NHTSA Expands Takata Airbag Recall

Ford Ranger Steering Wheel II

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has expanded the already substantial Takata airbag recall to include three more automakers — Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen — and 5 million more airbag inflators.

This latest expansion is partially due to the death of a Georgia man, who died after his 2006 Ford Ranger struck a cow on a South Carolina road and the airbag did not deploy properly. The attorney for the family said his client was killed by metal pieces from the airbag's inflator canister.

Ford is proactively expanding its safety recall on previously effected Rnagers, but are not including the driver side airbags as well. The Ford vehicles affected by this Takata action are all 2004-2006 Ford Rangers built in North America. A total of 391,394 Ford vehicles are now affected by the expanded recall, including 361,692 in the United States and federalized territories and 29,334 in Canada. Ford dealers will replace the driver side airbag inflator at no cost to the customer. Ford customers who want to know if their vehicle is included in this recall can visit www.ford.com  and click on safety recalls at the bottom of the page and enter their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

According to Automotive News, the Ford Ranger death is the first reported since a 13-year-old was killed in a 2001 Honda Accord coupe in Pennsylvania in July 2015.

For more on this story, click here. For the full list of stories related to the Takata airbag recall, click here. For a full list of affected vehicles, click here.

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you stand a better chance of being killed by a meteor than you do from a failed airbag.

Our out of control government is approaching 30 trillion dollars of public debt and they spend our money on crap like this.

Yeah those stupid government controls. Like the ones they used in Flint Michigan.
If I owned a vehicle and it had a safety malfunction that could affect me or my passengers I sure as heck would want to know about it and have it fixed.
If it was your 13 year old that died I think you'd have a difference of opinion.

papajim, sometimes it's better to sit quietly and educate yourself before speaking out. Government debt has nothing to do with this - or any other - recall. It's the manufacturer who will foot the bill, hello!

Stuff like this are important because we can't control how and when the airbag deploys.. But stuff like TPS... stupid.. just stupid... It should be a requirement that all drivers must know to to check tire pressure. I came across a guy at the gas station who had a low tire. I told him to check his pressure or air it up over by the air pump on the building. He replied "how to I fill it up?" smh.

Papa Jim is exactly right. Govn't debt has everything to do with this. The defect office alone spends $100's of millions of dollars on this stuff and has hundreds of employees and is clearly mismanaged and needs to be reformed. Educate yourself.

Some are saying that every vehicle with a Takata airbag should be recalled.

On the political end of things - governments meddle in everything.

With that being said, the very basic role of government is to ensure a safe, just and orderly society.

- recalling a product that can injure or kill its citizens would fall under that very basic mandate.

@LouBC repeat, a meteor. A meteor.

Can we focus on stuff that is really killing us instead of air bags. When I was a kid we rode around in cars that didn't have seat belts and we...gasp--smoked cigarettes!!!! Oh God.

Takata airbags are fitted to literally millions of vehicles.

What is the death rate as a percentage? 0.0000000000001%?

I do believe strongly in safety measures and the reduction of incidents and accidents due to engineering failures.

But, I do believe in this case the best option is to allow the existing airbags to stay and compensate those affected.

Put, into place engineering changes to the airbags so future airbags don't encounter the same deployment problems and cause harm/injury.

Money does come into this, but the easiest way for the US to fix up the overly large government institutions is to adopt already existing standards from other developed nations rather than re-inventing the wheel as it does many times whether it's the NHTSA or EPA.

I think you'll find manufacturers also have their finger in the regulation pie as well as the governments.

The many levels of regulation, controls, taxes/tariffs has created a massive web of unnecessary administration that can only be interpreted by lawyers and accountants.

Maybe streamlining the system is the best option and remove duplication as I have already mentioned above.

How much duplication is there between government bodies within the US? Without even counting on the safety, emissions regulations that already exist in other nations that is duplicated.

Tundra Boob,
The cost to a nation caused by motor vehicle accidents is staggering.

The costs is not only related to the actual cost of the injury or fatality directly related to the accident, but the overall cost to society due to the loss of productivity of a person who could of produced and payed taxes.

I do know in the 1980s a cost was allotted to each fatality in Australia. Back then it was calculated that each road fatality cost the country over $1 million. Multiply that figure nowadays by at least five.

Developing nations are now realising the cost to there countries due to road fatalities and injuries. This is why these nations are gradually adopting our standards for road use.

The world is much bigger than what you see outside of your kitchen window.

One more thing, Fords Ecoboob claim that it has great FE is as crazy as the military grade aluminum claim.

I do know in the 1980s a cost was allotted to each fatality in Australia. Back then it was calculated that each road fatality cost the country over $1 million.


So based on your comment, a hundred years ago in Australia nobody drove cars and everybody lived to a ripe old age and saved millions of dollars in the process.

Rubbish of course.

Sociologists and their calculations are always trying to justify some intrusion of government into our lives with puffed up numbers like yours.


@papajim - I'm sure government has a trillion dollar plan for meteors too :)

"Can we focus on stuff that is really killing us instead of air bags.'


Lets talk about gun deaths in the USA and see how far that goes !

More guns. Less crime. Guns save lives. Gun free zones are killing zones for criminals. Most anti gun liberals are one mugging away from conservative views.

@LouBC Great example: gun deaths

Unfortunately, over half of US guns deaths are ruled to be suicides. To make that stop, you have to adopt a UK/Australian style confiscation of firearms--with no guarantee that it will stop the killing

The recent bloodshed in Paris shows what happens when decent law abiding people are disarmed by generations of government bureaucrats (who by the way have armed security).

At least the subject of stopping gun deaths has a statistical basis in fact, unlike this silliness about the airbags.

The solution is to export these Rangers to ISIS. Exploding air bags with shrapnel might be the most effective weapon we have against ISIS.

: papa jim - "The recent bloodshed in Paris shows what happens when decent law abiding people are disarmed by generations of government bureaucrats (who by the way have armed security)."

The irony of that part of your statement is this:

"According to the Tracker’s data, which defines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people are killed or wounded, there were 372 mass shootings in the U.S. in 2015, killing 475 and wounding 1,870."

The further irony is the fact that only one involved Muslim extremism.

Here is some further irony..... "Since 9/11, white right-wing terrorists have killed almost twice as many Americans in homegrown attacks than radical Islamists have, according to research by the New America Foundation."

I guess it is okay if Americans kill Americans or even better if it is Christian Americans killing other Americans.

Odd how that "gun in every hand" mentally has not saved USA citizens from those deaths. Other counties do not have those kind of statistics............ well......... if you exclude Darfur, Somalia, Mexico and South American counties ruled by drug cartels.

@Lou_BC--What's more American than "Kill thy neighbor". I am sure guns would have helped save lives in the Oklahoma bombing.

Getting back to the subject at hand the purpose of airbags is to save lives and one should not have to be worried about exploding airbags which deploy shrapnel. It would be better to not have airbags than to falsely rely on a defective airbag that could maim or kill you. Where does a discussion of faulty airbags being recalled lead to discussion of gun control and the right to carry a weapon? Maybe we should all carry guns in a holster like the Old West and if we do not like someone challenge them to a draw. Much more effective method of birth control and more moral than birth control and abortions.

The government thinks criminals will obey the gun laws they pass. All they are really doing is disarming the citizens. Almost all mass shootings occurred in gun free areas. Go figure. The same people who wants guns banned and destroyed end up calling the people with guns to help when they get robbed or assaulted. Go figure..

Personally, I would rather they just disable the old airbags and leave it at that. Cheaper and as long as you're wearing your seatbelt hardly any more deadly. I T-boned another car one time in an 86 Buick at 45mph without airbags and didn't even touch the steering wheel with my body. To me, they're simply unnecessary. Considering the costs involved now, disabling is simply cheaper and more efficient all around.

Rolling Can of Beer is a bigger DouchBag (see what I did there?) than Takata ever will be. I just hope he, she, it, doesn't drive a Toyota product.

Rolling Can of Beer is a bigger DouchBag (see what I did there?) than Takata ever will be. I just hope he, she, it, doesn't drive a Toyota product.

Posted by: CreigMac | Jan 26, 2016 7:48:08 PM

I'm pretty sure that moron is still rocking matchbox cars. A true loser. My bet is that useless piece of C(r)ap is Johnny Welfare Doe. The loser traits run strong in both of these posters.

Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare!


Road Whale,
Why disable the airbargs?

Sort of like the anti-vaxer crowd we have in Australia.

What no one has mentioned is how many lives have been saved with these "defective" airbags as lost to their failure?

I think the ratio of good vs evil will favour considerably lives saved.

I say leave it as it is and fix the airbags in all new vehicles.

@LouBC you sound like you're suffering from an advanced case of liberal-media exposure. See your doctor. Or better yet, watch Fox news for 30 days. You'll feel better and women will begin to find you more attractive--well, you WILL feel better.

re: Shooting stats. 372 mass killings in the US?

There are 300 million Americans.

Based on your Tracker stat, the odds of dying in some mass shooting are 1:300,000,000 Now we're back to the getting-killed-by-a-meteor sorts of odds that got me going in the first place.

Your maths is quite creative.

The US has around 322 million people and you claim their is a one in 300 million chance of be killed in a mass shooting.

1. A mass shooting must have more than 4 deaths.

2. This means if the US has one mass shooting a year you odds are 1: 75 000 000 or one in 75 million.

The US has multiple mass shootings.

The NRA are some group of wackos hell bent on using fear to govern. They are not progressive at all.

The number of firearms related deaths in the US is staggering.

@Big Al Australians are no longer allowed by their repressive government to own guns.

You guys down under really rolled over and let the royals and the nobles jerk you around on that one. The lords and dukes and all those cats still have their guns, just not the common folks. Good luck with that

The track record for governments that confiscate privately owned guns is zip. Whether the focus is on Red China, Russia, the Nazis, Cuba, they all caused considerable mayhem but I don't see you mentioning those regimes.

good luck.

I do believe you are troulling, okay BC Mike;)

@BigAl so instead of commenting on the substance of my remarks you indulge in name calling. Classic.

@BigAl so instead of commenting on the substance of my remarks you indulge in name calling. Classic.

papa jim - compare the USA to other "civilized" countries.


Your comment about suicides is fascinating. The irony of that fact is the right wants universal access to firearms but not universal healthcare.

I'm sure there is no coincidence between things like the Patriot Act, Snowden's revelations and the boom in private for profit prisons and private security contractors (used to be called mercenaries). LOL

@papajim - correct. Classic. I may disagree with some of your opinions but I do respect them.

@LouBC the politifact surveys and commentaries are the product of the Poynter Institute, a non-profit media company that owns the Tampa Bay Times aka the St Petersburg Times.

The Times is one of the most ultraliberal newspapers in North America. Politifact is commonly called to account for its bias and they make no bones about. They acknowledge that they are a Left oriented group.

You may surprised to learn that the current system of background checks in the US was inspired by the political right and the NRA, not liberals.

The liberals back in the late 1980s were fascinated with eliminating federal firearms licensing FFL for short. Every FFL who sells a gun is required to document the sale. Ending FFLs mean that tens of millions of gun sales went underground, still legal, just undocumented. That was a liberal idea.

Government confiscation of guns has an ugly history and has not been shown to meet its own lofty goals.

There is no substance or truth in your remarks at all. This is why my response has been lowered or toned matched to your comment.

It really indicates A) you either are a troulle or B) You are dumber than dog sh!t.

@BigAl i repeat--instead of commenting on the substance of my remarks you indulge in name calling. Classic. part 2

Much cheaper to shoot those who cannot afford health care than to provide health care for them.


My grandmother, Morning Star -- she was a Kikapu Indian -- she used to say that we're all born with a box of matches inside. We can't light them by ourselves. Just like in this experiment, we need oxygen and the help of a candle. Except that in our case, the oxygen has to come, for example, from a lover's breath.

The candle can be anything: a Ford recall, a broken transmission, a F150 that won't start, a sound. Anything that pulls the trigger and sets off one of the matches. Every person has to discover what will pull his trigger to enable him to live. Because it is the explosive flare of a match that feeds our souls. If there's nothing to trigger the explosion, our box of matches becomes damp and then we'll never be able to light any of them. There are many ways to dry a damp match box.

You can rest assured there is a cure. Of course, it's important to light the matches one at a time. Because if an intense burst of emotion were to ignite them all at once, they would produce such a strong brilliance that before our eyes there would appear a tunnel of such radiance showing us the path we forgot at birth, the same path that calls us back to our divine origins.

So many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare!

roadram - the USA today is just as much a "banana republic" because of "right" policy than it is due to the "left". Banana republics do like to control and monitor the populace. Case in point: Patriot Act and the rise of private for profit prisons. The Patriot Act wasn't libertarian or from the left.
The huge rift between the "haves" and "have nots" regardless of whose fault it is should be of grave concern.

A progressive political party need not be left wing.

The NRA is quite naive in the way in which it supports gun ownership.

I don't support the NRA. I don't support the basically uncontrolled or limited control of arms in the US.

I do agree the NRA to some degree that a person not the weapon is the problem. But, as Lou pointed out the US with it's other policies has allowed the nation to have an unnecessarily large group of people in want. This disparity is another cause for the issues arising from the use of weapons in violence.

Papajim incorrectly stated that Australia has no guns. Quite the opposite is actually the truth. We don't have the same levels of disparity andnthe use of weapons is more regulated.

Just look at that dingaling, Trump. His whole popularity is based on the use of fear. Cruz has made some wild comments regarding the ownership of weapons.

These guys are vying to appease the fringe elements. If Trump and Cruz aren't careful the more liberal left will win, because they will sound considerably sane in comparison to the GOP candidates.

What has the US to fear, other than the people of the US?

Immigrants? They made America. Imported products? No.

The US needs to fear those who are attempting to make the country insular. The US became a great power by being secular and ever expanding globally.

Read this link. It is something not one Amercian should ever be proud of. It's a pity.

But, as you can see the only way to change this is the delete the NRA and use some objectivity in US internal policy making.

Things like a livable minimum wage. Strict gun ownership laws etc.

The US is the only non-developing nation (in other words, advanced nation) that made it on this list.


Regular comments contributors here on these pages are accustomed to Al’s rants.

Big Al never uses economy (of words) when discussing topics he has some profound knowledge of. Give him a topic like the NRA or economics, he suddenly becomes a man of strong opinions (and few words).

See: today’s comments on the air bag devices.

What no one has mentioned is how many lives have been saved with these "defective" airbags as lost to their failure?
I think the ratio of good vs evil will favour considerably lives saved.
I say leave it as it is and fix the airbags in all new vehicles.
-- Posted by: Big Al from Oz | Jan 27, 2016 12:32:39 AM

I'll disagree with the 'leave it as it is' simply because some of these airbags are causing injuries and even death; I've read of more than one crash where there would have been no injury at all even without the airbags where one of these defective ones has severely injured the driver/passenger or even killed them. Much better if they'd never gone off at all. And that's my point. As these airbags age, rather than forcing the automakers to spend untold billions of dollars to repair a car that's already near end of life, disabling the airbag is cheaper by far and would have only minimal impact on the overall safety of the vehicle's passengers. Doing what they're doing by forcing replacement of airbags in eight-, ten- and even fifteen-year-old cars is actually hurting the general economy.

Honestly, I wouldn't trust the airbag in my '97 Ranger one whit simply due to its age, despite the fact the truck has barely over 20K miles on it. (Well, just under 22K now.)

"Government confiscation of guns has an ugly history and has not been shown to meet its own lofty goals."

I have one question, PJ: Where is everybody getting the idea that the government wants to CONFISCATE guns? Nothing I have read in ANY of the attempts to improve background checks has ever mentioned taking guns away from people, only preventing certain people from purchasing guns due to specific medical or criminal history. Please clarify this for me.

@roadwhale. have you ever tried to legally purchase a handgun in any of the major US cities that have been controlled by gun-hating Democrats for the last 100 bleeping years?

"have you ever tried to legally purchase a handgun in any of the major US cities that have been controlled by gun-hating Democrats for the last 100 bleeping years?"

No, but I'm about to inherit one and I live in one of the most restrictive STATES in the country. The laws are quite simple really. All you have to do to buy a gun in my state is be properly licensed and pass the background check. I don't expect to have any problem with that.

By the way, you do know that at one time the NRA was solidly behind the idea of background checks, don't you? The purpose is simply to ensure RESPONSIBLE people own those guns. You know... People who aren't going to go out and shoot their neighbor because the dog dropped its scat on their lawn.

@Roadwhale I suggest you check with a professional about this item, ahem, that you are about to inherit.

Even passing from one relative to the next will require a documented transfer, a fee, a waiting period and background check in some states.

Doing all of these official handstands will make you feel a lot safer I'm sure.

@Road Whale--I don't no why every time there is a discussion about a recall that some have to get in a political discussion. I agree with your assessment about the air bags that on an older vehicle it is better to warn owners that if they have a vehicle effected by a faulty air bag that they should be allowed to disconnect it. Nothing worse than relying on a safety device that you don't know could have a defect and that could possible cause bodily harm. I agree that the Government does not want to take everyone's guns away and even if they tried there would be a revolt. Also I know something about the Federal Government, they are to incompetent to implement such a process.

@Jeff S

political discussion? There are two basic types of Americans today--those who resist the idea that Washington knows best, and those who can't remember with this story was about in the first place :)

According to the story a man driving an old Ranger was killed when his vehicle struck a cow.

From now on, all cows will require a permit. Striking an undocumented cow will become a crime. A 3-day waiting period on the purchase of a cow will be required, along with a background check. Washington will hire fifty thousand unionized civil servants to assure that all cows have proper paperwork.

Big Al will apply for a waiver.

@papa jim--Cows without permits will find their lives at steak especially if they cause drivers to T-bone them. Papa jim, seriously people are speaking out about a lot of the nonsense going on with the Government. I doubt the Government will be able to implement a permit process for farm animals nor will they take away peoples guns. There are enough voters out their that would vote out any politician that even suggested that and any non elected official would be forced to resign. My almost 30 years of Federal Government experience gives me confidence that the layers of bureaucracy would not be able to administer and implement a permit process. Federal Government cannot even successfully inspect our food and insure its safety nor can they protect taxpayers from fraud.

There are few things that the Government can do that can be kept from most people especially with Facebook, Twitter, and the internet. Anything that happens can be posted on electronic medium accessible to all and once it is posted it never goes away.

As for the air bags it might be hard to insure that all vehicles have properly functioning air bags especially on vehicles that are 10 or 20 years old. Even the safest air bag could degrade in an older vehicle especially with years of being exposed to the cold and heat. This is true with tires as well because the materials that are used to make tires destabilizes after several years. This is true for a tire that sits in a warehouse. People should be informed that an old airbag might lose some of its protection after several years. It might be better that the Government allows for owners of vehicles that are 10 years old or older be allowed to disable their air bags but if they do they should be required to notify anyone who might buy this vehicle that the air bags have been disabled. It is better to know that you do not have an air bag than to rely on having an air bag that does not function properly I think that air bags serve a purpose in protecting the occupants of a vehicle but the public needs to be informed of any problems with them.

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