HD Pickups Most Likely to Hit 200,000 Miles

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People choose large pickup trucks or SUVs for specific reasons such as hauling, towing or moving lots of people and gear. But there may be another reason to invest in these vehicles, which could save you a good chunk of money in the long run.

PopularMechanics.com is reporting that a new survey by automotive research firm iSeeCars.com shows that nine of the top 12 vehicles (it's actually a top 10 list but No. 5 and No. 9 are ties) most likely to make it to 200,000 miles are full-size pickups or SUVs. Two midsize players make the list as well; holding down the No. 3 and No. 10 spots are the Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma, respectively.

The survey analyzed 12 million vehicles sold between 1981 and 2015 to find the vehicles with the highest percentage still in use after 200,000 miles of recorded service. Unfortunately, there's no information about how these owners took care of their vehicles, but the results are still pretty interesting.

Four of the top 12 are pickups, with three three-quarter-ton pickups: the Ford F-250 (first place), the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 (second place) and the GMC Sierra 2500 (sixth place). The Tacoma took the final spot. Only one car, the Toyota Avalon, makes the list; the rest of the vehicles are full-size SUVs.

Here are the vehicles and what percent of them are still on the road after 200,000 miles.

  1. Ford Super Duty F-250, 6.0 percent
  2. Chevrolet Silverado 2500, 5.7 percent
  3. Toyota 4Runner, 5.2 percent
  4. Ford Expedition, 5.0 percent
  5. Chevrolet Suburban and Toyota Sequoia, 4.8 percent
  6. GMC Sierra 2500, 4.6 percent
  7. Chevrolet Tahoe, 3.4 percent
  8. GMC Yukon XL, 3.2 percent
  9. GMC Yukon and Toyota Avalon, 2.7 percent
  10. Toyota Tacoma, 2.5 percent

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Pretty good list. There is no sign of a Ram truck but that's no surprise.

Wonder where the new Ram trucks come in?

But 200K miles nowadays (as oposed to 1981, when this analysis started) is almost an expected achievement with any substantial modern vehicle.

My old 1974 Dodge Ram hit 225,000 when I just gave it away; my current 1996 Dodge Ram is at 186,000 with no signs of falling apart.

I am thinking that 300,000 miles is now a more demanding yet achievable target, especially with vehicles made after 2000, --- and considering that we are keeping them for an average of 11.7 years now.


Data flaw...

You can claim a truck to be over 200,000 miles all you want when you replace the transmission, axles and engines. With that alone this list is flawed until actual REAL data is submitted.

Once again, tell me how this site does not favor Ford again? Anything to favor a Ford.

I have owned many Toyota trucks over 200,000 miles, 85 2wd, 86 2wd, 86 4x4, 97 2wd but I traded them in because life changes and a true compact truck did not fit our lifestyle.

And this list does not tell you another reason. Female drivers! Yes, those suv's and even some of the pickups high mileage is due to female drivers that do not use them like a male would pulling, hauling or even off-roading.

Note: Colorado still cannot make the list, all of their older models are not reliable which will most likely make it to the newer models.

Either way it's a very low percentage less then 6 percent on any of them. Kind of surprising it's not higher. I know quit a few people with trucks over 250k including Dodge. A lot of Titans over 300k

we're looking at an article on PUTC, so natch the Ford comes out ahead.

Did you notice how the Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon (130 wheelbase) and Yukon (short wheelbase) all have the same greasy bits under the paint job, but for some reason the survival rates vary quite a lot---from a high of 4.8 for the Suburban to a low of 2.7 for the Yukon SWB???

Me thinks the "iseecars" methodology or its accuracy is flawed a lot!

For those asking why Ram didn't make the list, look at what the list actually is. Its looking at percentage of vehicles on the road with over 200K miles. This is a silly way to look at the data. The more important question is percentage of vehicles sold that last to 200K miles.

In other words if Ford sold 10x as many F250s as Ram sold 2500s, one would obviously expect there to still be more on the road at 200K miles, even if a larger percentage of Ram 2500s are on the road at 200K miles.

Same goes for all makes/models, this list will likely be skewed towards anything that sells in high volume, not necessarily what lasts the longest.

I'm thinking this site really is pro Ford now a days.

my 2003 duramax has 261000 miles on it and looks and runs great.

Any gm engine or dodge cummins powered engine , definitely not any fords.

Hey where is the million mile dodge pickups that also have a club? I own a 2500 with almost 300k.
This is bs!

Sold my 2000 Silverado 1500 last year with 275,000 miles on it, original engine and transmission no rebuilds! And I used it as a 3/4 ton truck for 9 years!

Hmm. Ive had 4 GMC 2500's and I drove 3 past 200,000 miles with a total of 2 bearing packs and one transfer case at 185,000 due to oil loss on the road……..The 4th I sold to my son at about 100,000 miles.
I have a 5th GMC that is new and a 2010 Dodge 3500 with 207,000 miles and have replace 2 bearing packs and complete rebuild on front end.
NONE have had any motor, trans or rear end issues. All miles on farm, so I would say most all pickups are pretty dependable.
200,000 is not huge miles.

When a person invests in a HD diesel truck, they expect to get far beyond 200,000 miles on them. 200,000 is great for a gas engine, but diesels keep on chugging beyond that.

This list doesn't surprise me at all. These are all the vehicles that get favorable reliability ratings. It makes sense.

This study don't mean much. Ford's Super Dooty was the worst of all the H.D's causing Ford to sue Navistar to try and recoup their loses. Ford leads the Recall list as well.

Stay thirsty,


This list. is Bull. Look at craigslist any state any town. type in Cummins. Every dodge 2500-3500 on there second and third some fourth gens have 200-350K miles. STILL RUNNING. Why do you think Cummins has the million mile club? Get on Cummins website go to the million mile club. Pages and pages on dodge rucks with miles from 200-1,000,000 miles and still running STOCK NO REBUILDS!!!! Show me a dirtymax with a million miles that isn't built? Or a 6.0 that hasn't been bulletproofed. Only good diesel ford has made well bought from someone else was the 7.3, the 6.7 hasn't been fully proven yet. 7.3 is the only diesel that holds a candle to the 5.9 or 6.7 when it comes to miles. Durmax will last 200-400k before needing a overhaul. Powerstroke 7.3 will last 500-700k if taken care of. 5.9 will keep running if you feed it oil and fuel because they all get oil leaks. If anyone takes this list serious you don't need to own a diesel.

have a 2004 Suburban z71 with 232K and a 2007 NBS GMC 2500HD z71 6.0 with 222k that was an Oil field truck for the last 170K of its life..both show the signs of high mileage, neither use or leak oil, both stock drivetrain...F250 with 200k?...hahahaha, maybe a grocery getter...not one thats actually used and still has stock motor and tranny...

Tundra was just rated by JD Power as the most reliable Pickup truck. No news there? Oh wait, it's "Fordpickuptrucks.com"

Tundra was just rated by JD Power as the most reliable Pickup truck. No news there? Oh wait, it's "Fordpickuptrucks.com"

I'd hope so, because those vehicles are some of the most grossly overpriced vehicles on the market.

This list is so full of crap!!
Here is My Little Survey.

I own A 2011 Ram 3500 Diesel 6.7 220K My Dad owns a 2012 Ram 3500 Diesel 200K My brother owns a 1996 Ram diesel 5.9 370K No Engine troubles from any of them.

I agree @Cummins
For those asking why Ram didn't make the list, look at what the list actually is. Its looking at percentage of vehicles on the road with over 200K miles. This is a silly way to look at the data. The more important question is percentage of vehicles sold that last to 200K miles.

In other words if Ford sold 10x as many F250s as Ram sold 2500s, one would obviously expect there to still be more on the road at 200K miles, even if a larger percentage of Ram 2500s are on the road at 200K miles.

Same goes for all makes/models, this list will likely be skewed towards anything that sells in high volume, not necessarily what lasts the longest.

It's not silly because its GM and Ram who start in with all of the BS of who has more trucks on the road with 200k miles. I sold my F-250 gasser with 235k miles and original tranny and original engine so I can personally attest to being on the road with over 200k miles in a F-250. I believe oxi's Taco had major transmission repair and hasn't even hit 200k miles so he should disclose that.

Dear 00xxii jealousy is not becoming. Sites like this merely report the facts. If one brand consistently outperforms, then it gets the press. People like you then conclude the attention amounts to favoritism.

Ever notice those "Pee on Ford" stickers on the rear window of those GM vehicles? Ever see "Pee on GM" stickers on Fords? Nope. Wonder why? It is because number 2 is always taking potshots at number 1. Number 1 has no need to do so.

Ever see those GM "attack" ads that pooh-pooh where the competition has beat them out? Like, for instance, the Ram's heated steering wheel a few years ago? Remember Huey Long making fun of that in a GM ad? Gee, a couple of years later GM caught up and now has heated steering wheel as an option.

Starting to see the pattern? I, for one, have owned more GM vehicles in my long life (I'm retired now). Ford second. But the absolute best and longest trouble-free vehicle I have ever owned is a 2007 Ram 3500 MegaCab with Cummins diesel. That truck easily topped 200,000 miles and, no, it was not a female driver or nor was it lightly used. We were fulltime rv'ers traveling this country towing a 39' fifthwheel topping 15,000 lbs. That Ram was superb. When we finally settled down and stopped traveling I sold the Ram, very reluctantly as it still used no oil and had undergone no major repairs, just routine maintenance.

It really appears most of the ram posters have a hard time reading the article. They say that because Ford sold more vehicles that automatically puts them in the lead for the 200k and up mileage club. But they proceed to claim Ford is junk. If that was the case then there would not be the super duty in the position it is in. They also claim the Cummins will last much longer. Notice as a whole they never say the truck will last but the Cummins built engine. A truck is no good if everything Dodge around it falls apart. Thus likely why Ram is not in this list. The large percentage of Ram trucks do not have the Cummins engine. So this does show that only the engine will likely last just not the rest of the truck. It also reassures what consumer reports continues to report that Ford and GM trucks hold up better over their long term reports.

Here in Florida Toyota trucks seems to be common. But most of the work trucks are Ford super duties and then Chevy trucks. You do see some Rams but even here they do not seem to hold up very well.

Based on what I see here, I can see where Ford and Chevy trucks are very close together in this mileage bracket.

Iseecars cannot be trusted. Their major sponsor is Ford. Oh god, please do some research pickup trucks.com

Most of the adds on their site are ford ads. They are just another reincarnation of SUV Owners Of America. And we all know what a fraud that was.

Say what you want but more than 2.5% of Tacoma's make it to 200,000 miles. 97.5% of Tacoma's die before 200k? Give me a break.

i have had 3 difference ford van over the years,and all when over 200000 miles with my 1994 ford E-350 box van going 360000with only one trains rebuild

Here are the facts not "MOST LIKELY" LOL

Last I checked it's pretty cold in Canada during the winter.

According to data from R.L. Polk Canada, Dodge/Ram pickups are Canada’s longest-lasting trucks, as measured by the percentage of pickups sold since 1987 (25 years ago; model years 1988-2012) that are still on the road today.

79% of Ram pickups sold in the last 25 years are still registered, compared with 66% of Ford pickups and 72% of General Motors pickups.

The numbers are even better when looking at the Cummins diesel equipped pickups of the last 20 years; 87% of Ram diesels sold since 1993 are still registered as being in operation (model years 1994-2012), compared with just 69% of Fords, 79% of Chevrolets, and 83% of GMCs.

Cummins currently has a five-year, 160,000 mile powertrain warranty in Canada.

The list accurate. I have a '99 F250 V10 with 150k plus miles with ORIGINAL ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION.

I love my truck, I concur with this site. This is not a Pro Ford site. Sorry your favorite truck brand didn't make the list.

I agree with Frank. The site is a search engine and has nothing to do with Ford. There are actually more GM/Chevy listings than Ford on iseecars.com Nice try trooolllls.

Really, 200,000 miles is not that much anymore for any pickup truck not sure why it would be different for a "2500" truck?

@Hemi v8.

Just like you ram bots complaining about this list I can feed this info into your 'survey'

That survey just talks about registered vehicles. For many years when the cdn dollar is way lower then usd and alot of vehicles get traded in go to the US for the extra money the dealers get from the hi exchange rate. Right now for example is just over 35% on the exchange rate. More ford's and gms buyers in the us hence then of them here in canada.


Geez. This site isn't pro ford. They hardly mentioned ford. And this study wasn't done by this site. Can't believe all the whiners when there favorite truck doesn't win everything.

If they did it like their previous studies they simply determined which models listed for sale have the highest PERCENTAGE of vehicles over 200000. So it wouldn't be accurate to say that same percentage is on the road. Six percent of f250s for sale online have over 200000 miles. I wouĺd say most people that have a vehicle over 200000 miles would be the final owners of the vehicle and would not sell it but eventually take it to the junkyard. So in reality a much higher percentage of vehicles make it to 200,000. The f250 has a 6 percent chance of both making it to 200,000 miles AND retaining enough value to be sold online.

Ford F-series the #1 best selling pickup truck in North America for over 40 years.

Also #1 most reliable pickup truck in North America for over 40 years.

Sorry Chevy/Ram boys maybe by the year 2050 you will be #1. LOL

I have a box of tissues for anyone who's favorite truck make didn't place 1st.

Ford owners are really unsecured, if they rely on studies like this.
What a fabricated crap to make them happy, so they don't cry all day long. Enjoy. More is coming. LOL.

My 95 S10 Ext Cab ZR-2 has 344k miles and still going strong. But this is nothing compared to my old 1990 Volvo 740 wagon that my son drives, it has 480k+ miles and will outlast all except the Cunmins Diesel powered trucks.

I always liked them S10 ZR2's.

How is this a pro ford site? There are more toyotas and GM's than fords on that list?

J.D power dependability study for 2016 has Ford at the bottom of the barrel.


No half ton trucks make the list? I guess the military grade aluminum was a miss...

^^^^^^ Don't know anybody that puts 200k in a year on a truck.

Interesting study, but a couple big flaws.

The list should be, "F-150 #1", followed by the F-250 #2, by a stinkin' landslide.

The reason is, no one's counting all the pickups that leave the US permanently, headed for Mexico and beyond. All over the world, actually. And at a relatively early age too, dropping off the map at around 150,000 miles or less.

Meaning, a high percentage of F-series are gone from the "system", to reach maturity, or 200,000+ miles, "off the books".

I know I've personally sold a few of my older F-series to friends in Mexico, mostly F-150s. There has to be at least a million (originally sold) US pickups that end up in Mexico alone, each year. Remember approx 1 in 8 new vehicles sold, are pickups, but maybe 1 in 20 vehicles on the road are actually pickups.

F-series are wildly popular Mexico too, except our clean example are "new pickups" to them. Especially clean US F-series, hard loaded and low miles. Their (sold new) pickups are usually beat to death at an early age (you think OUR ROADS are bad??), and most are stripper, base trucks.

There's easily up to a 1,000+ F-series crossing the border of Mexico every day, legally exported, not counting stolen pickups. For many years straight, pre '08 F-250 were the #1 'stolen cars' in the US. They probably still rank high on the list. Pre '08 F-250s lacked "chipped keys". Also, very late, for chipped key "tech" btw.

Sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with the F-series outselling all others. Remember, the study was about what *percent* of each pickup line, crosses the 200,000 mile mark the most. Meaning the Honda Ridgeline could be #1 on the list, in "theory" anyway..

Also, no SUVs should be on the list, since SUVs (and vans, autos, etc) are essentially banned from import into Mexico (by Mexico) except for examples 10 years old. Nothing older or newer that 10 years old is accepted. So there's an artificial 'glut' or surplus of SUVs in the US, besides not much of a demand for stolen SUVs for Mexico.

Thing is, there's no limit (that Mexico places) on US pickups, legally imported into Mexico, other than they must be at least 10 years old. That's it. Usually not enough time for 200,000 miles.

GM pickups have never had strong demand in Mexico, new or used. Yes (US) GM pickups are mostly marooned here, leaving a high percentage to be driven into the ground, and to a crusty old age.

Except 'used' US Ram trucks are in very high demand in Mexico, that's why they struggle to make the "200,000 mile club" in the US. Keep in mind, in Mexico *new* Ram trucks greatly outsell both Silverado and Sierra new pickups combined! Yes a similar thing happens in Canada too, right behind F-series in 'sales' Ram is huge in Mexico, and Ram HDs and regular-cab 1500 Rams are made in Mexico for a reason. OK, it's another reason.

Very strange survey ,a staggering number of vehicles get past 200,000 miles. I was at least driving one

come on!
stop the fighting why the Ram trucks were not included!
It's simple to figure out.
Most of the Ram trucks never make it to 200K cause owners get rid of them (trade in or sale) quickly well before they hit any high mileage close to that.
Look at any used truck dealer, they have many more used Ram trucks for sale than any other make,,, AND the used Ram truck has a much lower price than Ford or Chevy.

WOW. LOTS OF WHINING from the bailout babies.

If you invest a little thought into some of this it starts to make sense.

1st off the Ford SD GROSSLY outsells the bailout babies in HD trucks. ALWAYS has. While their lead has narrowed at one point 3/4 of all HD pickups sold were Ford SDs. With that many more trucks sold and on the road its statistically much more likely to have more make it. While the numbers displayed are a percentage of the total (bringing some parity/balance to the equation) it does make each truck matter slightly less for Ford than it does for those others. Where it really gets interesting is where the Expedition edged the GM full size SUV because GM grossly outsells the Expedition (always has).

The Cummins is a great engine and so is the Duramax. and so was the 7.3 (which outsold the other 2 combined almost every year it was around).

When I was selling cars 200+K was not uncommon on trades. 300K was still an anomaly and honestly im shocked that only 6% of SDs make it to 200K. I would have guessed a much higher percentage of all HD pickups make it that far. In my year working at the dealership I saw 2 300K vehicles... a beat to hell 7.3 ford and an almost spotless Honda accord.

With the insane prices of HD pickups repair over replacement is making more and more sense. Kind of how big rigs justify periodic rebuilds. A 10K repair on a HD pickup with over 200K on it that cost over 50K to buy that can give another decade of service and would cost over 60K to replace makes sense.

Yea yea we got it... the bailout babies lost this one so it must be favoritism, or bias, or something. You were gonna buy what you liked anyway whether its on welfare or not.

Not a Ram in sight.....my my. That NIssan XD looks better
and better with each passing day.

Only ford has insane prices for SD repair, because you have to remove cabin to get to the engine.
Ford got more money from government under table, than GM or Chrysler to survive.
I am not surprised, that only 6% of trucks makes more than 200 000. I said in other post, that no one buys truck for cash or financing and keeps it more than leasing is up. Mostly trade it in before that. This survey proved that. There is also a limit for mileage from leasing company you can do yearly. People are poorly educated, what's most economic way to own a truck or car and how to get max for your money. Most people are not too smart and I don't base any of my decisions on what "most people" do.

ford number 1, no surprise here, move on

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