Ford Shows 2017 F-150 Raptor SuperCrew at 2016 Detroit Auto Show

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In a repeat performance from the 2015 North American International Auto Show, Ford will debut a new 2017 F-150 Raptor at the 2016 show in Detroit, but this time with a longer wheelbase and four full-size doors. The SuperCrew Raptor will have the same body and cab modifications that were part of the 2015 F-150, with the most significant benefit being it will weigh 500 pounds less than the previous generation Raptor.

Combine the weight savings with a smaller, lighter and more powerful high-output EcoBoost engine and you can bet the 145-inch-wheelbase model will be more nimble, as well as provide more room and versatility. The Raptor will likely be even faster than it was with the 6.2-liter V-8.

The 2017 Raptor will be the first Ford pickup to offer the new 10-speed, paddle-shifting transmission; it also will make use of a new six-setting transfer case that provides street and off-road performance capabilities unmatched in the segment.

The next-generation 4x4 F-150 Raptor will be offered in only two wheelbase options (133 and 145 inches) in both SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations (each with a 5.5-foot bed), and will be offered only with the new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine and 10-speed transmission. It will only be produced in Dearborn, Mich.

The Raptor will continue to sport a wider and more muscular set of body panels as well as a unique set of bigger, more efficient Fox Racing shocks that will deliver more wheel travel than ever before. Ford says the truck will be available for media drives late in the third quarter of this year, with dealerships getting the new model soon after that.

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This may be the truck that gets me to try Fords again.

Beautiful, and checks off all the right boxes, on paper anyway. Here's hoping it functions as well as advertised and they've reinforced the frame.

Just one more year to wait.

Chrysler Pacifica First Look

This will be my next truck.

I think it's funny when you look at the this truck from the side, the lines are almost identical as the new Titan, but this truck is much better looking than the Titan.

Sure looks nice, and I'm sure it will work very well. My biggest problem with full size trail rigs is they don't fit well on the trails back home in Colorado without a little natural pin striping... For open trails I'm sure nothing will top this. Any word on price?

@Alan- suppose we can keep our fingers crossed to see if Ford will apply this strategy to the Ranger in a few years. That track would end up about like regular 1/2 tons, but the body is narrower, as to keep out of the brush a little better.

Here is a more in depth article:

That article should have been here.

"10 Speed paddle shifting..."

Hold on a second! Does this mean we are about to get a legitimate multi clutch automated manual gearbox a-la BMW/Audi/VW in the F150? Or is it going to the more likely option of just be another boring sloppy mushy automatic transmission that shifts with a button on the steering wheel like a Hyundai or the new "sporty" Toyota Corolla? If it is the former, this is my excited face:)

Question: Will it have the same blockmaterial as the 2,7 l V6 Ecoboost with CGI?
Answer: I think they must have with such an upgrade.

The difference a grille can make.

Hey ford, ditch the ugly grille and go with this for the F150 line up.

after seeing this the old raptors I see on the street just look kind of meh. The old raptor looks did not wear well. I loved them at first. Now I like the looks of the standard f150s better. I hate the fake vents behind the front wheel wells they put on some of these vehicles. Even if they are functional it always reminds me of those wannabes that would put the fake vents on late 90s mustangs or honda civics and whatnot.

Gosh darn it, i'll take the supercab. Sweet

Nice truck.The transfer case does what? oh, in other news Ram installs a new off road decal.

Wait, the SuperCab will have the same 5.5' bed as the SuperCrew? That doesn't make any sense.

Too much sidewall. Needs 18" wheels.

Willy - The new 3.5 EB in te Raptor will be similar to the engine going into the new Ford GT supercar. "Zero lag turbo's and other assorted goodies. I'm not sure about CGI block though.

Well, Ford, have a look at the Titan Warrior.

Looks like sh#$ and now has a sh^% engine to top it off. LOL $60,000 for more fake v8 speaker sounds.

The Raptor is in a class of it's own, it's got nothing to fear, all other just copy it. The Titan Concept will not look anything remotely close to it.

Nissan should stick to cars, even though I like the Titan Concept.

BiGal from Oz - The Titan Warrior would target the Power Wagon since both pretend to be 3/4 ton trucks.

This motor will have CGI block, I can see this truck winning every truck award in 2017. It will be HHHUUUGGGE, at the local dealership. I can't imagine how many cars and trucks Ford will sell just from people coming in to look at this. 450/450 at this weight will be a performance nightmare for the competition.

Yup, Lou, gotta hand it to ya.

Great comment!

Why don't you continue on your discussion with Alex or papajim Buffet.

450/450 at this weight will be a performance nightmare for the competition.
Posted by: CreigMac | Jan 11, 2016 4:31:48 PM

That's all? GM 6.2 v8 makes 420 460 at 409 lbs , while the eco burp v6 weights in at 449 lbs. If I was Ford I would be embarrassed.

That's all? GM 6.2 v8 makes 420 460 at 409 lbs , while the eco burp v6 weights in at 449 lbs. If I was Ford I would be embarrassed.

Posted by: johnny doe | Jan 11, 2016 5:30:28 PM

Why????? When you compare a F150 with a 3.5L making 365HP and 420TQ to a chivy making 420HP and 460TQ their performance numbers are almost equal. How can that be. The chivy makes 55 more HP and 40lb more TQ and the trucks weigh the same. Plus the chivy has a gearing advantage with an 8 speed trans. I have to believe chivy is embarrassed because their big V8 performs the same as a Ford V6. So how do you think that will translate when the 3.5L gets a big boost in HP and TQ. Don't see any embarrassment anytime soon.

Ford V6 > GM V8

Now that, is embarrassing all in itself.

No I have to believe Ford is embarrassed, because their little V6 weights more then your common V8, and only get one MPG better on a good day in real life. Then to top it off they play GM and Ram V8 sounds over your Ford speakers LMMFAO!


Ford V6 > ALL OTHER'S V8's



Ford V6 > ALL OTHER'S V8's


Remember johnny welfare doe, GM had to mate the 6.2L to a 8 speed transmission because it performed extremely bad with a 6 speed transmission. Ford is still using a 6 speed and is going to 10 speed soon. Now that is funny right there. The GM needs gearing advantage and Ford just uses muscle to do the work. Kinda makes you wonder how it will perform with more gears in the mix. LMAO. Go back to your tinker toys welfare.

In your dreams Frank LMAO!

The GM 6.2L smoke that Ford Eco turd with a 6sp trans too. Big whoop GM with get the 10 speed to and continue you to whoop Ford's a##! Remember Ford had to come to GM to build the 9 and 10 speed trans HAHAHA!

Have a nice day Ford fans, its sad to see you think that a v6 that gets 6L v8 mpg with less HP and TQ is great LMAO! f$%king hilarious!!!!

pfffttt, get over yourself johnny trvll, GM has nothing.

Don't worry about Welfare Frank. He is exhibiting classic insecurities about his life choices. He will do his typical bashing and go away. He is the classic poster child of someone without a clue but has an Obama phone with internet and thinks he is big stuff.

I for one cannot wait for this truck to be released and see some reviews. The first Gen Raptors had no problems selling off the lots. This is defiantly the next evolution of the Raptor. I still would love to see another Lightning come out again. High powered 3.5L or even an ecoboost 5.0L would be killer.

It also getting the addition of port injection in conjunction with direct injection in the raptor.

The new raptor is going to be a beast. Untouchable compared to any other factory production truck.

Only insecure people here are you two LMAO!! bragging bout a other weight v6 with less HP TQ and only gets one MPG better then a 6L V8 on a good day HAHAHA!!!!! Yes I will go away, cause I embarrassed you and Ford with only one sentence. That you will spent the rest of the night talking bout on your welfare phones LMAO!!!!!!!

@johnny dope boy
Why do you even bother to comment on an article like this? Nobody cares what your opinion is on any ford product. We already know that you wouldn't like a ford or say anything good about any ford under any circumstances ever because you are insanely biased. When I see an article on something I don't care about I don't waste my time commenting. Please skip these articles. You can talk about how great chevy is when there is a chevy article.

Waste of money

Rolling can of beer or big al or hemi. Couldn't make it past you first bullet. Last generation raptor didn't have epas . Still hydraulic on any 6.2. So I knew everything in the center was most likely garbage. So I read you last point. You were in correct on that as well. Only a couple raptors had a frame issue.... Your will only find pics of 4 or 5 of them. A red, a blue, a black and possibly a white one. All the pics on the Internet are the same trucks. Which those trucks were modded with different springs and also had the governors removed which allowed them to go faster then the trucks were designed. A couple bent frames on modded trucks out of the 100,000+ raptors out there especially how hard the beat on compared to the cars that ram and gm badge as pickups... Except the powerwagon and the Trd pro which is only other good trucks made.


Chrysler Pacifica First Look

This will be my next truck.

are you becoming a soccer mom?

I don't think anyone would seriously compare the Titan warrior to the Raptor. Pure function against would not be good.

While the Chevy 6.2 is impressive, I'd bet the Gen 2 eco-boost will have a much more impressive hp/torque curve. Time will tell...

All that money and all you get is a V6. That's inexcusable.

"All that money and all you get is a V6. That's inexcusable."

That V6 is blowing away Modern V8s. So yeah, I'd take that sexy engine anyday.

I don't care if it don't sound like a V8, the only sound I want to hear is when it blows the doors off Modern V8s.

So Raptor is the ultimate off road OEM Offroad truck and its getting even more so and yes just like the Lightning, Typhoon, Cyclone, SRT10, Hellcat anything, Its a TOY. And toys this cool are EXPENSIVE. While the Power Wagon and the Warrior Titan are impressive they are also HEAVY and not in a good way. The first Raptor was and continues to be a WILDLY successful vehicle for Ford both in bragging rights, cool, marketing, status, performance and MOST of all profitability. It started HOT and has stayed HOT and might even get HOTTER with this. While embarrassing that no one has yet to even attempt to seriously match the Raptor's high speed off road capability it may make sense in how tightly wrapped up Raptor has this niche market. When Raptor sales slow, and discounts begin applying to Raptors then it might be over but this hit has gone on far longer and bigger than anyone ever anticipated.

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