Spied: 2018 Nissan Frontier?

Navara front 1 II

Now that the 2016 Nissan Titan XD is on sale, Nissan's next big project will be to update its aging midsize player, the Frontier. From our perspective, that can't come soon enough. The full-size Titan XD is trying to carve out a niche in unchallenged territory between the half-ton and three-quarter-ton segments; the next Frontier will not have that luxury. Our spy shooters are beginning to see more of a Nissan midsize here in the states, so it looks like we might be seeing something soon. Here's what our spies sent us:

"We caught this Nissan Navara test truck with taped badges parked in metro Detroit. This prompted us to check on one of Nissan's Michigan development centers, where we found more Navara test trucks — one of which was clearly marked as a diesel.

"Nissan has remained vague as to what, if anything, the foreign-market Navara might truly mean for the U.S. midsize pickup truck market. Nissan seems to be playing things coyly at the moment to avoid any chance of taking attention away from the all-new Titan XD full-size truck. With these new Navara test trucks spotted in the vicinity of one of Nissan's key U.S. testing hubs — curiously camouflaged to hide their Nissan identity — we're left to speculate whether the Navara could be the next Frontier, developed for the U.S. market to replace the current midsize truck.

"With the all-new global Navara pickup officially offered around the world this year as the NP300 Navara, Nissan actually appears to be combining two of its global trucks into a single model. The NP300 used to be a smaller, relatively outdated model servicing the Mexican market, while the larger Navara provided a much more modern take on the midsize truck. The NP300 Navara naming convention suggests that Nissan might be consolidating its global truck models — and now that Navaras are showing up in camouflaged form on U.S. turf, that global consolidation might also include a U.S.-market product."

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Navara rear II

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Many times I will check this site out when I am sitting on the toilet making a statue of Johnny Welfare.


Please offer it with a manual transmission like the one shown. My '08 Frontier has been one of the most trouble-free vehicles I have ever owned. I bought it because of the stick, and the best part is that no one asks to borrow it.

Nissan take note from a 2012 owner. Make sure you put head lights in this one. I am not sure how they passed safety? High beams are worst than the low beams. Thank god I have the running lights in my model or I would have nothing.

Make sure you place the armrest where an arm can actually rest your arm.

Put a tail gate helper (spring)as it is very heavy with one had free.

Leave the roof rails on the upper model as the the latest ones where you removed it does not look good at all. That is my short list on a truck that does everything quite well

I have a 2010 Pro 4X that has nearly 80,000 carefree miles and at least half of the miles were towing a 21 ft. Boat. The 2016 model is essentially the same and the Colorado, Canyon and Tacoma are nice trucks But not what feel fully engaged in. I'm hoping that the 2017 Frontier reignites the excitement I got when I bought my 2010. The prototype shown is fine.

This pickup in the photography is the NP300 Frontier, 4 cyl, standard. Is on sale in Mexico since one year ago. This isn't the Titan.
I know it because I have one of this. The ride is smooth, is powerfull (at level of 4 cylinders of course). Is a very good competitor to the Toyota Hilux.

I have the new NP300 Frontier D23 Model with the 2.3L Twin turbo diesel with 7 gear Automatic Transmission and it's amazing! This was manufactured in Mexico. Outstanding performance and MPG. Coil Springs replacing the leaf spring set-up of the past. Unique 5 point rear suspension NEW for Nissan innovation with All leather interior.

Model I have is the NP300 LE 4x4. Check it out with the specs on the Nissan Mexico website. Remember to use Google to search for this, on this website as this translates the pages for both the preview and specs to English if you can't speak or read in Spanish.

When and if it hits the US market, it's going to be a winner as the ride is supremely comfortable and outstanding performance from the Diesel engine.

There is also a prototype 2.8L Cummins engine with 8 Automatic Transmission in the works for the US market, as well. Plus a 6-cylinder gas engine that has not been released, as of yet, in the Orient, Australia or Euro zones.

This is truck with a high level of comfort and the highest marks for security. Three various types of transmission and correct assessment of fuel economy. It is expected that the first promotion done in the United States, China and India. Competitive to Chevrolet Colorado.

The new Frontier is already available in other countries like mexico

I love the frontier pro 4x we just bought a 15. if the frontier is going to look like that then my plans of buying another one in 3yrs will change.. sometimes with change you loose yourself. ex mazda b series, ford ranger, the frontier looks and plays awsome , hope i dont have to look for another mid size...

It's the np300, already selling on latin america. In the US you will have more amenities but it'll be the same truck, at least it looks the same

Its a shame but I don't think this redesigned Frontier will come with a 6ft+ bed, whatever happened to useful bed sizes? It will probably come with a cummins 2.8L 4 cyl as well as gas engine, if the bed is available in a 6 ft plus bed length and it comes with a cummins diesel I could be interested, Nissans king cabs are notoriously small, I like the extended cab on my 06 Tacoma, roomy, plus a 6 ft 1 inch long bed is great for camping, hauling, work, etc.

don't impress me none
looks like a Chevy Colorado.
Give me a compact pickup for under $ 20,000
I have a 2000 frontier with 170,000 miles
cost me $12,000 brand new has been no problem. Easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair

I love the idea of a turbo diesel, we haven't had one here in the states. The rest of the world has had the pleasure. I have a 2003 Frontier and I love it, the only reason I would get rid of it, is to get a Frontier TD.

Will order a 2.8 Frontier or Titan when2.8 cummins is available. It has a desirable mileage figure.

Been driving a large size truck for 20 years now. Need a little smaller truck because, 1) I keep getting older and the dad gum climb into and out of the cargo bed is getting tougher, 2) The wife won't drive it for any reason any more because she is also getting too old, 3) I can't spread a real truckload of mulch in less than 4 hours and maybe I could if a truckload wasn't so much, 4) I just don't have good enough hand/eye co-ordination to park it in tight spaces anymore so I find parking spots in the outback and it is just too darn far to walk from the truck anymore, 5) The girls don't look at me in my big truck much anymore either.
So, this old fart needs a lower truck , with a smaller cargo bed I can actually load up from time to time, a backup camera, and a very comfortable seat for my old tired butt. I do still like a V-6 and I don't give a hoot about gas mileage because the difference in the cost of gasoline from a big truck to a small one is just about the least expensive part of owning any truck.

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