Mercedes Goes Extreme With Sprinter Concept

Sprinter Monster Pickup

Although Mercedes-Benz made some news at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show with the introduction of a no-frills Sprinter van called the Worker, the real attention-grabber was an 8-foot-tall dump-truck concept version of the Sprinter. The Sprinter Extreme Concept is the coolest heavy-duty pickup truck we've seen in a long time.

Built on a slime-green Sprinter 3500 chassis cab, the truck's main feature is an Italian-sourced "tipper bed" that allows the three-way tipping aluminum bed to dump cargo behind, on the right or the left side of the truck thanks to a 2.5-ton hydraulic ram under the truck.

Longtime Mercedes-Benz performance modifier RENNtech gave the bed a customized look but it still retains its three-way dumping capabilities. RENNtech also added a custom roof rack and six spotlights for forward illumination, two side spotlights and included several fog lights to cut through bad weather. Our favorite features are the dual 4-inch vertically mounted exhaust stacks and the six bead-lock wheels on a dualie with mud tires.

The monster dump truck is wrapped in green and yellow graphics, and uses a light suspension lift for a little more ground clearance and enough protected space for two large, lockable storage bins behind the cab. Mercedes has no plans to offer anything like this concept, but we wish it would. In fact, we think this might be a great idea for one of the one-ton truckmakers to adopt.

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Sprinter_Extreme Concept -side-view_20160129[5] II

Sprinter_Extreme Concept -front-view_20160129[5] II copy



Now that looks cool.

Every driveway needs one!

You guys can see how these are the "Euro HDs".

All it needs is a Merc 3 litre V6 diesel and you have a very economical truck, that can work.

Better still is the Iveco Daily off roader. I has 36 gear ratios to play with, and they look great, I've seen a few here on the road.

@ Big Al - This will be my next truck.

Love the fake mud and styrofoam boulders in the box.

I wonder how much it can tow or haul?

those mesh dump box sides would let all of Big Al's crap leak out before it got to "dump"


LuLu_BC we know it's not a Magic Dust Ford. No need to remind us.

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This is an actual MB Sprinter Dump Truck. Normally the Truck has a 6,000lb payload, as a Dump Truck about 4.5 to 5,000lbs

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