Jeep to Make Pickup, Likely in 2018

Jeep J12 1 II

The constant rumors swirling around Jeep producing a pickup truck finally have been confirmed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne during an interview at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

According to the Detroit News, Jeep will be including a pickup truck variant based on the Wrangler platform when the small, off-road-savvy SUV is updated and redesigned for 2017.

Over the years, Jeep has created several concept pickups — the most recent were the Gladiator and the J-12 — but none have received the green light for production due to cost and sluggish midsize pickup sales. Now, with the Wrangler redesign on the horizon and modest sales growth in the midsize pickup segment, the table is set for production of an improved Wrangler and an unnamed Jeep pickup with a traditional ladder-frame chassis. They will both be produced in Toledo, Ohio. We've been skeptical in the past, but with the strong success of Jeep both nationally and internationally, FCA leadership is now willing to take the risk. 

Although not much is known about the next-generation Wrangler, rumors persist that much of the body will be aluminum to save weight and help with fuel economy. Our guess is that an eight-speed transmission is in its future as well. The pickup truck will likely have a longer wheelbase than the current Wrangler Unlimited model, and it will be long enough to accommodate a 5-foot bed.

Companies like American Expedition Vehicles have successfully converted Jeep Wrangler Unlimited models into pickup trucks but also offer many axle and engine upgrades as part of their "check-the-box" business model. We hope to hear more about the new Wrangler and the coming Jeep pickup by next year. photo by Mark Williams


Jeep Gladiator II



Jeez I love that orange one, what a sweet looking truck.

Cool news. I've always wanted a wrangler pickup. Would make a great farm vehicle. And wranglers are relatively inexpensive. Big al is going to be mad about the aluminum body. Or maybe he'll change his mind and think aluminum is the best thing since sliced bread when all the other manufacturers make the switch.

I'll take a copy of the orange one.

This will be a huge hit, hopefully it will be military grade

wow a fiat pickup

I think it will fail like the gm's hummer sut.

Now look at the facts.

This Jeep pickup truck will have a BETTER ride and handling than the F150 aluminum wonder truck.

This Jeep pickup truck will have BETTER fuel economy than the F150.

This Jeep pickup truck will be BETTER offroad than the F!50.

This Jeep pickup truck will be CAPABLE towing and hauling for 99% of people.

All WITHOUT aluminum. How does Fiat-Chrysler do it?

I am not in the market, but good job Fiat!

Wait a sec. I somehow missed the aluminum body rumor. Sorry about my mistake. Anyhow it still just a RUMOR.


It's not only a rumor. The next gen *will* get an aluminum body.

Sadly it won't look like the top picture but more like the bottom one. Don't count your chickens yet. Jeep has been teasing us with cool trucks for years

Copycat beer can from Fiat. GM will be next to copy Ford with there new aluminum beer can truck in 2018.

I like the pic on the new 2020 Bronco better.

LOL at BIG AL and his many names, I wonder what his excuse will be when everyone is military grade, hmmm........

My kenworth is aluminum. Did ford copy KW? The Plymouth prowler is aluminum. Did ford copy that? The answer is no in case you're so ate up with the dumbass to realize it's not copycatting to change materials

Ok so a more or less offroad dedicated little truck... The Wrangler is a niche machine and why not do a niche offshoot from its platform? The only real issue here is most of its sales will come from Wranglers but whats the big deal since both will be built on the same assembly line. So it ammounts to more options for Jeep fans and those with money to burn on small very offroady trucks. So if your a fiat wrangler fan or are truly a dedeicated offroader or you got the money to burn and wanna show it more than someone driving a C/C with z71/all terrain, a Taco with TRD, a Frontier with PRO4x or an old Ranger Level II this is your pretend truck.

Ford never states what military grade. could be Chinese military alum or military grade alum pen material. LOL

Niche machine? It's only Chryslers' top seller. Maybe if ford updates the original bronco you wouldn't feel so inadequate. That would be a cool little truck

Wow. I just found out that my brother's Prowler has an aluminum body. I did not know this. It is pretty sweet ride! GM is getting an aluminum body in next year or so. Does anyone know when Ram is making the switch to aluminum bodies? I kinda feel like Ram is dragging their feet. :(

Any Jeep pickup, whether it's full size like the J-10, -20, or J-12 concept, the Gladiator concept, or compact like the old Comanche would be a welcome addition to what already is available in the US pickup market. Because it carries the Jeep name, we would expect it to be purpose-built with true off road capability from the factory.

Current Wrangler owners would choose this truck as a second jeep in their stable of vehicles. Members in my local huge jeep club have been clamoring for a jeep pickup ever since the Scrambler and Comanche were discontinued. Most of the club members who own pickups have Ram trucks because it's the closest they can get to the Jeep brand.

I can see this platform being snatched up by wildlife and forestry services, military, fire departments, utilities, airports, or any consumer or business requiring basic, rugged, off road, load-hauling capability.

In all of the Jeep meet ups and events I've attended, the rigs that generate the most interest are the custom Wranglers that have a pickup bed added, old J-10, or J-20's, or Scramblers. I've seen a few custom pickup rigs that also have the Cummins 4BT diesel swapped in, and now you're talking cat's meow.

It's a good time to re-introduce the jeep pickup to the market.

1. The midsize segment is heating up with great vehicles and quality competition.
2. Fuel prices promise to be low for the next couple of years.
3. Smaller displacement diesel engines are gaining in popularity.
4. The U.S. auto industry is the strongest it has been in a decade, and is ready for new truck models.
5. Americans love Jeeps.
6. Americans love pickups.

Hemi, did you know the engineers who worked on the prowler left when the Germans took over Chrysler and went to ford?

How many of these Jeep pickup stories have there been from FCA over the past couple of years???

I'll believe it when I see it.

This can't be a hard decision for FCA, so why the constant teasing with these articles?

Just lengthen the chassis on a 4 door Wrangler and be done with it.

I agree with big al. That's right I said it. Guess Chrysler waited for gm to jump in first to test the mid size waters. Jeep has been showing us trucks for years they had no intention of producing. For shame

A Wrangler will be kick a##!!


I like the Gladiator especially if it were the size of a Colorado. Maybe all trucks will eventually be made out of aluminum but not because of rust issues. News flash for Ford fan boys Ford went to aluminum bodies to save weight. Aluminum has gone down in price because of any over supply and a weak World economy. As roadram said Kenworth is aluminum and has been long before the F-150.

Competition upsets fan boys but who really cares about juveniles.

I don't think buyers of this will just be coming from wranglers. There's probably a lot of guys that would only buy a jeep if it had a pickup bed. I personally know a few guys that have owned jeeps at one time but now have a pickup. They'd probably go back to jeep if jeep had a pickup.


Hardee harhar canadiansimplethoughts. Guess your favorite brand x has perpetually empty service departments

Lousy idea. The Wrangler has a very high center of gravity and is a lousy platform for a 21st Century pickup. They'd be smarter to try and create a Jeep version of the S-10 or Ranger.

@papa jim--FCA has been taunting Jeep fans with this so long that it is about a illusionary as the Edsel pickup my middle brother swears he saw in the 60's. Maybe FCA will pull the trigger but then maybe this is one big tease.

I just made a quick and rudimentary check of Images in search of any sign of a concept 2017 Jeep Wrangler, let alone a Wrangler pickup and came up with nothing.

I do think this is the usual mouthing remarks from FCA.

As well as looking at a potential Wrangler pickup, maybe FCA could give the Ram a redesign at the same time.

It is a cool looking little truck. Really reminds me of a H2T. But they had their following also. I have no reason to not believe they would sell well. Just give them some good power and they will do well. I think it has a more masculine look over the Wrangler.

@Al and Jeff

you're probably right. FCA's prospects in the US are not attractive and Jeep/RAM is about the only fun they get to have. With the S. Koreans kicking everybody's butt in the small car segments, what's left for Fiat in North America anyway?

I do think FCA's best bet with a Wrangler pickup is the global market. The US market will sell some, but not even in the numbers of the Colorado/Canyon. They will be a niche product in the US.

Why would anyone want a rough riding tractor for an everyday ride?

Make a simple, diesel, pickup that's half the price of a 70 odd Series Landcruiser pickup and it will sell. Keep the live axle front end as well and lengthen the 4 door Wrangler chassis.

The 2.8 VM is already developed as well.

Even make them in China or Thailand, I don't care, even the Chinese can build a simple robust vehicle.

I saw a future Wrangler on . the info was that the pickup will be a single cab only.

@Big Al--FCA would be better off spending the resources for a new Ram than spending it on reviving Lancia. The number of Lancias that Fiat Chrysler will sell in a global market even including China would not be enough to pay for itself. The affluent Chinese are more likely to buy Mercedes, BMWs, Porches, and Jaguars before they would buy Lancias. Jeep and Ram are brands that will keep FCA in business. It will interesting to see if FCA decides to build either a Wrangler or a Gladiator pickup but they have been displaying concept Jeep pickups for so long in auto shows that I have my doubts. The new Colorado/Canyons have renewed interest in the midsize pickup truck market and hopefully this will last. It will be interesting to see the new Bronco and Ranger.

Lancia is a dead brand. Only car they have is a rebadged 300. Fiat is a flop here and Sergio wants to bet the farm on Alfa. Chrysler is in dire need of new vehicles, jeep would do well with a truck not new jeeps based on fiats and alfas, though they are selling well, Dodge is in a pretty good position, dart notwithstanding. The truck just needs to be tougher so it stops getting beat up on capacity.

The problem Sergio and FCA have with Fiat is the Fiat brand is a biggish seller in developing markets globally and Italy.

The economies of many developing nations are currently under stress and this will impact vehicle sales.

Developing nation swings in vehicle sales is very large in comparison to many OECD economies, like the US. So, FCA will hurt with any Fiat product into the near future.

I would bet FCA will not be as it is in several years. Sergio will eventually be forced sell of the non performing part of FCA.

FCA hasn't learned a damn thing. Sergio Marchionne must have a learning disabilty. After 13!!!! years of teasing Jeep is finally going to build a pickup. hhmmm,,,,, 2018,,,,,,, that would be AFTER honda, nissan, chevy, gmc, ford, and ???? maybe VW! have all jumped back into the mid-size market. Most likely AFTER gas/fuel prices have shot back up. I wonder if it will be an overpriced pig like the nissan Titan.



Ok. Personally, I'm looking forward to this. It's bigger than I really want, but if it looks like the '05 Gladiator concept even remotely (meaning extended cab and not four full doors) then I guess I could accept it. If so, I'll have a very low mileage '97 Ranger for sale. I'm expecting it will have less than 1500 miles per year on it though maybe more.

Aluminum body doesn't bother me too much; as long as you don't mind the soft metal taking dings more readily. Even so, that may be a good thing as it can then absorb more impact without deforming as much as an equivalent thickness of steel. But it will still need proper care to avoid corrosion, despite what some say about aluminum not rusting. It does rust, it just doesn't LOOK like rust.

The Wrangler is a good vehicle when bad weather comes around. I think in general it's better than the typical 4x4 pickup because the weight is more balanced. However, that won't necessarily be true with a pickup version of the Wrangler. How it's driven in such conditions is as important as the 4x4 itself; I've demonstrated that many times by driving a Camaro on snowy, icy roads during a storm and making it home without incident even on relatively poor county roads where 4x4s of all types were sitting in the ditch. Talk about some angry co-workers when they discovered it was me that passed them that one night after work as they fought to dig, scrape or get towed back onto the road.

Yes, I understand the benefits of 4x4 but you can't rely on it to get you out of every scrape. Driving skill and proper caution is still critical to safe driving, no matter what you drive.

"With the price of gas continuing to plummet sales of tiny fiats will as well. Sergio needs to separate the Italian brands from the American side."

Now is the best possible time to buy an economical vehicle; great low pricing and possibly paid off by the time gas prices leap to unheard-of levels here in the US. Don't believe for a moment these gas prices are here to stay.

@JeffS: " It will interesting to see if FCA decides to build either a Wrangler or a Gladiator pickup but they have been displaying concept Jeep pickups for so long in auto shows that I have my doubts."

The difference this time is that Marccione has distinctly stated they ARE bringing out a Wrangler-based pickup. It is clear he has wanted to for a long time, but with changes that have already been announced in model production moves it is not only possible, but almost mandatory that the pickup be made to use otherwise excess capacity now at Toledo's Wrangler plants (plural).

Marccione has been very smart in building up to this. He has sampled the waters several times in asking if there's even a market and the response has always been high, even if it's always been the same people responding. I would bet that within five years of its release, the Jeep pickup's sales will be roughly 1/3rd of all Wrangler-type sales from Jeep and possibly higher.

I want that J-12 but really should think smaller. We'll see if FCA rolls anything out. They've been a tease for too many years on this.

I will look at the FE numbers of any Jeep closely, as I agree: low gas-prices won't last. In the end, we will downsize our current truck anyway when we replace, getting a small truck for running to the DIY or lumber yard, purchasing a used dump truck for our 12x / year bulk hauling and tractor-towing.

Nice a jeep pickup, I bet a lot chicks will buy one to go to harbor freight and the home depot.

It's dumb not to make one. Jeep has global reach, unlike the RAM brand. They could sell a ton of mid-size pickups in the US + internationally, Jeep has the platform ready from the Wrangler and they have a wide variety of gas/diesel engines too.

@roadram--Sorry for the mistake, I meant Alfa Romeo. Still the same story and it is doubtful that Alfa will pay for itself except for using Alfa platforms on other FCA products such as the Dodge Dart and the Chrysler 200.

@Road Whale--I am not saying that FCA will never make a Jeep pickup truck but FCA has been displaying a concept Jeep pickup for years. I like the Gladiator concept but I would prefer it in a midsize or compact size with an extended cab. FCA would be better to spend any profits on Jeep and Ram than on dying Italian brands. If Sergio wants to save FCA he would be better to partner with Renault/Nissan and have them develop their small cars and crossovers. Trying to force a merger with GM has not been successful.

Oil prices will eventually go up as smaller producers are forced out. It would be better long run to see oil stabilize than to have fluctuating prices.

I agree Jeff oil prices will eventually go up, but many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare.

^^^well there goes Johnny Wefare Doe again.

Yep flush there goes Johnny Wefare Doe...I think I saw some of that corn I ate!

If anyone finds my boyfriend Hemi V8 let him know I have dinner ready. And desert will come later.............................

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