Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Extreme Concept Video

MB Dump Truck front II

It's not unusual to have a manufacturer create a wild-and-crazy concept vehicle for a big auto show to stop people in their tracks, or at least slow them down. But what Mercedes-Benz did with its monster 3500 Sprinter chassis-cab dump truck froze us in our tracks and had us staring in awe during the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.

The custom off-road dumper is lifted, modified and wrapped with a Kermit-the-Frog green graphics package to make the one-ton 4x4 look like its been playing in mud for weeks. Even the Chicago Teamsters working in the M-B booth at McCormick Place couldn't help themselves. If we could have one truck from the show, the Sprinter Extreme Concept would be it. We made a video in case you can't get to Chicago to see this for yourself; check it out. photo by Angela Connors



MB Dump Truck side II



What kind of suspension does it have Mark?

What size engine? Is it the MB 3 litre V6 diesel?

It would of been nice to see some more info on it.

It looks great.

This isn't really an extreme concept.
Other than the tires, paint job and lights, oh and mesh dump box this is standard fare for most of the planet.

Not purty.

@BARFO, This will be my next truck.

Fake mud, and the boulders have to be fake also!

Who would get loaded with boulders?those would smash that van flat on the first bucket.

Probably hold more rocks then the girl springs Ford puts in their trucks.

Have you rubs the back bumper off your F Series lately LMBO!

No I haven't rubs my back bumper off anything. Rubs, Ha!Ha!

I could see 2wd and 4x4 versions of this as very viable and selling well. Ford, and Fiat should also look into it.

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