2016 Nissan Titan XD Wins Cars.com's Best Pickup Truck Award

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In a tight competition between six of the newest pickup trucks sold in the U.S., the all-new 2016 Nissan Titan XD won one of the most coveted awards in the pickup truck segment: Cars.com's Best Pickup Truck of 2016.

The Titan XD separated itself from the competition with a strong showing in the three key categories in which new or significantly revised models were judged: power, capability and value. The other nominees in this year's competition were the Chevrolet Colorado diesel, the GMC Sierra 1500, the Ram 1500 Rebel, the Ram 3500 Heavy Duty and Toyota Tacoma. All were model-year 2016 pickups.

The winning Titan XD impressed our judges with its powerful Cummins V-8, sturdy ladder-frame construction and quality interior. As a completely new model that attempts to deliver more torque and comfort to truck-loving customers, this is an impressive execution. Congratulations to the 2016 Nissan Titan XD for resetting the bar in the full-size pickup truck segment.

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I have to agree- that is one ugly truck.

Have any of these things been sold yet, or are they still in transportation? Pulling a 12000 lb trailer this truck in the top optioned version will have about 370 lbs of cargo capacity if there was 10% tongue load. Seems like a family of 4 with a loaded 5th wheel RV is outta luck. My 2008 Tundra has more payload than the heaviest XD and the Tundra is not class leading in that regard among 1/2 tons. This may be the winner of Cars award and it may have even deserved the award when compared to the other 5 trucks. It's going to be awhile before the 5.6 Titan hits the lots so the sales of this truck should be well sorted out by then. If you want one of these give it till spring to see where the demand is, there could be big $ on the hoods.

The XD will be a popular choice during the next year, both the gas and diesel versions.
Posted by: papa jim | Jan 13, 2016 6:15:07 PM

It may be more popular, but I don't believe it will be that popular. Nissan was only selling about 800 trucks a month in these past few years. Quadruple the trucks sold and it's still less than half of what a Tundra sells a month.

Nissan won the Cars.com Best Truck award, good for them. But today the people are the losers. 100 million Americans want to go out in work but cannot find a job in this economy.

This country doesn't know how bad the economy really is because it is hidden. No "soup lines" like the 30's because of food stamps which are up over 50% under Obama.

The liberal media and automotive journalists can give us awards for more and more expensive pickups and vehicles (not just pickups), but they are disconnected from reality and this economy which is a disaster.

@LMAO: Ford guys tro all the time by spreading false information. Anyway, on a more important note, I believe PUTC should change the picture on the monthly sales #'s report. A Silverado and Sierra pictured would more accurately represent the sales leader. The F-150 and a Superduty should no longer be shown. Are you listening Mark?

I tend to think why the F-150 is the leader in sales is because the truck customer thinks they play it safe by picking the F-150 where other models are in unknown territory if they are reliable or not.
They figure if everybody else is buying a F-150 then that means they are the best.
The F-150 is only feeding from their past reputation where people think the last models made were the best thinking the new models are just as good or even better.
10-20 years ago Chevy and GM trucks had a bad reputation with engine and transmission and rust issues and the exploding gas tanks but the new trucks are much better but I tend to think it's still tough to shed that bad reputation since most new truck buyers are older men that remember that.
Ford has always been the most stable company in rough economic times where the truck buyer feels secure buying a Ford knowing Ford will be around for a long time and not go bankrupt and leaving you with no warranty or fix.

Even Obama on national TV the other night mention the Ford F150 truck in his speech. Not a word about 2nd place Chevy or 3rd place Ram. LOL

@blueman so, you think that 's a good thing?

@LouBC, @Lionel


Does anyone around here think.

GM leverages 2 brands. It's also known as Make.

Chevrolet and GMC.

They currently sell 2 models of truck each. Silverado/Sierra and Colorado/Canyon.

Ford sells 1 brand/Make. Ford. The model is the F-series.

If you're going to correct people on the fine points, at least know what you're talking about so you don't come off even less intelligent.

I'm not sure what they are smoking. I'm guessing the Feds might want to check that out:>)

The kind of mathematical gymnastics it must of taken to make a case for "value" boggle the mind. Based upon operating cost alone, this abberation can not even be considered as a 'fleet' vehicle. Individuals want to spend LESS, not MORE. So, who is this for? It is NOT the 'horse float' crowd. As that crowd racks up a LOT of miles and doesn't have a customer base they can screw for the 'fuel charges'. The same can be said for the 'camper' crowd.

Lets think about this. Who would want to spend more and get less?

The Ram may not be number 3 on the most sold. Their parent company is having huge allegations slung their way.


have to say i have always thought this truck was butt ugly but the one shown is a little easier on the eyes and i dont like yellow. does seem a shame that the best truck doesnt win these awards, its only the new trucks they pick from. Its a bit misleading, but why not exploit it if you got it, gratz to Nissan !

I cant even comment to the gmsrnotgreat and rolling can of pabst blue ribbon jargon, they dont get it no matter how plain as day it is, they must sit in the same room as BAFO

^^^ lol

andrwken - I was pointing out the difference between corporate total sales and brand sales. Thanks for clarifying make but make and brand as well as marque are interchangeable.

Ford Motor Corporation claims best selling brand because they sell all of their F Series models under the Ford banner, brand, make.

GM Corporation has several brands or makes i.e. Chevrolet and GMC.

Just look at the pure ignorance that keeps coming from GMSARNOTSOGREAT, Johnny welfare doe, Hemi V8 aka Rolling Can of Beer. Seriously look at the past few articles that were just pasted with youtube links.
Posted by: LMAO | Jan 13, 2016 7:38:11 PM

LOL!! If he looked at the past articles he see nothing but the tool you are. Every other comment is normal you posting, trying to prove yourself to the internet HAHAHA! What a idiot.

In these things awards NEW is KING. Even if it isn't a great new thing or even turns out to be a horrible new thing. Occasionally get you get an interesting match up like last years the new GM little trucks against the Aluminum F150 kind of whos new idea is cooler (to the judges at least) this year contest. This year the Cummins Titan XD is by far the biggest NEW thing so from a nontested gotta pick something new prospective it only makes sense it should "win" this "award".

All these GovMotors fans it seems like want to combine GM's different models to get a total truck sales figure to discredit that the F seires is the best selling truck in America for 39 years running. The problem for the Fans of this is that GM doesn't want you to do that. GM doesn't make or sell "GM" trucks. It makes Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras. GM DOESNT appreciate that you don't appreciate this fact. It runs contrary to all of their hard work and effort and market plan/strategy, marketing, overhead, design, packaging, and incentives initiatives. GM spends enormous amounts of money to convince everyone that the Sierra and the Silverado are not the same. From headlights, hoods, fenders, interior layout, grilles, tail lights, bumpers, wheels, different materials, different dealerships, different pricing, different packaging, different advertising the costs are enormous and the way you all are talking by combining the sales figures none of it matters. I have never seen where a company's "clones" were tallied together to determine a segment's sales leader. Ford never counted mazda trucks as its ranger sales. Toyota never counted Pontiac vibes, the Chrysler town and country was never combined with the Dodge Caravan, Lincoln Blackwoods and MKTs were never counted as F series, Escalades don't count as Suburbans, Acadaias are not counted as Traverses, Firebirds were never Camaros... So where does this "GM Trucks" come from? Never seen a "GM Trucks" dealer. Never seen a "GM Truck". Seen lots of Chevy trucks/dealers and a few GMC Dealers and trucks but never a "GM Truck" Look up "GM truck" in parts catalog... I don't think its there. Tell someone at a parts counter you need a headlight for a 2015 "GM Truck". Hes gonna have questions for you.

If you want to find out the "all time truck sales leader" add up every year for each of the manufacturers existence and all their models and compare that...

Or I have an even easier mathematical way to calculate a company's long term track record of success.

Try counting how many times they have gone bankrupt.

The Ford Motor Company never went bankrupt, you illiterate trvll.

It's funny that these GM posters want to add up several brands to get a number to tout as a good thing and they say this shows GM"s superiority and quality. But for years the GM Boobs and GMsGreats and Johnnies acted like Ford adding up one brand was a bad thing and like McDonalds low quality food. Which is it? Sales are bad or good? I am not a special pleader for McDonalds food. But this same people were taking shots at McDonalds and touting Chipotle food being better a few months ago. Look at them now. I would never step foot in Chipotle now. McDonalds and Ford all the way.

Just take me off . I do not want to be apart of all stupidity .

The simple reason Ford sells more trucks is they include vehicles that are a much higher class such as f450's or f150's that don't last as long as GM trucks and are replaced more frequntly than GM. IF there is a flaw in GM it is their high quality. My 2005 Sierra is nowhere near ready to be replaced and when I had it in for the oil change the service attendent could not find anything wrong with it. Sorry GM, if I'd bought a ford or toyota I'd had to replace it twice by now but another 10 years will be easy with GM.


NOBODY SOLD MORE TRUCKS IN 2015 than GM PERIOD! Chevy Silverado, Suburban, Express, City Express, Colorado, Tahoe, Cadillac ESV, GMC Sierra, Yukon, and Canyon are GM TRUCKS PERIOD. NOBODY GETS BETTER FUEL ECONOMY ON THEIR TRUCKS THAN GM.


Does that spell it out for you people? These are undisputable facts and are not opinions.

^^^ Hahahah what a idiot.

Go away Michigan (Bitchagain) Bob

^^^ Hahahah what a idiot.

Go away Michigan (Bitchagain) Bob


Does anyone around here think.

GM leverages 2 brands. It's also known as Make.

Chevrolet and GMC.

They currently sell 2 models of truck each. Silverado/Sierra and Colorado/Canyon.

Ford sells 1 brand/Make. Ford. The model is the F-series.

If you're going to correct people on the fine points, at least know what you're talking about so you don't come off even less intelligent.

Posted by: andrwken | Jan 14, 2016 6:30:21 AM

Well you've just confirmed the point we've all tirelessly being saying on this site from the beginning - a recap;

We finally agree then Ford's F-series truck BRAND is still the leader in sales for almost 40 yrs now; GM's Chevrolet truck BRAND is still 2nd place while GMC truck BRAND...well at a distance somewhere...

To close off; Ford had never included Ranger sales in their F-series numbers back in the day so all the idiots on this site that continually include Colorado/Canyon sales from TWO different BRANDS (Chevrolet/GMC) should stop making themselves look more idiotic then they already are....I hope this settles this matter once & for all.

GM outsells Ford on full size half tons plain and simple.

@Big Al - "Why would you buy a light SuperDuty to tow a 8 000lb horse float?"


First you say the XD will outperform any 1/2 ton and when several of us point out that it doesn't have a good enough cargo rating to max tow you then come up with a 5k tow number. You get pounded on the 5k number because the Colorado diesel can tow 5k you now up the number to 8k.

Well, that does rule out the Colorado diesel and conveniently pushed the Ram Ecodiesel to its max.



Is that 8k horse trailer a 5th wheel or bumper pull???????

Minimum tongue weight is 10%. That is 800 lbs on the truck. Titan XD sitting at 1500 - 2000 lbs means 700-1200 lbs left over.
A Family of 4 to 5 is going to be around 700 lbs. That basically means that Titan XD full bling model (the one wealthy horse people will buy) will have to be empty to pull that 8k trailer.

TFL truck had to deliberately load their trailer tail heavy and could only have 1 passenger with the driver in a TOTALLY EMPTY truck to tow its load.

Now that sounds like a really well thought out truck.

2k should be its minimum cargo rating with a max of 2500 lbs.

That would make sense but hey, you love to argue what doesn't make sense.

The weight of this truck is ridiculous. If they could've shaved off 500lbs it would be at least slightly realistic.

And to those who say we don't get it, we do get it. A platinum is a 7500# behemoth. They have it weighing in as an HD diesel. Most of us wanted to be excited about this truck but it really missed the mark.

GovMSRGREAT... The Detroit Auto Company (DAC) founded by Henry Ford did go Bankrupt but it was NOT The Ford Motor Company, nor did some socialist sissy philosophy cheat the taxpayer to change the DAC into the FMC. He started over and founded a NEW company privately on his own.

So while Henry Ford's DAC went Bankrupt, his Ford Motor Company never has. And has the best selling full size pick up truck in America 39 years running.

Also fun is that 3 of the top 10 selling vehicles of all time world wide are Fords (one of them the Fseries)... only 1 Chevy (and it aint a truck). Several Toys, and VWs and a Honda or 2... sorry Fiat fans nothing on that list for you all.

Even more fun since "its all about combining sales" then Toyota and VW are king... and VW doesn't even build a truck.

And if its all about the money and in the end it is... Toyota is the ruler for that measure and it doesn't even build anything really cool... Just builds normal stuff well.

Don't worry im sure GM will get another bailout when it needs it. History all too often repeats and welfare is trough used to repeated patronage and we as a nation are continuously growing softer and ever more weak minded. I wouldn't have opposed low interest loans because people and organizations of honor feel an obligation to pay back what they owe and right the ledger.

Actually VW does build a truck but its not for sale in the US.

I am not sure about Cars.com or TFL
but The Texas Truck Rodeo is gave a complete sweep of the awards to Titan XD
so much so that the Ford reps there were visibly shaken
and Ford promptly stated afterwards they too would have a diesel 1/2 ton. That is a telling sign,
Now the Titan XD is not for everyone but for those who
need such a formidable 1/2 ton those who opt for
Titan XD will not be sorry they did. It is robust, oozes durability.
and reliability and has the smooth ride of a 1/2 ton coupled with
big towing numbers.

With the Titan XD ,regular Titan V 8 and v6 Nissan covers the 1/2 market up and down and in the middle.
Nissan has now got the credentials in the 1/2 ton market
second to none, with the Titan line up.

Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare.

It's such a trashy and junk pickup.. I give a damn to these fake awards.. stay away from this junk..

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