2017 Honda Ridgeline: First Look

2017 Honda Ridgeline II

After a two-year hiatus, the Honda Ridgeline is back with a new look, more technology and a better midsize pickup truck package. The 2017 model is making its debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Sharing several design strategies with the all-new 2016 Honda Pilot, the new Ridgeline has a more conventional pickup truck look, but offers many of the same class-exclusive minivan/SUV/pickup features that the previous model contained.

The 2017 Ridgeline will continue to offer its unique, In-Bed Trunk at the rear of the bed that houses the spare tire, tools and gobs of storage space. Likewise, the Ridgeline will continue to offer its segment-exclusive dual-action open/close tailgate to access the bed, providing drop-down and swing-out options. The biggest news for younger Ridgeline costumers is that it will offer an integrated eight-speaker sound system in the bed tied directly to the in-cab, high-output radio — this is an industry first.

Like the previous Ridgeline, the unibody platform will allow owners to enjoy the most interior cargo space of any midsize pickup and provide the widest bed for outdoor cargo — the new bed is 4 inches longer. The inside of the new Ridgeline also has the lowest floor of any pickup, providing plenty of legroom and a large, versatile center console and armrest.

Additionally, Honda has upgraded the Ridgeline's features, materials and interior finishes to appeal to a wider, more demanding audience. Among some of the improvements are tri-zone climate controls, push-button start and a full-color 8-inch touch-screen display screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. The rear seats have a 60/40 split and lift up to allow for more floor storage like the previous model.

The new pickup will be powered by an all-aluminum 3.5-liter i-VTEC direct-injection SOHC V-6 engine similar to that found in the Honda Pilot. In the Pilot, respective horsepower and torque numbers are 280 at 6,000 rpm and 262 pounds-feet 4,700 rpm. The 2017 Ridgeline will also have a new six-speed transmission and the same torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system, called i-VTM4. The all-wheel-drive system will allow for multiterrain management using Normal, Sand, Snow and Mud modes. Honda describes its system as "all-weather" technology to provide better handling, traction and performance. Of note, for the first time Ridgelines will be available in both front-wheel and all-wheel-drive configurations.

Although pricing and specifications have not been released yet, we're guessing Honda will follow the same trim level strategy we saw in the 2016 Pilot — LX, EX, EX-L, Touring and Elite — with the new Elite option costing a good chunk of cash.

The 2017 Ridgeline will also offer a host of safety and driver-assist technologies that are likely to make this one of the safest pickup choices around. Available safety options include lane departure warning, collision mitigation braking, lane keeping assist, road departure mitigation and blind spot warning., All Ridgelines will come standard with a multiview, multi-angle rearview camera.

The Honda Ridgeline, due to its sport-utility-truck style and construction, remains a street-biased, light-use, midsize pickup with a reasonable amount of hauling and towing ability (especially when compared to other more traditional body-on-frame choices), but we're guessing it will fit the needs of many buyers. Given the sales and attention resurgence of the midsize pickup segment, lower fuel prices and the volume of family-friendly features packed into this new pickup, we wouldn't be surprised if Honda sells more than twice as many Ridgelines than it did in any of the last three model years (2012-2014) it was on sale.

We'll have a full photo gallery of the 2017 Ridgeline soon.

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Knock it all you want. This is a choice for those who don't want or need a full-size truck and want it from a trusted manufacturer.

Switching to a more traditional truck look is huge for the Ridgeline. I also think the new in-bed speaker system is odd, but it reflects who Honda is after. Those in-between a daily-driver full-sizer and the off-roaders of Tacoma and Raptor. This is for the tailgater and the weekend project guy/gal.

And what's wrong with more competition. Don't like it? Don't buy it. The market takes care of itself.

Like it or not, this is more in line with a compact truck offering. It's not a Colorado or Tacoma, but more like an old Ranger or S-10.

soooo they changed nothing mechanically since the last ridgeline except for a fwd option..... no 4 banger, no standard cab, typical Honda recycling the same vehicle and calling it new..

@kawell, correct, they dont need to change things because its a Honda, unlike the domestics, who come out with stuff and fail, Honda already knows how to get it done. I really wish they would get into the 1/2 ton-3/4 ton market.

I know if you see it from the side it looks way ugly because the bed is so short. A crewcab truck with a 5.5' bed is just okay but this looks just weird.

Nice looking truck, can't wait to see it in person.
Glad they didn't go down the "giant grille with tons of tacky looking plastic chrome" road like the big 2 and FIAT.

I wouldn't buy a midsize truck. But I like this WAY more than the last ridgeline. A nice surprise. This looks more like a traditional pickup than than the spy photos made it look. The spy photos made it look like a minivan with a pickup bed. It really is unique with unique features and a unique drivetrain. Nice for some people, not my cup of tea though. I would really like honda to build a full size truck to compete with the f150. I will only buy honda atvs for my farm now. Far and away the most reliable atvs and side by sides of any manufacturer. And I have owned them all in the past. I think honda would have been way more successful than toyota with the tundra if they made a full size truck. Find a way to tie it to their atvs and side by side reputation and it would do very well.

Just watched the live debut, and I am definitely interested. The key thing will be the towing capacity. If it has the capacity to pull my boat, it may beat at the Tacoma and Colorado for my purchase.
For the average "lifestyle" truck buyer who doesn't need the heavy duty features, I think the Ridgeline could be a big hit. They certainly have some interesting features.

Curious, is the bed really separate or is it fake like the eco-boost engine sound.

Not a true truck ... but still a great general utility vehicle!

You're right gom. It's a small grille with tacky plastichrome

Okay, your move GM.
LGX 3.6 V6 + 8L45 transmission for the Canyon/Colorado twins.

I like it. My wife has decided that her next vehicle will be a small truck. I'll definitely look at this. We liked the interior of the last Ridgeline but the C - pillar was horrific and the box slope was bad. It had accessories like racks and canopies very expensive.

I also like it. It looks better than the GM twins. Also it would have better built body, interior and more reliable powertrain than the twins.

I wonder the starting price?

It has a minivan interior. Hate the interior.

Exterior and power train are much improved.

I laugh at all the people praising this because its a Honda. I hate to tell you i work for Honda as a tech and they are not building with the same quality as they used to. the trans suck now, the motors burn oil to the extent we replace pistons and rings every week in at least 1 or 2 motors. the shocks and suspensions are noisy cheap junk. a lot of electrical draw problems. I could go on.
Its probably best they stuck with a 6 speed trans cuz the new 8-9 speeds have been a nightmare. but go ahead and buy one it just gives me more work. lol

Wow, talk about a complete turn around in design.

I actually think you will see more of these in suburban driveways. As the article states it will suffice to most who just want the added utility and car/CUV ride and handling.

I like it. Didn't care for the old one at all so this is a giant step forward. I think it will be seen in a lot of driveways.

It looks like it went back in time 30 years ago, reminds me of a 1977 Datsun pickup

It's looks like a chopped minivan. Go figure?!

honda dropped the ball, they could have owned the midsize market with a fuel efficient, fwd/awd unibody pickup ( with more than one cab option) but all they did was put the same Sh*t in a different bag and call it new. hopefully the next gen frontier doesn't disappoint.

@SKEETER, name one tech or mechanic who doesn't deal with car issues on their job. Every mechanic I know says the same thing about where they work, your point is?

Looks better then the last one, that's for sure.

The previous gen cars and older we sold were much better. Honda used to perfect things before they came out but the last few years things have been rushed out before 100% and it shows. They are still a great co to buy from and customer service come first. but before this past year i almost never had to tear apart a honda motor, now i do at least 1-2 a month.

What the hell Honda?! I was actually expecting Honda to come out with something that was somewhat exciting. This is just...bleh.

How does Honda expect to compete with other midsize trucks. Look at the Colorado, Canyon, and Tacoma. Those three are exciting trucks.

You've let me down Honda. :(

Honda's timing could not be worse--for three reasons.

1. They are entering the NA market with a new product at a time when the economy is crap, and about to get worse. Higher interest rates do not bode well for products that are financed by about 95 percent of new buyers.

2. Their competitors at GM beat them to the mid size market by at least a year, meaning that the pent up demand for the small pickup segment in NA is already somewhat spent.

3. One of the key reasons that mid size trucks were so appealing in years past was the rising price of gasoline. Every indication today is the price of gas headed down for at least a while.

I predict this may be a very good truck that will not break sales records. A year from now we can look back on this and know.

I think it looks good. Its low beltlines, a sloping hood, and large greenhouse should give it much better visibility than most of the current truck designs. To bad it doesn't come in an extended cab version.

I have an 07 RTL with some extras, and don't think I am going to be trading it in for the new one. I'm sorry Honda, but you let me down. I'll buy a Tundra next time.

Will be interesting to see what mpg the FWD version gets.

look like new ford

bighope - look like new ford

Hopefully doesn't run like one!

I think it fills an area that no one has touched and is offering something different. Many SUV owners do not want a big truck or a mid size that is all truck but many want a suv type truck with the utility of a truck. Definitely not cookie cutter and they offer a different choice... good for Honda.

in another year or two the market will see one or two maybe more new mid sized pick ups based on traditional platforms and maybe a couple more like what Honda is offering.

The peak torque at 4,700 RPM is a non nonsense it`s a truck not a race car

I'm a dad who:

Commutes 30 miles to work
Hauls a small boat
Hauls and Splits firewood
Hauls mulch and other landscaping equipment
Takes family biking
Picks up furniture
Travels long distance on business with my own car

This will be perfect. My wife can drive it while I'm deployed if needed.

Reliability of a Honda/Toyota. Ride/control of a RAM. If reported 1600lb payload is true, then it can carry a couple more hundred pounds than a Tacoma. SO, if it can carry an 800lb Four Wheel Camper made for a Tacoma + 400lb of "stuff", has at least the off-road ability of an SUV (though I WANT more, I probably don't need it), has much better gas mileage then the past Ridgeline or current Tacoma2.7Xtra or RAM 3.6 reg cab, then it has made it to my list for my what-I-did-on-my-2mo-summer-vacation-trip-to-Alaska vehicle. Lots of "if's". Need more info, but may not come in time.

I am a truck guy but have to agree this truck is built for a different niche of the market than us traditional truck guys. This truck is built for those who need or want the utility of a truck bed but want to keep a car like ride and driving experience. This may not sell well to us who don't fit that market but I bet it does very well in the market it is intended to serve.

A front-wheel-drive pickup truck?

2nd Big Mistake. VW tried that years ago with a FWD Rabbit pickup thing: failed miserably.

(1st Big Mistake, then and now, was/is unibody.)

Why would I put my money into a "sort-of truck" when I can get a real truck for LESS than the same amount? This Ridgeline is just an SUV with an open area in the back....


It all depends on what you really need from a truck. I own the 2008 version. Not pretty to look at - in any way. Not as bad as the Aztec but not pretty by any means. I got rid of two vehicles in 2008 - simply needed to downsize greatly - and needed one vehicle to do it all sort to speak. I ride mx and enduro and needed something that I can load a bike/bikes in the back. Being a family man, 4 doors were needed so an extended cab simply would not do for me. One of the vehicles I got rid of prior to my ridgeline purchase was a full size ram quad cab and the other - well it was just a fun car that was no longer needed and I could not justify the expense. The full size truck was just too much car to be driven daily for me. I am not in construction and do not haul things daily. Parking the full size can sometimes be a pain, plus not having a trunk was a minus when I needed to store a briefcase, laptop etc.. Under the seat just did not fly with me - especially in valet situations. It had to be safe, reliable, all wheel drive (stuck in the sand a few times with the full size 2 wheel drive reminded me I needed more - just in case). The ridgeline at the time was the only vehicle I could think of that had it all. I ride mx, so hardcore off roading in a truck or jeep is not for me - too scary and I can always bail off the bike. The jeep has no bed and who really wants to trash a 50k plus full size on hardcore terrain. The stuff the ridgeline has gone up and down is more than I ever need on a desert road or fireroad. I do not hunt so hardcore trails I never encounter. Just occasional sand and mud. Nice to know it is there. Even without the low gear ( and that is what it is really missing to be more off road or crawl capable) it still went up stuff that I could not walk up. Enough for me. Easy to park, roomy back seat - just as roomy if not more than the full size ram was, and that trunk in the bed gets used regularly. The downside - not too pretty like I already mentioned and the milage was laughable for a honda (14 to 15 average). However this runs on 87 and gas has gone down in price. My hemi ram and srt8 charger did not fare better in the milage department and I ran 92 in both, so it wasn't a complete shock. Just a letdown. 7 years in and no issues or mechanical problems at all. It saved my life in a pretty severe t bone accident - I got hit at about 40 right into the driver door and walked away with a a bruise on my shoulder from the side curtain air bag. The other car was totalled - a lexus 350 sedan I believe. I know it was lower and that had a lot to do with it. But nevertheless - it feels solid enough. Most importantly - back in late 2007 - there was not a midsize at all to compete with this. The midsize dodge at the time was primitive at best without any solid engine choices (from a reliability and longevity standpoint, and the tacomas back then were still a small truck -not a midsize yet). The chevy colorado first gen were really primitive in comparison. For me it has done everything I need. The new one looks great in comparison and if the millage improves significantly - I cannot imagine anything in this segment to really compete. Even the new colorado interior looks gm cheap compared to this updated interior- from a styling standpoint - my opinion of course. I would definitely get one. However mine really still drives like new so the justification just is not there currently. One last thing that I forgot to mention - this thing does handle great for a pick up or crossover or whatever. Like a car that has a bed, will not get stuck in most sandy and muddy conditions, do decently is most off road conditions and can still tow close to what a full size 1500 towed 10 years ago (in the new one - rumor has it it will be in Tacoma territory which should be just below 7,000lbs. Just my take based on personal experience.

@Rolling Can of Beer

Ranger? Quality?

My 1994 Ranger XLT is still king for trouble-free motoring. I bought it in 2005 with over 100k on the odometer and put another 150k on it. Never a lick of trouble. Gas, oil, tires.

In the life of the vehicle it got one new clutch & new brake pads (previous owner). After 250 thousand miles it still did not need oil between changes, still had the same water pump, power steering pump and master cylinder.

My only replacement besides tires was anti freeze, belts/hoses.

Never even changed a light bulb in that Ranger.

However, the drivers' side of the front bench seat was totally shot. Quality you say?

papa jim - - -

I could say the same thing about my trouble-free Dodge Ram 1500 SL from 1996. Rock solid. Rides like dream. No problems. Just standard replacement items when due. 20 years old and 185,000 miles....


Not bad. Modest but not bad. Not a big leap forward in design cues but not too busy which might attract old ranger buyers along with its size

Waste of space. There will be those who say "hey, don't knock it" or "this is for people who don't want a big pick up". Those will be the sissies who think Honda makes good vehicles and will buy that junk. This Ridgeline is for men like Kim Jong Un of N. Korea, he is as cool as the Ridgeline is and is the type of guy who just would not knock it.

I think that Korean SSanyong Korando Sports looks better in the front as well seemingly sharing the profile of the Ridgeline . Korean Pickup is BOF has Mercedes Diesel engine.

That was previous post , a front shot of the current Ranger.
This is the Korean Pickup

Ok first off... its NOT a truck. No body on frame. Secondly its not a 4x4 no 2spd transfer case.

But it does get to play in the little pretend truck world because it is a little pretender not built for real work just like CCs, Taco and Frontier. Unlike them however it makes a lot more sense for "Joe who doesn't really need a truck but thinks he does and has money to burn". Its going to have better road manners, it will ride better, be more comfortable probably quieter, better braking, better handling, and its got a few cool little tricks like the trunk that will make up for the fact that it cant tow but hey like Toyota found out towing is like #22 on the list of things important to pretend truck owners. Women will LOVE it until something in the back gets rained on. Its PERFECT for bringing home a Christmas tree or major appliance or most once or twice a year truck duties. The AWD system will be great for those occasional snows or when you park in a field for a concert or even and it rains. Where this falls flat just like its smart and now dead predecessors is image. The little truck world is all about perceived capablitly and cool especially with regards to off rooading and vehicle stance. This little open beded CUV doesn't have "cool". Just like the XUV, Outback Baja, and the previous Ridgeline there just isn't the truck cool that this market demands. Its too smart for its own good and ultimately moms will choose its enclosed with a 3rd row big brother called the Pilot.

the only unibody truck worth a damn was the Comanche

finally a pickup "truck" for the asians...

Johnny welfare doe, did you forget to change your username to mine when posting that.

I think this will be a big hit with people who need occasional light hauling. I like it. And it would work for me. For my diy jobs.

Well I never owned a pick-up, and never wanted to, only because they all had a truck like driving ruffness.

This new Ridgeline is really tempting me because it is a SUV driving like with a bed, with all the advantages of both worlds. Of course its a mid sized pick-up, not a full sized, so its more meant to confortably drive your familly on a daily basis, than for working hard in the fields.

I currently pull a 4000 lbs caravan every summer week-ends and do a lot of small renovations, so 5000lbs of towing capabilities and the flat bed (to carry 4x8 pplywood or drywall) are suficient for my needs.
I would replace my current SUV and my 4x8 trailer by this new Ridgeline for next spring, so only the availability and price will decide me to keep my current setup or replace it with this new Ridgeline after a good roadtest.

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