Mercedes-Benz Reveals No-Nonsense Sprinter Worker Van

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We're big fans of straight-forward work trucks, so when Mercedes-Benz announced that it would be revealing the affordable Sprinter Worker commercial van at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show we knew we needed a closer look.

In a world filled with funky-styled full-size vans (Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster and Nissan NV), it's nice to see the M-B Sprinter, typically the most expensive player in the segment, offering a no-nonsense model to better compete with its less expensive rivals.

The new Sprinter Worker trim level will come standard with a 2.1-liter inline four-cylinder Bluetec turbo-diesel and seven-speed 7G-Tronic transmission (with paddle shifters) at a starting price of $33,490 (including destination). The Worker also will be offered in 2500 and 3500 chassis configurations, but will escalate in price around $4,000 for each upgrade in capability.

This new trim level is aimed squarely at the growing commercial segment and is likely to appeal to small-business owners who need just the bare essentials from their van so they can customize it to fit their needs.

The base Worker model will come in a 144-inch wheelbase configuration (which is only offered with the standard roof height); standard features include Bluetooth connectivity, crosswind assist, six front airbags, a four-speaker AM/FM radio, load-adaptive traction control, power windows, air conditioning, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, adjustable armrests and five cupholders.

The Worker offers 319.1 cubic feet of cargo area, a payload capacity of 3,512 pounds and a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. The Worker also will be offered in a longer wheelbase (170 inches) and taller roof heights (standard, high roof and super-high roof) in both the 2500 and 3500 configurations (both can be ordered with 4x4 capability as well).

The M-B Sprinter Worker model is now available for orders at dealers.

Mercedes-Benz Base Worker Specifications

Base price: $33,490 (including destination)
Wheelbase: 144 inches
Turning diameter: 47.6 feet
Engine: turbo-diesel 2.1-liter inline four-cylinder
Horsepower: 161
Torque: 266 pounds-feet
Base curb weight: 5,038 pounds
Maximum gross vehicle weight rating: 8,550 pounds
Maximum payload: 3,512 pounds
Maximum towing capacity: 5,000 pounds
Maximum gross combined weight rating: 13,550 pounds
Interior height: 66.5 inches
Bed-floor length: 137.4 inches
Maximum floor width: 70.1 inches
Width at wheelhouse: 53.1 inches
Maximum cargo volume: 319.1 cubic feet
Fuel capacity: 24.5 gallons

Manufacturer images

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MB target market for Sprinter are the "hairdresser set" with plenty of cash. It makes them look good on 5th Avenue or parked at Lowes or Home Depot.

Wunala Dundee

I don't know how the new vans all stack up against each other. I know the full size NV is built like tank and comes with an amazing warranty and that the Transits are wildly popular and a high roof can be amazing.

Honestly I'm just glad to see real investments and innovations come to what is probably the very most neglected of all vehicle lines, the van.

Fiat, Mercedes, Ford, Renault have all made considerable investments bringing their neglected lines into the present/future. I hope they pay off.

A van to buy to deck out for camping, etc.

The 2.1 diesel from Mercedes Benz is fast becoming the "do all" engine.

LOL 4th picture down, you can see what look like rust in the drain whole for the door already.

@johnny blow, no there is no rust. This is a Mercedes not a chevy.

Oh, this is one of those vans that is going to kill the full sized commercial pick up truck market............


I doubt a tiny 2.1 litre engined MB, with a equally tiny 3,500lb payload will make a dent. Up the Ante, very different story.

Too bad that Daimler missed on the timing--the rest of the truck looks like it's ready for work.

The US stock market has been suffering an "adjustment" over the last six months. Such a persistent slide in equity prices is usually a clear signal of recession. Soon expect to see higher unemployment and layoffs.

Daimler, and others, will be hoping for a short recession--this truck is strictly targeting the commercial fleet, and fleet operators are quick to change their spending plans if the signs are not right.

The 4th picture down is not rust. They inject 40 lbs of wax in each sprinter for rust protection. What you see is a little of the wax not rust.

@papa jim,
They are trying to do the same thing with equally tiny(2.3litre) Renault Master Van and Cab Chassis. Cab Chassis has 5,500lb payload and 6,600lb towing.

Sprinters are tough beasts. I saw some with +500.000 km in like new mechanic and interior condition. The only problem was rust in those that were branded Dodge, but it seems that the MB brand uses better coatings.

Hopefully the 2.1 diesel and 7-speed tranny will be as durable as the 3.0 diesel and 6-speed combo. One thing that I noticed is that the van used like 15L of oil. Definitely commercial grade.

When is Mercedes expected to introduce the new 4 and 6 cyl Diesel engines to the sprinter?

When is Mercedes expected to introduce the new 4 and 6 cyl Diesel engines to the sprinter

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