Light-Duty Titan Set to Slot Beneath XD

Nissan_TITAN_01 II

Nissan used the 2016 Chicago Auto Show to reveal the newest variant of its controversial Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck, releasing a few new specifications. Unlike the bigger, longer and heavier Titan XD (the two do not share a single component), the crew-cab light-duty Titan will have a shorter wheelbase, shorter overall length, and offer less payload and towing capacity.

The half-ton Titan (we view the Titan XD as a heavy-duty half-ton) will be powered by a choice of two gas engines — the new Endurance 5.6-liter V-8 making 390 horsepower and 401 pounds-feet of torque, and a new V-6, both of which will be mated to a new seven-speed speed automatic transmission (also found in the new 2017 Nissan Armada and several Infiniti products).

The lighter-duty Titan will have the same five trim levels we've seen for the XD model: S, SV, PRO-4X, SL and Platinum Reserve. It will eventually offer three cabs (regular, King and crew), have three bed lengths (depending on the cab) and come in either 4x2 or 4x4 drivetrain configurations.

The wheelbase of the light-duty Titan crew cab will be 139.8 inches, which makes it shorter by several inches than most of its competitors (the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the Ford F-150, the GMC Sierra 1500 and the Toyota Tundra). The only exception is the Ram 1500, which has a wheelbase less than an inch longer. The Titan XD has a wheelbase that's 11.8 inches longer at 151.6 inches, with an overall length (bumper to bumper) that's more than 14 inches longer at 242.8 inches, meaning the smaller Titan has an overall length of 228.1 inches.

This newest Titan variant will have many of the same interior and exterior design cues as the XD (in fact, the crew cab is the same for both), but with a slightly softer hood and grille look. We'll get more information as Nissan gets closer to producing this new version, which we're hearing is still more than six to 10 months away.

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Hopefully they put a sunroof in this one.

Did they say anything about available axle gearing in the light duty?

Looks good, by the way they will offer the longer bed on the crew cab standard Titan.

Probably will out pull the xd

Probably will out pull the xd

Probably will out pull the xd

This is a real stupid move. tjey should of just built and HD if this was the case. Major Fail.

FINALLY!!!! some info on the regular Titan (you know the one that has a real chance of selling in real volume). And its both good and bad news... Honestly it seems the Titan HD's payload seems light compared to what you can get a 1/2 ton competitor equipped as and the regular Titan will be lighter. The towing is not such a big deal other than just like the payload when this 1/2 ton gets compared to other half tons its not going to have the feel of the XD or even be competitive as lets be honest the XD is not even dominating the 1/2 ton competition the way one thinks it should based on how heavy it is and the engine in it and the price tag on it. Its disappointing really... The XD really doesn't blow away half tons in work/payload/towing cant even touch 3/4 tons and the regular 1/2 Titan isn't going to hang well in the half ton crowd if its beefier brother isn't even the biggest fish in that pool. Love that a new V8 and V6 are coming. A V6 is LONG overdue and huge mistake not to have a modern V6 in your 1/2 ton lineup. Time will ultimately tell but for the money the XD isn't giving the advantages it should and the thought that there are 1/2tons out there that can haul more and tow as much for less doesn't bode well for when the non XD Titan goes up against those 1/2tons...

This lighter Titan does look a little bit better in the front end than the XD. The XD does "look" heavier, though.

It will be interesting to see how the "new" 5.6 V8 works as well. This Titan would also be nice if it had the 3 litre V6 diesel on offer to challenge Ram.

I don't see this as much as a towing platform as the XD. The XD will make an ideal tow vehicle for those with horse floats and big toys to go fishing in.

I saw on another website a photo of this light Titan in the traffic it does appear to sit quite low to the top of the vehicle and it's ride height appeared lower.

This vehicle has the looks to do quite well. Time will tell.

Good work from Nissan in making pickups to suit a wider range of potential customers to challenge the Big 3 and Toyota.

Nissan can now target 85% of potential pickup customers, not 35% like the original Titan.

If the smaller Titan doesn't have the Cummins diesel (and therefore does not require the larger engine compartment), why does it still have that ridiculous looking grill? Nissan missed an easy opportunity to improve the looks.

Capacity and capability are two different things. That's the difference between the halftons and the xd. Don't be fooled by the halftons max capacities. As mentioned in the halftons tow test, the halftons struggled at their max while the xd seems like it can take more.

Nissan should make up another class for this truck much like they are attempting with the xd to make it relevant. Much like the 3/4 ton Titan xd that can't compete with other 3/4 tons they could make up a tweener class. They could slot this gas Titan in a tweener class between a midsize and 1/2 ton and just compare it to midsize trucks.

Capacity and capability are two different things. That's the difference between the halftons and the 3/4 tons. Don't be fooled by the halftons max capacities. As mentioned in the halftons tow test, the halftons struggled at their max while the 3/4 tons seems like they can take more.

I would be surprised if there are crew/6ft box Titan LDs. That would need a different frame, while the crew/5ft, excab/ft and rd/8ft box trucks will all fit the same frame.
Nissan just announced that the Y62 Patrol will be sold here as the Armada, so they might have sourced some chassis bits there. A while back there was talk of 4 engines for the Titan. So far we've been shown the diesel and gas v8 and the gas v6. There should be one more.

I don't get the whole 'heavy duty half ton' idea. Does a market for such a truck even exist? Nissan builds a 3/4 ton truck, but bends over backwards trying to convince you it's really a half ton. Is there some unwritten law that Toyota and Nissan can only sell half ton full size trucks in North America?

I like this light duty Titan but it will be interesting how far less capacity below the XD they've gone. There's not a lot of room there.

The new 5.6 should be a great driveline. The old 5.6 held its own for years and didn't really start to lack performance until recently with the huge power gains made by some makes.

If this truck is comparable to GM and Ford capability-wise sign me up for a possible sale in 2017.

If this truck has less capacity than the Titan XD they will be screwed.

Although I hate all the Ford-copying features like the cut in the windowline, I will say something good about it, it's probably going to be very quick. The old Titan with a lot less hp achieved 0-60 in under 7 seconds.

@ Lou

Absolutely. They can't be that stunned to think they can have two over engineered/under producing trucks as their full sized lineup. Or can they? Will be interesting.

magnum74 - the gasser should gain at least 300 lbs in capacity since the motor should be that much lighter.

My bet is Nissan underrated the HD payload and tow capacity. Unlike Ford who sprinkles their Magic Dust to make sure they have best in class everything! I would prefer to haul a 10,000 lbs trailer with the Nissan Titan HD than anything else in the half ton range.
That being said I look forward to another option when it comes time to replace my truck next year. You beloved Ford will not be on my list to look at because the closest Ford dealer is the biggest crooks around!

Most people would prefer to pull 10k with a 3/4 ton like the xd. Prolly the majority prefer a big 3 hd as they are more capable and more confident then nissans Xd attempted entire into the hd segment. Is the new gas Titan a entry into a tweener class???? A hd midsize????


Lou isn't a Ford guy, hes pretty balanced. About 4 years ago he was praising Ram a whole bunch.

Also stop pretending like Ford is the only one in the towing dust game, everyone does it, Ford actually backs up their claims with stronger differentials and upgraded frames.

Meanwhile the do do brains at GM do absolutely nothing to the structure/differential/engine cooling, and still raise the towing capacity for the 2015 HD models.

7 speed is a great tranny. People will be very impressed with v8 7 speed combo. Even the v6 will have all sorts of snot with the 7 speed. Everyone will be surprised how nice the lighter titan drives. Just go check out a infinity with the 7 speed and you will understand. It's a really great piece! Has all the gears you will ever want.

Dafuq Go back and reread HD and half ton tests. The GM trucks run circles around the much higher rated Fords and still don't drag the rear bumpers on the pavement when you put something in the bed. Stop being a butt hurt Ford clown.

My bet is Nissan underrated the HD payload and tow capacity. Unlike Ford who sprinkles their Magic Dust to make sure they have best in class everything! I would prefer to haul a 10,000 lbs trailer with the Nissan Titan HD than anything else in the half ton range.

Seriously? Ford, GM Ram and Toyota all meet the new J2807 SAE towing standards. Fords no more over rated or underrated than any other truck.
Do some research.

It's obvious Nissan has underrated the XD unless the extra weight on that truck is only extra weight and not meaningful capacity.

Of course the XD will handle weight better but I can get a Duramax/Cummins/Powerstroke 3500 single wheel on sale at a similar price range as the XD.

The pound for pound capability of the XD compared to any of the HD's isn't up for debate. The only advantage it has over a 1500 is that it's WAY heavier and would help with stability over a light 1500 and although it's a niche that exists it will be a flop once the initial demand has been met after this year.

You'd just really have to like the XD to buy one.

The half ton Titan will be the model that'll make some headway. It's a good looking truck with a very slick driveline.

@Magnum74 - I am more excited about the regular Titan than the XD.
When Ram first stated they were putting the VM Motori 3.0 in the Ram, I was happy with that news. Unfortunately the cargo ratings were too low for me to consider buying it.
The Titan XD also was exciting but once again cargo ratings are a disappointment. I have always seen pickups as a cargo hauler first and a tow rig second.
The Colorado is the only new diesel that actually has an appropriate rating for its size. 1,500 lbs is good for a small truck.
Ford is rumoured to be releasing a diesel 1/2 ton and is going to bring the global Ranger here as well as resurrecting the Bronco badge as a Ranger based SUV.
If Ford releases a diesel F150 with the same cargo options and tow ratings as the 5.0 they will have a winner on their hands since they will be the only one with a truck that meets the needs of ALL truck buyers.


I agree. The first half ton diesel with reasonable ratings will be a winner. Ram was on the right track but the useable ratings of the 3.0 is pretty abysmal.

The more I look at the Colorado the more I like it. I'm used to running a my work truck as my at home vehicle too but am getting to the point where I'm considering a second vehicle. It'll either be a mid sized SUV or a mid sized truck. I'm leaning toward a Duramax Colorado pending driving first, of course.

The Ford 5.0 almost seems like the red headed step child but everything I've seen with it performance wise it's easily the most underrated driveline on the market with the possible exception of the new 5.3/8-speed combo.

It's a great time to look at trucks. I really am interested in the Titan half ton. That driveline in a heavy QX is pretty stout.

My wife says she's like to replace her minivan with either a mid-sized SUV or a small truck. I haven't had a chance to sit in the new Tacoma but the old one had better back seat room and comfort for my 2 sons. The Colorado was much better as far as front passenger ergonomics are concerned.

I have yet to see a Colorado diesel. My understanding is that due to VW's emissions cheating, all of the small diesels have been placed under extra scrutiny.

I just saw TFL take a look at the 2017 Aramada and it has the shape and interior of a slightly toned down QX80. Even though I'm not a fan of the XD capacity (I actually like the truck) their half ton and Aramada are looking very good. I'm interested in seeing how Toyota updates their full size models.

The nissan titan deal should tow at least 14000 lbs or better for the price. It could at least hold 3000lbs in the bed. This way the regular titan could really be a lot more competitive with the other light duties. The titan deal should be a try 3/4 ton truck made like the titan warrior. That would have been a winning combo. There is no niche when the other guys are offering more for the same price.

@Magnum74 agree with you about the 5.0 Ford.

Something tells me their next trans upgrade will really breathe some life into that drivetrain.

I currently own my 4th Titan. First I bought the XE, then the LE, then the SE, then the PRO 4X. The Pro 4X is obviously a 4 WD, but all three of the others were as well. They are all fast as mentioned above...0-60 in 6.7 seconds. They can pull 9,500 lbs. I don't want or need an XD. The original prototype with the 5.6 L had 450 hp. and I'm not sure of the torque...but they had to detune the engines as they kept snapping axles, slinging drive shafts and transmissions. I would really love to get the new Regular Titan with 390 hp-401 ft. lbs. of torque, and the 7 speed trans. With the increase in hp./trq., and the two extra gears, it should be close to 6 seconds for 0-60 and get better gas mileage. The gas mileage should improve as well. The BS that's written saying the Titans get 11 mpg is true.....if you floor it after every stop. I know as I did that a quite a bit. With only stomping the pedal occasionally I get 15 mpg in town.

Love the Titan, even today. It was lightyears ahead of the field back in 2004.

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