SuperCrew with steel bars.

Supercabs in 2016 for f150 have blockers. They added those in the new model year.

That's a different test from the IIHS. But skip to the Ram with no bars on their extended cab. Oops you can't see that video because they never tested them. Ram got a free pass from the IIHS until 2016 when they could get their bars that they copied from Ford on.

Fboys doesn't like the true.
They wish this side of ford was never revealed.

As far as the steel crash bars go, Ford developed them and got them on first. Ram saw how well they helped Ford and waited to 2015.5 to copy Ford and start putting them on. Ford and Ram have the bars on all cabs for 2016. GM didn't have the bars either but somehow escaped testing for 2015 models. Ford got singled out but you can thank Ford for developing the crash bars.

Ramboys doesn't like the true.
They glad 15 Ram was never tested in the tougher IIHS test small overlap.

Did Ford recall the trucks they sold without the blockers?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Nope why... All f150 trucks met the nhsta rating. Nhsta doesn't do small overlap. Ford never marketed on 5 star on small overlap on iihs rating. Also gm and ram hasn't had there trucks test on small overlap test from iihs so I wouldn't get to cocky.

Why should they??? No one else had them so why a recall?????

GM twins are made with "HIGH STRENGTH STEEL". Just keeping it real.

How can the f-150 get an overhaul 5 star crash rating when you have a supercrew that collapses like this. Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGAF2Fmfx2A

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Dec 21, 2015 9:57:02 AM

While yes Ford did not put blockers in the single and super cab models but it does help to understand vehicle dynamics in a crash. Anyone can build a vehicle that suffers little to no damage in a crash. But all that energy is transfered to the occupants. So you want a vehicle that can disperse as much of that energy though the structure and isolate the occupant area as much as possible. I don't know about you but I would much rather the whole truck be destroyed and me walk away to buy anotherone than for the truck to be mostly intact and be seriously hurt. Medical bills to insurance companies are very high,thus these standards.

So is ram and there roof stength is marginal accord to iihs. iihs only has mederate front rating and poor child seat latches.

F150 is iihs top safety pick in supercrew and once they test the 2016's the supercab will too. I wouldn't be surprised if a 2015 supercab would finish better then gm trucks. Doubt gm's will have even a small overlap marginal rating. Prolly the reason gm hasn't sent them truck to test as they are trying to hide something. There new truck is on its 3rd year and gm doesn't give them trucks to test..... Hmm interesting

Here is non mobile site for a better graph

The blockers on the small overlap are there to increase side way deflection of the vehicle so it bounces off the object it hits lessen the the blow absurd. Better to graze off of something. If you look at the supercrew and supercab f150 the super crew bounces sideways more. That is why gm doesn't iihs test cause they would fail miserably by not adding blockers and that is why ram didn't test in 2015 cause they didn't have the blockers either and would fail miserably. The small overlap test is new and the f150 was the first and only truck to go through it on trucks so far.

Ford kids at it again. Why test 2015 GM or RAM trucks as they are the same as 2014s. The F150 was brand new for 2015, so it got tested.

GMSRGREAT Good video find. That thing really crushed like a beer can LOL! Good thing it was just a crash test dumb that took the A pillar to the skull. Hopefully Ford gets them crash bars on quick, cause they really need them.

Johnny doe
Small overlap hasn't been done on any truck except ford. Gm has been new since 2014 and they only perform 1 iihs test. Gm is scared to put there truck through the test. The Colorado is new for 2015 and guess what.... Gm won't test there midsize through iihs full battery of test. They are scared too

@johnny doe:
Yeah , really.
Oh LMAO, stop defending an inferior product. Nobody was walking away from that Supercab crash test.

@johnny doe:
Yeah , really.
Oh LMAO, stop defending an inferior product. Nobody was walking away from that Supercab crash test.

@Ford fans:

I would be scared to drive f150 supercab.

check this loser out:

Oh LMAO, stop defending an inferior product. Nobody was walking away from that Supercab crash test.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Dec 21, 2015 12:19:21 PM

I'm sorry but that is a bunch of crap. There is no other truck that has been tested for the offset. Both Ford and GM trucks have a better rating than the Fiat. Before casting your stones let's compare the that video to a 2016 Silverado............ Rather hard to compare when there is nothing to compare to.

LMAO is right and wasting intelligence on the windowlickers z and gov motor fan...

@clint, thats funny right there, those guys(or maybe the same guy) can't convert anyone to their lack of theories

I do think FCA do need to significantly "facelift" the Ram.

This crash data is not worrying as some might attempt to argue. If the Ram was just released with this data then I would of stated otherwise.

What is lifting many of the safety scores on vehicles this day and age are the passive features, also, it appears the easiest option is the installment of more airbags.

This may be cheaper initially, but the fundamentals of the underlying vehicle remain.

Fortunately most vehicles accidents are minor and require repair. This should also be looked at in conjunction with the safety of a vehicle. This will force manufacturers to build vehicles that are cheaper to maintain after an accident.

The new aluminium F-150 fails in the area of cost effective repair work after a minor accident. It will cost 2 to 3 times as much for similar repair than say a steel pickup.

People must consider this also when buying a pickup.

BIg al, ok to fact check your theory(since it is just a theory), I just spoke with someone in another department other than mine on Saturday, they had a small minor fender bender with a new fleet F150(military grade of course), the cost for the bumper and rear panel was 1800 dollars. now, its hard to do an exact apples to apples(which is why you only have a theory since every accident case will not be the same as the next), I had a similar issue with my 2011 f250 less than a year ago, bumper and panel work cost 1865.00, becasue the 2 are close, and not the same, just wondering how you came to that conclusion? Other than spewing propaganda for no reason, and before you say it will take forever to get fixed, it was fixed at the dealership in 2 days.

Maybe some guys haven't the actual intelligence to observe and then make good rational choices. Ford is trying to figure out why they are loosing market share. I tell them to review the videos and stop trying to cheat the Supercab owners out of safety.

Maybe some guys haven't the actual intelligence to observe and then make good rational choices. Ford is trying to figure out why they are loosing market share. I tell them to review the videos and stop trying to cheat the Supercab owners out of safety.

What I find hilarious is that the fiat has less than 5 star front crash ratings when others do. Fiat knows the new rules but I guess instead of a minor safety refresh they would rather get the MPG award. Now that is really sad.

I don't want to be in this vehicle during a crash

What are these new rules you speak of??

Provide a link. Hmmm......... rules???

There are certain regulatory requirements, yes. But I would assume FCA with the Ram actually do meet these.

Show me where FCA is not meeting regulatory requirements.

I actually have a family friend who owns a body shop.

We sat down and discussed the issue he's confronted with regarding Ford's change to aluminium. We even looked at all of the equipment, from the cordless riveter, to rivets, which are use the same principles as a wad punch, to his "clean" workshop area that is contaminant free of other metals and contaminants when working on the aluminium wonder trux.

He's in business, he must recoup his outlays. It's that simple. This guy has far more knowledge than you or I in repairing vehicles.

The response from a simple Ford troulle on PUTC I really don't place much credence on.

You all talk like the manufacturer had a choice of what to test. Lol.. IIHS buys these car themselves to do the tests, the manufacturer don't give IIHS cars to test.

Insurance premiums haven't gone up on the aluminum f150. Same or dang close to the same price.

Please Fat Chick From Oz. You know exactly what I am talking about. Front and offset crash ratings. Everyone knows what is needed to get the highest ratings and they need to play by those rules to make their vehicle achieve the highest rating possible. Since it does not have to deal with a diesel engine and MPG I don't expect you to understand. What a friendless trol! You are.

Fat Tro!L From Oz, why don't you ask how many cars are totaled due to high cost of parts. Namely airbags, seat belts, restraint control modules, etc. It is harder and harder for bodyshops to get work because everything is very expensive to repair now. I am fine with that myself. Unless it is very minor I don't want the vehicle back. Don't beleive me, look how many people want a car Fax now and how many dealers offer a free car Fax to show it is accident free. No one wants a wrecked and rebuilt vehicle. Unless they get it at a huge discounted price.

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