GM to Make More 6.2-liter V-8s for Pickups and SUVs

GMC Engine 1 II

In case you've had trouble finding that crew-cab Chevrolet Silverado 1500, GMC Sierra 1500 or a full-size GM SUV with the powerful and efficient 6.2-liter V-8 and eight-speed transmission, you're likely to have more options in the future.

GM has announced it will invest $148 million to repurpose machinery at its Spring Hill Manufacturing plant in Tennessee to create a third production site for the popular 6.2-liter small-block V-8. It says the move will retain 200 jobs at the plant.

The larger V-8 for full-size GM vehicles (some of which also are offered with the 5.3-liter V-8) currently is built at Tonawanda, N.Y., and St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, but with fuel prices likely to stay low for a while and demand for half-ton pickups and full-size SUVs (such as the GMC Yukon XL and Cadillac Escalade) high, GM decided to make the investment.

The Spring Hill plant currently produces four-cylinder engines, but GM has invested there in recent years in flexible equipment and machining capability. That will allow, GM said, the new engine line to be up and running much faster than the typical two or three years for a new line. GM said the 6.2-liter V-8 production is scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2016. photo by Evan Sears


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Yes GM make more 6.2L's. They out shine Fords V8's and V6's in both power and MPGs. Hey GM start selling Ford your V8 sound, so Ford people have something good to hear while your at it. LMBO!

Good deal. Seems like a good engine and if gas prices stay low for long while then the consumers will not be as hesitant to buy a v8 product.

They need to offer it on all models and trim levels of the full size pickups. This would be a great option in the regular cab models.

Gm should also offer a regular cab 1500 with a 9ft bed. They could easily do it on the existing crew cab 6.5ft wheelbase. I could really use a 9ft bed for my landscaping business.

I think they should up the displacement of this motor to at least 7.4 litres or optimally 8.1 litres. Then it will stay in 4 cylinder mode for a very long time and the few times it does go into 8 cylinder mode it'll have over 500 hp and 500 ft-lbs of torque

Way too small, they need to do a 16L V16 with a supercharger and 4 turbos. They could run it in one cylinder mode for good fuel economy.

@Patriot, you are spot on, the whimpy 5.3 sucks!

Actually, the 5.3/8-speed combo performed very well here recently. It's definitely not a dog with the 8-speed behind it.

Not a brand guy. Just an engineer who follows the car/truck market closely. I recently went from a 2002 Chevy Duramax to a 2012 F150 5.0, which I love. That said, the 6.2L Chevy V8 is the best light truck engine on the market. Don't get me wrong, I'm intrigued by the ecoboost and it's diesel like torque curve. I just need more time so see how they hold up as they age. The 6.2l is a simpler design, with nearly diesel-like peak torque.

@Patriotgrunt. GM will reveal the updated HDs in September at the Texas State Fair. You'll see an updated Duramax with updated Allison. I've heard it will be the segment leader in both HP and Tq. And also expect an all new gasser.

@Jeff, I think Ford is planning to be top dog too, but sounds like GM has the advantage of releasing their numbers later. Ram will have their new truck next year, so I think they will plan on retaking the crown for best-in-class torque. It's crazy, the performance these engines are putting out.

lol, needs premium gas, not really for the masses, but whatever.

Patriotgrunt You should head back and reread the HD shoot outs. The old 6.0L beat Rams new 6.4L and still hangs with Fords 6.2L. The old Duramax hangs with Fords 6.7 440 880 powerjoker.The 900 tq Cummins still slow as dirt compare to them two.

I'll take the 6.4 Hemi over the Vortec 6.0 any day. The issue isn't the engine, but the ratio spread on the 66RFE is not the best. It only becomes an issue on kickdown at low speed. They should change it to the ZF 8HP. Chevy people buy trucks to drag race them. Ford and Ram guys buy them to use as a truck.

Ford wishes they could make an engine like this....

Never trust anyone over 40 that still drives a ford....

They're hopeless....

Frodnatics and Rambozos sound jealous again,,no surprise,,Chevys best F the rest..

Patriotgrunt Hey dependable studies reliable studies prove you wrong. The shift in market share is proving you wrong. Don't forget your purse on the roof of your Ford, and don't cry when a old GM powered HD passes you by.

Look at the comments posted after 5:00 pm Central time.

These are the guys who can't (or won't) get a date. Even Lou and Big Al must have dates tonight.

C'mon guys it's Saturday night.

@ Papa, what sre you doing on here? I'm not heading down to the rest area until around 11 to meet my date.

@ squatting ford

"Never trust anyone over 40 that still drives a ford.... They're hopeless...."

You can say the same thing about modern day liberals.

@ big al


GM needs to make as much LT engines as it can, (ecotec)

So that cars/trucks from other makes, that want to make REAL POWER, can have the option of getting either an "LS or LT swap".

Some fools compare the 5.0 Ford to the 6.2 GM.

The F150's 5.0 coyote is a glorified Mustang engine. You can't buy it in an Expedition.

So it's either a pony car engine or it's the engine upgrade for Ford truck buyers who don't want a huffer on their truck.

Just passed 1000 miles in my '16 Silverado, 8 speed, 6.2, 420 horses. Mostly regular, since the dealer gave me two free tanks, and they don't have premium gas at their shop. No knocks that I heard, but I will be using premium. Got 18 mpg, city driving. Great engine.

I'm in favor of BIG V-8's in anyone's truck.

Had enough of this eco-this and eco-that, and wussy-6 this and thrifty 4 that. Tell the Global Warming Yurps to take a hike: I don't care if my baby gets 10 mpg or 30 mpg: it's a nice truck for crying out loud!!!!!!


Enuf said lol

I guess I should have know better than to post on this site. My thought was to try to show why Chevy feels a need to build more 6.2's. More power, still good mileage for the buyer. Why do so many posters need to knock other people's trucks? They are all good.

When GM allowed for the selection of the 6.2L for the Silverado/Sierra if forced you to select either "High Country" or later on when production was up and running the "LTZ".This ran the price of the truck up well pass 53,000.00 dollars.Ram had a truck that had a 5.7L with a little less torque,and the same cylinder de-activatation software,and a 8 speed ZF, minus leather,and a sunroof for 10,000 dollars less.Towing could be had for around 10,800lbs verus 11,000 in the GM twins.Hopefully GM now see the light by allowing customers to pick this powertrain with a LS/LT option,without driving the price at alittle below a DuraMax Doublecab.One thing that still is a issue is the selection of the rear axle ring gear.A 3:42 just does not do justice for this powertrain.Hopefully a 3:55 or 3:73 will be a option as well.

"I'm intrigued by the ecoboost and it's diesel like torque curve. I just need more time so see how they hold up as they age"

Posted by: nlp | Feb 20, 2016 1:42:21 PM

Their not holding up new. TSB, Fire Recalls etc...

I can not figure why Ram does not offer their 6.4 in a half ton. Take back the Horsepower title in half ton. They own the MPG title.

The stock Hellcat Challenger produces 707 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque at the transmission, with roughly 11 pounds of boost pressure. The Hennessey HPE1000 package uses the triple-charging setup to pack 15psi of boost, for a whopping 1,032hp and 987lb-ft of torque.

With a set of sticky drag radial tires, the team recorded 0-60 times of just 2.7 seconds and a quarter mile best of 9.9 at 142 miles per hour.

Just put 550 miles on my 6.2 and I can tell that this motor is built to last. Zero problems so far. Best motor ever made.

There seems to be several comment contributeers on here that need a colonoscopy to find there head!

@ Patriot:
Last i heard the D-Max outperformed both ram and superduty w/an ancient 6.6! And the 5.3 is a tick behind the ecobust! Just saying!

Hemi V8, Ram didn't actually need to boost the size of the Hemi in the 2500/3500 trucks to compete on power and torque. The market just demanded a bigger engine for the sake of having a bigger engine. I wouldn't be surprised to see a 6.4 Hemi 1500 in the redesign, with more power than the GM motor.

I will buy one.
I wanted a new Colorado but they are in short supply , can't get one!
The 5.3 Silverado doesn't impress me, I say the 4.3 V6 has MORE power than the 5.3.
Yea,,, the Ram 5.7 HEMI is a monster, but the rest of the truck falls short.
The F-150 eco-boost can't drive in a heavy rain or extreme humid days and the non-turbo 5.0 just feels rough and under powered.

@Lou_DC--Do you think that if GM sells a lot of 6.2s in their trucks that Ford will answer with an optional V-8 larger than the 5.0 or at the very least offer a turbo V-8? I think Ford will be watching what happens with GM on this 6.2.


I own a 2012 F150 CrewCab 4x4 5.0. The engine is super-smooth and quiet unless you gun it. As far as it being underpowered, it has nowhere near the neck snapping power of my old Duramax diesel....not even close. However, the 5.0 is the same engine in the Mustang GT with a slightly different cam and timing. The 5.0 in the F150, like the Mustang makes most of it's power between 2500-4500rpms, which is high for a truck and the primary reason it doesn't "feel powerful."

@Lou, you have to remember the current Ram 1500 is essentially the 2009 truck competing with trucks that have had a fresh redesign. I think it holds up very well. A new one is around the corner even though the current one doesn't look outdated.

@Jeff, I don't think Ford will offer a bigger V8 in the F150. The updated 3.5 EcoBoost will have 450 HP, obviously Ford thinks it can hold its own against the 6.2.

@Alex--Maybe you are right but Ford said they would not offer another midsize pickup in the US and then changed their mind. I believe Ford will continue with the EcoBoost V-6s but they will be watching GM and GM's success or failure with expanding the availability of the 6.2 V-8s. Only time will tell.

I look at it this way. Competition is all good for the consumer no matter what poison you pick for your truck! I drive a Ram 2500HD & I'm happy with my Hemi V8!

I simply want a truck that nobody else owns.
That's the only reason I want a Colorado
....but if I can't get a Colorado I will be happy with a Silverado 1500 with a 6.2.

don't you guys hate it when everybody else is driving the exact type of truck you own?
take someone you hate, like if your boss went out and got the same truck you have.
to me when that happens I look at my truck like a disease and I hate it and I don't want it anymore, similar when a woman gets mad cause another woman is wearing the same dress she's wearing.

Seems like the GM SUV and pickup truck drivers want Corvette and Camaro-like speed and power, LOL!


Ecoboost intercooler condensation issues were ironed out years ago. Get with the times. Properly maintained they will last for a whIle, I have driven many with well overy 100k miles running strong.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a 6.4 Hemi 1500 in the redesign, with more power than the GM motor.

Posted by: Alex | Feb 21, 2016 12:37:59 AM

Considering Fiat Chrysler had to buy a ton of CAFE credits for 2015, I highly doubt we'll see the 6.4 in a Ram 1500 any time soon.

Who really cares. The 2.7 ecoboost is quicker and gets much better fuel economy.

I love the 5.7 in my Tundra. It's a higher rpm engine than most, but after adding the TRD super charger I think I have the perfect truck. 500hp/550tq
Second choice would be the 6.2 in some 4 wheel drive GM makes. 420hp n/a engine is impressive.

Hey Patriotgrunt you need to get laid you loser! What's wrong did your mom run off with a Chevy man when you were a kid? Give me a break HAHAHA

I keep putting off buying a new truck every year cause no new truck excites me.
I need that passion, I got to love it, be excited about a new truck and nothing out there has it.
The Colorado is the only truck I never did a test drive so I am saving my excitement for it.
The Colorado has to be selling as fast as they make them cause every dealer that gets one or two in are already sold and that is what has me excited, if everybody wants one it has to be a great truck.

Specs do not represent the driving experience well for these trucks. Owning a new truck for 10000 miles is the only way to know how good it is. And even might be disapointed by 17000 miles even if you were happy at 10000. Seat comfort is all about who is buying. And the seats take months to break into what they are really going to be like for the prime life of the vehicle. Engine performance of the slowest truck is better than what most need. Braking performance relies heavily on tires and conditions chevy wins but it might not in a different situation. Who cares they are good. It shouldn't be thought of what is good and what sux. It should be thought of as if it is competitive it is an option. Open rear in the f150 Is the biggest difference in these trucks in daily driving. Other than that sit in the truck and see what makes you feel how you like, FOR HOURS! One will stick out more to your liking than the others. You will be very happy once you pick what works best for you. I know I am very happy with all my truck buys. I buy from dealers one mile away too. Very cheap if your a serious buyer at the end of the month. Timing is everything.

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