Honda Should Score With Ridgeline Super Bowl Ad

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What better way to introduce a new midsize pickup truck to the world than spending gobs of money to purchase commercial time during Super Bowl 50? Even though the 2017 Honda Ridgeline made its world debut at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, a Super Bowl commercial is a surefire way to get exposure.

We recommend you make sure to be watching the big game on Feb. 7 near the end of the third quarter, because that's when you'll see the all-new Honda Ridgeline make its world television debut with a 60-second ad called "A New Truck to Love," highlighting the truck and how well a group of singing sheep can belt out Queen's "Somebody to Love."

This new ad follows a line of successful Super Bowl commercials for Honda ("Matthew's Day Off," "Hugfest" and "Paper,"), and the automaker is hoping it will remind people there's a new type of pickup for those looking for alternative family transportation. The commercial is likely to resonate with 40-something men and women given the music choice and talking animals. Who doesn't love talking animals? (In fact, the Ridgeline's "spokesperson" in the commercial is a talking Border Collie.) Interestingly, the actual Ridgeline is seen for only 32 seconds of the 70-second commercial.

The Ridgeline will continue to be a player in the premium truck category, with many technology and convenience features ideal for two-vehicle families or buyers looking for something a little more from a smaller pickup truck. Additionally, the ad will help promote Honda's Camp Ridgeline event May 21 in San Antonio, where customers can drive the new vehicle along with competitors. For more information, click here.

More pricing and specification information will be released in the next few months.

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Really? Truck bed audio? That's what you got?

I guess the Sheep will LOVE that.

And don't forget to work a dog in to the add... because all rational thought ends when you show a dog.

It'll certainly make people laugh, which is always good for a Super Bowl ad.

"LED ZEPPLIN'S" (Black Dog), would have been much better. Featured with a black lab, a black Ridgeline, some woods near waters edge. Sort of but not quite a hunting theme and BANG you've got a real ad. I know because when I had my dogs and took them afield, many people would ask me about the dogs and then the truck when I would return them for a swim in the river. The truck is still a winner 'all my dogs have gone on'. I think you have a great truck, but I would still like you to match it with a diesel.

all the truck that 909% of truck owners need and it looks better than most of them. Sign me up.

Not sure why manufactuers advertise thier vehicles months before they will actually be out, unless those that are on the fence in buying a new vehicle will wait to see what this will be. example, Chevy Colorado and Nissan Titan, advertised for 4-6 months before they came out...

Honda? nope.. they brought you Perl Harbor, not gona happen

Not my kind of ad. I rather watch trucks ads like these.

But Honda buyers are different.

I thought I was seeing one of Big Al's girlfriends at first glance. I meant the sheep, not the dog! Sorry.

Every commercial has its date and time, as much as some of us would like to stay in a certain period, advertisers must live in the moment. What was appropriate then may not be now. The truck ultimately has to sell itself, a commercial can't tell you anything about a vehicle except, it is available.
The Ridgeline is a great truck, try it/drive it, compare similar trucks and see. Give each truck you compare similar mileage, over similar roads in similar weather then decide. I have owned mine for nearly 8 years with no problems. I owned and IHC Scout II, for 16 years until the left rear wheel and axle left me one day with and overload of wood in it. I believe my 08' Ridgeline will last as long and give great service, if I do not trade it in. I am that confident in it.

Perfect ad and perfect truck for sheep and actors playing farmville. Lets see some ads for real trucks.

I thought it was some isis dude taking his wives out for a ride..

Nice looking little truck. Somehow I believe it will sell just fine. Remember, Honda has a reputation for reliability and so many people are willing to pay for that. Honda will make great profits on these units as opposed to Ford and their pennies per unit of fleet sales.

Good point GMSRGREAT(AKA BAFO), Honda is known for reliability unlike the gm twins who are known to let issues go without recall until deaths occur.

@nitro: what GM truck recalls were let go until deaths occured?

@GMSRGREAT Only things I really know well about is Honda ATVs, you just cant beat a 450-500 cc Honda ATV for tuffness. I worked for a oil company a while back, they try every atv brand within the 450 to 500cc range. After a year of 60 miles a day 6 to 7 days a week. The only ATVs left in runnable shape were Honda's. I've personly seen four Honda 450s with over 50,000 miles one them. They also make pretty good 5-10 hp engines that take a good licking. Car and truck wise, they just don't impress me much or fit my needs.

I should add 400cc because of the artic cats and a few Honda 420's they tried.

Guys who love sheep will love this CRV with a balcony.


to highlight the first paragraph, this was talked about for years, I'm suprised you never heard of it.

On February 6, 2014, General Motors (GM) recalled about 800,000 of its small cars due to faulty ignition switches, which could shut off the engine during driving and thereby prevent the airbags from inflating.[1] The company continued to recall more of its cars over the next several months, resulting in nearly 30 million cars worldwide recalled[2] and paid compensation for 124 deaths.[3] The fault had been known to GM for at least a decade prior to the recall being declared.[4] As part of a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, GM agreed to forfeit $900 million to the United States.[5]


The Honda should be able to find customers easily.

I hope this Honda is successful as it will suit what most use a pickup for.

It would be interesting to see how this vehicle handles and drives with it's CUV underpinnings.

papajim, the sheep joke is incorrect. It's actually the Kiwi's (NZ) that take the brunt of the sheep jokes, not Australians.

The comment regarding a "real truck" is a little over the top. What is a real truck? A half ton?

Real trucks don't ride like a car, like most half ton pickups.

So, a Mack? A Kenworth?

I think you are lost and on the wrong site for "real trucks".

unlike the gm twins who are known to let issues go without recall until deaths occur.

Posted by: Nitro | Feb 1, 2016 12:08:44

So where are the truck recalls that were let go until deaths occured.

Nitro just one of the normal Ford clowns running the story off topic. This is bout HONDA! Not GM or Ford or RAM!

@johnny doe: I respect you views and thoughts concerning Hondas. Unfortunately, honda styling overhaul isn't for me, however, this little ridgeline isn't too bad. I just returned from running an errand and noticed a new Honda Pilot in my rearview mirror and I thought the front looked good. I think it's the same front that's on the ridgeline. Am I correct?
Come on the stole this from Ram

I see the typical GM girls have to bring Ford up again. I cannot believe the amount of free space in their heads for Ford to fill up in there.

As for the Honda I hope it does well. As said before it maybe a little late to the party but this is a more soccer parent vehicle with some utility for the weekend. And likely decent mpg with good ride characteristics. It has its place for sure.

Honda has done well with reliability and I like to think this will be no different.

Yeah Honda because when I'm paying off that 7 year truck loan, the one thing I am looking for is a truck with a good sound system. Dumbest truck commercial I've seen in a while.

"Honda? nope.. they brought you Perl Harbor, not gona happen"

Wow Dave.

Does Godwin's law apply to Asia?

At least try to spell correctly. We wouldn't want to sound like a complete Rube.

The billion dollar question is this, will this truck sell better for Honda than the last one?

I'm betting yes.

I don't think this is gonna sell sorry.

The days of Honda reliability ended in the early 2000's. They're maybe at the same level as domestic US manufacturers for reliability these days.

The problem with the newest Ridgeline is that the design already looks 10+ years old. In pictures, it looks like somebody photoshopped a minivan into a "truck".

Also, why are they taking the farm angle when advertising this thing? They should have saved their time and advertised to their true market, the metro/city/post-hipster guys that shun all other trucks as being too 'trucky'.

I hope they come out with an extended cab model like the profile of the Baja race truck. That would yield a six to six-point-four-foot bed at the expense of rear passenger space but would be a great option for those who carry more cargo than passengers and would give the Ridge a lower price point.

I think Honda missed a big opportunity here. In my opinion the item most obviously missing from the Acura/Honda lineup is a full sized front-engine, rear drive sedan.

Their V6 as a base engine, and buy Hyundai Genesis V8s for the 10 percent of buyers who opt for the big upgrade packs.

The same basic architecture could then be expanded to a full size SUV and a decent 7/8ths scale pickup in the 4400 pound range (reg cab), 4800 pounds (crew).

If Honda had a V8 powered SUV in the same size range as a Durango/Grand Cherokee do you think it would sell?

Does a duck look good in slippers?

I think the dog is a more credible spokesperson compared to Howie Long, Denis Leary, or Sam Elliot. Cuter too. Well, some may think Howie is cuter.

They'll sell a few and the competition is good. It will up the ante in the mid-size class and might keep GM and Toyota on their toes. Plus, it will give Nissan and Ford something to be mindful of as the new Ranger and new Frontier make preparations for sale in the US.

"...a more credible spokesperson compared to Howie Long, Denis Leary, or Sam Elliot. Cuter too. Well, some may think Howie is cuter."


I have been reading comments on this site for at least three years almost every day. Never once saw anyone use the word cute (or cuter) until today and your comment used the word twice.
The fact that you used the word to refer to Howie Long, a big guy with hands the size of catchers mitts does not work in your favor, if you catch my drift.

Now, with that out of the way, let's look at your comment for its message. You have thrown in with the small truck is better crowd that Vulpine/Jeff S and Big Al seem to like.

Look at the trucks and SUVs that are really selling today and they have big hunkin' V8 gas engines (or diesels). The micro trucks are part of a micro market that will not prosper until gasoline heads back to $4 per gallon.

Until then, you're out in the weeds with Howie and some sheep. Not good.

Calling a Ridgeline a truck is like calling a field goal a touchdown. It doesn't add up.

Я думаю, что Большой Эл в над головой на этом. Его "подруги" очень мило, хотя.
Posted by:

English mother*** you speak it

Nice looking truck,,and pretty hilarious if dumb advert..
Wonder where did they borrow that idea from
Click on cc

And in other news
Chevy Corvette destroys Frod gt

And in other news
Chevy Corvette destroys Frod gt

Posted by: Chevrolet builds a better way to see the USA | Feb 1, 2016 7:38:53 PM

Really, this is a truck website. Anyhow, just another overhyped ecoboost unable to hang with a Chevy V8.

Anyhow, just another overhyped ecoboost unable to hang with a Chevy V8.

Posted by: GMSRGREAT | Feb 1, 2016 8:22:46 PM

It would help if you would actually read that article. Where does it say the 3.5L could not hang with the V8.

Ford’s GTs suffered a disappointing return to racing in the Rolex 24 at Daytona International Speedway, thanks to braking issues, blown tires and faulty transmissions that forced them back into the garage for hours of the marathon event

The No. 02 car won last year’s Rolex 24 using the same 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine that powers the GTs, but was taken out of contention late when bad brakes caused it to smash into a tire-lined wall.

the actual cars that raced in Daytona had only hit race pavement weeks ago at the Roar Before the 24 tuneup. Many of the problems with both cars were new and had never before given the team trouble.

Mustang GT350 finish 1 & 2 at IMSA Daytona this seekend. No Camaro Z28 in the top 3. LOL

So now we know chevrelet builds a better way is small owl. Figures. How many other names is the moron using. Talk about a black pot.

Nice truck thinking of getting rid of my old Toyota pickup naaaa, naaaaaaaa!!!!....


Fleet sales are are a tiny percentage of total truck sales. What will you GM tards think of next to try and explain why Americans and Canadians prefer Ford trucks?

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