2017 Honda Ridgeline Video

Ridgeline 2 II

We had the chance to take a close-up look at the newest entry in midsize pickups, the second-generation 2017 Honda Ridgeline, which made its debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Although we don't expect to get our hands on one until later this summer, there are some impressive details. Among our favorites: an all-wheel-drive multiterrain traction system, dual-action tailgate, eight-speaker sound system in the composite bed and gobs of storage space under the rear seats.

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Red turn signals, seriously?

I prefer red rear turn signals. When people replace amber ones, half the time the end up with white lights, and then they blind people behind them at night.

Good replacement for our aging C-RV, but not really a replacement as a farm truck for towing. I'd love to find one vehicle to replace two.

I really like this and want to buy one but it will be too expensive.

Anything with the Honda name is a great buy, this truck will do well

I think this new truck will still lurk near the bottom of truck sales, similar to the Frontier. The GM twins as well as the Taco will not have to worry.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned how Fugly this vehicle is.
I have huge respect for Honda and building quality, reliable vehicles. But when it comes to styling this has to be the ugliest in the segment.

Does anybody know will this have the option of a front middle seat for seating for six people? Does any midsize truck seat 6 people?

This is my favorite midsize truck so far. It is more car-like but that is a good thing in a truck like this. I bet the ride and handling will easily be better than any other midsize truck and still be able to haul and tow a decent amount for what it is. And front wheel drive is way better than rwd in the snow/ice without having to pay extra to get awd or 4wd. Some people just need an open bed that they can get dirty and don't really need tons of capacity. Like my ranger. I wonder how pricing on this will compare to the other midsizers? The in-bed trunk is a decent idea but I almost always have something sitting in the bed that I would have to move or take out to open it. I guess I'd have to experience it in the real world to decide if it was a good idea. like ford's tailgate step. I thought it was a dumb gimmicky thing until I bought a truck with one and find it useful almost on a daily basis.

Would make a great vehicle for my wife to drive if we didn't need a 3rd row. We're leaning toward a pilot for our next vehicle.

I like the rear. A bigger box was defiantly needed. But were Honda fell short is in the design of the new front end. It needs to look more aggressive and like any pickup truck (somewhat squarish). The column shifter will be missed.

Fugly? I don't know, I kinda like it. I think the GM twins are far uglier. They look more asian than the asian Honda.

Its not ugly. The problem is its too smart for the pretend truck segment. It makes too much sense being passenger focused and not work focused as most pretend trucks never do real work and really aren't bought to either. Most are bought because they look cool and that's because they sit up high and expensive tires and can go off road but again almost never do. This doesn't sit high or look cool and cant do serious offroading. If you can check your ego at the door this will be smartest open bed CUV on the market and a very intelligent choice for most over the existing pretend trucks. But then again so was the XUV, the Outback Baja, and the previous Ridgeline... and look where they all ended up in sales and production.

And beebee please... you don't cram 6 people into anything midsized with 2 rows of seating. That's for teenaged idiots, and the 3rd world.

The problem with that "squareish" shape is that it is terribly non aerodynamic. The CR-V and new pilot get surprisingly good fuel economy thanks to the narrow almost wedge shaped nose. Honda is also claiming that the Ridgline will be best in class.
I'll take a funny looking nose if it means better gas mileage. To a point of course.

It looks whimpy

aye, another insecure man who needs a butch truck to prop up his lack of self esteem. Seek help.

@clint. There should be just as much room up front as there is in back. I have sat three across the front seat of my ranger regular cab on many occasions. That is with three adult working men on the farm. This is probably easily as wide as my ranger. Probably as wide as my old 96 f150 which we sat six in many times on family trips. It shouldn't be hard to seat six when it's a family with four kids under the age of 15.

Also clint it's not smart to assume any truck is a "pretend" truck unless it is your own. people assume that a truck that is kept nice and clean automatically never goes off-road or never tows or hauls anything in the bed. I used to think the same thing about people in shiny nice trucks. But I have a very nice looking truck with hardly a scratch on it. I clean it and shine it up often. I also regularly use it to haul a tractor and trailer that weighs 8,000 pounds. And I load it up and take it elk and deer hunting on the nastiest roads you could imagine. But I'm sure people see me stop at the grocery store with it all shined up and nice and assume I have a "pretend" truck. The reality is MOST people that have a truck use it to it's limits at least occasionally. I know that is true where I live. Almost every family I know owns at least one truck, and I don't know anybody with a "pretend" truck except for maybe some teenage kids.

Well it's definitely a better looking truck than the previous generation. Although I'm still not a fan of the SUV front styling/look. I would say it's strongest buyers will come from current Ridgeline owners looking to upgrade. Also what's the purpose of a swing out bed door?

I like it. Looks a lot better than the old ridgeline. Looks like a very functional vehicle. If I could afford it I know I would buy one.

beebe - Agreed. I find running boards and mud flaps protect my truck from a lot of damage. The box liner really helps too. I have a few dents from wood bouncing up off the tires and loading my 12 ft aluminum boat. I got a few decent scratches but wax helps hide them. A 20 ft long truck isn't the best as a tight trail tool. One just needs to be realistic about how and where they go with their trucks.

If you go to the TruckTrend site they have about 30 pictures of this truck including some of an all black version with black rims and tinted windows.Looks kinda cool...

I wonder what the capacity of the tailgate is with the single support wire and if you would have to worry about it twisting under a heavy load. I know that I had over 600lbs of out of shape hunters sitting on my tailgate a couple of times this hunting season. Some of the times driving down logging roads with bumps.

Very good video.
PUTC is the only ones that tell us its a unibody with 4 wheel independent suspension.
NO! I don't like it.
Will never own one.

Marketing disagrees beebee... the age of the extended cab did away with the 3 across bench up front and little pretend trucks (non full size) were NEVER meant to house 3 adults and its only done today in the 3rd world and for teenagers cramming in to go somewhere... The middle spot ALWAYS SUCKED and for the most part its history and good riddance. If youre hauling 6 people you need a SUV, CUV or minivan.

People worried about scratching their trucks should be driving a truck or should NEVER take one a place it could be. They all end up wrecked, worn out, stolen, or sold/traded and only go down in value. So enjoy the ride.

@rolling, dont knock the #1 selling military grade truck

@Beebe, I was wondering the same about a mid-size with room for 3 up front too. I would prefer a bench with a fold-down center console that serves as an armrest with storage inside. My ’02 F-150 Lariat SuperCrew has bucket seats with a console only between the seats, leaving the floor wide open. These consoles on the floor make the cabin feel small and impact legroom at times when you want to stretch. Plus, I never mind the leg show I get from my wife if she’s behind the wheel…. I digress.

@ Clint, No reason a young adult or smaller build person wouldn’t fit in the middle of a front bench. It’s nice to have the option to carry 6 people for short distances. Different options for different people’s needs are never a bad thing.

My wife replaced her ’05 Ford Freestyle with a ’16 Honda Pilot EX-L (Lunar Silver Metallic with grey leather) a few weeks ago, and I must say, I’m very impressed. We’ve owned nothing but Fords for 20+ years, but we might go from an all Ford family to an all Honda family if I replace my ’02 F-150 with this Ridgeline. I drove her Pilot for the first time last Sunday (Costco run) and was seriously impressed with the smooth plentiful power, great ride and unbelievably quiet interior full of the latest tech. From what I can tell from the new Ridgeline photos, the entire front portion of the cab is identical to the ’16 Pilot. I would say if you want a preview of the Ridgeline, take the ’16 Pilot out for a test drive before you bash this new truck from Honda. I’m at least a couple years away from replacing my 14 year old F-150 and anxiously awaiting the next Ranger. While I’m not 100% sold on this new Ridgeline, it’s great seeing all of these new mid-size trucks hitting the market!!!

I love my 06 Ridgeline. Loaded RTL with navigation. Everyone I know that owns one do too. The dang thing is bulletproof. Now I don't haul heavy trailors and don't take it off road on anything harsher than a dirt road, pasture, or beach, but neither do most people. If you need too, go get a bigger truck. I don't get why people dislike this so much. Someone asked earlier about why the tailgate swings down and too the side. It's to access the trunk so you don't have too reach over it. The bed has just as much if not more volume than other 5ft beds, now being 5'4" is a plus. It's good for unloading things too. Now it looks more like a "normal" pickup and if the mpg is in the low to mid 20's that'll be good. Just hope they don't price too many people out. It needs to be comparable in price to the other midsizes to be successful. Keep an open mind and you just might like it.

@ clint
You have to realize there are different people with different lifestyles using vehicles for different purposes. Yes the front middle seat isn't a fun place to sit, but it works just fine for short trips or for small people as brian stated. There are plenty of people like Brian and I that would love to have the option of a center seat in the front. I've never bought any truck without it.

Also there is no reason a truck...even a work truck...can't stay nice looking. I use my super duty exclusively for work. I don't use it at all unless I am towing or hauling heavy loads in the bed around the farm. But I have taken very good care of it and when I shine it up there's hardly a scratch on it.

@beebe, Clint - 6 seating is one of the things I like about my F150. It has the column shift with fold down centre console. I rarely need seating for 6 but it happens. It is handy when I have my in-laws in the truck and need room for my 2 sons or I have to do "pack mule" duty for my son's boy scout troop. A couple of the leaders have Jeep Wranglers so they often run out of room when packing their troop out into the bush. Last summer I ended up following 2 lifted Wrangler Unlimiteds into a semi-remote lake. The only issue other than testing out my skid plates was turning around at the drop off point. It was manageable but was an exercise in patience...... 20 point turn and all... LOL

@Lou_BC--I miss the split bench seat with the folding center arm rest and a column shift but they are a dying breed. Much of what has killed bench seats are the safety standards that discourage 3 front passengers. My wife's Taurus had the split seat with the folding arm rest and it had enough room to carry 6 passengers without being too tight. The Taurus was very roomy inside and had a good size trunk. I miss the roominess of the Taurus along with the pep of the overhead valve V-6.

Everyone needs to choose the best vehicle for their own needs. A crew cab F-150 is better for your purposes but an extended cab midsize truck is better for mine.

@Brian in NC--My wife has had 2 Fords since she had her 77 Accord for over 17 years. We liked the Fords and had reliable service from them but since buying a new CRV in 2013 we have a preference for Hondas. I also like my Honda Harmony lawn mower. I will have to see this new Ridgeline in person but this looks to be a much better and more usable truck.

Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare!

@Jeff S, while this is our first Honda vehicle, I'm no stranger to the brand. I've owned 5 Honda motorcycles since '92. The two in my garage right now are a 2008 CBR1000RR and a 2003 ST1300. Never had an issue with any of them in all of these years. Yet another reason we didn't hesitate on the '16 Pilot and why a Ridgeline is in the running to replace my '02 F-150 SuperCrew.

Brian in NC - Actually aluminum has been used for at least 10 years. I believe my mom has been using it for longer. The only real difference now is Ford has changed the way they approve of aluminum repairs. Here is an example...


@Brian in NC--I never had a Honda motorcycle, I have had a Yamaha Vision and a Suzuki GS 450S. I came close to getting a Honda motorcycle and would not hesitate to buy any Honda product. I have a Honda lawnmower and power washers and other lawn equipment with Honda engines. Honda has an established reputation. I will take a serious look at this new Ridgeline truck.

@LMAO--Aluminum has been used in Jaguars, truck trailers, bicycles, and in tractor truck cabs for years. Aluminum has also been used on the hoods and trunk lids of GM cars starting with the downsized GM full size cars in MY 1977 and the downsize mid sized GM cars in MY 1978. There will be more manufacturers that will use aluminum in body parts along with plastics, carbon fiber, and high tensile steel. Aluminum is easy to recycle and does not lose its strength when recycled. Aluminum is just one of many materials that will be used in the automotive industry.

Jeff, my user name LMAO has been used this weekend from Johnny doe as a joke with false posting. You are actually replying back to johnny doe a trollllllll.


Here is a link where he forgot to switch back from one of his many usernames.

Second to last post as of this time.


@LMAO--Thanks, I got fooled. Aluminum is not new to the automotive industry, just new to American pickup truck bodies with the F-150.

@LMAO--Thanks, I got fooled. Aluminum is not new to the automotive industry, just new to American pickup truck bodies with the F-150.

Posted by: Jeff S | Jan 17, 2016 1:03:21 PM

I actually do not mind aluminum at all. I know the GM people and Fiat girls have a hard on for it because their brand is not using a lot of it. And the Gal from Oz does not like it either but I like it for the sheer fact that it does not rust and creates holes in a few years in the salt belt like metal does. Sure you have corrosion issues with aluminum but I have yet to see a corrosion hole in any brand aluminum body part. And how many aluminum cans have holes in them? Just a new idea some people fear change unless their favorite brand is doing it.

Just a new idea and some people fear change unless their favorite brand is doing it. * corrected.

@LMAO--I have no favorite brands and have had GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, and Honda. I am less inclined to buy a Chrysler product but I do not hate them. I have a 99 S-10 extended cab with a I-4 and a 5 speed since new that I got a very good deal--almost bought a Ranger but I got the S-10 and it has been a very reliable truck. I have an 2008 Isuzu I-370 crew cab I bought new as well with 4 wheel drive, tow package, fog lights, power driver's and passenger front seats, and heated leather seats. The Isuzu was one of the last on the lot and at 21k it was a steal. The Isuzu is the same truck as the prior Colorado/Canyon. My wife had a 1994 Escort LX wagon (bought new) which was very reliable and a 2000 Taurus (bought new) with the overhead V-6, leather seats, and power everything which was a reliable car except it went through 3 air conditioning compressors. She wanted a new car so we traded in the Taurus for a loaded 2013 CRV (bought new) but we do miss the Taurus (the power of a V-8 in a 24 valve V-6).

Why didn't you put dual exhaust on the ridgeline like the Pilot?
It would have made the apperance much sporty.

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