Spied: 2017 Ford F-350 Super Duty

Ford SD Reg 2 II

We saw several versions of the all-new 2017 Ford Super Duty at the 2015 Texas State Fair and Los Angeles Auto Show, but new models are still driving around Michigan for testing, and our spy photographers are there to capture them. Here's the latest model, likely to be popular with commercial fleet buyers who have aging pickup trucks.

"This is the regular-cab 2017 Ford F-350, caught in base XL trim with the eight-foot bed. Ford has revealed most of its 2017 F-Series lineup, but this bad boy was left in the cold.

"Call this the 'Contractor's Special,' because this version of the F-350 should be a fixture among the set using pickups for construction, repair and other projects, a market Ford has had a lock on for years.

"Like the other new four-door Super Duty trucks, the F-350 gets styling more in line with the F-150 that was shown nearly two years ago. It shares a cab with that model, too, meaning more space inside the truck for people. But the big news is a revised structure with high-strength steel and, of course, an aluminum body. Payload figures will be up, which is probably most important in the version of the truck seen here.

"From what we hear, expect to see the first F-350s by the middle of 2016."

Spiedbilde images


Ford SD Reg 4 II

Ford SD Reg 4A II

Ford SD Reg 3 II

Ford SD Reg front II



Just when I thought they couldn't make a pickup truck any taller...

Truck designers obviously have never had to load and unload a truck before.

although I'd rather see a lariat CC, thats military grade right there

There is a difference between military grade and MIL SPEC.
Don't let Ford fool anyone, the 5000 and 6000 series aluminum has been used on the F-150's hood for years, same as GM and Ram. By coining the phrase "Military Grade," yes expect Ford to raise some eyebrows however this is old tech.

Has anyone else noticed that Ford lowered the box rail height on this truck compared to the F150?

I believe they did this for two reasons: 1-to minimize the reach-over height on this seemingly taller truck and 2-to make the cab look bigger and taller in comparison to the half ton. Note that the top of the box lines up an inch or so below the bottom of the door window while on the F150 they are on the same line.

Also note: the media keeps telling us that the new F-150 cab is being used on the SD trucks because it's roomier. It may be more spacious than the old half ton, but less than the current Super Duty by a couple of cu. ft.

All things considered, it'll still be at the top of the heap when it hits the lots.

will the bare-bones cheap model have the 5.0 V8 or is the 6.2 the base gas engine?

As with the F150....WAY TOO TALL! Tailgate handle is too high. Need a stool to just release it. The corners of the mirrors being angled are terrible. The recessed wide angle mirror looses about 30% of its useful area. Just dumb stuff.

Looks tough and capable like nothing can stop it.

That's quite a rake. Huge air dam but that's not uncommon. Im about 80% sure that's a 2wd model. Nothing really stands out that hasn't been seen, or said before.

The cab is being shared with the F150 to save on costs. With the use of aluminum Ford can no longer afford to have the designs be so divorced. Will this hurt? Maybe. How much of the Superduty's CRUSHING HD truck market dominance/success was due to the cab being different from the half ton? Will losing that "advantage" be offset by the savings in costs to Ford and the increase in capabilities for the consumer at a higher cost? We all know what Al will say but its far smarter to say time will tell and Ford is gonna find out.

"MILITARY GRADE!!!!" (jets wooshing by, tanks crushing something, a big submarine punching through the artic)... O sorry that last one was GMC hype. Yea folks it marketing BS... The military has specs/specificatons and yes there is mil spec aluminum both for structure and armor and no the F150 doesn't meet those or at least not the armor one. So Ford invented the term "Military Grade". It sounds good. It looks cool. Why not? I mean if you really wanna call them out on it it should be for not being original with it. I believe GMC was the first with an imagery grade... "Professional Grade" I think they called it. It wasn't bad then and I don't think its bad now.

Have to lower the box because of goosenecks and 5th wheel.

Except for the grill and tailgate, looks a lot like my coworker's '99 Superduty.

A lot of butthurt going on here. smh.

Looks ridiculous on the tiny tires. Those wells can probably stuff 35's without even a leveling kit

@toycrusher, those who tow any weight will love the small tires/wheels, those who want to parade around in a lifted truck for no reason other than its cool, will not.

You have the fully boxed frame to thank for the height.

Clint: No that's a 4x4. The 2WD trucks sit much lower [see the Ford website 2017 Super Duty page].

maybe redblooded... I would have thought a 4x4 would sit more level (less rake) and have a more defined/visible front differential. Thanks.

Scott: Yes I read that too...forgot to mention it.

Prolly not any tall bed height then a ram or gm.

It's not that high. The photographer is shooting up to make it appear taller.

Looks good. Definitely needs bigger tires though. Pretty insignificant, but i wonder if the placement of that front license plate will block air flow to the trans cooler. Im quite sure thats why the 09-14 f150s had theres offset to the side on the later years. Correct me if im wrong.

Sorry, not for me, I prefer professional grade trucks.

Great looking 1990's hitch. Every other manufacturer can hide their hitch but Ford...

Sandman, GM needs to Hide those Class 3's they put on their HD's for sure

Work trucks don't need bigger tire. They just cost more money and waste fuel and decrease braking. I put big 33" BFG's on my truck on recommendations from the forum and it was the biggest mistake.

Sandman - having the bumper tucked up higher with more hitch exposed probably is a good idea as it helps keep the bumper out of harm's way.

I have to agree with others, bodywise it doesn't look much different than the prior SD.

I just thought it was a 4x4 by looking at the 4x4 sticker on the bed

Sandman - having the bumper tucked up higher with more hitch exposed probably is a good idea as it helps keep the bumper out of harm's way.

I have to agree with others, bodywise it doesn't look much different than the prior SD.


To your first point,

Doesn't that kind of defeat the point of having a "bumper"?

To the second,

I agree about the look. It looks more like the last model than I would have expected. I know looks aren't the main reason you buy a HD pickup but you could certainly dampen some sales on the high-end truck by not giving the guy with $70k in his wallet something different to look at.

The regular cab looks old because there is no extra cab there. With the crewcab you can see the new body more:


It looks weird because it is a RC 8' bed XL. Those always look homely in appearance.

Here's the 2016 Silverado HD RC 8' bed. Same height and tire size. This is one ugly truck.


Where are the "Quickest Selling" pickups this month?

Regarding the looks of the F-350.

Just the change to aluminium is quite radical for the more conservative commercial user. A feeling of "sameness" might promote less rejection of the vehicle.

Here's the 2016 Silverado HD RC 8' bed. Same height and tire size. This is one ugly truck.


You sound a little fanatical.

For all the opinion swirling on this sight about squared off wheel wells I can honestly say that the rainbow wells used on the f-series are not great to look at either. If you look at the trucks body lines, the wheel wells do not mesh well on that truck either. It would have been a better look to not accentuate them as badly as they did. So I guess Ram wins the wheel well competition.

They just won't get me to buy their truck.....

Not a bad looking truck other than street tires on a 4x4, and the plastic snow plow on the bottom of the front bumper.

@BIg AL, so now its just the commercial user that aluminum is a problem for? I sense a change of heart coming from you, glad to see that....

Damn even this would make a Mom puke. Good thing Dave Z. showed up a great looking truck.


In the very top picture, you can tell how much Ford must of loved the new Chevy front bumpers. Its pretty much the same shape as GM half tons. Yeah look at that super low air dam HAHA! Will it clear the very same beer can it is made from? ROTFL!!!

Just when I thought the super duty couldn't get any uglier. Those wheel well openings came out of the closet 15 years ago. Ford, man up for God's sakes.

The change you sense might be the one between your legs.

The only way this change comes is if Ford can successfully price the F Series in line with it's competition.

Even then Ford will have to contend with the new XD Titan. As I've stated in the past the XD Titan only needs to be sold in small numbers to impact the Big Three HD pickups, but then again Ford will take the biggest hit because Ford is very reliant on it's lighter F-250 SuperDutys.

As the aluminium wonder truck has shown it's all about pricing. Ford can only bottom it's pricing to a certain degree without incurring losses, the other manufacturers will always be able to outprice Ford's aluminium pickups.

Even when GM changes with the use of more aluminium it will not embrace aluminium as Ford has done. I'd bet GM will only use bolt on components made of aluminium, ie, doors, pickup tub, etc.

Big Al from Oz Even if GM goes all aluminium, which I hope they don't. They have a way cheaper way to weld aluminium together, instead of using rivets and glue LOL!

"Ford’s new F-150 is the first pickup out of the gate in the race to reduce weight with aluminum, but a new welding system developed by General Motors will let GM introduce aluminum components to its current vehicle production lines without having to spend hundreds of millions in factory retooling costs. Ford recently warned investors that its profit margin on the 2015 F-150 will shrink because of higher material and manufacturing costs, AN says."


I think I now understand why the Ford fan boys are so happy about the aluminium Ford trucks. The glue and riveted together Ford trucks remind them of their elmer's glue and copper envelope rivets art projects from kindergarten days LOL!! That at least explains their childish post and comments on this site.

Can gm weld aluminum and steel together??? Cause if they can't when they go to piece meaning aluminum into there truck line they are going to have to glue and/or rivet the aluminum to the steel panels.

Also as ford incorporates composites such as in the 2017 raptor glueing and riveting is needed.

As far as the new truck's looks are concerned, IT LOOKS A LOT LIKE A FORD PICKUP TRUCK. And that works for me...

@JK "plastic snow plow", now that's funny. Sad thing is they all have them now.

Yup I knew it would not take long for johnny welfare doe to tro!! Into here. The funny thing is he believes GM came up with a welding process for aluminum to steel. Look around welfare and see who really is behind it. Just wait to those 2 different metals have fun with each other.

@Johnny Blowhard, I see that Little Short Yellow STOOL BUS dropped you off early today. When I say dropped you off I bet you made a BIG SPLASH!!!!!

I don't like how high it rides and I know other hd's are similar but I hate loading the high beds and some people have issues getting in and out.

andrwken - having the bumper tucked in for trucks used on rougher work sites like logging where there is a lot of debris will help keep it from getting hung up on various obstacles but it still is in a position to provide some protection if one backs into an object. I have bent bumpers outward from that sort of thing before.

johnny doe - my brother owns a logging company and he agrees with you. The Aluminum Super Dooty will be a dud. Excellent posts!

I will be adding some of these trucks to my fleet next year when they go on sale.

The 6.7 Powerstroke has been around for a good amount of time now. All the wrinkles have been ironed out. Reliability is at an all-time high. The interior of this truck is world-class.

Why did they use Prius tires? It has very comic look. Like baby truck.

GM is investing $877 million in the Flint Mi. Truck Plant to facilitate there 2018 aluminum Silverado. Hardly a cheap pennies on the dollar changeover.

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