Nissan's Titan Warrior Concept: How Close to Production?

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Some might remember that Nissan Titan designer Diane Allen referred to images of gladiator helmets and armor when finding her vision for the all-new 2016 Titan XD. In keeping with the fighter/combatant theme, Nissan revealed the Titan Warrior Concept pickup truck at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where many will likely assume this new pickup is meant to be a Ford Raptor fighter.

From the looks of it, the off-road-modified Titan XD is as ready for an Alaskan snow adventure as it is for a top-to-bottom run of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The Warrior Concept is meant to push the limits of the Titan XD's capabilities.

"Nissan has always pushed the boundaries of traditional automotive design and engineering, from our Nissan GT-R supercar to this new Titan XD," said Jose Munoz, Nissan Motor executive vice president and Nissan North America chairman, in a statement. "We do this with a clear conviction that there are buyers out there who appreciate something everyone else does not have. A 'work hard, play harder, get bigger' Titan XD certainly does the job."

The Titan Warrior boasts wider and more muscular side and rear body panels. The wider stance, helped by extra-wide axles and tires, is meant to deliver a more dominating, even menacing, attitude. The vents in the bulging hood and LED lights integrated into the roof are meant to provide a unique face as well as unmatched function; the vents provide extra engine cooling and the LEDs offer better night vision.

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The truck has a 3-inch taller stance due to a custom suspension that incorporates thicker and wider upper and lower control arms and ball joints, as well as taller rear-leaf springs. All four corners outfitted with high-performance remote reservoir shock absorbers and 37-inch Pro Comp Xtreme mud-terrain tires with 18-inch aluminum wheels.

The matte-finish gun-metal gray Titan Warrior has an integrated front bumper and skid plate; a quad-pipe exhaust system is integrated into the rear bumper.

The upgraded and stylish interior reflects the extreme performance theme as well, showcasing dark carbon-colored seats with magma-colored orange piping and stitching details throughout. Other bright orange highlights can be seen in the dash, doors and center console. Carbon-fiber surrounds sit on each vent with liberal use of polished aluminum; a unique set of glowing data gauges sits above the center stack, giving the interior a sporty yet polished feel.

The Titan Warrior Concept was created by the same design team that gave us the Titan XD. From what we're seeing, it wouldn't take much work to turn this concept into an impressive sport package, possibly one good enough to play in the same sandbox as the Tundra TRD Pro or even the upcoming 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor with the EcoBoost engine. For now, this is just an experiment that allows the Nissan folks to gauge reaction … so react and let them know what you think.

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Build it !!!!

This is one of the best looking trucks I have ever seen. I'm not a full size guy, so this is too big and overkill for me, but man it looks nice. Make the new Frontier look like this please!

This truck looks really good. Hopefully it will get slot of attention and eventually go into production.

@BMB, Totally agree, this truck is beautiful inside and out, nicely done Nissan!

yet another nice concept that will 'never' get built. Anybody remember the 2005 jeep gladiator?

Less chat, more splat! Build it!

Wow, very nice. Like it almost as much as the new Raptor. And just like the Raptor, I'll never be in the market for one.

ty, the Jeep truck will be built in 2019..

this is a nice looing truck and like BMB said "I'm not a full size guy, so this is too big and overkill for me, but man it looks nice. "

Probably the best-looking Nissan truck. Ever. In my opinion.

Copied the Raptor LMAO

Honestly, the best Nissan pickup I've ever seen! Simply impressive, great appearance would be interesting to see how well it would sell!

Best looking truck I have ever seen of any make/model.

Really hope that the new Titan stacks up to the competition and sets the bar higher...

That's actually kind of cool looking. The production version would be way toned down though. Every manufacturer needs to have their version of the raptor.

New TitN is ugly this is basass

Oh my gosh. Please build this thing!!! I will find the money to buy one if they build this lol.

Looks better then Raptor!

This is a refreshing break from the traditional old school styling that the big 3 continually bring. Just on the styling alone, this is the truck that the younger generation will buy. Of course, with its of road intention and that diesel V8 , this thing could be tuned to become a beast. Can you say Raptor Crusher.


Actually, it looks like a carbon copy of the Raptor.

Actually, it looks like a carbon copy of the Raptor.

Looks very similar to the Raptor but better. Nicely done Nissan!

Please Oh please bring it to Canada for Q1 2017!!!

This is the truck I've been waiting for!

Nissan is in a position to continue to go after niche markets. With a light and heavy version of their full-size, they could do what Ford and Ram haven't offer a serious OR package for both trucks- one- an OR capable tow rig, on par with the Power Wagon and a true Raptor fighter- 12" of travel all around, and all the goodies.

This truck is BETTER than the Raptor off road and MORE capable towing and hauling. Period. I am not in the market, but good job Nissan!!!

I see this as a limited-production model. It just may happen.

How do you people even know how this is going to perform if it's hasn't even been built.

Ignorance is strong today.

betting this is a taste of what the non XD Titan will look like.

Best looking truck on the market. Build it !

Nissan will sell an absolute s*load of these as well. Right about
now, Ford and GM designers are reaching for the Pepto-Bismol.

Nissan needs to bring this to market, have Gale Banks work
his magic on the Cummins figure out a way to incorporate
a Galaxy dx 949 CB into the dash with co-phase black 4 foot
fiberglass Firesticks that are bed mounted and watch 'em come
a runnin'.....

Where I live, here on Long Island, that truck wouldn't last
one night on the street. In fact, they may steal it with the
driver still in it !!!!!!

It would garner more attention then any one owner would
tolerate and that's it's biggest problem- it looks too damn
good. In Brooklyn or The Bronx, they'd steal it while it was
still on the dealers lot. At my age-67, I'd happily settle for
a XD Pro4X. But with that truck, every trip would turn into the
OK Corral. It might not be worth the headache of ownership.

The steering wheel, exterior mirrors, and stance should have been incorporated in the XD. It would have felt less hodgepodge and more unique. Not sure why Nissan felt it had to look like the others. As a former 2006 Titan owner I loved the way it looked at the time and how it performed. Now the XD just feels like a discount copy of the rest. Wish it was more NISSAN.

A Raptor copycat but nice....luv it - build it!!

Love it. Please build it. Get rid of a few auto show concept things like the rear bumper and exhaust as well as the moldings under the door and maybe the roof lights then build it as is. I hope the standard Titan looks as close as possible to this. The body accents and aggressive styling in the grill is what all the titans should have had since the new version release. I am still driving and enjoying my 04' Titan with little problems and excellent reliability. I am not far from a replacement and this would be just the ticket. I hope I am not disappointed.

Daaaaamn! This actually looks really good! I love headlights, quad exhaust tips, interior and everything about the way it looks. They should do a dark blue version as well. Build it Nissan!

Nice. Why do manufacturer's come out with excellent concept vehicles and then slaughter the implementation?

This SHOULD HAVE BEEN the New Titan!

A purpose built diesel off road vehicle that actually is the best looking of the current crop of US pickup.

The only problem for me is the size and how far it can be used off road.

Nissan must build this without changing the concept even at a loss.

Fantastic work Nissan.

Raptor looks feminine suddenly.

Yes, I do agree this Titan has just put the wind up Ford and it's Raptor.

It almost makes the Raptor appear to be a "hairdressers" wagon.

While I'm typically a Taco guy, I'd buy that in a heartbeat!

Nice truck!! Sad it is a Raptor copy. It has Raptor written all over it and thats ok but all these negative comments putting the Raptor down makes me laugh. Its always the same ones doing it and I guess its because there favorite brand has absolutely zero to offer the public. Nissan may have a Raptor copy here but at least they got the balls to do it.

NV Passenger Warrior Editions with the Cummins... that would be the ultimate van 4x4

Love it! This actually makes me want to look into buying a Titan now!

Big Al from Oz - this Titan diesel would be on par with the Raptor as far as length and probably width but in XD format it is grossly overweight as an off-roader. You would need 40 inch or larger tires to give the same PSI as a 2017 Raptor on 35's.

The VM Motori ecodiesel is a nice size and weight for an offroader. Too bad Ram doesn't make a decent off-road package other than the Power Wagon and Wrangler Rubicon. A Rubicon with the Ecodiesel would be a killer combination.

If they had the balls to do it, they wouldn't just have a concept or would give us a little more hope it will see production. As PUTC said, this is just an Auto Show experiment.. GM had two off-road concepts that were (according to GM and their fanbois) supposed to destroy the Raptor and GM declined to build both. Ram also had a Ram Runner that was supposed to destroy the Raptor but it turned out to be half-assed and was cancelled. It turns out Ram only wanted to do a moderate shock and sticker package like the Rebel. I'll believe the Nissan is better than the Raptor when I see it and why do I get the feeling Nissan has a serious case of F-Series styling envy? In no uncertain terms Nissan is trying to copy F-Series and now the Raptor. smh.

Reminds me of the GMC All Terrain Concept. It's probably 20 times better then the Ford Craptor. At least Nissan wouldn't put a junk V6 in it like the dumb a#$ at Ford.

johnny doe - until GM has a dog in the fight you have nothing to go on.
I'd like to see a Colorado/Canyon hardcore offroader.

This Design for an off road truck and or pkg is the BEST YET !! Great Job Nissan, i would seriously consider buying this truck if you sell this model just as it appears in this article. Looks great and very functional for its intended job. Cmon and build this, if this truck was available today, i would buy it vs still waiting after 3 months of ordering a F150 that i still don't have and now thinking, maybe i should get something else ?? No new Titan XD's to look at yet here in phx. Not interested in Toyota dodge or chevy. Though my 2010 Tundra sold just two months ago for 78% of what i paid for it new with 75K on odometer !!! So one can never go wrong with a toyota has been my experience. 5.5 years with that tundraonly expense was replace 3 windshield washer parts totaling under $40 !!!

I agree, johnny dildoe should shut his pie hole.

The word "CONCEPT" is the keyword. It will never make into production, stop saying it will be better then the Raptor because if there were to be a production model, it will NOT look like this, PERIOD!

I agree, johnny dildoe should shut his pie hole.

The word "CONCEPT" is the keyword. It will never make into production, stop saying it will be better then the Raptor because if there were to be a production model, it will NOT look like this, PERIOD!

@Truck Guy,

Agreed 100%

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