2016 Chicago Auto Show Preview

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We know it doesn't seem that long ago that we were discussing the new 2017 Ford Raptor SuperCrew, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline and the Nissan Warrior Concept from the floor of the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, but the 2016 Chicago Auto Show is right around the corner.

Whether we get as much pickup news or interesting concepts in Chicago remains to be seen, but we can probably assume that with the popularity of midsize and half-ton pickup trucks — which are buoying much of the auto industry — we'd guess at least a few truckmakers will take advantage of the large Midwestern crowd expected to attend the Chicago show. We know Ram has done a few big things there in the past, and Toyota likes Chicago for new Tundra and Tacoma news.

We'll be reporting from Chicago all next week, attending press conferences to see if we can dig anything up about significant changes, new trim packages or coming new models.

The 2016 Chicago Auto Show kicks off with media and charity previews Feb. 11-12. It opens to the public Feb. 13 and runs through Feb. 21 at Chicago's McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive. Show hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Feb. 13-20 and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Feb. 21. Admission is $12 for adults, $7 for people age 62 or older and children ages 7 to 12, free for children 6 or younger accompanied by an adult. For more info, go to www.chicagoautoshow.com.

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DELL is having a huge annual event in Vegas next week. Not only is DELL there but all of their various partners and major customers from the tech industry show up for this one as well.

With electronics such an important part of the auto scene today, the timing cannot be good for Chicago's auto show.

Computerized gadgets in the cars/trucks represent an important way for carmakers to upgrade a dusty product line with something splashy and new.

One wonders how much impact a scheduling conflict might have on the Chicago show in 2016

Will ram show 2017 ram here?

will the 2017 sliveroda HD truck debut at the show

I sure hope so. They need to get moving towards the future and next-gen RAM 1500. Supposedly, it was shown to dealers last fall, but something to the public needs teased since the current gen has been out since 2009.
Toyota needs a new Tundra with better fuel economy.
Nissan needs to reveal the new Titan (non-XD) and the next Frontier.

I know it's unlikely, but it would be nice if Toyota took the week to update their Tundra powertrains.

My view is Chicago will not have much in the pickup world on offer. These will be kept for LA and those Texan pickup shows.

LA has a big midsize market and I"m wonder if this is when the next Frontier will be shown.

Nissan still have the light weight Titan to show as well. It will be interesting to see how Nissan can reduce the weight of the XD down to a respectable 5 000lbs or even less.

I'd say the light Titan will run on a Navara based platform or similar.

I would like to see FCA's next Ram and what it will have for engines. Will FCA move down the Ford path with similar engines to the Ford EcoThirst. Will the next Ram have the 3 litre VM diesel?

Will FCA remove the VM diesel soon if Ford uses the Lion V6 diesel.

Will Ford show the Lion V6 diesel F-150? Ford really need an engine that doesn't suck fuel like it's worth $10 per barrel.

The aluminium F-150 feels like a "has been vehicle" already as it has beenn on the market now for some time. It seems to have aged quicker than it's competitors.

I don't foresee too much from the GM stable.

What about the vans? Will Chicago have some news on the van segment?

Not to mention what a dismal locale Chicago is for a show (or anything but ice-fishing) in early February.

Vegas? Yeah! New Orleans--now you're talking. Miami, yup!

Chicago is July, the Cubs game, a cold bottle of Old Style beer and a genuine hot dog. Chicago in February--why not just go to Anchorage?

I never understood why Ram starting doing their big truck debuts in Chicago and New York.

I guess Ram can't stand up to the competition in Texas and Detroit.

bafo.. of coarse I am not surprised that make this about the f150. Truthfully IMO I don't think the F150 has aged any worse then the others.. I think it stills looks fresh, but then again, you like to compare the mighty FE of diesel compared to a gasoline. Don't worry though, that ecodiesel is not living up to the diesel name with the cams failing on them and killing the engine!!!!

bafo.. of coarse I am not surprised that make this about the f150. Truthfully IMO I don't think the F150 has aged any worse then the others.. I think it stills looks fresh, but then again, you like to compare the mighty FE of diesel compared to a gasoline. Don't worry though, that ecodiesel is not living up to the diesel name with the cams failing on them and killing the engine!!!!

Nissan will be debuting the standard Titan as the Chicago Auto show and the regular cab.

@Big Al from way down under - WTF...here we go again; you can't help but include your tiring anti-doomsday Ford predictions in almost every post even when Ford is not the topic.

Listen, we all know you fantasize about driving (let alone owning one) a real full size truck someday...maybe when you finally make that big move to Florida?...or is that just another fantasy...again??

Suggest you stick with what you know; your butt ugly Mazda BT50 (actually a Ford under the skin) that strangely, the Ranger blows away in looks & all the numerous comparisons including sales...LOL

On a second thought; this is probably where your butt-hurt anti-Ford sentiment originates from?!....you can't accept the fact the Ranger is better overall than the crappy Mazda!!! :-)

But I guess that’s why Ford is debuting the following vehicles in Chicago:


I guess Ford can't stand up to the competition in Texas and Detroit.
Posted by: Rolling Can of Beer | Feb 7, 2016 5:59:05 PM

We're talking trucks. And the Raptor was debuted in Detroit....


Zveria, The only people who cannot handle the truth are people with something to hide. Debuting pickup trucks in NYC or Chicago doesn't make a whole lot of sense. No offense to those cities but they aren't known for pickup trucks. What kind of company does this? The only reason Bob Hegbloom does truck debuts in Chicago is because he is scared of competition at the bigger shows. A lot of people are talking about this.

There hasn't been a Ford truck debut in NYC or Chicago since I have been following PUTC. But Ram seems to hang out there a lot, pretty much exclusively. Who here would intro a Ram 3500 in Chicago??????? smh.

2015 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited
2012 Ram 1500 Laramie Limited
2011 Ram 1500 Tradesman
2011 Ram 3500 HD
2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty
2006 Dodge Rampage Concept
2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab

2013 Ram 1500

I agree with papa jim and Bob that debuting all of your full-size trucks in Chicago/NY in the winter is pretty much a waste of time unless you have something to hide or hide from.

GM and Ford do their full-size trucks in Detroit and Texas. They aren't afraid.

Chevy did a couple of the mid-size debuts in LA but that is the biggest market for that truck and it has warmer weather.

Why is Ram hiding?

Seriously big al. let it go. Why do you always have to talk about the aluminum f150 and what a failure it is? And how the heck can you talk about how it has aged when you don't even live in a country where it's sold? Have you ever even seen one in person? Ever driven an ecoboost? They actually get pretty good mileage. As i recall it beat the best selling ram powertrain and tundra in both towing and unloaded fuel economy and also beat the Silverado most popular engine in towing fuel economy in the latest test. You make yourself look so foolish sometimes. No it doesn't blow away the competition in fuel economy but at the very least you can't acknowledge that it is at least competitive? and you can't deny it has absolutely dominated in performance until the gm 6.2 came along.

BAFO, looks like your out of date comments on the Ford have done you in once again, the ecoboost is a great seller for Ford, will continuously be updated, improved, and will be here for the long term future, you just need to go out and actually drive the vehicles, and see how they do on the road with FE before pretending to know. Remember, a MPG or 2 does not mean you are saving money, but like I said, you have to experience this on your own first, then you will realize the childish comments have no merit....

BARFO' comments are never something to be taken seriously. He is always all over the board. A few weeks ago he said an aluminum truck will be needed but not right now. Only reason he said not right now is because Ford is doing it currently. If his favorite brand fiat was doing it with the EcoFiat diesel he would be all over it with praise. Then he said the next big thing is composites.

My favorite comment last week was a rock crawler needs torque at 1200 rpm and a diesel is the only option for that. Then he proceeded to say a day later that his diesel makes more torque till 1100 rpm than the Ford 3.5L GTDI. Oops albert, you said you need the torque at 1200. But I have been watching some videos on rock crawling and I don't see anyone crawling at 1200 rpm. The are definitely on the gas when crawling these rocks. He is nothing more than a keyboard cowgirl that never leaves the house but has everything to say about everything. He is a decent pretender though.

Hmmm... it seems people have a short memory about the Chicago Auto Show. Last year RAM made it a big event with the announcement of their new top-end trim, the Limited. Will we see an update? Or will one of the others make this their Big Reveal?

So far I've been disappointed with this year's auto show circuit as nobody has really shown much outside of the new version of the Honda Ridgeline. That said, I expect to see quite a bit more later on in the year when two new trucks reveal their first production models.

Get Up Close with Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, FIAT

We know your time is valuable with so much to see and do at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.

That's why we're giving you the opportunity for a tight-knit talk with Chrysler, Jeep, Ram Truck

Ram Truck's news, unveiled just the day before. (Sorry, we can't break the news here.)

That is not entirely true. Also, a lot of what was being sent to Alfa and Fiat is going to be relocated to Ram Jeep and Dodge.
See the latest 5 year plan update.
Mr. Marchionne was trained as an accountant, and he knows where the money is: “There has been, in our view, a permanent shift towards UVs and pickup trucks.”

@JohnPasal actually John, the criticism is accurate. In 2009 you could not buy a more appealing half ton truck than the RAM 1500. Times change.

Today RAM and the Tundra are picking up the rear. Jeep and RAM are falling further behind on product development.

Ford, Nissan and GM have introduced new half ton product in recent years and RAM looks like 2017 at the earliest.

They're gonna look smart if the US economy keeps dragging its butt, but if the American economy sizzles instead of fizzles in 2016, Jeep and RAM will be trying to sell the products of yesterday in a marketplace chock full of new options from their competition.

Not smart.

New Toyota Tacoma trim coming to Chicago. Looks to be the new TRD trim package...

Just ignore the twerp BARFO, he wants attention.

He's like a little girl, stop giving him what he wants.

When he realizes nobody responds to him, he'll go away.

Aluminum trucks for hauling aluminum deck furniture. When is the Budweiser edition of the F-150 coming out?

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