2017 Ram Power Wagon: The Rebel on Steroids

Ram Power Wagon front 2 II

Probably the best way to describe the changes to the refreshed 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon being showcased at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show is to say it's a Ram 1500 Rebel on steroids. Click here to see our video.

Borrowing heavily from the front grille and tailgate of the Rebel, the new Power Wagon will continue to offer all the same extreme off-road mechanical capability of the 2016 model, but now it has a brand-new look.

Model-year 2017 Power Wagons will have the swooping blacked-out front grille with silver Ram lettering on the grille, similar to the Rebel, with a completely black bumper and skid plate (which will house a winch that can handle 12,000 pounds) as well as smoked bezel projector headlights and taillights. The tailgate also will feature oversized Ram lettering with the Power Wagon name below. Vertical black stripes down the midsection of the pickup repeat the truck's name just behind the cab as well. The black graphic package on the hood, sides and tailgate is standard for white, blue, silver, red and granite Power Wagons, while black trucks will get a silver graphic treatment.

All Power Wagons will continue to offer front and rear locking 4.10:1 differentials in their live axles (9.25 inches in front, 11.5 inches in back), an anti-sway-bar disconnect system for the front end, 33-inch Goodyear DuraTrac All-Terrain tires and the Hemi 6.4-liter V-8. Power Wagons will continue to be offered exclusively in the four-door crew-cab configuration with a 6-foot 4-inch bed.

Inside, new Power Wagon echoes the Rebel with a blackout interior and seats that sport tire tread imprints on the seatbacks and bottoms; the treads match the Power Wagon's actual footprint. Additionally, a Ram's head is stitched into the headrest with the truck's name in the back bolsters.

For model-year 2017, the Power Wagon reduces the number of option packages from four to two, but it still offers popular stand-alone options: leather seats, a backup camera, an in-bed camera and a new tri-fold tonneau cover that works with or without the RamBox.

For the first time, Ram will offer a Tradesman for the Power Wagon that includes all of that model's important mechanicals and protection, but does not include any highlights in silver or black like the fully equipped Power Wagon. Ram also announced at the auto show a new Ram 2500 4x4 Off-road Package that includes a few of the same capability-first 4x4 features found on the Power Wagon without the higher price tag.

Pricing for the standard 2017 Power Wagon and Power Wagon Tradesman has not been announced, but dealerships will be able to start ordering the 2017 models this summer, likely for fall delivery.

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Ram PW & Rebel II

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Love this truck! Hate that grille! Stick with the crosshairs!

I bought '16 PW SLT 5 weeks ago, am I happy that I got the crosshair grill with the graphic delete, these folks at Ram are nuts making all these changes. The tire tread on the seat? are you kidding me? $57k on the truck, I don't want gimmicks Oh, btw... Love the Truck, Delmonico Red... since deep cherry red was CHANGED....They should hire me.

Nothing says "rebel" like an automatic transmission... apparently...

FYI: tradesman trim power wagons have been available for years.

Love what they did with the graphics, the throw back to the 70's and 80's is what this truck really needed. The graphics on the all the other power wagons looked like total garbage, just loud, ugly, and cobbled together. Although the tire tread pattern really kills the interior, the Power Wagon embroidery is awesome and gives it that little something extra. Ram still has the best combination of look, feel, and intuitiveness in the interior; the fact that you can add the leather in the PW now without stepping up to the Laramie is , and definitely what I would do to avoid the tire tread pattern. I didn't care for that grill when it first came out on the Rebel, but it's grown on me a bit, and really looks pretty good on the larger 2500 PW. I have to say, I still don't care for the RAM on the tailgate though, and that would be removed immediately if I bought one. All in all, although it's only cosmetic, the changes to the new PW were much needed; it's a very special package, and deserved something a little more unique than just some plastered on paint-splatter graphics like the last several model years have had.

still waiting for this truck!!
would buy but none to be found:(

lol fiat

I really enjoy driving my 2017 Power wagon. I waited till I had a few thousand miles on it to brake in a bit and took the kids off road several times. I have to date only stuck it once and it was a very good and stuck situation. They do need to make standard a 220 or better alternator. Mine has the standard 180 and the winch did a few times cause a low voltage warning, to the point I had stop winching 3 times. These trucks are very heavy and will for sure go just anywhere. One issue I have found be careful in "black mud" they will sink fast. Also noted alot of "clunking" when shift into drive or reverse even in just daily driving. DEALERSHIP told me was normal so not a big deal. BUT the Alternator issue is a PROBLEM RAM need to consider. I noted others some had dual 220 and others had 220 and the cost was only $100 for the one 220 and like $250 for the duel option. Mine is a MSRP of 62,000 so I wouldn't had no PROBLEMS spending another $100-250 for the better alternators. I didn't​ know it was an option till after my experience with the standard 180.

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