2016 Detroit Auto Show Preview: What to Expect

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Hot on the heels of the best sales year in the auto industry's history, automakers are ready to debut new vehicles at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Cobo Hall, which kicks off Jan. 11 with media previews. On the pickup truck side, things will be a little thin, but we're guessing a few surprises will show up … the only question is from who. Here are our prognostications:

Honda: Honda already announced it will debut the 2017 Honda Ridgeline in Detroit, but it'll be interesting to see how many of the same safety technologies from the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot carry over and whether Honda attempted to make this new pickup more traditional and capable.

Nissan: Arguably the biggest news from the 2015 Detroit show was the debut of the all-new Titan XD with the all-new Cummins diesel engine, so this year we'd guess Nissan might do something — maybe reveal a concept — for the oldest (by a wide margin) midsize player in the segment, the Frontier.

Mitsubishi: No word yet about Mitsubishi bringing its globally popular L200 workhorse pickup to the U.S. anytime soon, but this would be a great time for the automaker to show off some kind of concept truck to get people talking and thinking about it.

Hyundai: Also making pickup truck news at the 2015 Detroit show, the Hyundai Santa Cruz concept showed off the Korean automaker's playful side with a Ranchero/El Camino segment-busting pickup. From what we've been hearing the project has the green light, but production dates are still quite a ways off.

Ford Raptor: We haven't heard much lately about the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor, but we should be seeing and touching the truck — and testing it — by the third quarter of this year. We're not sure we'll see anything at this show, but we'd guess more information should be coming at the Chicago and New York shows.

Chevrolet/GMC: There are rumors that, given the huge popularity of the Colorado and Canyon Duramax diesel, it won't be long before the half-ton Silverado and Sierra get an all-new turbo-diesel, somewhere in the 3.0- to 3.5-liter range.

Ram: With the exception of the new grille and tailgate for the Ram 1500 Rebel and Laramie Longhorn, things have been pretty quiet for Ram; that's why we're guessing Ram might want to mix it up a bit with a new downsized Ram entry. Maybe it could be from an existing Fiat platform from overseas or maybe something shared with Dodge or Jeep.

Jeep: Jeep has been talking about getting back into the pickup market for several years, so we're speculating it won't be long before we'll see a new concept Jeep pickup. No one knows yet how much "Jeepness" will be in this new pickup, but it will have to be very different from anything Ram is offering, since the head of Ram and Jeep is now the same executive: Mike Manley.

The 2016 NAIAS opens to the public Jan. 16 and runs through Jan. 24 at the Cobo Center, 1 Washington Blvd. Hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Jan. 16-23 and 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Jan. 24, with no admittance an hour before closing each day.

Tickets are $13 for adults, and $7 for seniors age 65 or older and children ages 7-10; kids age 6 or younger get in free with a parent or guardian. A discounted rate of $9 a ticket is available for groups of 30 or more. Go to naias.com for more info.

Cars.com photos by Mark Williams


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Suspect we will hear any news at the Show about F150 Diesel, since it was recently spied testing?

will the 2017 sliveroda HD truck debut at the show or not

The Ridgeline will certeinly be interesting- Honda has a prime spot right next to the door, and would do well to grab passer-by attention.
We should get production level XDs on the flow to get our lowly public hands all over. The cat (NP300) seems to be out of the bag- lets hope they're ready to show us something. Also in the wings is the non-XD Titan and possibly some new versions of the big NV- long body, diesel and 4wd are all viable.
There's nothing new for the Raptor, and '17 model year stuff won't be on the floor. We could get a good look at (the tech underneath) the 2017 Super Duty. Lets not forget some forshadowing about the impending production of the Ranger (and "Bronco") here in Michigan.
GM has invested a Kings ransom in HCCI, and being devested of VM, they no longer have an appropriate inhouse Diesel. The new HD chassis should be here any day, too, since it usually follows 2 years behind the LD/Body upgrade.
We should be seeing SOMETHING from Jeep, but it could be in the D or Chicago.

@Miller- It seems to me like Ford has way too many engines in play- it just drives up cost over the 3-engine strategy at GM and Ram. NA V6, small V6 Turbo, V8, bigger V6 Turbo, plus the 5cyl Diesel in the Transit in the same power spectrum, adding the Lion V6 seems unlikely to me. Sure, it would make for an awesome truck, especially in the 7700# GVW package. I just doubt Ford can make a business case for after betting the farm on turbo gassers.

Here are my thoughts and what I think should debut:

Honda: 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Nissan: 2016 Nissan Titan (non-XD) needs to be there for a reveal. 2017 Nissan Frontier - hopefully will be there.

Mitsubishi: Nothing

Hyundai: We'll likely see the Santa Cruz again, but hopefully this will be closer to the looks of the production model.

Ford Raptor: 2017 Ford Raptor & possibly the 2017 F-150 baby Powerstroke diesel

Chevrolet/GMC: Hopefully a true Colorado/Canyon ZR2, ready for production. Also, GM and Chevy should say something about the baby Duramax in the Sierra/Silverado sometime in 2017 MY.

Ram: RAM needs to pull off of the trim line updates (Rebel & Limited) and focus on the next-gen truck - hopefully to be a 2017 MY. The current generation has been out since 2009 and a redesign is needed. The guts of the truck (engines, suspension, transmission and options are all great; but the look (especially the exterior) needs an update. C'mon RAM - show us something next week!!! You showed your dealers last year - now at least give us a glimpse of what's to come!

Jeep: Jeep's small truck entry is getting closer, but I bet it won't be here until after the new Wrangler debuts next year.

Oh yeah, pickuptrucks.com didn't mention anything about Toyota: With an all new Tacoma; it's time to focus on the Tundra. Drop some weight from it, add a more efficient transmission to go along with new engine choices - which need to also be more efficient and you might be able to turn things around. I like the current trucks, but won't spend my money on a truck that gets 13 mpg's in the City and 17 on the highway. They need to be up around 17/23 and soon!!

I would think that the next Frontier and 1/2 ton Titan are a given. I would like to see the 1/2 ton Titan offered with the 3 litre V6 Renault diesel we had in our Navara's.

The Renault 2.3 twin turbo diesel we have in our Navara is extremely economical and pulls well. It's down on power and torque compared to the 2.8 Colorado/Canyon diesel. From the reviews I've read it's performs better than a Colorado diesel.

Cummins also has the 3.8 litre ISF diesel. If Cummins is pulling 185hp and 365ftlb of torque out of the 2.8 ISF, I wonder if the 3.8 can pull around 280-300hp and 500ftlb of torque?

With the Frontier we'll also see if the US is getting an Americanised narrow body version of the third world Navara.

I do know it's odds on for the Lion V6 to be fitted to the aluminium wonder truck from Ford. But, I wouldn't be surprised if the 5 cylinder 3.2 litre Duratorq is used. The Lion V6 is one expensive engine.

I really don't see Frod offering much in pickups. They could announced more economical EcoThirst engines and a more refined F-150. Now that would be nice.

I don't know a diesel for the GM S twins. What manufacturer can they go too? There are several 3 litre V6 diesel manufacturers.

I agree with mr knowitall. Just because ford is testing a diesel in their 1/2 ton doesn't mean it is coming. They have been exploring the idea of a 1/2 ton diesel for many years and it is only getting harder to accomplish given the increasingly strict emission standards. It's also tougher with gas prices being so low lately the payoff in diesel only gets tougher. There has been a surprising amount of rumors about upcoming diesels though so we could be wrong.

What I am most interested in seeing in 2016 pickups are details on the all new ecoboost and the 10 speed in the raptor and whether or not it makes its way into the regular f150.

Well will be interesting to see where GM goes to power their LD trucks???? But after the news of the International Joint Venture for a new MD truck for 2017 that leads me to think that International and GM Could work together on a new Diesel Engine line ??? International has Dropped their Long lasting Maxxforce DT 466 from the lineup and the V8 has also been dropped

So that leaves Us with Isuzu as a option still too for GM

Just wonder is Detroit would dust off the Delta V6 Concept?? it would be a very good answer to the Nissan/Cummins

Izuzu do have small diesels, but they are truck engines. The V6 diesels like the VM and the Lion were designed for prestige and luxury vehicles, even the Renault 3 litre V6 diesel.

The 3 litre diesel worked in well with the EU's taxation on engines 3 litres and over that's how they came into existence and there are a number of them that are quite identical in power and torque.

Izuzu do have a 5.4 litre diesel for some of there smaller trucks and a 3 three litre for their smallest FWD control truck.

I really don't think they can be refined enough for the US 1/2 ton market. Because most (75%) who buy a 1/2 ton want them to be very carlike and not a truck.

@big al, Ford doesnt need to mention anything other than the fact that they are military grade now, and doing quite well, and the 2017 HD's will be military grade as well, thats all they need to say, as far as FE in the 150, its fine as is, as only stupid people buy trucks for FE only

Chevy will announce the diesel option in the 1/2 tons, our company just signed fleets with Ford again, but that was a selling point for the GM side.

I agree Ram really need to carry out a major refresh with the Ram if it wants to maintain numbers.

At a minimum Ram needs a reskin and new interior. The suspension on Ram has been their biggest seller as has been noted by many reviews and tests.

Rams engine/drivetrain lineup is acceptable, but could do with a change in the near future.

Ram also need to remove the negativity in relation to quality issues. I do believe this is partly a throwback from years gone by.

Jeep well bring out the new Wrangler for 2017, then the Jeep Wagoner built on the Durango platform, then the Jeep truck for 2019....

not sure what this means "Ranchero/El Camino segment-busting pickup. " is there a segment to bust?

Ford seems to have much better small diesels than the current crop of EcoThirst engnes. These diesel even have the "strict" emission measures applied.

Wards even stated that the entire lineup of EcoThirst engnes are not living up to Frod's claims on FE.

The 2.7 EcoThirst F-150 is only returning 15.6 average, this is not even city cycle. Quite poor figures even if gasoline is cheap.

Remember even with gas prices low, people still buy their gas at the cheapest gas station. I do think cheap gas prices impact the vehicle size first, then maybe engine second or third .................. or sixth.

GM could go with a VM motori v6 diesel, since their 2.8 Duramax is the updated version of the 2.8 Motori used in the liberty.Hopefully will see more diesel especially in Canada with the price of the gas so expensive compare to the US.

2.8 Duramax Source below:

A 428 DOHC[edit]

Evolution of R428 DOHC with 1800 bar common rail injection system and piezoelectric injectors

2010–2012 Jeep Cherokee (power: 200 PS (147 kW); torque: Manual transmission: 302 lb·ft or 410 N·m automatic transmission: 339 lb·ft or 460 N·m))
2010–present Jeep Wrangler (power: 200 PS (147 kW); torque: Manual transmission: 302 lb·ft or 410 N·m automatic transmission: 339 lb·ft or 460 N·m))
2011–2013 Chrysler Grand Voyager/Lancia Voyager (power: 163 PS (120 kW); torque: 360 N·m)
2013–present Chrysler Grand Voyager/Lancia Voyager (power: 178 PS (131 kW); torque: 360 N·m)
2013–present Holden Colorado, Holden Colorado 7 (power 147 kW); 500Nm (Updated November 2013)
2014–present General Motors, Holden Colorado, Isuzu Colorado & Holden Colorado & Nova S10(Brazil) (power:200HP Torque:510Nm)

@big al, none of that really made any sense, and I can't believe I actually read it

I would like to see a Wrangler pickup or better still cab/chassis. This would be a fantastic vehicle for FCA to improve itself in the global midsize market and have a cult vehicle that will sell in the US market.

Also offered with the VM 2.8 diesel and 6spd manual and cheap.

Like the one in the link, with maybe another 6" to 1' foot of chassis length to allow for a more usable tray/flatbed.


GM will not buy a VM, even though the current 2.8 Duramax diesel is based on one. The 2.8 is a GM manufactured engine, not VM.

I just can't see GM and FCA going to bed over this one, especially after Sergio's and Barra's last encounters. Sergio even said he wouldn't even have a coffee with her.

That Raptor, AWESOME.

I can care less for MPG, I want that TRUCK.

Love that Truck!!!

"@big al, none of that really made any sense, and I can't believe I actually read it"

That's because he's drunk again, have heard him speak, he has this annoying SLURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

3 Finalist for North America Truck of the Year are:
Honda Pilot
Volvo XP
Nissan Titan

Cummins has said a few years ago,they will sell their diesels to whatever oems want to buy them.That takes care of the domestic supply right there.Cummins used to have a plant in S.Korea that built some engines for the US market as well as anywhere else that wanted them.Maybe they still have a manufacturing plant still there,I don't know.

Fiat has proven the viability of a small displacement diesel in half ton and it can make a lot of sense to enough people that not offering one is foolish. While right now with cheap fuel is not a good time to introduce one waiting until fuel prices rise and introducing a new untried diesel option is a stupid alternative.

The Titan XD yea yea yea heard its coming, seen the pics, yea its got a really expensive, well made, powerhouse engine that makes bad MPGs... I don't occasionally haul anything of note and care about payload capacity so im not interested.

The Raptor... its cool... say it again... its cool. Ok got it. I don't have the money for such a toy and my best wishes to anyone that does. Nothing else from Ford trucks? I thought a new Super Duty was coming/had been unveiled...

The Ridgeline?... It didn't matter before. It wont matter again. Its too smart makes too much sense for most but just isn't as cool as the CC and Taco pretend truck offerings and pretend trucks are all about looking cool and at least being able to go off road if you ever stop worrying about the paint.

A Hyundai concept... well that makes me sleepy. Come back with something real.

Mitsubishi still sells cars/trucks here? O yea that's right they kinda, sorta, almost do sometimes.

Fiats get big letter grills... yawn, and Jeep YET AGAIN teases another truck almost no one but a jeep nut would want.

I would agree with the article that the Titan XD is the biggest news... if only there was any mystery left to its story other than does it hold up and how well does it sell.

Nothing from Toyota? When will they start to make some changes in the Tundra? The 5.7 Liter is a great engine however they have a lot of technologies available to get similar performance out of a smaller displacement engine. 5.0 perhaps?

I believe the Tundra has to be the worst 1/2 on the market currently for fuel economy.

I agree with beebe. The other stuff is ok, but right now I really only want to hear about the 10 speed and when we can expect it in the regular F-150. Fiat-Ram isn't doing a new truck with aluminum until after 2020 so nobody really cares about them right now.

I suspect we'll here some news about vehicles! Maybe even a turbo encabulator!!!

The 2.7 EcoThirst F-150 is only returning 15.6 average, this is not even city cycle. Quite poor figures even if gasoline is cheap.

Remember even with gas prices low, people still buy their gas at the cheapest gas station. I do think cheap gas prices impact the vehicle size first, then maybe engine second or third .................. or sixth.

Posted by BARFO.


Hmmmm, they seem to get a little better than your odd single source you found. Even this site did much much better.

I just can't see GM and FCA going to bed over this one, especially after Sergio's and Barra's last encounters. Sergio even said he wouldn't even have a coffee with her.

Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Jan 8, 2016 12:38:36 PM

To me it would be a very poor choice for a partnership between GM and fiat. There is nothing fiat could offer GM that GM could not do on their own.

@LMAO - a fellow on TTAC used to have a Nissan Frontier and he bought a 2.7 EB F150 crew. He said he got 25 mpg on a higher speed highway trip with the F150. The same trip in the Frontier yielded a 16 mpg average.

@Mr Knowitall - you live up to your nom de guerre. Well thought out. Ford may be testing a diesel but it may be a few years out before it hits the market. The EB line is where they put their eggs. I doubt they will stray from that path until they feel ROI has been obtained. The Ford GT SuperCar as well as Raptor halo truck show that they are still committed to the EB line.

@Clint - the new Ridgeline being more "traditionally" styled may do better than the original. We have seen a resurgence in the small truck line that may carry over to Honda.

I agree that the Titan XD is powered by an excellent motor but is a thirsty beast. Its fuel consumption along with poor payload ratings (relative to 2500/3500HD's and 1500 HD's) is its Achilles heel.

The Raptor is a halo toy. Unless I pick the right "powerball" numbers it will remain someone else's halo machine. The "suicide" doors on the pictured truck do look good.

Ram is DOA. FCA is cash strapped and Marchionne is still hunting for a wedding partner. The ecodiesel's days are numbered even by Marchionne's estimations. A turbo Pentastar is in their future.

GM is overdue for a new Duramax. The HD is also due for a new chassis if history repeats itself.

@Mr Knowitall - you live up to your nom de guerre. Well thought out. Ford may be testing a diesel but it may be a few years out before it hits the market. The EB line is where they put their eggs. I doubt they will stray from that path until they feel ROI has been obtained.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Jan 8, 2016 4:58:17 PM

Agreed, Ford is heavily invested in the Ecoboost engine line and I think they will push it as far as they can. In fact if they can come up with a real "EcoMode" where the turbo is by passed in steady cruise and even light towing it will really help improve MPG. But it will need to be on a switch because there would be a power difference and possible lag to get the turbos spooled up fully.

Ford also needs to make sure a diesel F150 is bullet proof. They are still trying to regain traction after the last 2 International engines in the superduties. You screw with the F150 with a diesel it could be bad. But they have been playing with a small diesel for a long time so maybe we will see one soon.

GM is overdue for a new Duramax. The HD is also due for a new chassis if history repeats itself.

Posted by: Lou_BC | Jan 8, 2016 4:58:17 PM

The Dmax has had many changes in the past. About the only thing original is maybe the crank. The Dmax is capable of more it just needs a stronger transmission behind it. The Allison 1000 is really the limiting factor. The Dmax is probably the only diesel I can think of where the bore is bigger than the stroke. Usually you have a stroker for a diesel. Likely why it makes good mid range power.

Johnny Welfare Doe AKA rolling beer can, this dodge did not make it either


LMAO, this chevy didn't make it either. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEpBv0v7cAM
at least it made the headlines.

Big al
I really can't take you seriously when you use words like ecothurst and frod. Come on. be a grown up.

GM diesel engines are fine for the current US diesel fuel quality and CO2 emissions.

US diesel engines are not advanced as the EU diesels. The EU has concentrated more on efficiency gains from engines, hence the greater focus on CO2 emissions from the EU in comparison to the US.

The US is using EU diesel from Euro IV. What the US has done is use a lower quality diesel fuel. This fuel has a lower cetane value, which means a diesel using US diesel fuel can't run it's compression as low as the EU diesels. The higher pressures generated by a US diesel engine increases NOx output.

Another side effect is turbo boost. The EU can run a slightly higher boost on their diesels as well. Combine the lower boost, and more stringent US NOx emissions you will have a loss of power and a slight increase in fuel usage.

This is evident with the 3.2 Duratorq fitted to the Transit. It is down in hp. The same for the Duramax 2.8 fitted to the Colorado and Canyon.

US diesel is more abrasive as it's scar rate is higher. This wears out pumps and injectors quicker as well.

US diesel can allow for 50% more particulates. So any diesel engine design must incorporate this it's design.

US after treatment is what is harming US diesel. The US could use EU quality fuel as it is refined in the Gulf States, ie, Texas and Louisiana for export to the EU.

What I'm stating is the Chev diesel will do okay as US diesel doesn't require the same technilogical development for the engine itself to perform more efficiently, as I had mention the US is using after treatment.

In larger vehicles for the transport industry the added costs for a more involved after treatment system is not a big cost as in smaller vehicles, due to the cost of the larger vehicles.

Pretty sure I read a statement from a GM engineer a year or two ago and he was asked if GM was going to use diesel engines. His reply was they were more likely to use smaller turbo charged gas engines as opposed to diesel.

Ford had a similar idea. I did post the actual study done for Ford on PUTC several year ago. The paper was completed in 2004.

Ford decided on gasoline turbo instead of turbo diesel for one reason. The initial outlay for the consumer to step into a vehicle.

It was mentioned that diesel was the better of the two options and NA engines didn't rate a mention.

But, as we have found out, NA engines are better than turbo gasoline engines for FE.

An example of this is the 2.7 EcoBoost aluminium F-150 with it's 15.6mpg AVERAGE and not even city cycle.

In the future as FE regs tighten, you will see more and more diesel engines. These are cheaper than EV or hybrid tech.

there are 90 f150s on fuelly.com with the 2.7 ecoboost engine. 49 of them are averaging between 20 and 24 miles per gallon combined.

"The higher pressures generated by a US diesel engine increases NOx output."

@Big Al,

If I remember correctly, increases in sulfur dioxide (and oxides of nitrogen?) in engine exhaust would be a function of combustion temperature combined with the amount of steam present (water vapor in the exhaust).

Reduce the combustion temperature a little and the oxides decrease, but the hydro-carbons increase.

Also, with regard to abrasives in fuel, almost any liquid processed and delivered in an unfiltered state will potentially contain some crud & grit. Proper filtration should improve the purity of the product both pre-and-post delivery.

Filters on the fuel lines in the vehicle would be the next line of defense.

Suitable replacement intervals for the fuel filters ought to be sufficient to address concerns about this. A few trillion miles of diesel engine use on this planet during the last hundred years probably provide enough experience to guide the auto engineers. The SAE fellows probably have a lot of insight to share.

what do you think?

You remember very incorrectly.

But what else can one expect when you think your are Buffet and can't afford a Suburban.

Also, your alchemy is quite amusing.

Fuelly is only accurate to the individual user, not as a credible way to state FE from others. How can you verify the credibility of there FE input?

The only person who knows is yourself.

So, how many Frod fans for starters would waste time inputting bullsh!t EcoThirst data in the US? I'd bet more than the 49 you quoted.

As with any computer data modelling system, the information out is only as good as put in.

Can you put your hand on your heart and tell me the data you quoted is accurate??

No, is a simple answer.

So, I will place more faith in Ward's data than Fuelly's. No doubt many will input accurate data.

But, judging by Ward's lack of faith in the EcoThirst those 49 F-150's you quoted are more than likely questionable.

Edmunds has a 2.7 they have been testing for a year.... Doesn't achieve its EPA rating but I think they are averaging 17.7 mpg or so combined lifetime. New drivers all the time, towing and hauling etc etc. I put a tank through a 2.7 and did around 18 combined.

As far as the show
Fiat you will see the new minivan, a new fiats and on the truck side you will see exactly what you can get off the lot any given day.

Gm you will see there new hd's and prolly some of there Denali platinum longhorn thingy. Mid engine v6 turbo ecoboost corvette, there electric cars

Ford you will see the new hd's and we will get some specs, the raptor of course with the 2nd gen ecoboost, 10 speed. Prolly a ford gt supercar, maybe a gt 500, focus rs and some electric cars

More hot Ford action.

@Big Al

So, share your brilliance! Provide the proper instruction.

Ask Lou BC or Alex;)

Has anybody been watching the world economy melt down since the first of the year?
China wrote off trillions of dollars and devalued their currency, the American dollar is weak, oil is below $35.
You don't need a new truck and a $700 payment when you have no job.
Keep that paid for old truck for another year riding out the bad economy.
I keep thinking what happened in 2008, everybody traded in their truck for a compact car cause of the bad economy and the high gas prices were dealers will selling one year old used trucks for under $10K cause nobody was buying them.
If you buy a new truck now it will devalue and loose resale value so fast it will make your head spin where that $50K truck will be worth $15K in 8 months and you'll still be stuck with that $700 loan payment, plus you'll need that $700 to buy food when hyperinflation comes. That can of vegetables that is $1 now will cost $8, a loaf of bread will be $10.
It's a presidential election year and the economy always crashes.
What's a matter with your old truck?
Why do you need a new one for?
Do you really think if that new truck gets 2 miles more per gallon you're saving money by spending $50K for that new truck?
Ask yourself? Do you really need a truck in the first place?
It's a lot cheaper fixing up your old truck than buying a new one.
Maybe the seats are worn out, you should check out the salvage yards where you can get used leather seats for around $100, you can get a nice used set of tires with factory chrome wheels for around $500.

@LouDC (aka the OTHER Lou II)

Your comment incorrectly states that the American dollar is weak. Please provide stats or other objective data to bolster your comment.

In fact, the Dollar is very strong today in relative terms. Since 2012 or so the dollar has rebounded against gold, oil and other key commodities. The retail price of gas has plunged.

One commodity that has been immune seems to be dairy and meat products. A dozen eggs will break your wallet ditto for a pound of nice Tbones or sirloin.

Your recommendation about sprucing up the old truck for another year or two is perennial good advice, but every case is different. My old truck is still like new, for example.

More hot Ford action.

Posted by: GMSUSEDTOBEGREAT | Jan 8, 2016 10:27:44 PM


Nothing hotter than a chivy.

I feel sorry for those people that get a new Titan xd which will prolly be at the show. All the test coming out on it don't show good results. Either you can haul people with it or a couple 4 wheelers and cinder blocks. I doubt it can pull what a Chevy 1500, a Ford F-150, or a gmc 1500 can pull. On a goose neck you are maxed out on a Titan xd at around 10k pounds do to payload weakness.

Big al you say a lot of things I disagree with. But to say the 2.7 ecoboost averages less than 16 mpg on average is just wrong. It's just factually way way wrong. Come on. Be a grown up. And learn how to spell my name. My dad has a larger ecoboost in his f150 and averages around 18 mpg. It is almost universally agreed by normal people that the 2.7 ecoboost gets better fuel economy than the 3.5 in average real-world situations. Nobody can take anything you say seriously when you say something so ludicrous.

I would like to see 2 diesel options for the HD trucks.
A gasser for light pulls and mid size diesel with around 300HP and 550TQ for medium pulls and then the current diesel for the heavy pulls. That way owners could pick up a few mpgs while going solo or towing. Sometimes a gasser just isn't enough and the new monster diesels with 400hp and 90TQ are overkill.

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