Special Operations Silverado to Hit Dealers in Spring

Silverado Spec Ops Title

Chevrolet will produce a limited-production version of the Silverado 1500 pickup truck, the Special Operations Silverado, which will go on sale in spring 2016. Part of the proceeds from each sale will benefit the Navy SEAL Museum in Fort Pierce, Fla.

A concept version of the Special Operations Silverado was seen on the field prior to the Army-Navy football game earlier in December. It is based on the Silverado 1500 Z71 trim, and although GM was mum on details about the production version, we are hopeful that some of the features from the concept will make it onto the finalized truck. The concept included unique touches such as a "Razzle Dazzle" naval camouflage paint scheme, off-road tires, wheel flares and a bed-mounted sport bar with an LED light rack.

Chevrolet also announced that it is expanding its military discount program to include all 23 million veterans and their spouses through Jan. 4. For more information on this program, visit ChevySalutes.com.

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After posting all that is wrong in the truck world, finally and good story about a real man's truck.

I can see the appeal in this "Commando" pickup, but I would never buy one.

I don't like the black rims, or the drab colour scheme. I do like a certain amount of chrome and polished alloy on any vehicle, but not to the point of being garish.

I wonder when GM will announce a diesel version of the Silverado/Sierra?

What's with all these special models coming out from Chev. There's getting to be too many. I like Chev and own a Silverado but I really don't like how they have been looking after 2013 model year. Gotten more square on the sides and that ugly rear bumper with the corner steps. I would be switching to a Ram for the next truck if I'm willing to let mine go.

Take all of these appearance package models coming out of GM and cancel them. Then build one special vehicle like the Raptor that is in not just special in appearance.

Is GM making you buy all these trim packages? There is nothing wrong with giving customers choices. Everyone will buy what they like.

It's good to give the consumer choices. But, is there really choice? More manufacturers would probably produce less of these value added packages from the few pickup makers as pricing would be forced to be sharper.

$55 big ones for this and still can't get a 6.2?
But does come with a 98 mph governor!

Is Skippy running GM too?

Is the body painted or is that a rap ?

Good thing it's a limited-production version, They're going to have trouble giving that away.

it' a poser with some paint.

Not my cup of tea, but nice to see some money going to the SEAL museum.

It would look better with either just one of those colors instead of three (four?), and without that hideous bar that only illuminates the top of the cab. Swap out those low profile tires for combat split rims and it would look legit.

At least a portion goes to the museum, whatever "part" that is.

Soldier of Fantasy edition for redneck wannabes.

Hahahaha, wow, GM designed a truck for its Poser Chevy Fan Boys. Lmfao, what a useless truck.

@ Frank: For once I agree with you. The Poser leader is found on this site:


Looks awful glad it's for a good cause though. I'm sure this will be a popular package with cops and 40 to 55 year old men who dress like cops.

What's next a rainbow truck.

I agree with Ken... How about GM tries building something that really is special/impressive/high performance? and not in the windowlicking/helmet wearing GMSRGREAT person kind of way. Think Raptor/Lightning/SRT10/SS kind of great. Where its more than stickers, wheels, paint and if they are feeling daring lights... Im sure GM makes lots of money off of windowlickers who LOVE stickers, wheels, paint and even sometimes lights and for GM that's smart fast easy money. But lets be honest its nothing to brag about or be proud of since NOTHING was built that wasn't already available.

This is a badly designed truck, looks horrible, another GM fail

This truck is very nice and was made for a good cause. Having a military background I would like to see GM come up with something for all the branches of the military and also go towards a good cause.

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