Honda Expands Takata Airbag Recall for Ridgeline

AMI Honda Ridgeline aBased on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration expansion of the Takata airbag recall, Honda (and Acura, its luxury division) is expanding its recall to include some 2.23 million more cars and SUVs as well as its only pickup truck.

Affected are model-year 2007-14 Ridgelines, effectively the entire model run since Honda moved production to Alabama from Canada. Honda previously had identified only model-year 2006 Ridgelines as part of its Takata-related recall. Only driver's-side airbags are affected in the recalled Ridgelines. These airbags can deploy with too much force and rupture, sending metal fragments into occupants.

Honda will install new inflators in the affected pickups for free, but the automaker says parts won't be available until summer because of the number of vehicles involved. In the past Honda has said it will provide loaner vehicles for owners with vehicles under Takata recall if parts are not yet available; that also could be the case with this expansion.

Owners will get an initial recall letter, plus a second notification once parts become available. For the most recent Honda statement regarding the expanded airbag recall, click here.

For more information, visit or call 888-234-2138. Be sure to have your vehicle information number available. For more information about other affected Honda and Acura vehicles, click here.

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This recall is getting bigger and bigger.

This is a monster recall in scale and scope and the number of makes models and years effected. And it just keeps growing.

Takata is turning out to be one of the worst companies in history.

@red Takata is turning out to be one of the worst companies in history.

-yes next to GM they could be

Man, what's going on with Takata and their massive recalls? They need to get their quality together!

It appears the problem is so huge Takata is having problems managing it.

Takata's airbag problem is proportionally larger than VAG/VWs diesel emissiongate.

My view is leave it and move on. Look at the bigger picture and see how many lives were saved vs lives lost.

I do agree fix the problem, but not put Takata out of business or we will pay the price for more expensive vehicles.

The world economy is in a death spiral.
The best Takata could do is delay-delay-delay-excuses-blame, or anything to get out of paying bankrupt amounts to replace the effected airbags.
Hillary's emails is a delay tactic

@Big Al--The Takata airbag has become so big and so expensive that the only feasible solution for Takata might be bankruptcy. By the time all these recalls are through (which no one can predict when) Takata will be drained of all financial resources. I do think these vehicles should be fixed but how feasible is it to recall all vehicles ever made with an air bag? Do you start recalling all vehicles made from 1993 on? Where is the cutoff?

I do think these vehicles should be fixed but how feasible is it to recall all vehicles ever made with an air bag? Do you start recalling all vehicles made from 1993 on? Where is the cutoff?

Posted by: Jeff S | Feb 5, 2016 4:42:52 PM

that seems like a hard question to ask. But your right, if they are defective back to the first generation airbags do you recall them back that far. How many replacement parts are even available for those vehicles and what kind of cost is involved in retooling for a small number of vehicles that old. My usual view on recalls is 10 years and older then why recall. It is old and has achieved its life expectancy. For instance the Jeep fuel tank recall. To me that is just ridiculous for Jeep to be forced to recall old Jeeps. Windstars are the same. But I also feel if there was an actual cover up then the company needs to pay for the cover up and the fix.

If Takata files bankruptcy then it is all on the manufactures to eat the cost of replacement air bags. This is one tuff and terrible recall. When you are dealing with safety restraints it is not an easy answer other than to replace all faulty components.

@LMAO--Agree, safety is not an easy answer but yes there should be some cutoff somewhere. I have a 1999 S-10 and a 2008 Isuzu I-370 and I am concerned about safety but at the same time I do not expect a recall on a 17 year old vehicle. I might keep both trucks for several more years but after a while I have to assume responsibility for driving an older vehicle. Ten years and older would be a reasonable cutoff period of time

You guys have lost all perspective on this. Can any of you name a single person you know who's had as much as a sliver of imbedded in their cheek over this?

Can you name anyone you know who even knows of someone? Can you name anyone who has even heard of this, apart from the dopey media stories about it?

No. That's the short answer. Why? Because the odds are better that you'll see a unicorn before you die than ever meet someone who's had a problem over one of these stupid airbags.

In other words--it is not important.

It is not an accident that so much of America's manufacturing moved offshore. If you make it a hassle for people to do something, they might go looking for a better place to do it. Like the Pilgrims.

It should be worth noting that you should research prior to making any of your ludicrous statements on how the "World Functions According the Jimbo".

I'd say there is a good chance many airbags are actually sourced from a factory in NAFTA and the US. Hmmm ......

I do know there is a factory in Washington state owned by Takata and several in Mexico.

You rattle on with so much sh!t that is untruthful it unbelievable.

1. You want a Suburban, but can't afford one, but yet bought how many supposed new pickups in the last decade????

What about that cancer scare???

You have some form of personality disorder consider the lengths you go to on this site using multiple names etc.

What do you gain from this?? Weirdo.

So, again ......... hmmmm.

You've done it again McGoo!

@Big Al--Agree the World is not that simple. More technology that we have that protects us and makes are lives easier the more complicated things get. Most of us would not go back to the way things were even though we might long for simpler times. We cannot reverse offshore manufacturing and a global economy.

Airbags are meant to save lives but then defective airbags can cost lives. We cannot be protected from every danger that exists and at some point an individual needs to accept some responsibility for their safety and welfare. Takata and the auto manufacturers should be held responsible for providing a safe vehicle but then the individual that owns and operates that vehicle is responsible for maintaining their vehicle and using seat belts when they drive. The question is for how long is a manufacturer responsible for a vehicle? Should a manufacturer be responsible for defects on a vehicle for as long as that vehicle lasts?

@rolling can of crap, so was gm's big ignition switch cover up recall that injured people and killed many including my Cousin. Now you wanna open your mouth about a big and serious recall, look at this one and weep.

@JeffS please be careful when responding to a comment from anyone claiming to be Big Al from Oz.

The message you responded to [above] was probably actually posted by "ken" Ken seems to be obsessed with the whole Suburban thing. Not Big Al.

Ken is also a serious idiot. Big Al from Oz is a fairly bright guy with a run of the mill personality disorder that can be successfully treated with everyday pharma. Ken is an idiot and there is no treatment for "idiot" that I'm aware of that's been successful.

Al just needs to stick to the meds and he's reasonably agreeable and interesting to read when he does.

@papa jim-Thanks, I will.

Not trying to be insensitive but how did we get from an article on an airbag recall to self mutilation. If the above story is true then I feel sorry for you, that is a terrible thing for any child to go through. These airbag recalls seem to have no end.

@rolling can. you just don't know how bad you hurt me man. Just no sense in this stuff and comments. Is anybody human anymore?? You proved to me that you are garbage. You done it to me a long time ago but I let it slide. Not now. They will sensor this and probably not let it post but sir are garbage.

They have recalled my sons Ridgeline and want him to take a sedan as a replacement vehicle until it can be repaired........sometime late summer, early fall. Problem is he uses his truck to make money with. They are refusing to give him a loaner truck. Say they are not required to do that, just provide a safe loaner vehicle. I don't think this is fair at all but we are not having any luck getting them to see the unfairness of this. Anyone have any suggestions?

Audrey, I hope they have taken care of your son. My understanding is that Honda has authorized up to $35/day rental reimbursement to dealers. Most of the dealers where I live use Enterprise, and they are putting people into Dodge Ram 1500's. If he can't get any further with his dealer, I'd

... suggest checking with another dealer or calling Honda USA. Good luck!

Has anyone received a ridgeline airbag to date? This is June 11,2016

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