2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Video

Taco TRD Pro front II

With last year's debut of the newly stylized and much improved Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup, many wanted to know when the off-road-biased Tacoma TRD Pro would come. Well, it finally showed up at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show, and we got the chance to spend some one-on-one time with Toyota's newest model.

There's a lot to like here, but many will criticize Toyota for not going far enough. The 2017 Tacoma TRD Pro should hit dealer lots in late fall (with pricing announced just before then). Until then, check out our video walk-around.

Cars.com photo by Angela Conners




Taco TRD Pro rear II



Looks good

oxi, Would you buy this? Please comment.

I think they went far enough, if anybody wants more then there is a ton of after market stuff for the Taco's. I like the wheels, if I had a Taco I would get a pair as they are being sold on ebay....

Can I?

I personally would not buy this. I already own a 2016 SR 4x4 access cab with 265/75 BFG A/T KO2's without any mods.

I still own my 2010 SR5 Tacoma 4x4 off-road beast and I will always stick to my moto of buy what you think is reasonable and build it yourself. I further have no use for the 4-door and smaller bed.

It is one sweet pickup if you seek a stock 4x4 for off-roading and I would choose this over the Raptor and Power Wagon because of its smaller size advantage and weight and solid off-road angles. Bigger engine mentality to off-road with means those that brag about engine power and never been off-roading much.

I like the cement color!

uh oh. Bafo isn't going to like that aluminum skid plate. He probably thinks it's going to make the whole truck fall apart. Aluminum is a devil material. It's cursed. And toytota will probably sell fewer of these due to the aluminum skid plate. I don't know what ford was thinking making a whole body out of that cursed metal.

I must say I like the looks of the front end. Wish these trucks were cheaper and smaller with better mpg so I could consider one as a second truck for running around in.

@rolling can of beer
I currently own 4 trucks. Ram 1500. Ford Ranger. F250. And f150. The ranger and f150 are my personal use vehicles. The other two are exclusively used on the farm mostly by farm hands or myself. I would like to replace the ranger as my runaround efficient cheap truck, but unlikely to happen in the next five years because midsize are too expensive and not much better on fuel than a half ton.

This TRD Taco is nice. Like I stated it's a pity they don't have a 2.8 diesel version.

Aluminium is a great metal for many things; Coke cans, window and flyscreen door frames, aircraft parts, engine and transmission parts, etc ............ oh skid or bash plates. I still prefer steel plates.

Aluminium usage must be balanced between a return on the cost of inverstment over time.

There is one auto manufacturer that is now making aluminium pickups. Ford is the name of the company.

They only gained ONE MPG by changing over to aluminium. What a waste, the additional billions spent could of allowed Ford to come up with newer and better engines that are fuel efficient.

15.6mpg from a 2.7 litre engine! I have never heard of such poor FE from a little engine in my life.

The Tacoma has the best engine and transmission but everything else on the truck is junk.

So to recap on what BARFO is saying, aluminum is fine for trains planes and automobiles. It is fine for many products. But only in truck applications, not semis or medium duty trucks because many of them are aluminium, it is not ok because he does not like Ford.

Now if you can stop avoiding my diesel question on what wears out in a diesel engine because they are built so tight that you gain 10% or more in FE because of the large loss of parasitic drag within the engine engine during break in. So BARFO, what causes such a large amount of parasitic drag in a new engine?

Better than the diesel from the hilux would be the wide ratio manual. It has completely different gearing.

So, in the matter of a few short hours another PUTC article's comments section has been hijacked by a "my-brand-is-better-than-your-brand" discussion.

Not that the article actually deserves much in the way of thoughtful comment. Instead we get more of Toyota's lipstick.

So much lipstick, so many piggies...

It really looks bland to me. To much like the previous generation. Look at that spoiler its a exact copy of the Colorado/Canyon's.

maybe Disney will take them to court for the storm trooper helmet look of that snout.

its kind of disappointing Toyota doesn't make a Tacoma with a diesel engine in the U.S

@LMA0 your treatment of gender in the last comment from you bears noticing--switching back and forth in even the same sentence. Be careful about that in biker bars.

Papa jim, if that is really you in the last post you just replied to rolling loser of beer using my user name again.

Please add the long bed as a option for the working man! Love the truck but it's gotta have a long bed!!

I draw new Tacoma, I hope you like it:

Meh... other than the Fox Shocks its a TRD Taco with gingerbread. Badging, stitching, driving lights, hood scoop, wheels, tires... all sticker inflating fluff.

I would like to see/hear more about crawl control. The one video demonstration is impressive. Does it work in more than just sand? Snow? Mud? Does it work with a manual tranny? Will it be available on the Tundra?

The rear drum brakes are a cost cutting kick in the balls. So embarrassing and yes I heard the lame excuse for "keeping" them about it being better for keeping the brakes clean of debris when offroading... if that were the case then why not put drums back on the front toy?

Hi Clint: From what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, the crawl control and multi-terrain select would only be available with the automatic transmission?

I'd like to have this truck but I prefer the long bed. I currently have a 2010 access cab SR5 4x2. So with that said, I will either get an SR, SR5 or TRD sport double cab long bed 4 x 2 since I don't need 4 x 4 but 4 X 4 would be nice to have. That all depends how much the dealer wants to work with me. This truck will sticker probably close to 40,000 or more. I'm not sure I want to pay that much for a truck. I've been comparing the SR, SR5, and TRD sport. One could argue, having 4 x 4 is better than not having 4 x 4. But I don't go off much. Of course maybe that's a reason. Lol

I want to know if the passenger seat still feels like your sitting in a hole or did they finally raise it so you can see over the hood.

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