Nissan's Titan Warrior Concept: How Close to Production?

NissanTitanWarriorConcept-2 II

Some might remember that Nissan Titan designer Diane Allen referred to images of gladiator helmets and armor when finding her vision for the all-new 2016 Titan XD. In keeping with the fighter/combatant theme, Nissan revealed the Titan Warrior Concept pickup truck at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, where many will likely assume this new pickup is meant to be a Ford Raptor fighter.

From the looks of it, the off-road-modified Titan XD is as ready for an Alaskan snow adventure as it is for a top-to-bottom run of Mexico's Baja Peninsula. The Warrior Concept is meant to push the limits of the Titan XD's capabilities.

"Nissan has always pushed the boundaries of traditional automotive design and engineering, from our Nissan GT-R supercar to this new Titan XD," said Jose Munoz, Nissan Motor executive vice president and Nissan North America chairman, in a statement. "We do this with a clear conviction that there are buyers out there who appreciate something everyone else does not have. A 'work hard, play harder, get bigger' Titan XD certainly does the job."

The Titan Warrior boasts wider and more muscular side and rear body panels. The wider stance, helped by extra-wide axles and tires, is meant to deliver a more dominating, even menacing, attitude. The vents in the bulging hood and LED lights integrated into the roof are meant to provide a unique face as well as unmatched function; the vents provide extra engine cooling and the LEDs offer better night vision.

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The truck has a 3-inch taller stance due to a custom suspension that incorporates thicker and wider upper and lower control arms and ball joints, as well as taller rear-leaf springs. All four corners outfitted with high-performance remote reservoir shock absorbers and 37-inch Pro Comp Xtreme mud-terrain tires with 18-inch aluminum wheels.

The matte-finish gun-metal gray Titan Warrior has an integrated front bumper and skid plate; a quad-pipe exhaust system is integrated into the rear bumper.

The upgraded and stylish interior reflects the extreme performance theme as well, showcasing dark carbon-colored seats with magma-colored orange piping and stitching details throughout. Other bright orange highlights can be seen in the dash, doors and center console. Carbon-fiber surrounds sit on each vent with liberal use of polished aluminum; a unique set of glowing data gauges sits above the center stack, giving the interior a sporty yet polished feel.

The Titan Warrior Concept was created by the same design team that gave us the Titan XD. From what we're seeing, it wouldn't take much work to turn this concept into an impressive sport package, possibly one good enough to play in the same sandbox as the Tundra TRD Pro or even the upcoming 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor with the EcoBoost engine. For now, this is just an experiment that allows the Nissan folks to gauge reaction … so react and let them know what you think.

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That looks awesome.

If recent history is indicative of the future Nissan will build this way too heavy. Do they have the $ available to make it light? Doubtful. Nice looking truck, sorta Raptoresq, not a bad thing really.

Nissan is on the hunt and with this concept they could and should steal the show! Why does it have to be a concept? Break away from the rest and just build it. IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME!!!

The reality is most who buy these vehicles never even drive on a dirt road in case they get stone chips.

Everyone drools over these vehicles and dream of off roading in them. But most all that off road use base model vehicles and modify them to suit their particular style of off roading.

This is as much a show pony as the Raptor and PowerWagon, yes they probably have some great off road creed, but if you are serious at off roading you would not buy such a huge vehicle.

This is a "look at me" type product, that does look great, better than any current pickup on the US market.

^^^ I hate to say it Hemi V8 but that is funny.

This Nissan is very Raptor inspired but it really does look good. They should consider selling these.

Frank is just buthurt a standard GM truck can take more of a beating then this bragged up Ford Craptor ever could.

Finally Nissan has got a real truck BUILD IT in smryna tn were quality is in every unit.

That has to be one of the nicest interiors I have seen in a Nissan. In fact maybe any vehicle. Nissan really stepped up.

Dearly beloved Nissan,

Don't you DARE to touch a thing.
Get this truck into production JUST AS IT IS.
My check's already in the mail....

And I agree with "BMBvideo" above: A Nissan Frontier with the same design would be icing on the cake...namely, mine


It's funny how they made such a great looking concept from such an ugly base truck.

Buildit and I'll buy one. That truck looks amazing, and looks like it knows how to play.

Take the concept truck, drive it back in time because I think I saw a damn flux capacitor in there, and put in in production last year so I can buy it tomorrow.

You know Most Concept trucks tend to have far out styling to test peoples responses to certain design cues, ideas, and concepts but this is the truck Nissan should have produced for the 2016 redesign. They could put this right into production and it would sell well. Even at more stock ride heights for the average full size buyer or at lifted heights for a special package with a few upgrades for offered like the one pictured.

Well the design is great and I love the size. With a cummins in it. This will be the greater then gm chevy ford dodge. And no this shouldn't of Ben the titan xd because the xd is meant to be a towing truck that worKS good for doing work. The warrior is a 4x4 off road truck that has the power when you need it. The raptor cannot compete withe cummins 5.0

Where do I order one!!

Love love this truck! I would be first in line to buy it if it came out! Johnny doe. Here's the rest of the story. Your chevy didn't fair so well.

All I can say is that I still own my original first year of production Titan SE, and it is still going good strong. If Nissan builds this Concept Truck, I would probably buy it, but time will tell.

BTW, I've had past bad customer service experiences with Ford, which make me very leery of purchasing a Ford. I've never had anything but good service from Nissan (and this is coming from an original owner with a doubly extended factory warranty.) had some recent costly repairs from normal wear and tear on a 12 year old truck and that warranty covered most of it!)

Nissan, if you build it, I will buy it!!!!

I've seen Tundra pickups with "Warrior" TRD badges on them. How did Nissan get away with using the same name?

This is really nice. Nissan should just build this and scare the hell out of the Raptor. This truck would give GM, Ford, and Ram heartburn.

Looks fantastic. There's always going to be some guy who bashes it because they hate Nissan and are loyal to some other brand. I say who gives a $hit. More competition is better for EVERYONE because it gives us more/better options. Now you have the Raptor, TRD Pro, Rebel, Power Wagon and I hope this comes out as well. Just not sure when Chevy wants to join the fray. The Reaper was not a serious attempt at all.

Very nice! I would definitely buy this truck.

It will be sold how can I order one asap

Build it! I'll take one!

Build something as close to this as possible please. If you build it they will come. No BS would buy that truck today

Looks cool. Similar to the raptor at first glance. Has enough distinguishable differences though.Really like the headlights and built in roof leds. I would not buy one most likely but i could see many people purchasing this. Looks 10x better than the xd imo. Produce this pickup

Looks mean I LOVE IT....if it was in productions I'd already own it!

Slotting between the Raptor and the Power Wagon... Styling is a hit but that's also kinda easy when you go all out boss. Would love to see it tested.

looks like a hot wheels. I bet it will get a lot of attention in the high school parking lot. The Raptor is the one true stock baja racer

Omg this my dream car please it

How is this going to be good? It's not a 3/4 ton truck and it's not a 1/2 ton truck. It can't tow more then a half ton or get better mileage then a half ton. It looks a F150 and has a strange interior setup. It will be worse then a Raptor simply because the Raptor is way ahead in the truck world. Maybe comparable to Rebel even though it seems to be way more expensive. Honesty Nissan should try and compete with the taco by doing a frontier warrior. But let's be honest if Ford's making the Ranger Raptor a real thing in Australia. Once it's on US soil Ford will have the greatest "off road ready from the lot" line-up ever.

Awesome truck - need a detuned version of the gtr engine in it and then you would have a true Raptor fighter!

Build this truck - I want one!!

Best truck I've seen in years would love to see it on a sales lot soon!!! If need be I will sell my house to buy it !!!PLEASE MAKE IT !!!!

By far best looking truck by major player in automotive industry.
I have already admired the raptor and ford and have enjoyed owning an Infiniti. Nissan you have the make this a production vehicle. I will be waiting inline to buy one!!!!!!!!!

This truck is gorgeous. I currently have a titan and in the next 2 yrs I'm looking to upgrade. Will Def buy this if it's on the market!

This truck is amazing. I would have to say this is a dream truck. Please Nissan make this truck for your loyal customers.

please please please build

you have to build this

please build it people will buy it thanks

I'd buy this truck right now!! If you build, we will buy!!!

This truck looks very similar to the Raptor. However, I've been in the auto repair business for quite some time (grew up in it actually, with my father owning his own shop specializing in nissan), and I have to say that anything that looks like a Ford and lasts like a Nissan... sign me up!!!

If you don't build it you are fools. Everyone I show this to is drooling.

Build it and they will come.

Definitely worth building, very nice truck and could steal many buyers from other companies once the word got out about its capabilities. Try not to tone down the production model much.

Build it and i will buy one for sure!!!

Build it and i will buy one for sure!!!

If you build it...I will buy iy but one thing I don't want is the orange accents. Offer them in black grey or anything else that isnt loud looking.

Build it. I want one! Lose the orange though.

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