2017 Ford Super Duty: Extreme Testing at Plant

Super Duty mobile shake II

The all-new aluminum-bodied 2017 Ford Super Duty is slated to debut in dealerships in early fall but if engineers have their way, this will be the most thoroughly tested and quietest Ford Super Duty ever produced. Ford has been conducting vehicle tests with mobile temperature and terrain simulators; one was sent to the Kentucky Truck Plant where the Super Duty has been in production since 1999.

These portable test chambers (mounted inside an 18-wheeler trailer) have allowed Ford engineers to bring the development testing straight to the pickup trucks, helping to streamline the testing process to more effectively target trouble spots.

"Mobile climate and road simulators are absolutely key to finding unwanted noises in the early stages of vehicle development," said Craig Schmatz, Ford F-Series Super Duty chief engineer, in a statement. "Extreme climates and terrains are especially known for bringing out squeaks and rattles. Identifying and mitigating these noises long before a vehicle goes into production is one more way Ford is working to deliver great vehicle quality."

Testing inside the mobile shake-and-shock chamber can include temperature trials from 20 degrees below zero to as hot as 120 degrees. Additionally, the four-post shaker trays can duplicate just about any type of extreme terrain over any amount of time. Combining temperature with vehicle motion allows Ford engineers to expose and mitigate those annoying squeaks and rattles that tend to occur over time, especially in cold or hot climates.

Ford says that before this new Super Duty begins rolling off the production line, it will be the most thoroughly tested truck it's ever made, with more than 12 million cumulative miles of testing behind it.

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Super Duty TEFP 2[5] II

Super Duty TEFP[5] II

Super Duty test 1 II

Super Duty test 2 II


Meeh. Damage control by PR department. They didn't simulate driving truck and massage chair with passenger on it. Did they ?

As long as we're reading about future stuff at Ford, any news on a potential F150 diesel?

So when are you going to report on other makes and their extreme testing? Just showing one brand and not others shows a bias. Or special payment?

Exactly ! They pretend, that no one test it. Some must test it even better than Ford, because I don't see this basic problems with other manufacturers.
I want to see how RAM, GM, TOYOTA and NISSAN tests their trucks. This was clearly delivered by Ford and should be marked as advertisement.

Ford didn't test ecoboost in heavy rain.
They tried this truck in desert and we all know how it went. All the other cars needed to wait for this one to burn down and make a room on the road.

Ford supposedly tested the Super Duty to death when the 6.7 engine came out, and it seems to have many more problems than GM or Ram. Why should we think it would be any different this time! Reminds me of liberal politicians - promises, promises until they're in office and then nothing!

Hey ram I don't no were u get you're false advertisement yes in 2011 the super duty had minor problems like any other truck when the engines barely comes out just yesterday I went to customer that drives a ram 4500 and said that the truck is nothing but problems can't hold the weight in the bed it supose to the ford did it like champ ram has cheap material that cracks and breaks every single time def problems fan problems let me tell u ram is in 3 place in sales buddy last time i check I've had 2011 SD and my turbo was bad at 17,000 they fix the problem and that she truck has 120,000 problem free runs great I've had 12 and know 15 they run like champs can tow really good and let me tell u ford did really good with these 6.7 no problems like the 6.0 and 6.4 don't forget also that it had a lot to do with how the drivers drive the trucks also there hard on the pedal but I give it to ford they finally got it with the 6.7 and I can't wait to get my 17 f450 built ford tough you're all talk buddy ram is none,for poor cualilty material and the truck pos

Only 12 million miles? GM did 13 million on their half tons alone. Ford once again being cheap.


Allow me to introduce you to punctuation hombre. This is a period. It is placed at the end of a sentence.

The common solution to correct squeaks and rattles is more plastic.
Another problem they all overlook in the extreme cold is the thickness of the glass windshield and the speed and volume of the defroster.
On my truck the ice melts off the electric rear window defroster quicker than the front windshield cause the blower motor is wimpy - wimpy - wimpy!
Also a bigger V8 engine will produce more volume in the cooling system resulting in more heat to the heater core than a wimpy - wimpy - wimpy V6 eco-boost engine, plus the bigger V8 will heat up faster.
I also want to see the top of the rear bumper lower so the open tailgate sits flat cause of the snow and ice build up on top the rear bumper.
Also gone is a tighter steering radius for all pickups, the way the size of the tires get bigger and bigger on trucks they shorten the steering radius making it tougher to pull in or back out of a tighter parking space, solution - bring back 15" and 16" tires and wheels.
I would love it if they build a truck bed with 3 sides fold down flat for easy loading and unloading, but what do I know?

I don't like that front end no how. It has more chrome then a
'59 Caddy. This is one truck they won't have to worry about
Nissan copying. And that aluminum body-the jury is still out
on that. I think Ford is taking the saved weight from not using
steel and adding that number onto their payload capacity.
Is that a good idea? When one of these 70k beer cans gets
t-boned by a Ram 3500 and instantly becomes a miter sled
for picture frames.....dial 1-800 where the f* is my lawyer.

Ford used to set the industry standard...hmmm, not so much

So when are you going to report on other makes and their extreme testing? Just showing one brand and not others shows a bias. Or special payment?
Posted by: ooxxii | Feb 27, 2016 8:53:15 AM

Oxi, Special payment? You are a liar. I've seen some bad stuff written by you but this is some of the worst. You know better!

Honestly, PUTC would gladly report on the other makes' extreme testing if they were actually doing any extreme testing.

1) It's one thing to upgrade one of the most popular work tools on the planet and quite another to make it out of a completely new metal, so they are going to go to the hilt with the testing.

2) Ford is like the only company that really promotes their testing.

Too bad for Toyota and the other makes who either don't do it or don't care to let us know.

oxi, What are you talking about? Don't blame PUTC. Blame Toyota or whatever make you're talking about for not taking us behind the scenes to witness what goes into development and testing. This isn't bias. This is Toyota giving you a big FU and telling you the customer they don't care for you to witness testing.


What is Toyota hiding? Why don't they let us see the testing?

These are photo shots of a Ford testing plant. Since the public has no access, this article is simply an advertisement.

I hope ford test the door locks on the super duty. We all know they didn't test them on the f150.

It's marketing for Ford but it is also news. You don't like this news, don't read it.

Ford has to do a lot of testing and show it off for the naysayers that don't like military grade aluminum.

Want the other makes to show off their testing? Please tell them and stop whining to us. But they aren't really doing a lot so there is not a lot to show. GM doesn't come out with a new truck for a few more years. And Ram won't come out with anything new for awhile.

Like I said if you don't like Ford news, don't read it. There will be a lot more of it coming. So let this be a warning to you so you don't get your feelings hurt. The other makes have no news to report or they would be reporting it.

Simulators are valuable tests, but they're still simulators. There's only so much you can do inside the back of a semi.

I live where it snows. I need to see *winter*, not -20°F inside a trailer. If Ford wants me to consider a new Super Duty, show me the new 2017s doing this, like Ram:

They had videos on here of the Nissan Titan XD extreme testing. "Truckrumentary". Everyone knows Ram has no testing. That's why they are recalled so much, and are in the shop so much.

Good Ram propaganda video. Houghton doesn't get below 0 degrees more the 15 or so days in the winter. Now show me a video of testing in International Falls MN. then were talking.

Did you see the the video ? It says February, which is -12°C. It's not as cold as - 30°C or -40°C but very humid and snow is very heavy for plow testing. They use a freezing chamber on top of that.
If ford would test f150 ecoboost in real heavy rain, not in the chamber, they would have it right first time.

Who cares about Ecoboost. Lived the video. Especially the 3 day thing. Did they break, or have to go in for a recall???

They all do testing. Ford is the best at touting their testing procedures. I'm sure pickuptrucks.com would be glad to publish the story if one of the other manufacturers approached them with pictures and info. people say this site is biased, but most everything that appears on this site will or already has appeared on other websites. It's just that ford is the best at pushing stories about their trucks.

@ Scott N

It's pretty easy to type a bunch of nonsense in retaliation to someone calling Ford out. The problem I have with you is you have no facts to backup anything. I have read your comments several times on this website and it is obvious you like Ford, which is okay. However you can't just talk the talk without having facts to back you up. See below for a good video below.


@ Dave, Scott N.,

The reason we are not seeing other makes testing is because this site only caters to Ford.

Media should reports all sides and not just one.

Toyota has a large test facility in Arizona and a extreme cold facility in Ontario, so they do massive testing but this site caters to Ford, so they will not visit a Toyota facility.

@ Scott N.,

'It's marketing for Ford but it is also news. You don't like this news, don't read it.

Ford has to do a lot of testing and show it off for the naysayers that don't like military grade aluminum.'

Marketing for Ford but its news? Yeah, that's called biased reporting, partial which means credibility issues.

Do not like the news, do not read it is basic fascist 101 speak. Nice to know your allegiance is at.

I have military grade aluminum on the bottom of my Barbosal shaving cream can. You actually fall for that college intern type of marketing?

Other makes do cold testing...

Toyota builds products specifically for the markets in which they are sold. This commitment has brought teams of factory engineers to the Canadian north each winter since 1974, to conduct extensive testing which, early on, led to the adoption of comprehensive anti-rust protection, as well as heavy-duty batteries, starters, alternators and heaters.

Vehicles are first tested in a cold chamber at one of Toyota's test labs. Then, they are transported to the Toyota Canada Cold Research Centre in Timmins, Northern Ontario for a healthy dose of "Genchi-Genbutsu"... scientific testing under actual local operating conditions... in this case often in sub-zero conditions. Many of these vehicles are in the early stages of development, but Toyota also examines competitive vehicles and recently introduced production models.

Winter testing confirms things like cold starting, efficient heater/defroster and wiper/washer operation, and tire traction. Driving 500 kilometres a day on highways coated with sand and salt checks for corrosion and chipping. ABS and traction control systems can be fine tuned under severe winter conditions.

All data is analyzed and forwarded to Toyota test labs, where winter simulation tests are refined so that vehicles can be evaluated all year round. This ongoing development process is further enhanced by the constant feedback from dealership technicians and Toyota Canada quality assurance specialists.


Boy what a laugh you guys are!! Especially RAM. He's a real joke.

"The reason we are not seeing other makes testing is because this site only caters to Ford."

That's not actually true. Here's a Nissan testing article:

This site reports on all pickups. The reason we are seeing more Nissan and SD testing stories written because the makers decided to do show us and the trucks are new and undergoing testing. The other trucks are old and wouldn't be undergoing as much new testing.

"Toyota has a large test facility in Arizona and a extreme cold facility in Ontario, so they do massive testing but this site caters to Ford, so they will not visit a Toyota facility."

Back up your claim with proof. Did this site or anyone else refuse to visit the Toyota facility or does Toyota not invite this site and the media? Was there a test that PUTC missed? Show us the proof.

The site caters to pickup trucks. PUTC did not go to the Ford facility for this. If Toyota wants their truck testing published they need to promote it.

The link you posted isn't anything new, it was just a general reference, and it's not even about pickup trucks.

I tried searching for Tundra or Tacoma testing on other sites and couldn't find it either. Sounds like Toyota don't want anyone to know about it.

You should write to Mike Swears at Toyota and tell him you want more behind the scenes stuff because this site will gladly publish it.

I'm a little disappointed with Ford's design effort here. It doesn't look like what an all-new truck should look like. But neither does the Silverado. The Ram is technically due for a redesign, but the current one looks so good, I really hope they don't screw it up for the sake of change.

Don't worry. Ram is busy messing up the look of their trucks. Just look at the new Power Wagon - awful. The previous PW looked a lot better. They changed it for the sake of change. Also looks too much like the Rebel. Also look at the new Limited with the big chrome RAM logos front and back. It's a mess.

The new Super Duty looks like I thought it would look. The only thing I don't really like are the emblems with the black paint - they should be hollow and should the body paint and maybe the tailites could have been better. Overall its a bigger version of the F-150 body which I have been waiting for.


I hope Ford does something to improve the brakes on all of their trucks.
Loan me one , let me test it, I will hammer it and overload it everyday, I will take it on rough unpaved roads and I will give you an honest review.
Where I live nobody will notice its a new model cause it will be covered with mud that nobody will know what type of truck it is, so with me we can keep it a secret.
Just to warn you I am hard on brakes and windshields I will crack the windshields at the fault of my own.
Believe me! I know how to crack one.
I have Safelite on speed dial

oxi is right.

This site is 100% pro Ford biased! This site hates Toyota and refuses to go to the Toyota facilities! This is a fact!

Boy what a laugh you guys are!! Especially RAM. He's a real joke.
Posted by: Fed up. | Feb 27, 2016 11:23:01 PM

Yeah fed up aka cummins aka old oleone.
I am crushed under your heavy life experience post.
I committed a suicide because of unspeakable evidence and argument. LMAO.

Chris what are you smoking? That new Power Wagon looks friggen awesome! I remember when Ford added just a little bit of style to their tailgate in 2009, everyone freaked out because it wasn't flat like the old one. People freaked out about the coil springs in the Ram until they drove it. They freaked out about the 8 speed rotary shifter until they understood that no mechanical linkage between the shifter and transmission meant a better cabin sealing from road noise. Pickup buyers are so traditional, it's like they want no change. But when they experience positive changes and get used to them, they can't go back. Die hard Ford fans who insisted they wanted a V8, love their EcoBoost engines. The not-so-die hard F150 drivers are trading them on the EcoDiesel and other trucks. So innovation is a good thing, even if some people whine like little babies when some thing new and different comes out.

No you didn't. You are still here. And as far as this being a FORD site well they are always doing something to make there trucks better. If you don't like reading it then don't. Go and read something somewhere else. Please just take your rude comments and go. You can post under zivera or whatever you choose but don't do it here.

@ Chris,

' If Toyota wants their truck testing published they need to promote it.'

So you just admitted that paying for advertising gets you the most coverage and reporting!

You are missing the point, the media needs to go to these places to report, not auto makers promotion. The media has an obligation to report the news of the industry, not just cater to who pays more advertising dollars.

That shows a bias and favorable reporting of one brand over another.

The media used to be good in this nation by actually reporting the news through actual investigations, asking questions and the like. Today we have corporate media that bows to the shadow government, elitists, oligarchy and the like.

We no longer have a free press, we have a manipulated and controlled press for those interests I mentioned above.

You will be missing laugh and real joke in your life, when I am gone, so I will make you happy and stay.

Changing the grille and tailgate creates a mess when everything else stays the same?

I wonder if they're going to show us any tests on frame rigidity like they did with the F150 years ago. Ford really streessed the importance of rigidity when it comes to a truck's chassis, hopefully they addressed their wet noodle SD frame. Drive down a washed out logging trail and the old SD frame will have the aluminum body panels binding up, denting and rubbing. It's hard enough to keep paint on aluminum.

Really, two leaf springs on the Super Duty? How is that possible. No wonder they are cutting weight, those things look tiny! Will probably sag like the F150 in the back with a load. That said, I presume you have to take the bed, cab, and tires off of the truck in order to achieve Ford's claimed payload rating? What a bunch of junk!

Controlled testing and great and necessary and new and innovative ways of doing it great.

But lets be honest bragging out it is just marketing. "Hey look at me I did my homework!" just like I and everyone else was supposed to...

The only time this gets meaningful or really embarrassing is when they brag about doing their homework when they didn't, or didn't do it right... Kinda like the millions of miles of testing on the all new and amazing 6.0 Powerstroke... or when tests show there is an issue with an ignition switch GM is gonna put in 4 million cars and they go ahead anyway... (yea both of those REALLY happened and im sure there are other examples from other manufacturers too).

Honestly I only really get impressed with testing when they do something interesting. Like when the prototype Raptor went down to Baja with them hoping it would survive and it actually placed.

The real world has too much variance in conditions and people and the issue of Time to be completely simulated quickly, efficiently, realistically, effectively by a manufacturer. So they "do the best they can" and some are better at it than others but bragging about it is just marketing.

“Also a bigger V8 engine will produce more volume in the cooling system resulting in more heat to the heater core than a wimpy - wimpy - wimpy V6 eco-boost engine, plus the bigger V8 will heat up faster.”

Lou_DC -

if you are going to copy my name at least be accurate.

I had a rental EB3.5 F150 for 10 days in -30C (-22F) . There was no difference in heat delivery to the cab between it and my own truck.

Heat is generated due to the combustion of fuel and oxygen. That ratio is a constant. The simplest way to show that is the Hp and torque ratings and fuel economy of the EB3.5 and Chevy’s 6.2. Both have similar performance and fuel economy. The 6.2 draws in air via displacement. The 3.5EB is forced induction. Air is forced into the engine. More air drawn in means you need to more fuel in. That means both generate similar power/heat.

Fuel plus oxygen equals energy/heat.

The rear electric defroster works quicker because the electrical filament in the glass heats immediately transferring energy/heat to the glass . In an engine you need internal combustion to create heat then transfer heat through the metal of the engine block then into the water/antifreeze. That then circulates dissipating heat. Eventually it transfers enough heat through the heater core also known as a radiator.

@Clint - well said.

-20 F......wow I'm really impressed. So like a mildly cold day in Alberta... Give me -30 or -40. That's Testing. Test for extreems. Not just normal temps


John........ -20F = -30C.

It must be true that you can get a job in Fort Mac as a high school dropout doing oil and filter jobs on the big machines.

Actually -28C but close enough.

Most of my equipment works adequately at -30. -40 that's a real test. I don't know what the qualifications are in Fort Mac are. I've never worked there.

But I'm impressed that you know what -30 F in Celsius is......

I meant -20 F to Celsius. Lol

I hope they test the HVAC system, because the one they've been using for the past 15 years S U C K S . Failed actuators, failed blend doors, burned up blower motors, relays going out, insufficient heat to defrost windshields, rear window defrosts that shatter the glass, etc. etc..

It's a real circus.

The reason why putc has news about ford is because they like to print stories that people are interested in. Nobody really cares what the other brands are doing. After all, ford has the best selling trucks in the universe.ford fseries is the brand more white men prefer. Probably because of the king Kong Dana super 60

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