2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon Video

Ram PW front II

Fresh off the success of the newly styled 2016 Ram 1500 Rebel, Ram is moving that new grille and tailgate to other pickups, starting with the 2017 Ram Power Wagon. Essentially the same underneath mechanically when compared to the 2016 model, the 2017 Power Wagon will get a fresher, bolder look and new graphics package.

While at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show we took the opportunity to walk around the updated model to see what's new and what's not. Spoiler alert: We like the seat detailing that emulates the actual tire treads of the pickup and the decision to keep the 6.4-liter V-8 Hemi as the only available engine. All Power Wagons will continue to be offered as a crew cab with the 6-foot 4-inch bed.

Our favorite feature? Ram is now offering a no-frills Tradesman Power Wagon for the price-conscious extreme off-roader. Watch the video for more.

Cars.com photo by Angela Connors



Ram PW Rear II



This is bad to the bone!

Very Badass! Nice Job FCA!

Stop posting that. It's not funny.

Rolling Can of Beer really needs to stop posting crap under other peoples user names. He started here with his Johnny welfare crap above and in the other article by posting under other user names. He needs to go away.

I for one would like to see more on this truck.

Here's an interesting article that Mark Williams should of caught.

It will great to have more pickups on offer here. You can never have enough brands to choose from. 5 or 6 brands wouldn't cut it here.


The posting under LMAO's name is actually a person that went by the name, zveria. He is from Europe and is a spammer for Fiat.

Tom actually I think LMAO and Big Al from Oz really needs to stop posting crap as well.

Posted by: Fred | Feb 14, 2016 2:07:36 PM

Fred, you have to look at some of their post to see that several of the post is by someone that uses their username for garbage posting. Some of Al's posts are correct but he does have a lot of prejudice against Ford while he claims he does not. But everyone has their favorite brands. If he could stay away from his prejudice and stick to the facts he would be more credible.

LMAO seems pretty accurate in most of his post but it is evident he is not a fan of FCA. Not at all. Again, like Big Al, that is fine. We all have our favorite brands.

People like gmsrgreat and Johnny Doe post out of hatred for Ford with no evidence for any of their claims. They will post links without even reading them and in many cases backfires on them and disproves what they try to say. I found the "discussion" between gmsrgreat and LMAO on forced induction quite funny. gmsrgreat really does not understand the performance side of automobiles. But you have to give him credit for trying and going till the end. Maybe one day you will have to sign in on this site and you have to keep your original username. It will help to fend off the troullllls like rolling can of beer, gmsrgreat, johnny doe from taking multiple user names and anyone else that does the same. This includes big Al's multiple user names to.

@Tom aka LMAO : I completely understand supercharging. A supercharger is nothing more than an air pump driven of the crankshaft via a serpentine belt in most cases. It is capable of building air pressure inside the manifold generally around 12 psi in oem applications. What some people don't seem to understand is that a supercharger pumps air whenever the engine runs, thus it is capable of building pressure while the engine is at idle. A bypass valve is required to redirect the boosted air away from the intake plenum when at idle. I posted documentation on this awhile back. Apparently, some people aren't technically equipped or intelligent enough to understand. Which side are you on?

For my purchase, this Power Wagon would need a nice 6-speed manual transmission. Otherwise, no sale.


Cobaltsrgreat, I see you are starting to change your tune. I guess my link from Kenny bell is helping you out. You weird obscure link that did not say a supercharger will build boost at idle is not working for you. Yes a supercharger is an air pump. It is mechanically driven. An OEM supercharger will not make boost at idle unless you have it seriously overdriven. But even still there are 2 limiting factors, 1 is the throttle plate is closed at idle. The supercharger cannot receive enough air to even compress it enough to make your 4 psi claim at idle. 2nd is sure if you can overdrive an OEM supercharger to make boost at idle it would be uses less like you are too your wife. It would build up so much heat early on it would become inefficient. Remember most OEMs use Eaton superchargers. They are good at low power levels because they can make boost early on but dye off pretty quick at higher rpms.

Answer me think cobaltsrgreat, what causes the boost levels in a supercharged engine. You said an Eaton makes up to 12 psi which is wrong, but what actually causes the boost. It is also funny that you said OEM superchargers. You do not even know who makes them.

I do see rolling loser of beer is at using my user name again. Again, I really don't care. It would be nice if that loser will go with the grain though.

What a thread!

I wish I was so bored I had to brag on an anonymous forum.

I personally like when I can read a post with knowledge in it that sparks interest. The childish arguments that spawn in here are just to distasteful for this site to hold credibility in its facts. Sad but true. If they could put time in on making this a real successful forum it would be a nice site to visit I'm sure. Till then you can view childish pointless arguments that lead to a pile of sh!+ so high a tractor won't move it.

I love the new graphics. Much more tasteful than the copycat Raptor splash down the side.

How much larger are they going to make those letters on the tailgate?

I can see vandals having fun with a can of black spray paint.

Paint "ME" on the tailgate and the effect is complete.

The posting under LMAO's name is actually a person that went by the name, zveria. He is from Europe and is a spammer for Fiat.

Posted by: Joe | Feb 14, 2016 2:51:03 PM

You are wrong.

Its a cool package in that its still mostly a truck (unlike the Raptor and Rebel which sacrifice so much payload capacity). But lets be honest these packages aren't about work, or value they are about play and bragging. And if youre buying a truck for play/bragging you don't care how much it can or cant haul because that's work. In the world of OEM offroad toy trucks the Raptor is still KING. But this Fiat aint a bad 2nd. The rebel will have to fight it out with Toy's offerings for 3rd place. GM hasn't built a noteworthy high performance off road truck since the S10 ZR2. Its been all black paint, wheels, and stickers from them.

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