Ram Hitches Its Hopes to Power of 'The Force'

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All right, we get it. Partnering with a big movie attracts all sorts of attention when impassioned masses can't wait for the next "Hunger Games" or "Star Wars" saga. But really, to sell pickups?

We appreciate tongue-in-cheek humor as much as the next person, but how does teaming with "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (opening Dec. 18) build credibility for Ram? So a white Stormtrooper-looking Ram 1500 Rebel runs across the desert with a John Williams soundtrack playing. Big deal. While Ford is showing off its towing technology, Ram is courting the Hollywood elite? Ugh. Pretty sure we can do better here.

And if the sand dunes in the background look familiar, those are the same dunes we ran the 2015 Rebel on with the 2015 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro in our recent 2015 4x4 Challenge.



While a tie-in to a film can have its benefits (wanna bet there's RAM commercials in the pre-feature advertising?), actual product placement within the film is more effective. Jag, Astin Martin and even Fiat can attest to that in the Bond movies. Even more, look where Apple is after being featured in a Star Trek movie.

The point is that getting mind share is important and if RAM has tied itself to the Star Wars movie, you can be fairly sure RAM was behind the scenes even if they weren't on camera and that will become obvious as the different behind-the-scenes documentaries come out. It's all advertising no matter how you look at it.

As far as the Ford RVs? I'm not even tempted. It's just another way to jack up the prices on products that are already too expensive.

Fiat has already been advertising their trucks with hunger games. It is about as gay as you can get. I watched a few of those commercials just laughing. It is pathetic. It seems fiat is running out of advertising ideas. They will milk this for a while.

Ram was also in Intersteller and a bunch of other movies. Ram has not caught up to Chevy like all of the Ram guys said they would. Ram has the least monthly change vs 2014 of Ford, Chevy and Ram. Star Wars tie ins would make me less likely to buy a Ram.

Movie advertising can work well for auto manufactures..... Just look at Toyota and Back to the Future.

Yes, its a good match. Since star wars is just a fictional story just like Rams fictional specs that it can do work.

Movie and tv advertising can work well for auto manufactures..... Just look at Ram and Twister, Children of the Corn V, Smallville, The Longest Yard, The Dukes of Hazzard (05), Terminator Salvation, Halloween II, Sharknado, Intersteller, Man of Steel: SuperMan, CSI, Hunger Games (2015), Goosebumps (2015), Star Wars (2015) and many more.


Rather than Ford wasting money on it's bling for the aluminium F-150, that money would be better spent investing in technology in improving those EcoSuck engines to fully benefit from the aluminium.

Ford could even invest money in refining to ride of the aluminium F-150 rather than the bling.

How about Ford tweaking a 3 litre V6 Lion Diesel for a decent tow and off roader. That would be of more benefit towing than some gizmo that allow someone who shouldn't even have a trailer attached on any vehicle they operate, especially if they can't back it up.

By the use of Star Wars Ram is getting a free ride in promoting the Ram. Why not?

Toyota towed the Space Shuttle.

Big Al, not really sure this was an article about Fords bling. More like an article suggesting some real world advertisement from Ram to help sell there trucks and revamp there name. Im all in for movie appearances , makes some people a little happy when there vehicle is featured in a movie, but thats about all it does. Not really goin to draw in a mass of new buyers because it was dodging lasers and ramming through storm troopers 😂

Though I'm personally not a fan of Star Wars, partnering with movies does help to bring a vehicles's attention to various audiences. Many manufacturers like Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Audi, Porsche etc. have done this before. No offense, but Mark sounds as if he's upset that they didn't choose the F-150 for these movies.

Read the second paragraph.

I do believe a comparison is made regarding Ford's bling in towing against this Ram in Star Wars. I don't know how the author of this article made the connection.

I do believe the author should of used the Tundra Shuttle, Back to the Future, etc as a comparison, not what amounts to selling Ford Bling.

I interpret this as a fair opportunity to expand on this comparison.

I don't know why you'd say he wants the F-150 in Star Wars movies. That would be stupid and corny. If he loves the F-150 so much why did he vote for the Colorado to be truck of the year? I don't care for brand new vehicles in movies. You can tell that its a blatant ad and it takes away from the movie.

Love my New AEV Power Wagon. Everybody stares at it on the road and give it a thumbs up. Can't wait for some local snow.

Maybe the Death Star has a RAM logo on it. We all know how that worked out....

Got to check out my friend's 2015 Ram Hemi SLT earlier today. Pretty nice truck, will really s$!t and get compare to my 2014 5.3L 6sd and my father 5.0L 6sd. If they stick to steel, I just might get me a new Ram. Will have to see how it holds up.

HEMI V8 is buying a new Charger next.

"Sergio is a great poker player: all the noise he is making aims at hiding the fact that in reality FCA's golden years are nearing an end," another banker close to the industry said.

What once seemed to be Marchionne's search for a love match has revealed itself to be far more about fear than attraction. With his advances to just about every automaker in the industry going unanswered, Marchionne has settled on the target that shows the most managerial weakness. http://www.bloombergview.com/articles/2015-08-31/can-fiat-chrysler-scare-gm-into-a-merger-

Rumors of a possible Fiat Chrysler (FCA) alliance with another automaker have been circulating for the past several months. That’s understandable as FCA chairman Sergio Marchionne has iterated that his company’s best chance for long-term survival may be tied with the fortunes of another automaker.http://www.autotrends.org/2015/04/14/why-no-one-wants-to-hook-up-with-fiat-chrysler-fca/

Hmmm... I wonder why all the rejections....

"Why should [GM] bail out FCA?"

Marchionne is praying to god that - he gets Kim Kardashian & Bruce Jenner (ahem Caitlyn Jenner) love.

Partnering with the largest movie to be released in the last 20 years can't be bad advertising. Auto manufacturers have certainly spent money on worse ideas in the past

HEMI V8's Dodge Charger will also be in the new Star Wars movie.


The Charger was also in Furvious 7.

Go see Star Wars and get your FCA on. This is money well $pent!!!!!!!!!!!

Join the DODGE SIDE.

STAR WARS December 18th!


Join the DODGE SIDE.

STAR WARS December 18th!


Join the DODGE SIDE.

STAR WARS December 18th!


Join the DODGE SIDE.

STAR WARS December 18th!


Join the DODGE SIDE.

STAR WARS December 18th!


Don't know if it's hatred for fca or people just tired of the childish rants of posters. I find myself thinking everybody who drives a gm product must be ignorant, probably because johnny doe is. Same for fca and the stupid posts from it's fanbois. Most of the Ford posters who get caught in are defending not initiating. Anyway, the fca problem will be over soon enough. Nobody wants them anymore because they have no cash to plunder or country to subsidize them.

Big Al, i did indeed read the second paragraph. I would hardly call towing tech bling , or refer it to bling . Possibly some big shiny rims or even the chrome tip exhaust. The author was just using towing tech as a referance point to compare. Its an article about Ram. Not the possible use of fords money on other upgrades. I like the ecoboost engines performance but the real world epa numbers are def not economical. So the name might not best suit it . i do agree with a tundra comparison with the ford towing comparison. Maybe a Transformers use of chevy vehicles might be better to compare to the use of rams in Star Wars.

I do respect your interpretation.

But, I personally don't and can't see any comparison between towing tech and Ram using a movie to promote a product.

It seems to me that the author was making a diverging comparison.

Sort of like discussing how Walmart Advertises and then having a comment on how cheap a John Deere lawn tractor is a Lowes in an the same article.

Maybe if the author would of discussed how Ford spins or markets, advertises, etc, it's pickups ie, using FE as the primary advantage of FE, then dropping the FE advantage it because it didn't bear the fruit expected................ then turning to tow and load as the biggest advantage of aluminium.

That's how I see it.

Tow and load!

WFT Mark Williams!

Geez, I thought more of you than that.

The same people who are ga-ga over Star Wars are the guys who live in mom's spare bedroom (basement?) and use her car when they need to drive.

Have you seen these people? Grown men dressing up like kids on Halloween...

Hope that Ram is not hitching their star to THAT demographic! Maybe they could do a deal for Tonka trucks.

FCA is doing great. Nymbers don't lie. Thanks FIAT and CHRYSLER.

Like fords Tonka show truck a few years ago? Betcha mark went ape over that

How is Dodge promoting itself with a movie different than ford promoting itself by putting a blue oval on someone else's camper? It's not about building credibility. It's called advertising.
Posted by: roadram | Dec 5, 2015 9:37:40 PM

The difference is Ford is the licensor and is making a profit off of the trailers that are sold. Its also called an upsell. You buy a truck, you might be interested in an RV as well. This makes money.

In Ram's case they are the licensee and paying to bein the movies. It may or may not be a great way to reach people, but it comes at a cost. GM canceled Super Bowl ads a couple years ago because they cost so much it wouldn't have made any sense. Fiat-Ram has the slimmest profit margins so they have to be careful.

the current Ram has been there since 2009 , as a late 2008 model and is very dated . almost eight years of no significant changes.

Ram Truck dislikes:
#1 The 3.6 V6 ticks like a bomb
#2 The 3.0 diesel is too expensive
#3 The gear selector knob is just stupid
#4 The issue with the ball joints falling out and the broken drive shafts.

Ram Truck likes:
#1 The 5.7 V8 great engine with all the reserve power anybody needs plus great gas mileage.
#2 The best , biggest and most comfortable interior room of any truck.
#3 The smoothest and comfortable and quiet ride of any truck.
#4 The best design of the a-pillars and window placement so there are no blind spots

Ford 72-79, no significant changes. 60-66, no significant changes. Chevy 73-8?, no significant changes. 60-66, 67-72, no significant changes. Dodge 61-71, 72-80, 81-93, 94-01 no significant changes. Appears Dodge holds on longer than the other 3. So what.
Thanks, Lou, for the balance.

@HemroidV8, yeah I checked with the dealer on that AEV Power Wagon and he still has it. It hasn't been sold yet so you can go on dreaming and talking to yourself.

Unless Dodge or RAM is planning on building Tie Fighters, X Wings or Milennium Falcons, I am having a hard time seein how this makes any sense financially. At least in Transformers, most of the Autobots transformed into GM vehicles. The Camaro got a huge boost from Bumblebee. Chrysler can't even sneak product placement in a Star Wars movie. There going to be a Ram Rebel billboard on Tatooine??

Interesting to read an article that puts Ram down and blesses Ford. This site is total BS. Also I have noticed that some of my posts never make it when I try to bring to life some inconsistencies. This site I straight up Ford prop.

Really bob? We're all shivering with anticipation waiting for your genius solution

@maximus, yes some of my post never make it either. I am a Ford guy so we differ there but there really is nothing wrong with a Ram. Sometimes I will post back at johnny doeboy and it never post but he can post and cuss and talk about someones Mama and they let it go. Guess he must have connections somewhere. I feel your pain though.

I made a comment about women involved in designing trucks and the PC Gestapo erased it.

Picture Mickey Mouse in a Darth Vader helmet saying, "Sergio, I'm your father".

Somehow, someway......Disney has to recover the 100 million they spent buying the franchise.


Sergio - may the farce be with you ;)

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